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19:30:00 <RichiH> .
19:30:09 <RichiH> marga++
19:30:11 <marga> Hi all. If you haven't already, please have a look at the agenda, it includes background information on the subjects that we expect to touch during the meeting:
19:30:19 <marga> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-09-29#Agenda
19:30:24 <marga> Can we do a very quick roster call? Everyone that's here, please say "hallo" (or equivalent)
19:30:29 <azeem_> hallo
19:30:33 <madduck> hallo
19:30:33 <Ganneff> miau
19:30:41 <rhalina> hi
19:30:43 <cts> moin
19:30:44 <_rene_> 'n abend :)
19:30:50 <RichiH> marga: pingall?
19:30:51 * gwolf confirms _not_ to be here :(
19:30:51 <sur5r> mahlzeyt!
19:30:53 <maxy> Hallo
19:30:57 * gwolf is leaving _now_
19:31:01 <gwolf> enjoy the meeting!
19:31:06 <tassia> hi, I'm half here ;-)
19:31:09 <tiago> hi
19:31:16 <tassia> I'll try to follow
19:31:23 <marga> RichiH, I thought meetbot would do it, but it was done half an hour ago... And most people seem to be here.
19:31:26 <jmux> Hi
19:31:35 <marga> During the meeting, if you think we need to add a new urgent topic or we need to go back to previous topics, please send me privmsg.
19:31:55 <marga> #topic Status Updates
19:32:00 <marga> We have quite a bunch of items from the previous meeting. The purpose of this section is to follow up on them. Please be ready to provide your updates. Use the #info command if appropriate.
19:32:12 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Verein
19:32:14 <marga> madduck, RichiH ?
19:32:30 <madduck> awaiting non-profit status
19:32:33 <madduck> nothing new
19:32:36 <RichiH> i got a confirmation letter from the district court
19:32:40 <larjona_away> hallo (late!)
19:32:49 <madduck> meaning we are registered
19:32:52 <marga> RichiH, what does that mean?
19:33:02 <madduck> marga: meaning we won against the lady ;)
19:33:06 <RichiH> marga: just the official confirmation that they are, in fact, done
19:33:12 <marga> #info Verein is registered, we are awaiting non-profit status
19:33:18 <RichiH> it basically repeats our bylaws and registration letter
19:33:19 <marga> ETA for the non-profit?
19:33:29 <madduck> another week, maybe two
19:33:34 <madduck> in my experience, they are pretty fast
19:33:46 <marga> #info we should have news about this in one or two weeks
19:33:54 <RichiH> as an aside, madduck is working on ironing out tax details
19:34:05 <RichiH> else, there's nothing of value to add
19:34:09 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Website
19:34:12 <marga> #info The poll regarding background was quite close, but the white background won. The change has already been made, along with some fixes, including fixing the logo background
19:34:27 <_rene_> thanks :)
19:34:31 <madduck> it's still flickering when dark contrast is selected, valessio is on it
19:34:37 <marga> It would be nice to have a "news" box with links to the DebConf blog somewhere in the website, but for that we would need a "webmaster"
19:34:38 <madduck> flickering on page change
19:34:48 <marga> Yes
19:34:53 <madduck> we should just have the blog on the front page, no?>
19:34:58 <_rene_> yes
19:35:03 <madduck> like in the last years?
19:35:04 <marga> Uhm... Always?
19:35:05 <RichiH> blog is cheap and easy content, yes
19:35:09 <marga> ok.
19:35:11 <_rene_> we should simply activate the rss
19:35:13 <RichiH> marga: for some time
19:35:13 <marga> Who takes that?
19:35:18 <madduck> anyway, we can do this without infrastructure people
19:35:25 <RichiH> once we have actual content, we move the blog to news
19:35:27 <_rene_> which I commented out for the initial version as there was only dc14 content there by then
19:35:31 <RichiH> on the sidebar
19:35:40 <azeem> there's various RSS feeds to choose from, though?
19:35:52 <marga> _rene_, are you able to do this now? (i.e. laptop issues)
19:36:02 <madduck> azeem: there is a dc15-only blog IIRC
19:36:09 <madduck> oh no, there isn't
19:36:11 <madduck> that was the point
19:36:14 <madduck> anyway, dc14 is done
19:36:16 <_rene_> yeah, IRCing from the new one now
19:36:21 <madduck> so only final report left
19:36:21 <marga> Ok.
