19:59:49 <marga> #startmeeting
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19:59:51 <marga> #topic Roll Call
19:59:55 * madduck 
19:59:55 <marga> Hello everyone, please say hi and have a look at the agenda at: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2015-02-02#Agenda
20:00:00 <edrz> Rawr.
20:00:01 <hvhaugwitz> hi
20:00:09 <fil> hi
20:00:14 <gaudenz_> hi
20:00:21 <gregoa> hi
20:00:22 <maxy> Technically I havent said hi either.. :)
20:00:29 <_rene_> hi
20:00:36 <gnugr> hi
20:00:38 <jmux> Hi
20:00:45 <cate> ciao
20:00:46 <rmayorga> hi
20:00:56 <marga> #topic Summit status update
20:00:59 <larjona_mobile> hi
20:01:03 <marga> cate, can you tell us how things are looking?
20:01:12 <cts__> hi
20:01:23 <edrz> um. he said he would miss the start, no?
20:01:35 * MeanderingCode here
20:01:49 <cate> The content part is nearly finished. I just neet to test and correct few things
20:01:55 <edrz> oh. nm.
20:02:04 <marga> cate, that's great :)
20:02:13 <edrz> ( and allow some peer review ... )
20:02:13 <cate> We had discussion about bursaries and registration stuffs.
20:02:16 <marga> cate, when do you estimate it will be ready?
20:02:29 <cate> I think we can finalize bursaries questions tonight.
20:02:40 <marga> here? or later?
20:02:51 <bremner> we can try here.
20:02:52 <RichiH> .
20:02:57 <cate> me or nattie will post in the mailing list for the registration part, so that we don't miss important things
20:03:00 <marga> The agenda is a bit packed :-/
20:03:14 <marga> cate, that sounds like a good idea, yes
20:03:22 <cate> But..
20:03:29 <gaudenz> Can someone explain what the bursaries part is about, why do the fields need changing?
20:03:37 <marga> #info Things are looking good. It needs a bit more testing and peer reviewing
20:03:49 <cate> We still don't have the design: update colors, logo.
20:03:57 <ana> gaudenz: to improve the questions to ask for sponsorship
20:04:10 <marga> gaudenz, there have been a bunch of discussions regarding how to improve the questions asked from attendees that are sponsored, to make them more meaningful.
20:04:13 <cate> And I cannot reach zobel to enable summittest, so that all -team can test it
20:04:32 <gaudenz> Ok there is always room for improvement, but I for one was very happy with the questions in the last two years. Much more relevant information than before.
20:04:48 <marga> #info Missing pieces: design (colors, logo), test instance to be able to do the testing and peer reviewing
20:04:54 <cate> and enrico would like to have volunteer to handle SSO (OAuth2), with deep knoweledge of protocols.
20:04:59 <gaudenz> marga: having discussion where? Did not see anything on the list...
20:05:08 <cate> It is a Debian job, but we need some support for DebConf.,.. so
20:05:16 <marga> gaudenz, there was one IRC meeting, then a FOSDEM in person meeting
20:05:30 <RichiH> cate: if you reach zobel, please also ask him about the status of SSO from his PoV
20:05:31 <marga> cate, I don't understand this last part?
20:05:48 <gaudenz> marga: ok that's fine, but a summary to the list so people not often on IRC and not at fosdem can join.
20:05:51 <RichiH> enrico told me there's still quite some work to be done
20:05:55 <gaudenz> would be nice
20:06:00 <cate> marga: enrico would like to have help on SSO (in general).
20:06:02 <bremner> gaudenz: I sent meetbot minutes to the list
20:06:25 <marga> bremner, can you send some minutes from the FOSDEM discussions as well?
20:06:33 <bremner> yes, when I get a chance ;).
20:06:34 <marga> cate, ah, he want's someone to help
20:06:51 <bremner> can we set a deadline for feedback on the bursaries questions/fields?
20:06:53 <cate> marga: really h want that somebody wou,d mantain it
20:06:56 <edrz> aye. SSO seems understaffed.
