19:29:59 <marga> #startmeeting
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19:29:59 <cts> !
19:30:01 <RichiH> .
19:30:05 <marga> #topic Roll Call
19:30:09 <madduck> \
19:30:11 <marga> hola
19:30:13 <larjona> hola
19:30:15 <cts> moin
19:30:17 <Zugschlus> grad mal so da
19:30:22 <cate> ciao
19:30:26 <hvhaugwitz> hi
19:30:27 <RichiH> third dot :p
19:30:29 <_rene_> tach :)
19:30:30 <maxy> güenas
19:30:47 <MeanderingCode> here
19:30:48 <_rene_> äh, n'abend ;)
19:31:01 <marga> Agenda at: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-10-13
19:31:13 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Verein
19:31:29 <marga> RichiH, last time you said that you'd have an update in 1 or 2 weeks... Did anything happen?
19:32:03 <azeem> hi
19:32:10 <Ganneff> aloha
19:32:18 <RichiH> so.... i called the financial people again today and the status changed from "we are dealing with it, please wait" to "we need a new copy of the bylaws by snail mail". i am not sure what happened, but i prepared another letter today. i will call again on wednesday/thursday and ask again. also, a different woman answered the phone this time so this may be due to internal confusion.
19:32:24 <Ganneff> (unknown how lon im here, sorry)
19:32:54 <marga> #info yet more bureaucrazy, still moving along.
19:33:01 <RichiH> sadly accurate
19:33:07 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Brochure translations
19:33:11 <moray> (late hi)
19:33:14 <marga> Can we declare this done?
19:33:21 <KGB-1> 03Hannes von Haugwitz 05master 4abae9a 06debconf-data/dc15 10sponsorship-brochure/l10n/de.po More proof-reading changes
19:33:29 <marga> :)
19:33:38 <RichiH> timing :p
19:33:50 <hvhaugwitz> ;-)
19:33:52 <marga> hvhaugwitz, would you agree it's ready as Rhalina said in her mail?
19:34:01 <sur5r> (late hi from me as well)
19:34:46 <hvhaugwitz> i finished my proof-reading
19:34:52 <marga> Ok
19:35:02 <marga> #info Brochure translation considered ready
19:35:02 <RichiH> marga: i read through it and found no blockers
19:35:10 <rhalina> good :)
19:35:25 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Budget
19:35:32 <azeem> great work!
19:35:38 <azeem> (on the translation)
19:35:43 <marga> madduck said that there was not much updates here.
19:35:50 <madduck> not much no
19:35:55 <madduck> there is a new budget.ods
19:35:57 <madduck> in Git
19:36:19 <marga> #info There is a spreadsheet (budget.ods) in git.  It includes some assumptions.
19:36:19 <madduck> and I think we should just make it a proposal with the express idea that we are going to revise it in regular intervals as we get more information
19:36:27 <madduck> #link http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debconf-data/dc15.git;a=tree;f=budget;hb=HEAD
19:36:40 <marga> Sure
19:36:54 <marga> I don't think we are at the point of requesting DPL approval yet, are we?
19:36:55 <madduck> my deadline from last week is 21 oct or so
19:37:04 <madduck> so by then I will write a mail to dc-team
19:37:04 <marga> deadline for what?
19:37:13 <madduck> for the budget proposal
19:37:20 <maxy> Ok, would that need another budget meeting?
19:37:22 <madduck> and I think we can get DPL approval, sure.
19:37:29 <madduck> no, not another meeting needed
19:37:46 <madduck> DPL approval would include a number of things we need to change, and be under the assumptions that the budget will get chnaged again…
19:37:55 <madduck> I will talk to lucas and the auditors about this to figure out the best way forward
19:38:22 <madduck> DPL approval isn't some magical moment in history, it's really just pairs of eyes…
19:38:29 <marga> #info there would be a proposal sent to debconf-team mailing list. After that we would go for DPL approval.  Whatever the case, the budget will need to get adjusted as data comes in.
19:38:48 <azeem> who needs to ack changes after DPL approval?
19:39:11 <cate> azeem: DPL
19:39:39 <azeem> in that case, release early, release often might be cumbersome?
19:39:49 <cate> DPL will probably approve the admendements
19:39:51 <marga> Right, that was my point.
