18:59:29 <madduck> #startmeeting
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18:59:32 <luca> i suppose if he wants to hang out in the channel...
18:59:33 <madduck> #topic roll call
18:59:38 <tumbleweed> o/
18:59:41 <madduck> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2015-07-27
18:59:41 <rmayorga> .
18:59:43 <luca> .
18:59:48 <cate> .
18:59:50 <jmux> Hi
18:59:53 <hvhaugwitz> .
18:59:54 * gwolf will be here just to see the meeting start (sadly, as usual :( )
19:00:18 <DLange> o/
19:00:23 <madduck> We have a tough agenda, so I'll try to push through it and we have the option to pick up topics again at the end ok?
19:00:34 <highvoltage> +1
19:00:35 <madduck> Hope everyone has read the wiki table
19:00:41 <madduck> #topic Registration
19:00:54 <madduck> cate: can you confirm summit was locked? when?
19:01:02 <madduck> what happens since then?
19:01:11 <tassia> hi all
19:01:48 <larjona> hi!
19:01:59 <larjona> I'm late, will try to catch up with the backlog
19:02:04 <nattie> (oh, yeah, sorry, i am actually here)
19:02:05 <cate> no. summit is not locked.
19:02:07 <nattie> larjona: not missed much yet
19:02:31 <madduck> cate: what's preventing that?
19:02:56 <azeem> .
19:03:02 <cate> Too many problems, details.  I asked what we need to lock, but no answer, and really I think it is dififcult and probably wrong
19:03:21 <PEB> *lurks*
19:03:28 <cate> We just ignore later change, if we cannot accomodate them
19:03:29 <madduck> okay, so let's say we don't lock… what happens when people make changes? how can we make sure that the relevant parties receive updates?
19:04:13 <madduck> rene, larjona: could you please also provide an update on the email text and PDF situation?
19:04:15 <cate> Should new people not be able to register? Or we give out no more food ? (accommodation is already blocked)
19:04:33 <cpt_nemo> cate: can you inform people that no more updates will be taken into account?
19:04:45 <larjona> I couldn't put time on this, but I have plenty of time tonight, so I'll advance it as much as I can
19:05:05 <madduck> cate: I think the issue is not that we need to close the party, but that we need to communicate updates to the venue, mainly.
19:05:05 <cate> It is already printed on both registration pge in summit, since weeks:
19:05:08 <larjona> I'm not sure where to store the ODT and PDF, maybe in a "docs" folder under the website?
19:05:28 <azeem> larjona: in git, I'd say
19:05:37 <madduck> larjona: for downloads, media.debconf.org (a git repo) would be best
19:05:37 <azeem> at least the template
19:05:50 <madduck> larjona: I can provide the URLs post-meeting, or someone else
19:06:04 <larjona> thanks madduck
19:06:14 <madduck> #info summit has not been locked, but it might not actually make sense. All we need is a way to ensure updates propagate to the right parties e.g. the venue
19:06:48 <madduck> cate: okay, let's not lock it, could you please provide details on how updates will be communicated?
19:06:55 <madduck> Post-meeting, not now?
19:07:14 <madduck> This does tie in with the data the venue needs from registration. I've jotted down the needed info at https://titanpad.com/HoiUGw22Pd
19:07:24 <cate> I can lock some fields, but you need to tell me what. I don;t think a entire freeze is usefull
19:07:27 <madduck> Could we get this done by the end of this week, and then also send the emails?
19:07:58 <madduck> cate: arrival/departure and probably the requested accom/food option
19:08:14 <madduck> with a note asking to contact registration@ in case of needed changes
19:08:17 <cate> new people need an arrival and departure
19:08:28 <madduck> oh, we can't lock just for modifications, only for everyone
19:08:41 <madduck> okay, then I think we can #agree not to lock and instead figure out a way to deal with changes?
19:09:12 <madduck> #action larjona to work on PDF tonight, will check template/result into Git (location tbd)
19:09:49 <madduck> the main question is how to keep the venue updated, cate. Can we figure this out after the meeting?
19:10:00 <cate> madduck: yes
19:10:26 <madduck> #action cate, madduck to figure out how to propagate updates from registration changes post-meeting, will send mail to list
19:10:31 <madduck> okay, then let's move on, shall we?
19:10:56 <madduck> #topic Fulfillment
19:11:07 <madduck> this is basically for any questions people might have
19:11:16 <madduck> we have 2 showcase booths and 6 companies at the job fair
19:11:23 <madduck> FSFE not counted
19:11:40 <madduck> so I think this makes for a nice, spacious experience and I am personally happy that we didn't get much more.
19:12:16 <madduck> #info we have 2 showcase booths (excl. FSFE) and 6 companies at the job fair, which is not too much and will probably be quite nice.