20:06:58 <gregoa> gaudenz: IRC bursaries meeting: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Teams/Assistance/Meetings/Bursaries
20:06:59 <RichiH> or to simply take it all over as he does not feel he has the time to do much himself soon(tm)
20:07:04 <marga> #info Enrico would appreciate someone helping him with improving and maintaining SSO Auth
20:07:33 <marga> #action bremner to send minutes of the FOSDEM bursaries discussions to the list
20:07:50 <bremner> marga: _after_ the summit fields are dealt with
20:07:58 <marga> Sure.
20:08:03 <cate> And on margin: I had discussion with jrial of FOSDEM, to use their wolunteer django program also for our stuffs
20:08:18 <marga> cate, and how does that look?
20:08:55 <cate> marga: better then paper for video task in DC14, but I think we should improve it anyway
20:08:56 <edrz> cate: and RichiH seem to like the idea ... i'm not so sure.
20:09:00 <RichiH> https://volunteers.fosdem.org/
20:09:03 <cate> [so worse that penta]
20:09:10 <edrz> cate: oh. yes. no doubt better than paper. :)
20:09:16 <marga> bremner, sorry, I had missed your question, sure, you set the deadline when you send the email, sounds good?
20:09:17 <cate> [but penta volunteer had many bugs]
20:09:23 <MeanderingCode> marga, cate: i'd like to talk to enrico about what help he needs with the auth systems, can one of you /msg me an email address?
20:09:39 <marga> MeanderingCode, will do
20:09:48 <bremner> marga: well, people want registation yesterday. We can't do that until the bursaries questions are finalized.
20:09:49 <MeanderingCode> thx
20:09:50 <RichiH> also, no need to use penta _just_ for volunteer management when we are using sumit
20:10:18 <cate> MeanderingCode: but I think we need a DD for such important job. And a people trusted by DSA
20:10:31 <moray> (hi, just back in)
20:10:40 <marga> bremner, yesterday is not going to happen. Just set a sensible deadline
20:10:54 <ana> enrico can always review MeanderingCode's patches, being DD is nicer, but not not compulsory for this
20:11:04 <marga> agreed.
20:11:22 <RichiH> #info jrial is willing to adapt https://volunteers.fosdem.org/ for DC use and add an interface to get summit data
20:11:25 <highvoltage> o/
20:11:33 <marga> What do we do about logo & colors for summit?
20:11:53 <marga> We have a logo, we just have to figure out how to make it fit with summit
20:12:02 <marga> I guess the colors are more of an issue
20:12:17 <madduck> isn't summit going to use the main templates/styles?
20:12:18 <cate> wendar should have more time this week. And thursday I can improve things (probably ugly, but better then now)
20:12:34 <edrz> RichiH: that sounds promissing. can you or cate send a summary to the list?
20:12:43 <marga> cate, so wendar is doing the design?
20:13:04 <cate> marga: if she will have time, I think yes
20:13:09 <RichiH> edrz: "he will make it work with summit"
20:13:39 <edrz> we're out of time for this topic.
20:13:40 <marga> #action wendar might work on the design for the DC15 summit instance, if she has time. Otherwise we need another volunteer
20:13:45 <RichiH> should we ask valessio for UI/UX help?
20:13:50 <edrz> RichiH: we can discuss in -infra, i guess.
20:13:55 <marga> Alright, I think things are looking good. Let's move on.
20:14:06 <marga> RichiH, we can do that if wendar doesn't have time, sure.
20:14:12 <RichiH> also, do we consider design critical for the CfR? at first, it will be mainly debian, people anyway
20:14:21 <moray> right, can be updated later on
20:14:26 <marga> Sure
20:14:27 <bremner> cate: when do you want to finalize the fields for summit?
20:14:35 <marga> But it shouldn't have the portland logo, at least :)
20:14:46 <cate> bremner: thursday, after feedback?
20:14:59 <bremner> cate: OK. sending mail. shutting up now.
20:15:23 <marga> #info Target date for finalizing the fields in summit: Thursday, February 5th
20:15:24 <marga> #topic DebCamp extra rooms
20:15:29 <madduck> In a nutshell, having those rooms available to us e.g. Mon-Thu (before setup starts) would cost us maybe 1000–1500€ extra, and I think we can go for it, at least for now, possibly amend later. While we won't require sprint participation by the look of things, the rooms will probably get used. And this is money we can always claim from Debian, I guess. Would be good if I could have an ack on this so I can pass it on to HD…
20:15:49 <moray> It sounds a good idea, assuming local team think it can be useful
20:16:10 <marga> I think it's a good idea.