19:39:56 <madduck> I envision more of a cooperation with DPL and chairs and auditors
19:40:04 <marga> I think it might make sense to only ask for approval in 2015
19:40:16 <cate> budget is a budget, only a first estimate
19:40:16 <RichiH> madduck: there's nothing in ways of infra other than 10k video team cost
19:40:19 <madduck> ok, but I will still propose a working copy then?
19:40:20 <marga> Once we have a clearer picture of how things are looking regarding fundraising and costs
19:40:32 <madduck> RichiH: richtig, missing information
19:40:34 <azeem> madduck: sure
19:40:59 <marga> I think it makes sense to send to DC-team to discuss now, and only go for DPL approval in 2015
19:41:06 <RichiH> madduck: can you just put in a few thousand in random expenses?
19:41:08 <marga> But you might want to ask Lucas' opinion on this.
19:41:10 <cate> I don't agree
19:41:33 <azeem> cate: to what?
19:41:50 <cate> I think an early approval will set some ideas of debconfs, the way the money will be spend.
19:42:18 <cate> And it will help planing, before somebosy will have complete new proposals
19:42:23 <azeem> what would you consider early? This month?
19:42:25 <_rene_> and removes planning space. like we don't know a daytrip yet
19:42:28 <cate> as it seems it happens usually ad debconfs
19:42:33 <moray> marga: I agree the details will probably need to be finalised later.  I'm not sure what money we need to spend soon, that needs approved more quickly
19:42:33 <_rene_> and thus we don't know the costs of it
19:42:36 <_rene_> for example
19:43:06 <marga> moray, as far as I know, right now we don't need to make any new expenses
19:43:07 <RichiH> madduck: dc13 rented APs, cables were used, etc. i would assume €1000+ cost for network alone
19:43:09 <moray> ("approving" a budget with too many questions left would just be bypassing the approval process)
19:43:10 <cate> _rene_: this year the daytrip was in a late addendum to the budget
19:43:37 <_rene_> I know, seen the mails :)
19:43:43 <marga> Ok, in any case, this probably makes sense to discuss on list and with Lucas
19:44:00 <marga> #info exact timeline of approval still needs discussion
19:44:04 <RichiH> is there any value in getting a budget approved where we plan with a set amount but reserve the option to overdo by x% assuming we collect the money for it?
19:44:36 <marga> I don't think so.  I think we might want to get the DPL opinion overall, but not the "approval" until later on.
19:44:36 <moray> RichiH: I'm not sure what would be gained from it, since the approval process can be quite quick later on
19:44:46 <madduck> no. budget is budget. when the rules change, the budget can be changed
19:45:09 <madduck> moray: yeah, my point: once the heavy lifting is done, approving changes is very quick when they are reasoned
19:45:38 <marga> Ok, can we move on?
19:45:41 <madduck> yes
19:45:45 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DayTrip / Conference Dinner
19:45:53 <marga> None of the people in charge are around...
19:45:58 <maxy> tokkee: are you there?
19:46:15 <marga> rhalina already sent on-list that she hasn't been able to get results
19:46:23 <madduck> … from her contacts
19:46:30 <cate> isn't it a bit early to discuss it?
19:46:32 <marga> right
19:46:41 <madduck> cate: I don't think so, at all
19:46:52 <madduck> I am a little bit concerned about this, tbh. Sure, contacts would be great, but if they don't give leads, we must start looking
19:47:06 <madduck> the reason I am concerned is because our options are being decimated.
19:47:19 <madduck> Other groups are planning stuff around Heidelberg in Aug 2015 already
19:47:19 <_rene_> madducks argument was that you need much space and if that's reserved already (and some things _are_ probably reserved long in advance)
19:47:19 * marga nods.  So, what do we do about this?
19:47:23 <azeem> surely not for the day trip
19:47:36 <madduck> no, day trip is more flexible
19:47:39 <marga> azeem, no, this is for the Conference Dinner
19:47:41 <madduck> (right, I mean)
19:47:41 <azeem> maybe for the conf dinner, but I am kinda wary to rent a restaurant for 400 people
19:47:54 <madduck> no, not rent. just start negotiations
19:48:01 <RichiH> azeem: if we can get an option that's free to cancel...