19:36:28 <marga> _rene_, so, can you handle this?
19:36:46 <azeem> it would be weird if a blog post about the DC14 final report showed up, IMO
19:36:49 <_rene_> enabling of the rss? yes, probably. should just uncomment it
19:36:52 <azeem> but maybe it's not a big issue
19:36:55 <madduck> azeem: we can frame it as dc15
19:37:00 <_rene_> do we have larjona s blog post already?
19:37:02 <Ganneff> each subdir should have an rss on blog, so there should be a dc15 only one
19:37:04 <larjona> yes
19:37:13 <Ganneff> http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf15/index.rss11
19:37:13 <marga> #action _rene_ will handle re-adding the rss (dc15 only) to the website
19:37:15 <Ganneff> there
19:37:26 <azeem> Ganneff: is that one syndicated on Planet Debian as well?
19:37:32 <Ganneff> there it has the main
19:37:36 <madduck> _rene_: Ganneff is right: http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf15/index.rss
19:37:38 <Ganneff> (which includes all subdirs)
19:37:51 <Ganneff> so basically yes, its on planet
19:37:54 <marga> Ok, awesome
19:38:06 <_rene_> ok, so I'll reclone now and do it probably tomorrow
19:38:12 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Impressum
19:38:14 <marga> #info madduck has added a link (Imprint) with the legal data required by German Law
19:38:18 <marga> Why is it in English? Shouldn't it be in German?
19:38:36 <azeem> should there be a german version of the website?
19:38:42 <azeem> I mean in general
19:38:44 <_rene_> it's an english website? we just made sure it has one
19:38:58 <n0rman> which website?
19:39:00 <madduck> i think it's fine.
19:39:08 <marga> In general, I wouldn't think we need a German version of the website
19:39:13 <maxy> n0rman: debconf15.debconf.org
19:39:21 <marga> But for following German law, I'd expect it needs to be in English
19:39:37 <marga> In any case, if I'm the only one that thinks this, then we can move on and consider this done.
19:39:40 <madduck> marga: the server is IIRC not hosted in .de
19:39:46 <madduck> so this is optional anyway
19:39:49 <_rene_> yep
19:39:52 <madduck> we're done, let them come and complain
19:39:52 <Ganneff> its in the UK
19:39:55 <_rene_> just for safety
19:39:55 <madduck> and then we can handle it still
19:39:58 <marga> ok
19:40:00 <marga> #topic Status Updates - CCC / FrOsCon
19:40:12 <marga> conny, rhalina, sur5r: Any News?
19:40:20 <rhalina> marga: not really
19:40:31 <sur5r> no, haven't heard anything
19:40:42 <marga> Ok... :-/
19:40:45 <marga> #info No news
19:40:49 <rhalina> conny is not attending today (sick) but I don't thing she has any news
19:40:52 <pennylane> As far as I know the date for the Camp is still not set.
19:40:55 <azeem> do we know when CCC camp will be announced?
19:41:07 <azeem> I mean the dates, usually
19:41:28 <rhalina> If I remember correctly end of the year - but I'm not sure
19:41:33 <azeem> ok
19:41:36 <rhalina> but it varries
19:41:39 <pennylane> azeem: I doubt there will be real news before the Congress from what I heard from the Orga
19:41:44 <rhalina> aye
19:42:01 <marga> #info Probably no news for quite a while
19:42:03 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Brochure translations
19:42:07 <marga> rhalina, Is this done? What's missing?
19:42:18 <rhalina> The first draft is done
19:42:45 <madduck> yeah, great work
19:42:45 <marga> What still needs to be done?
19:42:54 <madduck> we definitely need someone with "distance" to read this over
19:42:56 <rhalina> Conny said she will rework tomorrow to have everything in the same style (i'll help) and we can expect to have a final version to be proof read on wednesday
19:43:06 <madduck> azeem has been checking the quotes with their sources
19:43:09 * azeem has contacted the two people who provided quotes who are native germans, and got their translated quotes authorised
19:43:23 <marga> #info First draft ready, needs people to proof-read
19:43:25 <azeem> I'm not sure we should translate the one from Bytemark hosting (or the others)
19:43:26 <madduck> but the rest needs a good look and possibly some fixups.