20:16:11 <madduck> well, i imagine there will be teams who will even short-term take us up on the possibility of having rooms
20:16:26 <madduck> and if not, then it's extra segregation for those trying to get really complex work done
20:16:27 <moray> Right -- we can re-advertise if if they're not claimed
20:16:38 <madduck> and it's not that much money
20:16:49 <madduck> and we can probably negotiate our way out later, no promises
20:16:49 <marga> I think it's a good idea.  It's not that much money and it helps teams focus
20:16:52 <ana> +1
20:16:54 <moray> Exactly -- if you think it's useful no point spending hours discussing
20:17:01 <marga> Awesome :)
20:17:03 <tassia> I also agree
20:17:04 <gaudenz> +1
20:17:12 <madduck> thanks
20:17:20 <madduck> #agreed We will get extra rooms during DebCamp
20:17:27 <madduck> marga: next…
20:17:30 <marga> #topic Fundraising
20:17:34 <madduck> Fundraising: we are doing well, but we are not done
20:17:38 <madduck> There is a meeting tomorrow
20:17:48 <madduck> and it would be nice if a lot showed up and be prepared to take on some stuff
20:17:52 <madduck> or bring new leads etc.
20:18:15 <madduck> ftr., we have about 85k raised. We can do more without burning our sponsors since we are early
20:18:26 <madduck> that's all i meant to say.
20:18:27 <moray> Join the team now, and you can claim the glory for bringing us up to target ;)
20:18:30 <marga> But we have no platinum sponsor
20:18:44 <marga> So, we need someone with an awesome lead :)
20:18:45 <madduck> i would not worry about that yet
20:18:48 <highvoltage> how much do someone have to sponsor to become platinum?
20:18:53 <madduck> 20k
20:18:55 <marga> EUR
20:19:02 <_rene_> how does the 85k compare to last debconfs?
20:19:23 <marga> It's a lot for February, it's not so much if you compare to the DebConf date
20:19:40 <marga> i.e. we are doing well but still need to raise more.
20:20:03 <marga> Ok, moving on
20:20:04 <marga> #topic FSFE booth
20:20:11 <madduck> here, the wiki says it all
20:20:23 <marga> FSFE want to staff a booth and ideally be allowed to sell merchandise. They cannot really officially support us financially due to the FSF-Debian relationship, and also because they don't have huge funds. They have offered to help us with media work and maybe content e.g. workshops on privacy etc..
20:20:27 <madduck> and while I am very glad we are being strict with our sponsors
20:20:31 <marga> (pasted from the wiki for the lazy)
20:20:43 <cate> IMHO they can help us, and we can let them sell things (like the various debian.XX)
20:20:44 <madduck> i feel like we could/should try to find a good way to make an exception here
20:21:06 <madduck> cate: the problem is that this is a perk we offered to our gold sponsors
20:21:09 <cate> help us = give us some volunteers
20:21:20 <marga> We never said that they would be the only ones having bootsh
20:21:23 <tassia> madduck, which perk?
20:21:32 <marga> i.e. we didn't say communities wouldn't get them.
20:21:35 <madduck> a showcase booth
20:21:39 <moray> Hm, can we get the FSF to deal with the Debian mechandise too?
20:21:40 <madduck> marga: no, but…
20:21:56 <madduck> moray: probably, I don't see why not.
20:22:03 <marga> This would be Open Weekend only?
20:22:09 <madduck> i assume so
20:22:19 <madduck> i don't think they will reap much benefit from doing more
20:22:22 <moray> madduck: That would be a way of them supporting us, and also of justifying to sponsors why it's a different kind of booth
20:22:24 <RichiH> there's a lot of assumptions, here
20:22:25 <cate> I don't think they will hurt sponsors, like debian.ch /.fr/ uk etc. will not hurt sponsors having a table to sell stuffs
20:22:37 <marga> I agree with cate
20:22:45 <moray> madduck: Or, at least, sit them next to other Debian merchandise
20:22:45 <tassia> tassia++
20:22:48 <marga> I don't think that sponsors will see it as a showcase booth
20:22:51 <moray> madduck: rather than next to sponsor ones
20:22:56 <marga> tassia, ? :)
20:23:01 <RichiH> RichiH++
20:23:01 <madduck> okay, that's good. it's what I wanted to hear
20:23:02 <RichiH> !!111
20:23:11 <madduck> so i can pass this on to FSFE?
