20:01:46 <marga> #startmeeting
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20:01:48 <marga> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-10-27
20:01:50 <marga> Not many items in the agenda, so this may turn out to be a short meeting
20:01:53 <marga> #topic rollcall
20:01:53 <pixelpapst> let's keep the DC schedule in UTC only :)
20:01:59 <_rene_> moo
20:02:02 <bremner> hierhier
20:02:02 <marga> Anyone that hasn't yet say hi, please do
20:02:07 <cpt_nemo> Hello
20:02:08 <manuel> hi
20:02:13 <MeanderingCode> hi
20:02:15 <azeem> hi
20:02:15 <Tincho> o/
20:02:17 <pixelpapst> define 'hi'
20:02:18 <maxy> Buenas noches
20:02:26 <cts> hi
20:02:38 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Verein
20:02:42 <zobel> lo
20:02:46 <marga> RichiH, madduck: any good news?
20:02:52 <madduck> no
20:03:00 <azeem> no news are good news
20:03:11 <RichiH> .
20:03:15 <madduck> no bad ones either
20:03:26 <marga> ok... Any ETA?
20:03:33 <madduck> meat home in 5
20:03:40 <RichiH> i got a letter demanding more info, more paper, two copies of a questionnaire
20:03:43 <madduck> me at
20:03:58 <RichiH> marga: a few weeks ago
20:04:04 <RichiH> i honestly don't know at this point
20:04:08 <marga> RichiH, alright
20:04:11 <RichiH> every time i think we are done...
20:04:14 <RichiH> ...we are not
20:04:30 <marga> #info We are basically done but they want more info
20:04:40 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DC14 Final Report
20:04:49 <marga> cpt_nemo, azeem: how's it looking?
20:05:09 <azeem> not finished I believe
20:05:11 <cpt_nemo> I'm still working on the layout.
20:05:48 <cpt_nemo> The text is not really complete either: Bidprocess is empty.
20:05:53 <marga> cpt_nemo, do you need more people?
20:06:01 <cpt_nemo> For layout: no.
20:06:03 <marga> I think that at this point whatever is not there needs to be dropped, no?
20:06:06 <azeem> we can slash non-essential chapters
20:06:14 <cpt_nemo> When is the deadline?
20:06:23 <maxy> cpt_nemo: 31/10
20:06:25 <cpt_nemo> And more important: Who is this report for?
20:06:49 <cpt_nemo> I'm still somewhat confused about that.
20:07:00 <marga> cpt_nemo, it doesn't have ONE target audience
20:07:12 <cpt_nemo> If it is intended for future sponsors, we need to streamline it a bit.
20:07:18 <azeem> it's geared at the public in general, and past and prospective sponsors in particular e.g.
20:07:20 <marga> We do send it to all potential and past sponsors, as a testimony of what happens at DebConf
20:07:23 <azeem> cpt_nemo: why?
20:07:38 <marga> But also attendees of past, current and future DebConf would normally find it interesting
20:07:45 <cpt_nemo> For attendees it's fine.
20:07:57 <marga> why is it not fine for sponsors?
20:08:03 <cpt_nemo> There is unexplained jargon ("hacklab")...
20:08:21 <cpt_nemo> It should define more clearly what DebConf is and what Debian is.
20:08:40 <cpt_nemo> I can make a proposal for that.
20:08:47 <Tincho> we probably don' t need to solve that for the report
20:09:00 <cpt_nemo> Also, do you think we should add the list of talks?
20:09:24 <azeem> hrm, we haven't done so in the past
20:09:32 <cpt_nemo> azeem: Yes, we have.
20:09:35 <azeem> we could link to a nice list on the web, if such a thing exists
20:09:37 <azeem> did we?
20:09:46 <cpt_nemo> Maybe only partially, but there were definitely lists of talks.
20:09:47 <Tincho> no, those were the proceedings
20:09:55 <cpt_nemo> With one-sentence abstracts even.
20:10:04 <azeem> right, the proceedings
20:10:07 <cpt_nemo> I can create the list as well.
20:10:10 <azeem> that's a different document
20:10:13 <cpt_nemo> Nope, the report.
20:10:17 <cpt_nemo> Just a sec...