19:43:44 <madduck> azeem: yeah, neither…
19:43:45 <rhalina> thats clear
19:43:46 <marga> Do we have volunteers for the proofreading?
19:43:57 <Ganneff> if you translate em, have the english in small print besides
19:44:00 <azeem> well, the Bytemark quote got translated already
19:44:00 <madduck> marga: ideally someone who has not worked on this.
19:44:01 <rhalina> I don't think we should translate them
19:44:13 <rhalina> azeem: we don't need to take the translation
19:44:22 <azeem> *nod*
19:44:40 <marga> Repeat: one or two people that volunteer for proof reading?
19:44:45 <azeem> I /might/ be able to proofread the translation, but I'd prefer somebody else volunteer
19:44:45 <rhalina> we just divided the pages between us - so not harm done if we exclude a translation
19:45:03 <rhalina> last meeting a bunch of people volunteered for proofreading
19:45:09 <rhalina> but i don't remember wo
19:45:09 <Ganneff> i can read over it. is it in git?
19:45:15 * RichiH too
19:45:18 <rhalina> Ganneff: yes
19:45:18 <marga> Ok, thanks
19:45:20 <Ganneff> (ping me when its ready for it)
19:45:23 <rhalina> aye
19:45:23 <RichiH> same
19:45:26 <azeem> what I noticed is that at least towards the end some spaces are missing cause the lines in the de.po don't end with ' "'
19:45:29 <marga> #action Ganneff and RichiH to proofread once it's ready.
19:45:39 <rhalina> azeem: jupp i saw that as well
19:45:43 <rhalina> but thats easily fixed
19:45:45 * and1bm can proof read too
19:45:46 <azeem> yeah
19:45:49 <marga> Thanks for the great work on this... Moving on.
19:45:51 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Fundraising announcements
19:45:57 <marga> bgupta: I believe this is done, right?
19:46:00 <madduck> yes
19:46:09 <rhalina> and1bm: ok i'll ping you too
19:46:11 <marga> madduck, do you have a link handy?
19:46:12 <madduck> also a note in the dc15 blog post
19:46:24 <madduck> #link https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/09/msg00003.html
19:46:27 <marga> danke
19:46:34 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Budget
19:46:36 <and1bm> rhalina: OK
19:46:38 <marga> madduck, hug: ?
19:46:54 <madduck> so the basic model is done, hug has yet to review it
19:47:04 <madduck> but in general, what we need next is numbers for the assumptions
19:47:08 <azeem> how much do we have to fundraise?
19:47:13 <azeem> oh, ok
19:47:15 <madduck> azeem: too early to say
19:47:20 <marga> #info madduck created a spreadsheet to model possible scenarios. Hug still needs to review assumptions.
19:47:21 <madduck> how many people do we expect each night?
19:47:25 <madduck> no
19:47:27 <madduck> marga
19:47:34 <madduck> the assumptions are not there yet
19:47:42 <marga> ah, ok. what does he need to review?
19:47:44 <madduck> we need to come up with them and I think we should have a meeting for that
19:47:52 <madduck> that i translated the contract into Calc ;)
19:48:00 <madduck> we can just keep going though
19:48:14 <madduck> so there are a bunch of variables in there
19:48:24 <madduck> and those need to be forecast
19:48:27 <marga> #info *Correction* Hug to review the Contract-to-ods translation, we need a meeting to review assumptions
19:48:42 <marga> Alright. madduck can you handle calling a meeting for this?
19:48:49 <madduck> yes.
19:48:58 <maxy> madduck: Is that in the dc15 git ?
19:48:59 <marga> #action madduck to call a meeting specifically for that
19:49:38 <madduck> maxy: yes, I sent you the URI in the response to your poke
19:49:39 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DayTrip / Conference Dinner
19:49:46 <marga> rhalina, any news on this?
19:50:59 <marga> ...
19:51:18 <marga> Alright then... Moving on...
19:51:20 <marga> #topic Final Report for DC14
19:51:21 <maxy> manuel answered my poke about this, but he was sick, so he didn't do much.