19:12:22 <madduck> any questions about the whole fairs thing?
19:12:28 <azeem> 1-2 more either way wouldn't have hurt but oh well
19:12:49 <madduck> right, but this being the first time, I think we did well.
19:13:00 <azeem> *nod*
19:13:16 <madduck> alright, I'll move on, if there are questions, I suggest to mail the list
19:13:19 <madduck> #topic Attendee information
19:13:25 <azeem> about the website, I think we should add further information to openweekend
19:13:29 <azeem> oh well, later
19:13:36 <madduck> well, it's related
19:13:39 * RichiH is here now
19:13:42 * larjona in the phone, will try to follow ASAP
19:13:54 <RichiH> in the car on way home
19:13:56 <madduck> I think we need to ensure that the web/wiki are consistent and that information is mostly on the wiki, not on the web
19:13:58 <azeem> (as in, not just fulfillment, but other stuff like party etc.)
19:14:21 <madduck> it would be really awesome if someone took a bit of time to investigate the experience and plot some necessary changes.
19:14:36 <madduck> Now I was hoping indiebio would be here… ;)
19:15:33 <madduck> who could see themselves investing a bit of time here? There is free beer to be had!!
19:15:53 <larjona> I can invest time in reviewing wiki/website but I could not tell which info is more accurate
19:15:54 <azeem> well, I'm doing drive-by editing of the website
19:15:55 <madduck> #info Website and wiki need some love, might make sense to move content from XHTML to wiki so that attendees can care for it and it's easier to maintain
19:16:06 <larjona> Can I trust wiki is the accurate source?
19:16:22 <madduck> larjona: I think at the moment, the webpage information is altogether accurate
19:16:55 <madduck> but e.g. https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Welcome describes how to get to the venue etc.
19:17:17 <madduck> so either the wiki should link to the website, or the content be moved. And I think in the past we preferred the wiki over the webpage
19:17:31 <cate> larjona: considering how difficult is to have an account: yes
19:17:42 <cate> and we can watch all relevant pages,
19:17:45 <DLange> there is nothing wrong in the wiki either, it's just all a bit bits and pieces dispursed through multiple pages
19:17:53 <cate> watch = add in watch list
19:18:03 <madduck> not a happy attendee experience if the information isn't just all in one place
19:18:19 <larjona> Can I take dc14's wiki as reference
19:18:21 <larjona> ?
19:18:30 <madduck> and improve on it ;)
19:18:36 <madduck> larjona is also busy with the PDF, maybe someone else can also help?
19:18:41 <DLange> yes, esp. for the what-to-bring page
19:18:59 <larjona> It's more or less the same work, I see the PDF as a summary of the wiki isn't it?
19:19:06 <madduck> yes, you're right.
19:19:22 <azeem> I think somebody with local venue knowledge should edit what-to-bring
19:19:30 <rene> sorry for me not being very helpful right now :/
19:19:34 <madduck> larjona: do ask indiebio, I think she makes a great "example attendee" in that she knows what's reasonable to expect and can help from that angle…
19:19:36 <azeem> IIRC right now it's mostly outside activity related
19:20:07 <azeem> do you need to bring soap, towels, whatever
19:20:13 <madduck> #action larjona will work to polish the wiki a bit, maybe with indiebio
19:20:24 <larjona> good
19:20:35 <madduck> azeem: it says about towel and I do assume people bring soap. Should we write toothbrush too? ;)
19:20:44 <madduck> and underwear!!
19:20:51 <azeem> madduck: fair enough
19:20:52 <cate> yes, we wrote it in past
19:21:01 <DLange> better safe than sorry :D
19:21:08 <madduck> Ok, I will look at the what-to-bring page
19:21:13 <madduck> shall we move on?
19:21:13 <azeem> maybe a what-to-not-bring is more useful, i.e. facilities at the venue
19:21:16 <azeem> hairdryer?
19:21:19 <madduck> nope
19:21:21 <madduck> noted
19:21:28 <nattie> DLange: what, you mean you don't have a stash of pink XXS g-strings for people to buy if they run out?
19:21:29 <Zugschlus> underwear can be bought at C&A, we have civilization this time
19:21:29 <madduck> #action madduck to make WhatToBring fool-proof
19:21:40 <madduck> next topic in 5 seconds…
19:21:43 <azeem> go
19:21:46 <madduck> #topic Content team
19:21:48 <DLange> nattie: shhhh! :)
19:21:49 <azeem> uh
19:21:55 <madduck> azeem: your stage…
19:22:05 <azeem> so, schedule has been more or less finalized
19:22:13 <nkukard> nattie, DLange only has XXXL
19:22:21 <azeem> I tried to query maxy and it seems t be at 1.0, i.e. TBA
19:22:41 <azeem> I've been drafting an d-d-a/d-a announce for this (and the featured speakers, see -team) for this week
19:22:47 <cate> The data should already be in summit
19:22:54 <azeem> cate: right, yes
19:22:57 <madduck> #info schedule is at 1.0, azeem is working on an announcement
19:23:02 <azeem> stellar job by maxy and cate I assume
19:23:07 <DLange> can we put it visible in summit then?