19:48:02 <madduck> we had the youth hostel "reserved" for months
19:48:07 <madduck> for free
19:48:18 <madduck> once you show them that you are serious, you can delay the contract for a long time.
19:48:25 <madduck> but you need to get a foot in the door.
19:48:28 <RichiH> aye
19:48:37 <marga> Right, so... What do we want to do about this?
19:48:45 <azeem> so I guess the fancy option is to have dinner in the Altstadt?
19:48:54 <azeem> I agree that would need to be looked at ASAP
19:49:03 <azeem> though I'm kinda unsure it'd work out
19:49:10 <marga> azeem, you mean the castle? Or where?
19:49:13 <madduck> it could be combined with day trip
19:49:19 <azeem> marga: or the old town
19:49:23 <RichiH> it probably should be combined in some way
19:49:24 <azeem> or maybe the old university hall
19:49:29 <azeem> which is in the old town
19:49:35 <madduck> the city of heidelberg has a team to help groups organise this
19:49:39 <RichiH> though we can always fall back to BBQ or similar catering at the youth hostel
19:49:40 <marga> azeem, but the old town is not a particular place, that's why I'm asking
19:49:50 <moray> note that combining day trip and dinner on the same day is unpopular with a lot of attendees...
19:49:53 <RichiH> or to a BBQ at the riverside
19:49:54 <madduck> #link http://www.heidelberg-marketing.de/
19:49:57 <azeem> marga: yeah, but we need to fit 400 people
19:50:03 <madduck> maybe we can just engage with them?
19:50:06 <azeem> moray: why is that?
19:50:14 <azeem> I kinda liked that the last years
19:50:16 <RichiH> moray: why?
19:50:20 <madduck> moray: do you have quantitative data on this?
19:50:36 <madduck> moray: an estimate will do…
19:50:41 <moray> azeem: well, I can't really speak for them precisely, but including that some proportion feel socially exhausted after the day trip and want a quieter evening
19:50:45 <madduck> or is it just "you've heard that…"?
19:50:55 <madduck> hm…
19:51:02 <moray> azeem: while the other extreme likes the social events and wants them spread over two days :)
19:51:08 <bremner> I'm one of the people that would prefer different days.
19:51:24 <moray> azeem: I certainly never heard a regular attendee asking for them on the same day, it just makes the *organising* side simpler
19:51:29 <madduck> bremner: welcome to the dc15 team! your tasks are: day trip and conf dinner ;)
19:51:39 <madduck> moray: *nod*
19:51:41 <moray> if there's somewhere we can plausibly walk to for the dinner, then different days would make some people happier
19:51:45 <marga> Kidding aside, what do we want to do about this?
19:51:58 <madduck> marga: see #link above, this is a lead to take on I think
19:51:59 <Ganneff> also, a day trip around dc15 i think people can easily extend on their own, so having the conf dinner different allows that.
19:52:10 <marga> madduck, yes, I'm looking at the pages.
19:52:13 <Ganneff> (assuming we dont go out into the wild with no connection of bus/train/whatever)
19:52:17 <marga> Does someone else want to volunteer for this?
19:52:29 <moray> Ganneff: true, yes, and another group who want them different is people who invent their own day trip instead of the group one
19:53:11 <marga> #info Many attendees may prefer to actually have Day Trip and Conference Dinner on separate days
19:53:15 <Ganneff> i take the contact with the marketing people. getting a mail out i can deal with tomorrow morning.
19:53:26 <madduck> yay Ganneff
19:53:33 <marga> #action Ganneff to mail Heidelberg Marketing
19:53:36 <marga> thanks
19:53:36 <Ganneff> i dont volunteer to organise it to the last bit, but contact and seeing whats on works
19:53:38 <madduck> Ganneff: two comments/ideas
19:53:55 <madduck> one, make sure they know we aren't really prepared to pay for their service
19:54:10 <madduck> two, make sure they know it'd be excellent marketing for them to sponsor us ;)
19:54:19 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DC14 Final Report
19:54:22 <Ganneff> so they can get their logo to $stuff?
19:54:23 <Ganneff> sure
19:54:25 <madduck> i did send a message to the city a while ago, Ganneff, bouncing…
19:54:29 <cts> Spanferkelhof (for all non-vegs...) Landgastst�e f�anstaltungen bis 500 Personen
19:54:41 <moray> Ganneff: presumably don't tell them that we would say Heidelberg on things anyway :p
19:54:42 <madduck> cts: please put on wiki…
19:54:49 <marga> ...