20:23:12 <tassia> marga, I support the idea ;-)
20:23:15 <Jobbe> hi
20:23:28 <RichiH> tassia: then you need to marga++ ;)
20:23:33 <madduck> #agreed FSFE may have a booth incl. merchandise and we'll gladly accept their help incl. selling our merchandise
20:23:44 <marga> #agreed It's fine for them to have a booth as long as it's clear that it's a community booth, better if it's not placed next to the sponsor's booths.
20:23:45 <tassia> RichiH, hehe oups
20:23:46 <RichiH> anyway, i am still unclear what we actually _gain_ from this, but i don't object either
20:23:57 <madduck> RichiH: media work in .de
20:23:58 <marga> RichiH, better relationship with FSFE?
20:24:01 <madduck> and that
20:24:13 <RichiH> marga: unlikely imo
20:24:14 <tassia> RichiH, we don't need to gain in every piece of action
20:24:17 <marga> I think it's good to be on good terms with them, try to heal some of the past wounds
20:24:27 <bremner> FSFE has nice swag, fwiw.
20:24:29 <marga> Anyway, let's move on.
20:24:30 <tassia> tassia, this i smore our support to FSF than
20:24:38 <tassia> marga++
20:24:41 <tassia> ;-)
20:24:44 <marga> #topic Reconfirmation process / timeline
20:24:48 <madduck> marga is 100% on time ;)
20:25:04 <marga> So, I know it's a bit early, but I'd like to try to agree on the dates of the different parts of the process
20:25:08 <edrz> don't we need to decide registration timeline before reconfirmation?
20:25:15 <marga> (not just reconfirmation)
20:25:20 <marga> edrz, well, yeah.
20:25:31 <marga> My assumption was that "we open registration when summit is ready"
20:25:38 <edrz> ok.
20:25:50 <_rene_> and Getting to to plan the trip ;)
20:26:18 <marga> After that, the next deadlines are: 1) sponsored attendees registration deadline 2) start of reconfirmation 3) end of reconfirmation
20:26:27 <marga> bremner, you had something for 1, right?
20:26:42 <bremner> one sec
20:27:01 <bremner> 29 March sponsored reg deadline
20:27:24 <bremner> May 15 absolute deadline for decisions, but I'm confident we can beat that
20:27:42 <bremner> oh, wait, May 1 for decisions is fine
20:27:56 <_rene_> that said, http://zyklop.dyndns.org/~rene/dc15/gt.html. Comments welcome, will  then probably add to the website (or whould it be better in the wiki?) tomorrow/wednesday or so?
20:28:18 <marga> Any objection to those two dates? March 29th for sponsored reg + May 1st for announcing bursaries decision?
20:28:24 <madduck> sounds awesome
20:28:27 <_rene_> nope
20:28:51 <bremner> #info bursaries team needs to be recruited in march
20:28:57 <cate> I'm fine with that deadlines
20:29:14 <marga> Alright #agreed 29 March sponsored reg deadline. May 1st for announcing bursaries decisions
20:29:33 <marga> Now the question is reconfirmation, and this is related to the hostel deadline
20:29:34 <madduck> #agreed 29 March sponsored reg deadline. May 1st for announcing bursaries decisions
20:29:42 <madduck> hostel deadline will have passed in april
20:29:50 <madduck> but i don't think that's a problem.
20:30:05 <marga> We do need to "finalize numbers" in July
20:30:08 <madduck> i.e. i am reasonably confident that we will have a budget that allows us to pay for 350 beds on average
20:30:31 <madduck> right, we need (rough) final numbers for food in July
20:30:43 <marga> Shall we do reconfirmation until July 15th? Or do we need it earlier?
20:30:58 <madduck> so I think we should aim for having a pretty good understanding of utilisation by 1 july
20:31:09 <madduck> make it 30 june
20:31:12 <moray> that means from non-sponsored people too presumably?