20:10:36 <azeem> well, I think it
20:10:38 <marga> No, I agree with cpt_nemo.  In some reports we did list talk title, speaker and mini-abstract
20:10:39 <cpt_nemo> Page 8 in the DebConf9 report.
20:10:40 <azeem> it's not essential
20:10:41 * madduck in
20:10:43 <marga> Not the full proceedings
20:11:35 <cpt_nemo> Then, we need pictures.
20:11:49 <cpt_nemo> I have downloaded what is publically available, but I wasn't there.
20:12:04 <marga> cpt_nemo, pictures of somethign in particular?
20:12:06 <cpt_nemo> So I'd need someone to tell me what is a picture of the venue, for instance.
20:12:21 <marga> For this, it should be possible to recruit someone on the mailing list
20:12:27 <cpt_nemo> Alright.
20:12:49 <azeem> the venue did not lend itself to being photographed a lot
20:12:49 <marga> #action cpt_nemo to send a message to debconf-team@ requesting a volunteer for selecting pictures
20:13:25 <marga> Regarding talk list, if it would add to the value of the report, we can do it, but we need a volunteer to assemble and layout the list
20:13:35 <cpt_nemo> I can assemble the list.
20:13:42 <azeem> well, is the layout finished?
20:13:50 <cpt_nemo> Not really.
20:13:59 <azeem> the talks section lists some highlights
20:14:05 <azeem> and ana requested I'd add some more
20:14:05 <cpt_nemo> Yes.
20:14:08 <maxy> So, the idea was to publish the final report soon. Should be change the deadline?
20:14:11 <maxy> azeem: ?
20:14:13 <azeem> so I suggest we first augment that
20:14:19 <azeem> maxy: some more highlights from the talks
20:14:25 <marga> ok, it might be enough to augment that
20:14:37 <azeem> maxy: oh, I didn't get your line before
20:14:38 <cpt_nemo> Were there talk tracks?
20:14:45 <marga> cpt_nemo, a bunch
20:14:51 <marga> cpt_nemo, you can see them in the schedule page
20:14:52 <azeem> cpt_nemo: yes, and it's in the talks section, no?
20:14:54 <cpt_nemo> OK.
20:14:58 <azeem> I listed a few
20:15:11 <marga> https://summit.debconf.org/debconf14/
20:15:15 <azeem> so I think we shouldn't worry about a whole list right now
20:15:18 <cpt_nemo> Was there a rationale for the tracks?
20:15:33 <marga> The talks team grouped the talks by similarity
20:15:33 <azeem> why do you ask?
20:15:52 <cpt_nemo> Because the conference will look better if the tracks weren't an accident
20:16:05 <azeem> how would the reader know?
20:16:20 <cpt_nemo> By us telling them.
20:16:33 <azeem> I'm not sure we should discuss specific content right now
20:16:36 <cpt_nemo> Why we think some topic is important.
20:16:37 <azeem> we can do it after the meeting
20:16:37 <cpt_nemo> OK.
20:16:41 <cpt_nemo> Sure.
20:16:44 <Tincho> they were there in summit,and we used them to group talks </talks team hat>
20:16:57 <marga> Ok, let's move on.
20:17:04 <marga> Please ask for help on the ML if you need to
20:17:12 <cpt_nemo> OK.l
20:17:13 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Budget
20:17:22 <marga> madduck, any updates on this side?
20:17:37 <RichiH> madduck: related: did lucas and you continue off-list?
20:17:51 <madduck> well, sort of
20:18:04 <madduck> I've been keeping the budget updated as new sponsors jump on board
20:18:16 <madduck> and I am happy to keep doing this until we have a reasonable conference
20:18:31 <azeem> it's not necessary for every change IMO
20:18:39 <madduck> i.e. right now, there is a base case which lists what a good conference would be, but we are nowhere near getting enough money for tat
20:18:53 <azeem> what's the number for that?
20:18:54 <madduck> and i occasionally update the worst case/status quo
20:19:30 * madduck checks
20:19:35 <azeem> well, nm
20:19:48 <marga> Ok, I think that we probably don't need to keep track of this on the meeting, then
20:19:55 <marga> Unless there's something relevant to mention
20:20:28 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DayTrip / Conference Dinner
20:20:34 <madduck> azeem: yeah, 150k short right now… but this means nothing.
20:21:01 <marga> manuel has quit...