19:54:54 <madduck> cts: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/ConfDinnerIdeas
19:54:57 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DayTrip / Conference Dinner
19:55:02 <cts> I just browsed through the marketing website
19:55:02 <madduck> poor marga
19:55:20 <madduck> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/ConfDinnerIdeas
19:55:21 <cts> sorry
19:55:24 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DC14 Final Report
19:55:34 <marga> So, the deadline for finishing texts was Oct 15th
19:55:38 <marga> That's in two days.
19:55:41 <madduck> s/was/is/ ;)
19:55:47 <marga> Does anyone know how it's looking?
19:55:49 <madduck> Penny proofread most articles so far
19:55:58 <madduck> she noted so in Git
19:56:05 <azeem> the talks section still has a couple of TODOs, but they could be dropped
19:56:07 <marga> My impressions section has 9 out of 10 of the blogs. I think we are fine if we don't get the 10th.
19:56:21 <azeem> the talks section still has a couple of TODOs, but they could be droppeded
19:56:21 <madduck> I think content-wise we are at the point where people can start doing layout.
19:56:28 <azeem> OTOH I still didn't manage to send the draft to talks@ as they requested
19:56:31 <madduck> vorlon still has some TODOs too
19:56:35 <azeem> sorry, mispaste
19:56:44 * Ganneff is off again for the day. (sorry).
19:56:52 <madduck> enjoy the midnight poops
19:57:15 <marga> Who's doing layout?
19:57:17 * madduck shuts up
19:57:19 <Ganneff> only 3 times clothes changing last night. got a whole 3 hours sleep.
19:57:34 <Caroll> most of people didn't answer about the credits too... I'll put the stalker_mode=on today e try get some names
19:58:07 <madduck> Caroll: we can probably fill the table ourselves and then just tell those who feel left out that they had their chance
19:58:25 <madduck> Caroll: Send another deadline reminder to dc-team and tell people that they risk being left out…
19:58:39 <Caroll> madduck, OK, i'll do this
19:58:48 <marga> ** Who's going to do the layout?? **
19:58:49 <azeem> as usual, e.g. the video team is reading dc-team I guess
19:59:26 <azeem> *tumbleweed*
19:59:31 <marga> Yeah...
19:59:42 <marga> I did layout for DC8, but it was scribus
19:59:44 <azeem> so I'm in spain next week and won't have a lot of time
19:59:49 * azeem did it last year
19:59:53 <marga> Doing layout in tex is painful
19:59:56 <Caroll> this is my first final report, but I feel like once the debconf happened people just let the final report for the next debconf team... am I right?
19:59:57 <marga> or boring
20:00:10 <marga> Caroll, yeah :)
20:00:20 <azeem> in general, I'll try, but not sure I'll find the time, contacting sponsors is higher on my TODO
20:00:22 <marga> Except for DC8 :)
20:00:24 <moray> Caroll: not every year
20:00:25 <Caroll> marga, thanks :(
20:00:28 <moray> Caroll: but too often, sadly
20:00:44 <marga> #info azeem may try to do some layout but we need more volunteers
20:00:55 <madduck> moray: we could just create that expectation ;)
20:01:01 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Airline partnerships
20:01:03 <madduck> so you could drop "sadly"
20:01:09 <marga> Caroll, any news on this front?
20:01:17 <Caroll> marga, oh yeah :)
20:01:30 <moray> madduck: but it is harder for DCn+1 people to get the data needed for the report, so it *is* a problem
20:01:39 <Caroll> we got a partnership with united and star alliance
20:01:49 <marga> #info we got a partnership with united and star alliance
20:01:52 <marga> Details?
20:02:03 <Caroll> I'll send the agreement term to the list
20:02:12 <madduck> moray: not if they know *before* DCn that they are expected to … let's move this to privmsg if you want to continue
20:02:15 <moray> we had one airline deal before, which meant people had access to ... slightly more expensive fares than normal
20:02:34 <moray> (discounted, but less discounted than other internet sites)
20:02:45 <Caroll> because we need to agree or not...