19:51:29 <marga> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/FinalReport
19:51:36 <marga> #info Most sections are taken, but we need a global coordinator and we need to set a deadline for text submission and for publication
19:52:06 * azeem has updated the talks section with some content from ana's report
19:52:06 <maxy> We need the feedbacks
19:52:27 <azeem> still need to update one subsection though and send to the talks team for review and TODO fixups
19:52:40 <azeem> maxy: you mean the blog posts?
19:52:49 <azeem> did we collect a few"
19:52:52 <azeem> ?*
19:52:54 <madduck> i've been poking CarlFK for video (no response), nattie for the sections she claimed (she said last weekend), and harmoney for hers (no response)
19:53:06 <madduck> azeem: there was just a dc14 blog post with a lot of links
19:53:06 <azeem> eh, like 20
19:53:11 <marga> I have asked the chairs to review the feedback@dc.o situation, but I don't think this blocks the FR in any way
19:53:12 <azeem> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/FinalReport/Links
19:53:21 <madduck> #link http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf14/wrap-up.dc
19:53:25 <marga> Indeed
19:53:36 <marga> This is my task, I intend to do this this week.
19:53:39 <madduck> none of the feedback we received is good for the FR
19:53:40 <azeem> maxy: do you mean we should have a "Feedback" section in the report?
19:53:53 <azeem> I tend to agree with madduck
19:53:56 <azeem> certainly not a blocker
19:54:06 <marga> azeem, no, he meant the feedback from feedback@dc.o, but I don't think we will use that.
19:54:21 <azeem> maybe we (or whoever feels responsible) could discuss whether we should just dump whole blog posts, or edit them
19:54:27 <azeem> i.e. take paragraphs or parts of them
19:54:36 <CarlFK> madduck: I have v2 of my report about done.  waiting on one last review in the next 12 hours and I'll send it in as is reviewed or not
19:54:41 <azeem> for the attendee's impression section
19:54:45 <maxy> azeem: No, I mean the mails sent to feedback@debconf.org. It makes little sense to ask for impressions if we are not using those.
19:54:45 <marga> What I want is someone in charge of coordinating the whole FR, setting deadlines for content and for editting.
19:54:52 <madduck> CarlFK: super, thanks!
19:54:56 <rhalina> marga: sorry
19:55:01 <rhalina> wireless broke dowb
19:55:03 <rhalina> *down
19:55:05 <azeem> maxy: well, we asked for feedback and we will evaluate it
19:55:11 <azeem> but I don't think it should go into the report
19:55:28 <CarlFK> v1 will go to harmoney for feedbacky things
19:55:29 <azeem> we should send a summary to -team at some point, though I guess
19:56:29 <marga> Can we appoint someone to be in charge of the whole?
19:56:49 <madduck> #action madduck to add feedback@dc.o handling to next agenda
19:57:05 <azeem> marga: the whole feedback@dc.o?
19:57:08 <azeem> or the final report?
19:57:13 <marga> The final report
19:57:20 <marga> azeem, are you in charge?
19:57:26 <azeem> *sigh*, ok
19:57:30 <marga> ok :)
19:57:33 <madduck> azeem: I will help you.
19:57:40 <azeem> though I am not sure how much time I can spend the next two weeks
19:57:55 <marga> #agreed azeem and madduck to share coordinating the FR as a whole
19:57:58 <marga> Deadlines?
19:58:02 <marga> We need deadlines
19:58:04 <Caroll> azeem, madduck: i can help too, a least poking people :)
19:58:11 <marga> Deadline for submission and deadline for publication
19:58:15 <madduck> publication end of October
19:58:26 <marga> Submission 15th?
19:58:30 <madduck> submission: the night before…? ;)(
19:58:37 <azeem> marga: sounds ok
19:58:50 <azeem> as we can still negotiate with people directly
19:58:57 <marga> #agreed Deadline for submissions Oct 15th, for publication Oct 30th.
19:59:00 <madduck> Caroll: … would you be willing to start the "credits" page?