20:21:05 <marga> Ganneff, are you around?
20:21:21 <madduck> Ganneff wrote to the marketing people
20:21:23 <marga> Ganneff, had volunteered for contacting Heidelberg city regarding this, but I didn't hear any news.
20:21:39 <madduck> and the reply was "sure we can help you but it'll cost you. we cannot sponsor"
20:21:48 <bremner> Ganneff can't be here before 9:30, iirc
20:22:20 <madduck> point being: we can use them as a service provider and we should ask them for ideas and quotes
20:22:21 <marga> Ok.  What are we doing about this?
20:22:56 <moray_> normally the dinner and trip can be organised much later; it's not urgent, except for contacting potential sponsors
20:23:24 <madduck> moray_: or if all suitable venues are filled, and some are already
20:23:26 <marga> The point was that we might be unable to reserve places later on
20:23:28 <madduck> conf dinner
20:23:34 <madduck> day trip is easy to do in 6 months…
20:23:47 <zobel> i have ideads re daytrip. i will be in south hessen around mid of december.
20:24:02 <marga> However, I don't consider this as important as other things...
20:24:06 <zobel> i will try to have more details on daytrip ideas by then.
20:24:08 <RichiH> zobel: can you dump into wiki earlier?
20:24:08 <maxy> madduck: But for the conf dinner we can always use the hostel and some special food.
20:24:17 <zobel> RichiH: it already is in the wiki
20:24:17 <madduck> so about conf dinner: correct me if I am wrong, but the people who agreed to do something on this have not and we have made no progress, right?
20:24:24 <madduck> maxy: yes, yes we can
20:24:26 <RichiH> maxy: that's actually my preferred solution
20:24:32 <RichiH> less overhead
20:24:34 <zobel> RichiH: like: 2 month ago.
20:24:41 <RichiH> zobel: ok, ta
20:24:41 <marga> madduck, "have not" is relative, but it's correct that we have made no progress
20:25:00 <madduck> maxy: and in the end if will be a question of cost, I just would like to have the options and for that we have to keep moving.
20:25:14 <madduck> marga: right, I was trying to stay purely factual. sorry.
20:25:53 <marga> So, we could just de-prioritize it right now and look back into it later, knowing that we will have less options
20:26:10 <maxy> Well, Ganneff was going to contact Heidelberg marketing to get some possibilities.
20:26:20 <maxy> Sorry
20:26:22 <madduck> maxy: he did and they can probably help
20:26:32 <madduck> this needs to be followed up
20:26:33 <cpt_nemo> How many people do you expect at the conf dinner?
20:26:49 <azeem> how about contacting the university about doing it in their old buildings in the old city?
20:26:53 <marga> cpt_nemo, as many as attendees which is an unknown number
20:26:53 <azeem> that might be a good setting
20:27:24 <marga> azeem, in the cafeteria or what?
20:27:31 <azeem> well, dunno
20:27:32 <marga> Unis are not usually a place to go out and eat.
20:27:55 <madduck> azeem: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/ConfDinnerIdeas
20:27:55 <azeem> hrm
20:28:14 <cts> they have some old building in the pedestrian zone where we walked. between the caffee and the busstop
20:28:15 <marga> Anyway, the problem we have right now is that we don't have an owner following up
20:28:29 <azeem> cts: right
20:29:13 <azeem> http://www.uni-heidelberg.de/institutions/rectorate/kum/events/index.html
20:29:21 <azeem> but yeah, it might not be a good setting
20:29:28 <marga> this is not leading anywhere
20:29:45 <marga> Shall I mail the debconf15 mailing list looking for someone to be in charge of this?
20:30:08 <madduck> please
20:30:11 <Tincho> marga: hopefully, we will have soon a team for that :)
20:30:14 <madduck> promise them fame and fortune!
20:30:25 <cts> http://osm.org/go/0DwYu3jWt  psychologisches institut. so they can keep us for treatment ;-)
20:30:30 <marga> #action Marga to try to get a new volunteer for leading this.
20:30:35 <marga> Tincho, a team for what exactly?