20:02:54 <moray> so be careful about agreeing to anything that gives them something back (logos etc.)
20:03:03 <marga> #action Caroll to send the agreement conditions to the list
20:03:13 <Caroll> yes... we got discounts and debconf/debian got treats for use during the year
20:03:29 <RichiH> mini airplanes
20:03:31 <RichiH> weeee
20:03:42 <marga> ok, anything else on this point?
20:03:46 <Caroll> RichiH, united, lufthansa, etc
20:03:55 <RichiH> Caroll: what do you mean by "treats"?
20:04:05 <Caroll> RichiH, tickets
20:04:07 <Caroll> :)
20:04:24 <marga> #topic Status Updates - CCC / FrOsCon
20:04:26 <marga> #info Scotty (from FrOsCon) will let us know when they have more info
20:04:33 <marga> sur5r, anything on the CCC front?
20:05:22 <madduck> i am sure we'd have found out…
20:05:27 <marga> ok
20:05:33 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Website team
20:05:53 <marga> _rene_, are you the webmaster or is Valessio?
20:06:15 <marga> Maxy sent a couple of "bug reports" regarding missing font files and other issues and there was no reply
20:06:30 <_rene_> depend on wether it's content or css/images/styles, I'd say
20:06:40 <_rene_> anything artwork'ish is valessio, basically
20:06:44 <madduck> valessio is our graphics/design person. _rene_ has been in charge of the website content and templating so far…
20:06:59 <maxy> Yeah, well, I've sent a mail about it, payments.xhtml is not there
20:07:13 <_rene_> yep, that was there on dc14, too
20:07:17 <maxy> The debian font is not uploaded, and I'm not sure if we want it there
20:07:52 <maxy> And in the sponsors page the "infrastructure" text is too dark.
20:07:54 <_rene_> we could/should add it, though
20:08:36 <RichiH> _rene_: is there any documentation on how to edit stuff and push to live www?
20:08:41 <_rene_> I assume we'd want sepa if possible for sepa-people and can keep c&p for spi/us?
20:08:43 <RichiH> (admittedly, i didn't look up to now)
20:09:01 <madduck> _rene_: we can talk about payments after this meeting.
20:09:05 <RichiH> but if that's well documented, maybe we can improve stuff whenever we stumble over issues
20:09:06 <_rene_> k
20:09:20 <marga> #action _rene_ and madduck to work on payments page
20:09:22 <_rene_> RichiH: jup, the doc is in git. wait.
20:09:33 <madduck> RichiH: there is no docs right now that I know of, and I think there might also be some changes to the way things work
20:09:34 <marga> RichiH, sure.
20:09:45 <cate> the docs are Ganneff ;-)
20:09:49 <_rene_> ssh://<user>@git.debian.org/git/debconf-data/dc15
20:09:54 <_rene_> see under website/
20:10:11 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Public relations
20:10:17 <marga> larjona, anything to report here?
20:10:29 <_rene_> madduck: well, the doc is the xhtml and template and how to generate it in README.txt :)
20:10:42 <RichiH> _rene_: so if i edit there & push, it will go live?
20:10:48 <madduck> RichiH: after 10 mins
20:10:52 <RichiH> nice
20:10:54 <_rene_> yep. 15 min or so cronjob
20:10:59 <larjona> no. Some people said about creating a separate team for PR etc but I'm not sure if anybody is available :)
20:11:25 <madduck> larjona: I think the way to do it is within debian-publicity
20:11:25 <moray> I worry it's a bit optimistic to argue that because the Debian team lacks manpower we should have our own team
20:11:44 <larjona> So, I'm on publicity :)
20:11:50 <moray> if the Debian team lacks manpower, it's probably because there aren't enough people around for it in Debian, including in the part of Debian that is DebConf :)
20:11:50 <madduck> yeah i know
20:12:05 <marga> Yeah, I think it makes more sense to see it as a sub-team inside debian-publicity than as a separate entity
20:12:08 <moray> certainly when we tried to do press stuff separately before we generally failed
20:12:08 <madduck> larjona: so what I would do is two things:
20:12:19 <moray> marga: right, I think that seems a better approach
20:12:21 <madduck> moray: except for dc7 and 8! ;)
20:12:48 <madduck> larjona: (1) I would use d-pub infrastructure to push any news items we come up with, as you have been doing (Thanks!!!)