19:59:34 <Caroll> madduck, yep... well, I'll need some help, but I can start and ask when the time comes
19:59:50 <marga> #agreed Caroll to start working on the credits page
19:59:50 <madduck> Caroll: use last year's as template, and sure, ask anytime
19:59:51 <azeem> what's most important for the credits page IMO is to reach out to the teams (talks, video etc.) to get a good list of people
19:59:57 <azeem> but the wiki page should be a good start
20:00:04 <Caroll> madduck, ok, thanks
20:00:08 <marga> #topic Airline Partnerships
20:00:11 <marga> Caroll, how's this going? What can we do to help?
20:00:39 <Caroll> marga, no responses at all
20:00:53 <Caroll> I'll do one more round of emails/contact forms
20:01:01 <Ganneff> the lufthansa info on thw wiki page sounds interesting
20:01:04 <Caroll> and I'll try to call them too
20:01:27 <marga> #info No progress yet. Needs more poking
20:01:32 <Ganneff> they really want to do "official airline"? and what exactly does that mean
20:01:37 <Caroll> Ganneff, yep! Lufthansa has partnership with united too, would be the best option
20:01:42 <Ganneff> yes.
20:01:59 <Ganneff> im asking as i was trying to get to someone from inside LH, but not yet gotten very far
20:02:12 <Ganneff> so if there is already something established thats good (dont know), then i could drop that
20:02:28 <Ganneff> but if it is still unclear, i continue.
20:02:33 <Caroll> in the website they ask to be the only official partner... I think we shouldn't have any other partnership
20:02:33 <RichiH> Ganneff: can't help to push internally, as well
20:02:52 <RichiH> maybe contact the people Caroll's got contact with so they see internal support
20:02:55 <Ganneff> RichiH: it "cant help"?
20:03:07 <madduck> Ganneff: multiple paths can be really bad…
20:03:07 <Caroll> Ganneff, I would appreciate if you could help getting some intern contact there :)
20:03:23 <madduck> so you need to coordinate with each other… ;)
20:03:25 <Ganneff> Caroll: can you tell me who you are in contact with (off meeting)
20:03:36 <Caroll> Ganneff, sure :)
20:03:46 <marga> #agreed Ganneff and Caroll to coordinate talking with LH
20:03:47 <Caroll> Ganneff, I'll send you a email
20:04:03 <marga> #topic PR (website, social media)
20:04:05 <marga> larjona has created a page with some ideas for promoting DebConf in general:
20:04:05 <Ganneff> its a long shot on my side anyways, as im far away from any people doing sponsoring, but im trying to use the networks inside lh
20:04:09 <marga> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/PromotionIdeas
20:04:11 <Ganneff> Caroll: thx
20:04:33 <marga> I believe she's looking for more people to help her out.
20:04:46 <marga> larjona, anything else to say about this?
20:04:55 <madduck> i think this is a fantastic start by larjona
20:05:01 <marga> Yep
20:05:03 <larjona> yes :) I've sent email to debconf-team too http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20140929.185252.783e003c.en.html
20:05:05 <madduck> we should *all* keep in mind that we have a PR team
20:05:09 <madduck> whether we are part or not
20:05:17 <madduck> half of the work is providing ideas
20:05:21 <azeem> we should certainly microblog new sponsors
20:05:27 <madduck> content and actual publication is the second half of the story
20:05:35 <madduck> agreed
20:05:38 <marga> Should we? I was unsure about that one, but it does sound like a good idea.
20:05:38 <azeem> (and reblog their corporate accounts if they mention sponsoring DC on it)
20:05:39 <madduck> (azeem)
20:05:49 <azeem> I suggest looking at PGConf.eu
20:05:51 <azeem> 's twitter
20:05:54 <madduck> marga: other conferences are *a lot* more active
20:06:08 <azeem> https://twitter.com/pgconfeu
20:06:11 <madduck> i would even suggest adding twitter/g+/facebook links to our webpage and get more engaged
20:06:17 <marga> Ok, I don't disagree :)
20:06:18 <madduck> there are ways to do this without being tracked
20:06:35 <azeem> well, their sponsoring is a while ago, it was about registration recently
20:06:37 <madduck> i.e. you click to load the actual tracker^W link
20:06:54 <tassia> I have the feeling that some people would not agree...