20:30:51 <marga> I'm going to skip a couple of status updates of people that are not here
20:31:04 <zobel> marga: what is "this"? :)
20:31:05 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Website team
20:31:16 <marga> zobel, the conf dinner
20:31:28 <marga> So, Ganneff and madduck have made updates on push, which is great
20:31:34 <Tincho> marga: for coordinating with the local team all these things, like daytrip
20:31:44 <zobel> marga: yes, but in the meetbot summary it will not help to have "this"....
20:32:05 <marga> Anything else about the website? Is there content there still missing?
20:32:06 <madduck> zobel: there is a #topic too, but you are right.
20:32:19 <madduck> marga: well, I think it's okay for now
20:32:27 <marga> it's from topic, it could have been better worded, I'll try to keep in mind for the future
20:32:46 <madduck> but I also sense that we are not really using the website as we could/should yet while there is uncertainty about the future of summit and websites in general
20:32:56 <marga> Tincho, I don't think the lack of an extra team is the problem right now.
20:32:59 <marga> madduck, right.
20:33:08 <RichiH> _rene_ is 30 minutes idle
20:33:11 <madduck> i.e. the whole team situation dragging on for so long puts us in a bit of a hiatus, specifically wrt summit
20:33:27 <madduck> _rene_ and I made http://debconf15.debconf.org/payments.xhtml and this was the action item from last week
20:33:30 <madduck> so nothing more to report.
20:33:33 <marga> Ok, I think it's fine anyway at this point
20:33:36 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Public relations
20:33:54 <marga> On a related subject, Laura said that she would do a pseudo-interview for the blog
20:33:58 <marga> anyone volunteers for this?
20:34:02 <madduck> cool idea
20:34:27 <madduck> i'll volunteer if noone else wants.
20:34:32 <RichiH> madduck: same
20:34:53 <marga> yeah, I was going to say the same :)
20:35:05 <madduck> well then i'll retract and you two figure it out ;)
20:35:24 <marga> Maybe we can make it not-a-one-person interview
20:35:28 <marga> I'll follow up with Laura
20:35:39 <madduck> oi
20:35:41 <RichiH> marga: if we do a group thing, we need a committed time & date
20:35:46 <marga> #action Marga to follow up with Laura about interview for the blog.
20:35:52 <marga> RichiH, agreed
20:35:54 <RichiH> else, it will rund into endless back & forth
20:35:58 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Drink prices
20:36:02 <_rene_> RichiH: I read it all though ;)
20:36:04 <RichiH> (even though the three of us are unlikely to)
20:36:16 <marga> madduck, were you able to discuss this with the hostel?
20:36:19 <madduck> nothing done yet on drink prices, I was going to do this as part of negotiating the menu in general
20:36:25 <RichiH> _rene_: i meant in the context of website; but good to know :)
20:36:25 <madduck> e.g. local produce etc.
20:36:32 <marga> madduck, timeline for this?
20:36:57 <madduck> next meeting
20:37:14 <marga> #action madduck to discuss menu with the hostel in the next two weeks
20:37:16 <madduck> #action madduck to approach youth hostel about menu/drinks/prices/etc.
20:37:19 <madduck> oops ;)
20:37:26 <marga> #topic Status Updates - Honoring pro-bono advisor
20:37:32 <madduck> done.
20:37:45 <marga> ok... Not sure why you left it there
20:37:45 <madduck> pwc has also donated money and is now a bronze sponsor
20:37:52 <marga> #topic Fundraising
20:37:53 <madduck> to report and summarise
20:38:06 <marga> We need more leads and more people working on fundraising
20:38:16 <madduck> yeah, this (fundraising) is the next big thing
20:38:28 <marga> Yeah, we really need to focus on it
20:38:40 <marga> And we need to somehow get to contact more sponsors
20:39:09 <madduck> I think it's fine for a small number of people to write to sponsors, but we need people to establish contact
20:39:13 <madduck> generate leads
20:39:17 <cts> I've asked a fried at SAP for contacts, but did not get feedback yet. Is anybody else in contact with SAP?
20:39:25 <madduck> give us names of people and why they might be interested
20:39:54 <marga> I'll info that
20:39:58 <madduck> cts: tomorrow same time, we have a fundraising meeting, then we discuss individual sponsors, or you tell me in privmsg
20:40:22 <marga> #info it's fine for a small number of people to write to sponsors, but we need people to generate leads, give us names of people and why they might be interested
20:40:29 <madduck> i think it's also time for a d-u-g mail and for everyone *EVERYONE* to reach out and seek leads.