20:31:13 <madduck> i mean, why wait longer?
20:31:19 <madduck> moray: yeah, ideally.
20:31:23 <RichiH> madduck: we need to finalize beds with the youth hostel when?
20:31:24 <marga> moray, yes.
20:31:29 <madduck> we still have maybe 20% leighway after that
20:31:45 <madduck> RichiH: never, really. that is unless we say in april that we won't make 350
20:31:54 <RichiH> k
20:32:06 <marga> #info We need final food numbers by the end of june
20:32:18 <marga> So, shall we do reconfirmation from June 1st to June 30th?
20:32:20 <madduck> final numbers we need a week before
20:32:25 <moray> ok
20:32:27 <madduck> but we need a pretty good idea 4 weeks before
20:32:40 <madduck> marga: sounds perfect
20:32:46 <larjona_mobile> I suppose reconfirmation can have no starting date
20:32:55 <_rene_> well, it can
20:33:00 <marga> larjona_mobile, yes, because the field is hidden before that
20:33:08 <marga> And we send emails to people asking to reconfirm
20:33:09 <jmux> Do we have numbers of how many people didn't reconfirm for previous DebConfs?
20:33:09 <larjona_mobile> oh ok
20:33:14 <madduck> it's good to get people engaged explicitly again
20:33:15 <_rene_> bursary decision etc, people can only do after that
20:33:15 <cate> larjona_mobile: we need a start date, to start spamming people
20:33:20 <_rene_> and as marga says :)
20:33:29 <moray> jmux: there is some data, yes, but it varies year-to-year
20:33:43 <marga> #agreed Reconfirmation window to go from June 1st to June 30th.  After that, we may have 20% leeway for food, but we need to have a very good idea of the numbers.
20:33:44 <cate> abd at the start of reconfirmation we should ideally have all questions [fields] for attendees
20:33:45 <madduck> i think we have the timeline and i think it's realistic
20:33:56 <cate> e.g. diet, daytrip, ...
20:33:58 <RichiH> all of the above presumes we have one bursary round
20:34:07 <moray> jmux: e.g. see http://munin.debconf.org/archive/ then look for skinner -> pentabarf and compare registered vs. confirmed vs. arrived
20:34:12 <madduck> we have ll of may as a buffer, RichiH
20:34:17 <RichiH> does that mean several rounds to allow people to book early (and cheaply) are off the table?
20:34:27 <marga> #agreed At the start of the reconfirmation we should aim for having all the fields (daytrip, food restrictions, etc) ready
20:34:36 <madduck> RichiH: discuss this at the bursaries meeting please
20:34:44 <marga> #topic HD network
20:34:48 <marga> RichiH, any news on this?
20:35:18 <RichiH> marga: zoo/city expect to be finished by the end of feb, the youth hostel will do construction work with the same team
20:35:37 <marga> #info zoo/city expect to be finished by the end of feb, the youth hostel will do construction work with the same team
20:35:42 <marga> That sounds great
20:35:42 <madduck> larjona_mobile: this is a good story btw and definitely ripe for local media and german-wide
20:35:52 <larjona_mobile> YES
20:35:54 <RichiH> i will poke in the middle of feb so as not to rush too much, but i am 99% certain that it will all be done "in march"
20:35:55 <madduck> we'll consider getting the FSFE on board here
20:36:14 <marga> Awesome
20:36:23 <marga> #action RichiH to poke mid-Feb to see how it's going
20:36:27 <madduck> \#agreed RichiH is 99% responsible for proper networking.
20:36:41 <marga> #topic Conference dinner
20:36:47 <RichiH> madduck: make that 100%; it's true either way
20:36:56 <madduck> loni: are you in charge of this?
20:37:25 <loni> i have 2 answers, see in the wiki
20:37:38 <marga> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/ConfDinnerIdeas
20:37:50 <madduck> what are the next steps, loni? what data do you need?
20:37:53 <loni> we need to fix budget  and the day, thats what they want to know
20:38:07 <madduck> i think the day will prob be wednesday
20:38:14 <loni> i could poke the ones they not answerd
20:38:26 <marga> It could also be Thu
20:39:12 <loni> are there any other constraints
20:39:18 <marga> #action loni to keep trying to contact more offers
20:39:22 <loni> what do we want exactly
20:39:31 <marga> Regarding budget, do we have any numbers in mind?