20:13:22 <madduck> larjona: (2) Create a way for us to easily provide ideas about random bits of news and submit them to you, then just push them however you see fit
20:13:31 <madduck> Hopefully, the buzz will attract people
20:13:56 <cate> who are the people in publicity and in team?
20:14:11 <larjona> for ideas, anybody can post in the wiki page, I can review it periodically https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/PromotionIdeas
20:14:16 <madduck> So: crowd-source content creation, just take care of the publication, using d-pub infratsructure and help
20:14:30 <RichiH> madduck: that does not work too well for d-pub
20:14:43 <RichiH> the crowdsourcing bit
20:15:02 <madduck> larjona: maybe a wiki page is even too much effort. Maybe make it clear that people can also send you emails or privmsgs etc.
20:15:18 <larjona> fine, no problem with that
20:15:25 <madduck> let them know it
20:15:30 <madduck> where them is the world ;)
20:15:41 <larjona> I'll mail the lists (dc-team and dc15)
20:15:57 <madduck> If I knew that someone might make a tweet or whatever about us e.g. having a new day trip idea, I might just fire off content in between meetings very often
20:16:10 <madduck> larjona: also in all releases, press, blog whatever
20:16:35 <marga> #action larjona to send mail to the lists reminding people to send in ideas for the DebConf sub-team of debian-publicity
20:16:42 <marga> Great.  So, that's it for status updates... Moving on...
20:16:43 <larjona> THe bit that I'm not sure what to do is @debconf twitter account
20:16:53 <marga> #topic Drink prices in HD
20:16:56 <madduck> larjona: I will handle @debconf if you prefer not to.
20:16:59 <larjona> fine
20:17:04 <larjona> thanks
20:17:04 <marga> madduck, this is your thing
20:17:23 <madduck> basically: do we think 3,50 €/0.5l is too much?
20:17:35 <marga> (of beer)
20:17:41 <madduck> that was a given! ;)
20:17:48 <madduck> I seem to remember the disco price list saying 3
20:18:06 <madduck> I just want to know how much weight I should put into negotiating this.
20:18:16 <madduck> and whether people have any expectations.
20:18:27 <maxy> What's the supermarket price?
20:18:34 <_rene_> there's pubs out there cheaper. a bit expensive but I don't think it's off-limits.
20:18:37 <madduck> maxy: 80¢? ;)
20:18:38 <moray> it's fine for me personally, but I think at €3.50 we will have people buying from elsewhere and smuggling in, sure
20:18:59 <madduck> moray: so what should be the goal? with and without secret subsidy?
20:19:04 <maxy> So a maybe 2.50 would be good enough for the hostel.
20:19:20 <cts> wasn't sponsoring drinks one of the perks we offer?
20:19:31 <_rene_> 80c is the worst beer ever. you won't get good ones for 80c ;)
20:19:33 <maxy> RichiH: How much for the Schneider ?
20:19:36 <RichiH> cts: but will there be takers?
20:19:37 <marga> Yes, but we don't know if someone will come around to it.
20:19:42 <RichiH> maxy: in supermarkets?
20:19:44 <moray> cts: most large sponsors will be scared of sponsoring alcohol
20:19:48 <marga> RichiH, yes
20:19:58 <cts> moray: not alcohol, only the beer
20:20:12 <marga> cts, ... beer contains alcohol
20:20:15 <moray> cts: (not sure if that line from you is a joke or not?)
20:20:15 <RichiH> about €1,10 per bottle
20:20:41 <cts> marga: I thought you live in bavaria where beer is considered a basic staple
20:20:44 <moray> madduck: dunno.  I guess some attendees will say "it was 1 CHF in Switzerland, Germany should be a lot cheaper" :p
20:20:56 <madduck> moray: noted. ;)
20:21:06 <marga> I think all attendees were REALLY surprised of it being 1 CHF in DC13
20:21:13 <cate> 3 CHF in CH IIRC
20:21:17 <azeem> well, 2,50 might be nicer - but 3,50 is not a ripoff
20:21:24 <azeem> well, it
20:21:27 <marga> Right.