20:40:47 <marga> #action marga to follow up on debconf15 mailing list
20:41:09 <marga> madduck, I thought you had already sent the mail to the german user group
20:41:11 <Tincho> I think this kind of topic is to be discussed in -sponsors
20:41:21 <marga> Tincho, we already discussed it
20:41:32 <marga> Tincho, we need to generate more leads and from the team itself we don't have enough
20:41:33 <madduck> Tincho: everyone needs to provide leads. Actual work happens there.
20:41:54 <MeanderingCode> has anyone tried those HP folks that were at DC14?
20:42:04 <azeem> MeanderingCode: HP is covered
20:42:08 <MeanderingCode> k
20:42:15 <madduck> hello MeanderingCode
20:42:16 <marga> Right, this is for NEW sponsors, not recurring ones
20:42:32 <madduck> well, unless you have fantastic ideas for intel and ibm
20:42:38 <madduck> but this is to be discussed in 24 hours
20:42:46 <marga> Anyway, I don't think there's anything else to say, except that we really need this.
20:42:51 <madduck> right
20:43:00 <marga> #topic DebConf teams
20:43:04 <marga> Tincho, your thing
20:43:28 <Tincho> So, I am not sure what you guys were expecting from this
20:43:29 * madduck set Tincho up for this, let's hope he managed to prepare as the chairs are meeting later…
20:43:40 <Tincho> as I said to madduck earlier, our meeting is in 1H17
20:43:50 <madduck> Tincho: a timeline, status update, what to expect when.
20:44:07 <Tincho> but I can tell you that we have been listening to feedback, talking to the people who raised objections
20:44:10 <madduck> I set aside time this week to work on summit, but I am afraid to touch summit because there is no summit team
20:44:18 <madduck> just as an example
20:44:29 <Tincho> and trying to find an agreement
20:44:34 <Tincho> madduck: I totally understand that
20:44:38 <Tincho> we want this done asap
20:45:23 <Tincho> so I don't have a proper timeline, but as soon as we have a defined list, the next step is to start forming the teams, similarly to fundraising, but hopefully with less mistakes :)
20:46:04 <madduck> i am just a bit conscious about the timeline because we want to open registrations in march…
20:46:14 <madduck> and a lot needs to be done before we are ready for that
20:46:25 <Tincho> I know, but the problem is that we have very different schedules, and we can only meet on mondays at 22 UTC
20:46:55 <marga> Ok, is there any action that needs to be taken in this regard?
20:46:56 <madduck> let's hope that you can soon find a solution then which doesn't depend on the chairs meeting.
20:47:03 <madduck> marga: don't think so.
20:47:04 <Tincho> so, bottom line is: we're on this, we want this as fast as you want it
20:47:10 <madduck> thanks Tincho for the update.
20:47:12 <marga> Ok, sounds good.
20:47:28 <marga> #topic Mailing list migration
20:47:35 <marga> This has been on the agenda for forever
20:47:43 <marga> But I'm not sure it helps
20:47:57 <madduck> no
20:48:02 <RichiH> as you can see: lots
20:48:07 <madduck> I think this is something that needs top-down decision
20:48:21 <Tincho> another one that should improve with teams in place :)
20:48:23 <madduck> and someone to drive the migration who is not I
20:48:40 <RichiH> am i missing anything or is this something that can just be _done_ in 30minutes to 2 hours?
20:49:06 <marga> RichiH, it's more about the decision than the action, I think
20:49:33 <azeem> well, and two different systems?
20:49:41 <RichiH> Tincho: can you just decide this, then?
20:49:54 <RichiH> (i may be naive here, but..)
20:50:43 <madduck> maybe moving the lists to the more limited smartlist isn't the solution, but we should have a more resilient dc-admin team. Ganneff has been doing an amazing job all these years and still is, despite his current obligations, but it's still a bottleneck and one day it'll hurt us.