20:39:55 <madduck> i think if we assume people can buy their own drinks
20:39:56 <RichiH> to put a finer point to this, a little more guidance would be good
20:39:59 <madduck> 30€/person is reasonable
20:40:16 <marga> To me that sounds like a lot, tbh
20:40:23 <RichiH> the overall plan is to take feedback & constraints today, get more quotes, and toss a suggestion onto the list
20:40:34 <madduck> marga: it's a max., for sure
20:41:04 <madduck> RichiH: that sounds good. we need to see quotes/offers/specifics from them and then select what suits our expectations and budget
20:41:06 <jmux> 30 € excl. drinks?
20:41:19 <gaudenz> historically the  conf dinner was always a "if we have the budget thing", so it's probably to early to give final numbers
20:41:54 <marga> Right, the problem with that is that in most places we need to have the reservation in advance
20:41:58 <ana> what would be the margin? between 20-30 EUR? if we say max 30 EUR we are likely to spend more money
20:42:04 <gaudenz> maybe it's better to have offers and know aproximately until when we can book that at the latest.
20:42:17 <Jobbe> is it 30 eur for en entire week ?
20:42:18 <marga> Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
20:42:25 <madduck> sure, if that's possible
20:42:26 <marga> Jobbe, no, this is one special dinner
20:42:29 <Jobbe> oh
20:42:39 <loni> okay, so then im looking for some more offers
20:42:40 <madduck> otherwise this is something that budgeting needs to worry about
20:42:49 <marga> loni, ok, thanks.
20:42:58 <madduck> loni: so basically: get specifics so we can select, and then we can budget and reserve
20:43:01 <Jobbe> 20-30 eur sounds allright for one special dinner ;)
20:43:09 <marga> #topic DayTrip
20:43:11 <madduck> loni: and obviously, staying flexible as long as possible is good.
20:43:32 <marga> I don't think there's anyone in charge of DayTrip...
20:43:43 <madduck> there are a few ideas
20:43:51 <marga> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/DayTripIdeas
20:44:03 <madduck> now we need someone to investigate them, figure out what works, and make a few more concrete proposals
20:44:04 <marga> That's just a list, with nobody doing any contacting
20:44:07 <madduck> including transporation etc.
20:44:24 <madduck> then we can select, budget, reserve (as above)
20:44:45 <marga> Yep, but we don't have anyone volunteering for that (yet)
20:45:18 <madduck> maybe we need to write a mail to the list and pester people this way
20:45:26 <madduck> since nobody seems too keen right now to take the lead
20:45:42 <marga> I've done this before with no results
20:45:45 <marga> But I can try again
20:45:49 <Jobbe> what is the day trip ?
20:45:54 <marga> #action marga to look for a volunteer
20:46:03 <madduck> Jobbe: a day where we go out of the venue, into nature or cultural activities
20:46:09 <Jobbe> ah
20:46:15 <marga> #topic Website info
20:46:21 <larjona_mobile> maybe ask for new volunteers to join in -l10n-de or users-de?
20:46:22 <Jobbe> so it's a day where everyone who attends goes out
20:46:27 <madduck> yeah
20:46:32 <moray> Jobbe: well, not *everyone* but yes
20:46:33 <Jobbe> Sounds cool
20:46:44 <marga> _rene_ has started the "Getting to Heidelberg" page: http://zyklop.dyndns.org/~rene/dc15/gt.html
20:46:56 <marga> But apart from that, we also need other info like dates
20:46:59 <Jobbe> Newcomers opinion: It would be a good idea to add information, especially about bed arrangements, when i looked earlier today, i didn't know whether i should register nor if i could get a bed, so i did in fact register for another hostel (lucky i can unregister)
20:47:02 <madduck> so Jobbe today actually told us he booked himself a room in HD for the conf.