19:23:10 <cate> I'm working to get also a table in style of https://us.pycon.org/2015/schedule/talks/
19:23:16 <rmayorga> it is already visible in summit DLange
19:23:34 <azeem> we should replace "Proposals" with "Schedule"
19:23:37 <cate> just that summit make it not so visible
19:23:42 <azeem> but I'm not sure how to change the summit side of the bar
19:24:00 <azeem> I think just linking to the summit page would be ok or will that break our website?
19:24:10 <azeem> let's figure that out afterwards
19:24:13 <azeem> rmayorga: anything from your side?
19:24:14 <madduck> nah, that's the way it works
19:24:15 <DLange> rmayorga: ack, thanks
19:24:24 <madduck> azeem and cate, can you do the s/Proposals/Schedule/ ?
19:24:35 <cate> where ?
19:24:42 <madduck> tab bar of website/summit template
19:25:09 <rmayorga> azeem: nothing from my side
19:25:27 <azeem> madduck: we'll figure it out
19:25:33 <madduck> #action azeem and cate to get Schedule integrated into website (tab bar, requires change in both XHTML and summit)
19:25:37 <madduck> thank you
19:25:38 <azeem> next?
19:25:39 <madduck> then next topic in 5 seconds
19:25:50 <madduck> actually, RichiH isn't here yet (in car still)
19:25:59 <madduck> I will skip his two topics and insert them later
19:26:04 <cate> madduck: done
19:26:09 <madduck> #topic Press release
19:26:25 <madduck> so the press release has not been sent, and that's entirely my fault
19:26:31 <RichiH> madduck: thanks; my connection is very slow atm
19:26:38 <madduck> It's mostly done, but I have not had the time at all to figure out where to send it
19:26:44 <madduck> would anyone be able to assist me here?
19:26:45 <azeem> I think we should send it now that the schedule is ready
19:26:48 <azeem> and openweekend is there
19:26:53 <madduck> yeah
19:27:00 <RichiH> for press, can we include teckids?
19:27:01 <azeem> and we have a semifinal list of companies attending the job fair
19:27:03 <madduck> meanwhile, the information base is better, so it's not all bad
19:27:07 <azeem> and childcare
19:27:13 <azeem> RichiH: is childcare.xhtml ready?
19:27:14 <DLange> no childcare
19:27:22 <madduck> #info Press release still pending, but more information is coming in, so it just gets better
19:27:32 <madduck> azeem: child care comes later.
19:27:37 <madduck> in agenda
19:27:57 <madduck> how about this: if you think of any channel to send this to, could you please drop me a mail?
19:28:19 <azeem> I think we should have childcare.xhtml ready and then link to it in the PR
19:28:22 <DLange> doesn't debian have a press distribution list?
19:28:30 <azeem> not waste a whole paragraph on it
19:28:38 <madduck> not sure but I will work with the press team
19:28:41 <madduck> azeem: yes, duly noted
19:28:48 <madduck> #info Please send madduck a mail with ideas you might have about where to send the press release
19:28:59 <larjona> DLange I don't know, I will ask
19:29:04 <DLange> thy
19:29:05 <madduck> #action madduck to translate the press release just before sending and will send it
19:29:20 <madduck> #action larjona to liaison to publicity team about a press distribution list
19:29:39 <madduck> okay, let's move on. skipping child care for now
19:29:46 <madduck> cate, ready for volunteer management?
19:29:52 <madduck> #topic Volunteer management
19:30:06 <tassia> what about childcare topic?
19:30:07 <cate> it is in https://summittest.debconf.org/debconf15/volunteers/
19:30:26 <tassia> madduck , did you skip it?
19:30:27 <madduck> tassia: when RichiH gets to a proper connection
19:30:33 <cate> if you want some special job to be tracked, contact me.  Else it will be used for video team stuffs
19:30:43 <tassia> last thing about PR
19:30:51 <tassia> is the text available somewhere?
19:30:57 <tassia> sorry if it was said before
19:31:02 <madduck> tassia: see the wiki minutes for the link
19:31:10 <madduck> the agenda there anyway
19:31:11 <tassia> madduck, thanks
19:31:22 <DLange> https://titanpad.com/201507-dc15-pr
19:31:29 <madduck> cate: so anyone could use this to publish tasks that need doing and we'd push this to our attendees regularly?