20:06:58 <madduck> point being: larjona (and I for @debconf) can do all the microblogging
20:07:02 <tassia> I think this shold be discussed in the ML
20:07:06 <madduck> especially with the help of deb-publicity
20:07:13 <madduck> but we need to get impulses from *everyone*
20:07:28 <Ganneff> it puts non-free and bad services on our frontpage -> not going to go down well
20:07:30 <madduck> tassia: sure, I know. But this is probably a worthwhile idea.
20:07:40 <tassia> Ganneff, ++
20:07:45 <marga> Ganneff, it doesn't need to be twitter
20:07:46 <madduck> let's not discuss this here
20:07:51 * _rene_ disagrees with twitter/g+/facebook links on the website, too
20:07:52 <tassia> this needs further discussion, in the ML
20:07:55 <Ganneff> if its free services -> sure way.
20:08:01 <Ganneff> and yes, ML
20:08:03 <larjona> We can post officially in the free networks, and *people* in the other ones repeat/retweet etc
20:08:14 <madduck> right
20:08:30 <marga> #agreed services to be used and how to use them require a bit more discussion on the ML
20:08:38 <RichiH> madduck: is there an actual benefit to using social networks, social or not?
20:08:44 <RichiH> but yah, we can move this to ml
20:08:49 <azeem> what we can do is use pump.io and syndicate to twitter
20:08:50 <marga> Ok, next topic
20:08:58 <madduck> marga: also make sure we keep in the minutes that *everyone* brings in the stories
20:09:13 <madduck> #plea … ;)
20:09:18 <marga> #idea Everyone should try to bring in content
20:09:32 <marga> #topic General schedule format
20:09:33 <marga> There's been quite some discussion about this.
20:09:34 <madduck> now we just need a way to track that stuff
20:09:37 <madduck> we will come up with a plan
20:09:41 <marga> #info The idea of shorter talks has been pretty much accepted, provided we still leave the option for longer ones, which was always the intention.
20:09:50 <marga> #info Food times are set by the Hostel and we can't actually move them. Breakfast 7-10, Lunch 12:30-14, Dinner 18:30-20:30
20:10:01 <madduck> lunch to 14:30
20:10:01 <marga> madduck, correct?
20:10:07 <madduck> should i check?
20:10:15 <marga> madduck, I thought you already had?
20:10:33 <madduck> 12–14 is what we agreed in the contract, but that's changeable
20:10:42 <madduck> they just can't push dinner later
20:10:45 <marga> ok.
20:10:47 <madduck> because the shifts end
20:10:56 <madduck> and they need enough time between meals for cleaning
20:11:10 <marga> #info Lunch was agreed from 12-14, but can be moved. Dinner can't be moved
20:11:27 <madduck> 7–10, 12:30–14:30, 18:30–20:30 is current status with HD IIRC
20:11:59 <marga> Now, on the rest of stuff there's more to discuss. I'll list the points that still require discussion one by one, so that we try to agree on stuff:
20:12:01 <marga> 1) Announcements + Keynote + Talks in the morning. Proposals:
20:12:05 <marga> A) 9:45 + 10:00 + 1.5h (finishes at 12:30)
20:12:11 <marga> B) 10:05 + 10:15 + 1 h (finishes at 12:15)
20:12:24 <marga> Are there other proposals regarding this? Comments? Others?
20:12:41 <marga> BTW, there's a dump of this in https://titanpad.com/dc15-schedule
20:12:42 <tassia> do we really need to decide it now?
20:13:01 <marga> tassia, we need to decide it at some point.  It doesn't need to be now
20:13:09 <Ganneff> it should be before scheduling, but thats far away
20:13:13 <marga> But if we decide it now, then it's decided and we can move on to other stuff.
20:13:17 <tassia> I mean, maybe people from talks team would like to participate in this decision
20:13:39 <azeem> there is the debconf-team thread
20:13:39 <madduck> tassia: traditionally, they got slots and then had to work around them, but I agree with you
20:13:45 <tassia> marga, the problem of having already too many decided things is that people who arrive later will have already a script to follow
20:13:52 <madduck> I think we should come up with a dc15 proposal
20:13:59 <madduck> and then run it by the talks/scheduling team
20:14:19 <cate> madduck: really usually there was a discussion both ways
20:14:22 <_rene_> tassia: but that is the case for any decision we do :)
20:14:36 <azeem> this is also not a hard decision which can in no way changed later, if needs be, we could be flexible I guess
20:14:40 <tassia> yes, if it is not urgent, I'd let it just as a recommendation, not a decision
20:14:42 <marga> Indeed, if we are going to wait for more people to join, then we are not going to use this time at all.