20:47:16 <Jobbe> madduck: ^ :)
20:47:29 <marga> Right, so we need to put this info in the webpage
20:47:31 <madduck> I was thinking of a tab "Attending" with this stuff, but I suppose this should be integrated properly with summit plans for registrations
20:47:42 <Jobbe> "Practical information"
20:47:55 <marga> I don't think this should be integrated with summit
20:48:05 <_rene_> I agree
20:48:07 <marga> It sounds like it will make everything more complicated
20:48:10 <Jobbe> For newcomers some sort of information on how things work is essential
20:48:11 <_rene_> let's keep it where it belongs
20:48:12 <larjona_mobile> I'm with marga
20:48:25 <_rene_> summit is conference management, not "some page about X"
20:48:37 <ana> +1 marga
20:49:27 <marga> #agreed We need to add more info to the website regarding registration, accommodation, etc., particularly for newcomers that don't know how DebConf works
20:49:46 <Jobbe> If you want a newcomers opinion on things, just ping me till I'm not to be considered a newcomer :P
20:49:47 <marga> _rene_ has already been working a lot on the Getting There page.  Does anyone volunteer for this other page?
20:50:21 <larjona_mobile> I can try to send a proposal if there's noboy else
20:50:33 <marga> larjona_mobile, that would be great, thanks!
20:50:34 <jmux> So something like a "venue" and accomodation page?
20:51:13 <edrz> larjona_mobile: http://debconf14.debconf.org/registration.xhtml
20:51:20 <larjona_mobile> ok
20:51:21 <marga> Yeah, although more about the practical information, i.e. we will all stay in the same hostel, you don't need to book accom somewhere else, and stuff like that.
20:51:22 <edrz> had a section about accom/etc/
20:51:31 <_rene_> larjona_mobile: I can help, but I probably won't have time to do very much
20:51:32 <marga> #action larjona to start working on the practical information page
20:51:42 <marga> #topic Press Releases
20:51:53 <marga> larjona_mobile, you wanted to make "some noise"
20:51:58 <ana> we need to send a new post with the latest sponsors, following up https://bits.debian.org/2014/11/dc15-welcome-its-first-sponsors.html
20:52:13 <Jobbe> maybe add information on how the rooms are
20:52:20 <larjona_mobile> I think when we open summit and cfp is better
20:52:41 <marga> Yeah, I was going to ask... Should we wait till cfp/registration is open?
20:52:51 <marga> It depends a bit on how long we think it will take
20:53:11 <larjona_mobile> I can send this week the sponsors stuff. ana, for bits or debconf blog?
20:53:14 <ana> seeking for sponsors is independant of that
20:53:19 <_rene_> Jobbe: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Bids/Germany/Heidelberg. but yeah, it should be public on the page :)
20:53:35 <_rene_> larjona_mobile: ^
20:53:37 <ana> larjona_mobile: I would do a bits blog, and then later close to the conference another post in debconf flog
20:53:46 <ana> this one with all the sponsors
20:54:27 <larjona_mobile> ok
20:54:32 <Jobbe> ah nice _rene_
20:54:45 <marga> Alright, we have time for one more
20:54:50 <Jobbe> add that to the page, also add a link to the debconf wiki, there is no sight of it the main page :P
20:54:51 <marga> #topic Media partnerships
20:55:04 <marga> "Several media partners would like to work more closely with us "
20:55:13 <marga> larjona_mobile, a bit more detail on this?
20:55:39 <larjona_mobile> pabs suggested about LWN, but I don't know anything more
20:56:23 <bremner> oh, maybe some kind of sponsorship for a reporter?
20:56:27 <larjona_mobile> I understand from the discussion that they can apply for sponsorship, if this is clear, we can write a "call" for media to engage that way
20:56:28 <ana> Tincho sent an email about LWN. I think it would be a great idea inviting them
20:56:29 <bremner> there was mail on the list
20:57:00 <bremner> one comment I made to Tincho in person is that we have to be careful with other media related sponsors
20:57:22 <larjona_mobile> I don't have any personal contact and this things are probably better done by personal contacts
20:57:41 <moray> bremner: right.  and we don't really want to start a general policy of sponsoring media people...
20:57:52 <madduck> (i didn't mean to suggest "attending" should be integrated with summit, but the tab should probably later lead to summit…)
20:58:02 <bremner> moray: moray: I don't claim it's a blocker, just a concern.
20:58:48 <RichiH> bremner: why? to prevent other publications from blacklisting us?