20:21:33 <azeem> it's a ripoff, but not outragious
20:21:38 <_rene_> yep
20:21:52 <cts> moray: germans have a different attitude to beer then usamericans. I think switzerland was very cheap. if it would be 2-2.50� I think that would still be a good price
20:21:53 <marga> madduck, also, simpler coffee prices
20:21:55 <madduck> okay, so I will try to get this to 3 € in the process of getting them to buy local beers
20:22:00 <madduck> marga: yeah, those too
20:22:01 <moray> madduck: no one voiced too many complaints about $5 beer in Portland, but some small sector of people *did* opt out of drinking that in favour of drinking more cheaply in the dorms
20:22:13 <_rene_> and it's cheaper than the $5 in PDX ;) (ok, that isn't exactly hard.)
20:22:21 <madduck> moray: yeah, I was *surprised* by that in the light of dc13
20:22:39 <madduck> okay, so my take from this is: it's okay as is, but it would be nice-if…
20:22:43 <madduck> next…
20:22:45 <marga> Right.
20:22:48 <azeem> so 3,50 is an okish price for a pub in Munich
20:22:55 <moray> madduck: speak nicely to the previous anonymous sponsor? :p
20:22:56 <azeem> it looks a bit expensive for a hostel
20:22:59 <RichiH> yah, but less so for a youth hostel
20:23:07 <marga> #topic Honouring pro-bono advisors
20:23:11 <RichiH> so madduck getting it lower would be great, but if not...
20:23:13 <madduck> azeem: if I came to a pub in Heidelberg with 1000l /week, I would not pay 3.50 ;)
20:23:14 <marga> madduck, your thing.
20:23:30 <RichiH> madduck: exactly
20:23:33 <madduck> so PwC agreed to give us 1000 € in addition to the 20 hours or so of counselling
20:23:39 <maxy> RichiH: If not people will go out more.
20:23:48 <moray> I don't imagine you mean counselling
20:23:49 <RichiH> maxy: too far, imo
20:23:53 <madduck> I think we should really mention them on the webpage, e.g. at the bottom next to FFIS etc.
20:23:56 <moray> unless they are helping you with your emotional damage
20:23:56 <RichiH> consulting ;)
20:23:56 <marga> moray, advise?
20:24:07 <madduck> yessir
20:24:14 <marga> madduck, the fact that they gave us money means that they are supporters
20:24:15 <hug> madduck: nice :)
20:24:27 <madduck> marga: yes. but I think they deserve more.
20:24:34 <moray> RichiH: right.  I was just amused at the image of PwC doing counselling :)
20:24:46 <madduck> basically: are there any objections to me adding a small logo at the bottom of the page next to SPI and FFIS?
20:25:02 <RichiH> moray: i am CC on the mails; it's counselling for people who are brain damaged by german tax law
20:25:04 <cate> madduck: why not as usual spossor?
20:25:17 <moray> madduck: sounds like something to discuss with the rest of the fundraising team, more than to discuss here just now?
20:25:17 <marga> cate, it's less than Bronze
20:25:20 <madduck> cate: because they are not, they are like tk and manda who give more than just money
20:25:30 <cate> in past we calculated the perks monerarly
20:25:31 <marga> unless we count their consulting time as another 1000
20:25:48 <madduck> 20 hours at pwc rates → 6–8000 €
20:25:50 <RichiH> madduck: how much are the 20 hours worth?
20:25:53 <RichiH> k
20:26:02 <madduck> that is the low end ;)
20:26:10 <madduck> anyway, I will do as moray says
20:26:15 <marga> well, that's because they charge crazy prices.
20:26:19 <madduck> and if there are strong objections, please let me know.
20:26:29 <moray> madduck: but, we don't value non-cash items at the claimed headline price
20:26:30 <RichiH> marga: still market value
20:26:34 <RichiH> well, "value"
20:26:35 <RichiH> but yes
20:26:40 <madduck> i have 3.5 minutes for the remaining 3 topics ;)
20:26:46 <marga> #action madduck: Exact perk to be discussed with sponsors team.
20:26:50 <madduck> i want hotel reservations
20:26:57 <marga> ok... Let's do that one.
20:26:58 <RichiH> ** only three more minutes ** :)
20:27:07 <marga> #topic  Hotel reservation in HD
20:27:18 <cate> why?
