20:00:40 <marga> #startmeeting
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20:00:47 <marga> #topic rollcall
20:00:51 <marga> Anyone around?
20:00:58 <maxy> not me
20:01:00 * gwolf semi
20:01:04 <gwolf> o/
20:01:13 <hvhaugwitz> \o
20:01:53 <azeem_> well, I'm in a train which tells me there's no internet available
20:02:03 <azeem_> so I guess once this SSH session times out I
20:02:06 <azeem_> I
20:02:11 <azeem_> I'm off, damnit
20:02:11 * _rene_ also sort of
20:02:30 <marga> Alright... so, this seems like it will be a short meeting :-/
20:02:36 <marga> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-12-08
20:02:39 <_rene_> (other things to do, and trying to fix my server, so...)
20:02:49 <marga> #topic Status Updates - DayTrip / ConferenceDinner
20:03:38 <marga> This is the "local" topic that has been abandoned by everyone.
20:04:05 <marga> I'm not sure what we can do about this.
20:04:12 <marga> We clearly need a change of strategy
20:05:21 <maxy> Well, it is currently twi different topics, so madduck and loni are working on the Conference dinner, but we are a bit out of luck with the daytrip scouting
20:05:54 <azeem_> somebody suggested a boat trip on the Neckar, no?
20:05:54 <marga> The point was that we were a bit under more pressure for the Conference Dinner because reservations are likely harder and harder to get.
20:05:57 <azeem_> that sounded promising
20:06:09 <marga> For the dinner? or the daytrip?
20:06:22 <azeem_> latter
20:06:40 <jmux> azeem_: Yup - me
20:06:55 <marga> Alright, the point is that on top of the ideas we need someone to follow up on them
20:07:02 <marga> And we don't seem to have that someone :-/
20:07:33 <azeem_> right, jmux
20:07:39 <jmux> At least I'll have a look and write some mails
20:07:47 <azeem_> great
20:07:49 <marga> jmux, excellent, thanks
20:08:11 <marga> #action jmux to follow up on possible DayTrip ideas
20:08:24 <jmux> I'm from this area, but I never had to organize something for 300 people.
20:08:37 <marga> Right
20:08:39 <gaudenz> i'm sort of here as long as my mobile internet works
20:08:49 <jmux> We're a month to early for all the wine festivals
20:10:31 <marga> zobel had also proposed a bunch of ideas, and said that he might be able to propose someone to get delegated, but as far as I know, didn't follow up on that.
20:12:04 <marga> Last meeting we had Aakash here, who said he would scout for places for the Conf Dinner.  He did do that, but wasn't very successful according to what he reported on #debconf15-germany
20:12:10 <marga> Unfortunately, he's not here now.
20:12:28 <cate> Hello.
20:14:12 <marga> I used to think that madduck was exaggerating when he wanted to have this sorted out so much in advance, but as time passes and these two items keep not getting resolved, I'm starting to dispair :-/
20:15:03 <azeem_> despair-time is by the start of debcamp
20:15:24 <marga> :)
20:15:31 <azeem_> also, the fall-back is not having a conf-dinner, I am personally not going to call Debconf a failure if that happens, all else being equal
20:15:43 <azeem_> I mean, for myself
20:15:48 <marga> Yes, I know.
20:15:50 <azeem_> but sure, we should keep pushing it
20:17:08 <marga> I think we don't have anyone else for the status updates, so I'm going to jump to the next item in the agenda.
20:17:17 <jmux> BTW - does the dinner have to be local to the venue? Local in terms oh - I can walk / use a taxi to get "home"?
20:17:35 <marga> jmux, it doesn't *have to*.
20:17:45 <marga> We could use buses to go there/get back
20:17:59 <azeem_> that would mostly make sense if combined with the day trip though
20:18:04 <marga> Right
20:18:36 <marga> #topic Assistance team local liason
20:18:57 <marga> #info The assistance team needs one or two local people to act as local liason(s)
20:19:44 <marga> The possible activities would include: recruiting local volunteers to help on-site, handling of local assistance taks, etc
20:20:00 <marga> #info Anybody interested in this should write to nattie@debconf.org
20:20:58 <marga> #topic Any other business?
20:21:11 <marga> Anyone around has anything they want to discuss?
20:21:35 <azeem_> if you ask like that, I guess this meeting is not the overflow meeting for last week's coordination meeting which ran overtime?
20:21:56 <cate> azeem_: no.
20:22:11 <marga> azeem_, nope
20:22:20 <marga> azeem_, this one is DC15 meeting
20:22:38 <marga> And I guess the desertness is related to the end-of-the-year craziness.
20:22:58 <azeem_> ok
20:23:35 <marga> #topic Next meeting
20:23:50 <cate> marga: or we managed finally to have short meetings
20:23:58 <marga> If we don't have people on Dec. 8th, would we have people on Dec 22nd?
20:24:10 <marga> Should we opt for Jan 5th?
20:24:43 <cate> marga: I think we need a special meeting for DC16 discussion
20:24:52 <azeem_> marga: well, we can just keep the 22nd for now, and if nobody shows up, whatever
20:24:54 <marga> cate, sure, but that's for the other meeting.
20:25:00 <azeem_> certainly we don't expect you to show up
20:25:15 <marga> azeem_, I think it's unfair for those that do show up.
20:25:26 <cate> I'm not sure I'll be online on both dates
20:25:40 <marga> azeem_, why? it's 17:00 in .ar right.  I could definitely make it.
20:26:09 <marga> It's more a question of not burning energy on attending a meeting where most of the team is absent.
20:26:18 <azeem_> right ok then
20:26:29 <azeem_> we can try to get status updates via mail again maybe
20:26:50 <marga> Ok, should we agree for Jan 5th for the next DC15 meeting?
20:27:11 <marga> We will still have another meeting next week for the DC16 timeline
20:27:18 <marga> (and other global coord stuff)
20:27:27 <cate> ok
20:27:41 <azeem_> sounds good
20:28:01 <marga> #agreed Next Meeting to be held on Monday, January 5th 2015 - 20:00 UTC
20:28:09 <marga> #endmeeting