20:58:56 <marga> Alright, so the point is how to handle media sponsors, what content to give them and what recognition should they receive, right?
20:59:05 <bremner> RichiH: to prevent using publication A's money to sponsor publication B
20:59:08 <madduck> linuxjournal and linux magazine both would do more than the thank-you pages, iff someone were to work with them
20:59:23 <marga> #info linuxjournal and linux magazine both would do more than the thank-you pages, iff someone were to work with them
20:59:40 <madduck> (at least this is my understanding)
20:59:49 <fil> I think if we intend to sponsor them, we should invite LWN -- sending them a note saying "the end of the queue is over there" is liable to make them feel much less welcome, and it would be particularly shit to then reject their application
20:59:58 <marga> Yeah, also mine from reading bgupta's mail.
21:00:06 <larjona_mobile> I'm not sure what "working with them" means
21:00:11 <marga> I think it's the other way round
21:00:24 <marga> We are not sponsoring them, but rather, recognizing them as sponsors.
21:00:42 <edrz> are we out of time?
21:00:43 <madduck> larjona_mobile: i suppose "generating ideas for content pre- and post-conf" for a start
21:00:56 <moray> marga: for this latest media enquiry there is the suggestion of sponsoring their attendance; not for the others
21:01:07 <marga> edrz, yes, I'll end the meeting shortly, I just wanted to this point to have some form of conclusion.
21:01:12 <madduck> edrz: i think marga deserves a 15 minute buffer ;)
21:01:16 <marga> moray, ah, that was unclear to me.
21:01:17 <RichiH> bremner: valid point
21:01:22 <bgupta> someone needs to coordinate.. and the ads need to be created.
21:01:35 <gaudenz> I'm not sure if LWN and linuxjournal/linux magazine are comparable. LWN is more like a community news website, they are not completely non-profit, but much more than the others
21:01:36 <madduck> for dc14 even
21:01:40 <RichiH> in general, i feel as if having linux magazine as a sponsor makes heise ignore us
21:01:49 <RichiH> not sure if that's really much of a concern, though
21:02:01 <madduck> we should rename them to "media partners"
21:02:15 <madduck> "media sponsors" is unclear enough anyway
21:02:24 <marga> Yes, partners sounds better
21:02:38 <gaudenz> madduck: they are already called media partners on the website
21:02:59 <moray> yes, for some years already
21:03:16 <madduck> confused where i got that from then, sorry
21:03:29 <madduck> RichiH: heise is something maybe FSFE can help with
21:03:32 <marga> So, I was replying about a separate issue, no the travel sponsorship issue.  I think that, although that's for the bursaries team to decide, it'd make sense for DebConf to sponsor this one journalist
21:03:56 * bremner disagrees that this is for the bursaries team to decide, fwiw
21:03:58 <madduck> i think we should have a non-bursaries budget for these sort of decisions
21:04:05 <bremner> that ^
21:04:12 <madduck> this is PR
21:04:29 <marga> hopefully travel will be inside Europe... Can we agree to sponsor this journalist, provided he's coming from somewhere in Europe?
21:04:48 <ana> I agree
21:04:51 <RichiH> marga: one single LWN journalist as a one-off?
21:05:09 <madduck> marga flights from the US if booked well in advance are pretty cheap too
21:05:15 <marga> That's what I'm proposing, yes.  We might revisit this next year.
21:05:54 <bremner> marga: how about just say EUR1000 instead of geography?
21:05:58 <bremner> or whatever amount
21:06:07 <marga> bremner, well, I was aiming for less
21:06:18 <ana> For the record, the tentative journalist coming is located in Texas
21:06:21 <bremner> pick a number
21:06:53 <Jobbe> what does it cost to fry texas to Frankfurt  ?
21:06:58 <bremner> I think EUR500 is enough to make a difference.
21:07:01 <RichiH> as lwn is rather special, i would agree; can we find out what the cost would be before actually confirming them, though?
21:07:17 <marga> Alright, I guess we will need to keep discussing this on-list
21:07:19 <RichiH> (also, do we need that specific one, could someone else come from nearer, etc)
21:07:42 <marga> I'll follow up with a brief summary of the discussion here.
21:07:52 <marga> #endmeeting