20:14:49 <madduck> i have a question to maxy about A)
20:15:03 <madduck> cate: okay, then we should do that
20:15:18 <madduck> maxy: in those 1.5h, what do we do? three short slots? two long slots?
20:15:20 <azeem> well, do we assume the talks team is not reading -team?
20:15:31 <madduck> azeem: I think it's important to reach out explicitly
20:15:33 <maxy> madduck: At least one short slot
20:15:34 <azeem> 1 long 1 short?
20:15:41 <marga> madduck, that's up to the talks team. But it would either be 3 short or 1 long + 1 short
20:15:53 <madduck> okay. hadn't thought of that. busy day ;)
20:15:54 <tassia> azeem, not everyone followd all the messages
20:16:17 <Ganneff> the talks team ... we are plenty early right now for "the talks team", most people havent wrapped their head around "dc14 is over" at this time, let alone deciding on scheduling issues for the next conf so far away
20:16:20 <cate> IMHO it is good to decide if we will have short slots, but than we must wait to see if there is more request on short or on normal slots.
20:16:31 <madduck> marga: I think we should not overlap announcements and breakfast, for purely psychologivcal reasons
20:16:40 <tassia> if it is something that should be discusses within a team, and is not urgent, I don't see why we need to decide now
20:16:55 <azeem> I think we can just come up with a proposal nowish
20:16:58 <madduck> marga: (though I agree with your point…)
20:17:01 <marga> madduck, I don't think it will make a difference.
20:17:02 <rhalina> arent we lacking the information on what people will submitt for scheduling? (even slot length)?
20:17:09 <tassia> but we can always discuss, and even have a soft decision, but always letting the team decide at the end
20:17:14 <RichiH> as we used up 46 of our 60 minutes, maybe we can bounce this to the ML once more? perhaps with an explicit poke towards to the talk team
20:17:23 <madduck> marga: psychologically, having it at 9:45 before breakfast ends makes it way more optional than having it non-overlapping, no?
20:17:39 <bremner> that sounds like a feature
20:18:05 <madduck> rhalina: the talks team will have X slots available and to accomodate as many events as possible, they might tell someone that they can have the slot if they are willing to do it in 20 mins
20:18:18 <madduck> bremner: not if we want people to listen to our announcements.
20:18:26 <madduck> that's the whole point, an asset to organisers.
20:18:38 <rhalina> I think in that case non-overlaping is important
20:18:39 <marga> RichiH, it already got stale on the ML, and now we are losing time discussing if we should discuss...
20:19:06 <bremner> marga: how about a concrete proposal to the mailing list, for feedback from the talks team?
20:19:07 <marga> madduck, the problem is that moving everything later, "eats" time from the schedule.
20:19:21 <marga> bremner, there's been a bunch of proposals
20:19:31 <azeem> how about breakfast till 9:45?
20:19:34 <marga> We need to agree first before making a proposal
20:19:34 <madduck> marga: we are talking about one 20 minute slot right now
20:19:36 <bremner> marga: yes. so choose (as a group) one?
20:19:37 <madduck> azeem: doable…
20:19:39 <maxy> mmh, breakfast time eats time.
20:19:47 <marga> madduck, 2 actually, since they are in parallell
20:19:49 <rhalina> :/
20:19:51 <madduck> marga: do we need to maximise the slots?
20:19:56 <madduck> marga: touché ;)
20:19:57 <marga> I guess we could end breakfast at 9:45
20:20:05 * madduck would be fine with that
20:20:09 <rhalina> ...not nice to not early birds...
20:20:09 <bremner> please don't end breakfast earlier
20:20:17 <marga> madduck, we don't need to "maximize", but we do need to have enough slots.
20:20:28 <rhalina> 10 is already early for ending....
20:20:31 <azeem> well, we could also just have that in the schedule, and have the JGH not turn people away till 10
20:20:38 <azeem> (inofficially)
20:20:45 <madduck> marga: the 10:05 proposal (mine) has 27 slots in addition to lightning/keynotes
20:20:48 <rhalina> what sense does that make?