20:51:05 <Tincho> RichiH: we could, but I am not sure this is so urgent not to wait a bit more (until there is an infra team that just takes on the responsibility to do this and other related things)
20:51:08 <madduck> so maybe the solution to all of it is to keep dc.o and to have a team doing the amdining
20:51:11 <madduck> admining
20:51:29 <Tincho> that's my point, I would like that team to decide how are they going to do it from now on
20:51:32 <madduck> anyway, also not something to decide for now, it's on the agenda because it was left over from the last two meetings, marga ;)
20:51:40 <cate> IMHO migration to d.o was already decided, so -sponsor team should decide and move
20:51:43 <marga> madduck, I know
20:52:06 <madduck> cate: maybe the decision wasn't a good one. smartlist is not the most awesome for lists with specific requirements
20:52:10 <RichiH> cate: i thought that was the case as well
20:53:06 <marga> I'm not sure what to conclude of this
20:53:14 <marga> Will this be magically fixed with an infra team?
20:53:29 <madduck> if it's the right team and all stake holders are happy…
20:53:29 <Tincho> not magically, but there will be somebody with the authority to do so
20:54:36 <marga> #agreed The decision will be at the hands of the soon-to-come infrastructure team
20:54:44 <marga> #topic Any Other Business?
20:54:53 * madduck raises hand on LPI @ DC15
20:54:55 <marga> First time since I'm charing: we have 6 extra minutes
20:55:01 <marga> madduck, go ahead
20:55:09 <madduck> So I asked LPI e.V., the German branch of the Linux Professsional Institute, for support of DC15 and the reply was that they would offer discounted LPI exams.
20:55:20 <madduck> Are we interested?
20:55:30 <RichiH> fwiw, they do that for most anything
20:55:32 <azeem> how much discount?
20:55:36 <RichiH> not that's that a no, mind
20:55:36 <marga> This has been done in some past debconfs, I don't know with how much success... Does anybody recall?
20:55:36 <azeem> yeah
20:55:52 <azeem> it has been done at FOSDEM a lot as well I think
20:55:57 <marga> Yes
20:55:58 <madduck> i remember them being free even at dc9 or so
20:56:02 <RichiH> azeem: for about a bazillion years, yes
20:56:15 <madduck> anyway, are we interested in LPI exams? Then I can negotiate this harshly ;)
20:56:22 <azeem> we don't have a lot of rooms for exams for > 5 or so people I'd say
20:56:24 <madduck> I am personally not too keen I have to say
20:56:31 <RichiH> madduck: until when would we need to know?
20:56:37 <madduck> I don't think the Debian part of the LPIC exams are worth the paper they are written on
20:56:45 <azeem> and the main talk rooms wouldn't have tables
20:56:50 <madduck> RichiH: a week? ASAP?
20:56:57 <RichiH> the main talk rooms are too valuable
20:56:58 <RichiH> imo
20:57:00 <marga> azeem, I think the room where we met during the kickoff meeting would be fine
20:57:26 <RichiH> if we need to rent another room just for them...
20:57:35 <marga> RichiH, we don't
20:57:38 <madduck> proposal: I'll ask on debconf-discuss if there are people generally interested in taking those exams?
20:57:40 <marga> RichiH, we have the whole building
20:57:47 <marga> madduck, sounds good
20:58:05 <marga> #action madduck to ask on debconf-discuss if there are people insterested on a discounted LPI exam
20:58:15 <marga> Anything else?
20:58:17 <RichiH> marga: i thought we had an upper limit on rooms, but that may have been a different venue, then
20:58:20 <RichiH> or during debcamp
20:58:27 <madduck> debcamp
20:58:28 <marga> RichiH, yes, during debcamp
20:58:36 <RichiH> marga: ascii art?
20:58:40 <RichiH> to fill the last 1.5 minutes?
20:58:52 <marga> We can end early if there's nothing else
20:58:56 <RichiH> ()()
20:58:57 <marga> Next meeting at the same time?
20:58:58 <RichiH> ('')
20:59:02 <RichiH> (__)
20:59:04 <RichiH> bunny
20:59:09 <marga> Sorry, I cut that off
20:59:10 <madduck> marga: yes.
20:59:11 <cate> Some thought about guest speach?
20:59:17 <marga> Ok.
20:59:19 <madduck> cate: ?
20:59:23 <marga> cate, that's talks team, I think.
20:59:24 <RichiH> marga: i shall exact revenge at the next opportunity
20:59:41 <RichiH> cate: guest speech as in invted speaker?
20:59:42 <marga> Ok, it's time, i'm closing
20:59:46 <marga> #endmeeting