20:27:20 <marga> The Marriott wants 50% guaranteed bookings of all the nights we reserve. Do we even want to go down this path?
20:27:22 <madduck> so i talked to marriott in another context
20:27:27 <madduck> and yeah, it's not favourable
20:27:36 <madduck> given that I want people to stay at the hostel
20:27:49 <madduck> I don't feel motivated to deal with marriott
20:27:58 <madduck> people can, I have contacts, but I won't.
20:28:00 <madduck> that is all ;)
20:28:07 <moray> "guaranteed" = DebConf would have to pay?  sounds like "no"
20:28:11 <madduck> yes
20:28:11 <marga> Right
20:28:20 <madduck> the question is about timing, not sure about that
20:28:20 <cate> and people whou want to stay in hotls prefers to choose own hotel (family style, businnes style, .. company budget restrictions...)
20:28:33 <madduck> right, so no hotel deals for dc15
20:28:57 <madduck> anyone can pick this up
20:28:58 <marga> #info Unless something else comes up, we are not interested in pursuing hotel deals that require us to pay anything in advance.
20:29:03 <RichiH> there are other hotels nearvy
20:29:05 <RichiH> nearby
20:29:05 <marga> #topic Next meeting
20:29:19 <marga> So, madduck wants to move it to 21 CET instead of 21:30
20:29:26 <marga> Ganneff is the one that asked for 21:30
20:29:29 <cate> 20:30?
20:29:33 <marga> Is there anyone else with an opinion?
20:29:35 <moray> but it will already move an hour in 10 days?
20:29:39 <marga> 20:30 UTC.
20:29:40 <madduck> Ganneff cannot make 2100 or before.
20:29:52 <azeem> I'm fine with 2100
20:29:52 <hvhaugwitz> 2100
20:29:52 <RichiH> i would like to keep 2130 CE[S]T
20:29:56 <moray> (as we will stop pretending to be in the wrong timezones)
20:29:57 <marga> We agreed to do it on germany time.
20:30:09 <moray> marga: sure, so the time will move an hour
20:30:14 <RichiH> madduck: ganneff also left early
20:30:22 <RichiH> admittely due to special circumstances
20:30:24 <madduck> RichiH: he has a very good reason.
20:30:24 <marga> Yes, but we know he's position.
20:30:33 <marga> The thing is what the rest of the team thinks
20:30:48 <RichiH> madduck: i know. but, realistically, is this likely to change any time soon?
20:30:57 <madduck> ask him.
20:31:05 <marga> Please, no discussing about this.
20:31:08 <RichiH> can we just move whatever concerns ganneff into the best time slot for him?
20:31:08 <marga> Ganneff wants 21:30
20:31:14 <marga> RichiH wants 21:30
20:31:20 <marga> madduck wants 21:00
20:31:24 * _rene_ would like 21:30 better. 21:00 I can do, but earlier is a problem
20:31:28 <RichiH> marga: i am fine with 2100 as well
20:31:30 <marga> hvhaugwitz said 21:00
20:31:33 <moray> moving early with respect to Germany time will be hard for me
20:31:39 <azeem> the rest is just ok with both I guess
20:31:40 <moray> (some weeks)
20:31:42 <RichiH> i would slightly prefer 2100, actually. but 2130 is fine as well
20:32:08 <RichiH> moray: how hard?
20:32:22 <marga> Ok, it seems to be almost a tie
20:32:25 <azeem> in that case, maybe we can move it to 2100 for a few times while Ganneff is quite busy anyway?
20:32:29 <RichiH> moray: most of us are on german time, but of course, we don't want to overly buren others
20:32:40 <madduck> marga: how about we move to 2100 and schedule the items relevant to those people who prefer 2130 at, well, 2130?
20:32:45 <azeem> moray: would 2100 work for you?
20:32:46 <marga> Ok.
20:33:15 <moray> azeem: it was hard for me to make 20.30 today, 20.00 maybe impossible in those weeks
20:33:19 <madduck> then again, everything is relevant to everyone, as this is our conference ;)
20:33:37 <marga> #info Next meetings to be scheduled at 21:00 CET (20:00 UTC). We can schedule subjects later taking into account people that arrive later
20:33:47 <marga> And with that...
20:33:50 <marga> #endmeeting