20:21:14 <marga> madduck, it's 3 talk-hours in the morning, vs. 7 in my proposal
20:21:22 <rhalina> I mean not turning people away.. people will learn that pretty fast
20:21:32 <rhalina> and i'm very much for clear messages
20:21:33 <marga> Yeah
20:22:10 <azeem> fair enough
20:22:21 <madduck> marga: I don't follow your maths, but I am also not insisting…
20:22:28 <marga> So, one thing to note is that talks end before their actual ending time.
20:22:43 <marga> madduck, my math was wrong, it's 5, not 7.
20:22:54 <rhalina> -v? you mean speakers finish earlier?
20:22:58 <madduck> marga: so 2 hours across the week?
20:23:09 <marga> madduck, no, PER DAY
20:23:10 <madduck> i.e. 4 long slots?
20:23:21 <marga> So, a talk that nominally ends at 12:30 actually end ats 12:15
20:23:32 <madduck> oh, you also overlap dinner
20:23:48 <madduck> which is doable, of course
20:24:11 <madduck> marga: tbh, your proposal looks a lot more crammed and I am totally fine with it, I just don't think we need to cram this much
20:24:21 <madduck> I am trying to advocate a bit more of a relaxed schedule
20:24:25 <madduck> (emphasis on "a bit")
20:24:27 <azeem> I suggest to take it back to the list?
20:24:32 <madduck> because people /can/ filll the time
20:24:35 <azeem> now that new(?) proposals are on the table?
20:24:38 <Ganneff> maybe we should wait until we actually have submissions to know how much talk time we need?
20:24:40 <marga> The discussion got stale in the list.
20:24:46 <madduck> Ganneff: no.
20:24:47 <marga> azeem, what's the new proposal?
20:25:01 <Ganneff> then we could actually make sensible decisions on this.
20:25:19 <marga> Ganneff, this is a schedule proposal, it will need to be flexible whatever the case.
20:25:20 <azeem> marga: what madduck calls "your proposal" (not sure whether it is new)
20:25:23 <Ganneff> we can take some presets, say "talk times long/short" and stuff, but then...
20:25:32 <madduck> azeem: https://titanpad.com/dc15-schedule
20:25:34 <marga> azeem, it's not. I sent it to the ML last week.
20:25:47 <marga> In any case, yes, time's up. No decision even in the first point...
20:25:50 <Ganneff> if we get 500 talks (and think we want many) we want a way more crammed scheudling than ending up with 50
20:26:08 <marga> #topic Next Meeting
20:26:13 <Ganneff> it feels wrong to go in so much detail right now, *to* *me*
20:26:16 <marga> Shall we try to keep up the meeting every two weeks at this time?
20:26:20 <tassia> Ganneff, ++
20:26:21 <rhalina> Ganneff +1
20:26:34 <tassia> that's why I think it is wiser to let the final decision to the talks team
20:26:36 <rhalina> every two weeks is ok for me
20:26:45 <madduck> same
20:26:55 <rhalina> same time?
20:27:03 <marga> Alright, next time shall be the last one at CEST
20:27:03 <Ganneff> i may not make the next meeting
20:27:05 * madduck prefers 1900 UTC
20:27:21 <Ganneff> or may. depends on a little things scheduling. if its on time im offline
20:27:46 <Ganneff> (and i cant do 1900 for any other meeting where i can attend)
20:28:21 <azeem> the second next would be at 20:30 CET then, right?
20:28:30 <azeem> so 21:30 CEST next time looks like a trade-off
20:28:32 <rhalina> *confused*
20:28:45 <tassia> :-)
20:28:50 <marga> azeem, no, that's my point I would keep it at 21:30 CET, which would then be 20:30 UTC
20:29:03 <azeem> aha
20:29:06 <Ganneff> (i can only ever make it 2130 time .de, whatever the stupid tz switch)
20:29:29 <azeem> marga: fine with me
20:29:46 <marga> #agreed Next meeting to be held on Oct. 13th 19:30 UTC.  Following meeting to be held on Oct 27th 20:30 UTC.
20:30:02 <marga> #endmeeting