19:31:37 <azeem> the problem is that we edit it in german right now I thikn
19:31:56 <cate> madduck: I don't know. We must define how to use it.
19:31:57 <madduck> yeah, sorry, I just wrote it in German without thinking much
19:32:09 <madduck> cate: okay, can I #action then that you email the team about it?
19:32:34 <cate> hmm?
19:32:36 <larjona> I'm lost. What are you talking about? PR? volunteer?
19:32:43 <madduck> larjona: both! ;)
19:33:04 <madduck> cate: well, announce the tool to the team and how we're expected to make use of it?
19:33:05 <cate> madduck: I think minutes are ok. if people want task to be tracked, they can contact me.
19:33:28 <madduck> cate: what if suddenly you get dozens of such tasks?
19:33:29 <cate> I don't think we need to announce much, if we will use only for video-team or internally
19:33:43 <madduck> i can already think of a few
19:33:48 <cate> madduck: then teams will announce, but.. now...
19:33:55 <moray> cate: we need better routing of volunteers from front desk to actual jobs
19:34:05 <moray> cate: we tried a few things before, but without much success
19:34:17 <moray> I mean, the only thing that was working was very informal, nothing organised
19:34:36 <tumbleweed> moray: you talking about dc14 or historically, in general?
19:34:37 <moray> the video team/talk parts, which were more formal, did work fine
19:34:39 <cate> moray: I tool is not a magic, but we can try
19:34:40 <moray> tumbleweed: in general
19:34:50 <moray> cate: I don't know if the tool helps indeed
19:34:51 <madduck> #info a test instance of a volunteer managing system has been put up by cate who can add jobs. Nothing further has been formalised.
19:35:10 <moray> cate: I wouldn't expect the hypothetical volunteers to directly use any tool, the missing part is more human
19:35:15 * jmux did his first click in the task list... SyntaxError at /debconf15/volunteers/task/74/
19:35:24 <tumbleweed> yeah, historically the video team has done content team jobs (like talkmeister) because the video team were the only active volunteers looking at schedules
19:35:42 <cate> jmux: right. it is the table schedule ;-)
19:36:19 <madduck> maybe it'd make sense to have a separate meeting about this for people interested to help and also figure out a way to use this?
19:36:50 <moray> madduck: right, probably some meeting on the topic to make a plan for debconf-time volunteer management, including use of this tool where appropriate
19:37:04 <madduck> moray: would you be willing to call it?
19:37:17 <madduck> or cate?
19:37:38 <cate> ok. we can do it
19:37:45 <cate> so a email is necessary
19:37:55 <moray> ok, I can discuss with cate later then
19:38:06 <madduck> #action cate to email dc-team about volunteer management, possibly a meeting will be set up with moray
19:38:08 <cate> jmux: now I removed the wrong code
19:38:19 <madduck> alright, moving on in 5 seconds…
19:38:24 <madduck> RichiH: are you here yet?
19:38:31 <madduck> #topic Day Trip
19:38:32 <jmux> cate: and someone needs to update the FAQ
19:38:53 <madduck> hvhaugwitz has done work tying the ideas into concrete schedules and busses have been organised
19:39:00 <madduck> #info hvhaugwitz has done work tying the ideas into concrete schedules and busses have been organised
19:39:07 <hvhaugwitz> status: speyer techic museum: confirmed, dilsberg: guided tour confirmed, boat tour open (will try again tomorrow), hiking/brewery open
19:39:13 <madduck> #info what's needed next is wiki pages for the options including signup lists/tables
19:39:13 <hvhaugwitz> details see wiki
19:39:18 <azeem> hvhaugwitz: great!
19:39:25 <cate> jmux: after the meeting, when we know how to answer
19:40:11 <madduck> I think it's okay to announce the day trip options formally at DebConf and then expect signups then, right?
19:40:22 <bremner> yes
19:40:23 <madduck> we can start earlier if we get it done earlier, but no rush.
19:40:29 <hvhaugwitz> can create pages similar to the ones for dc14 (https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/DayTrip)
19:40:38 <madduck> esp. since the group sizes are limited
19:40:43 <madduck> hvhaugwitz: yeah, that'd be great
19:40:49 <cate> BTW you need to signup to really see much of volunteer power [personal and task schedule] https://summittest.debconf.org/debconf15/volunteers/signup/
19:40:50 <moray> people's choices will depend on other's choices anyway
19:40:58 <hvhaugwitz> madduck: it would be better to start the signup before
19:40:59 <moray> so better to ask during debconf, yes
19:41:07 <hvhaugwitz> speyer asked for numbers one week in advance
19:41:10 <moray> ah
19:41:22 <madduck> #action hvhaugwitz to create wiki pages for the options. Once done, he should announce and ask for signups as he sees fit
19:41:37 <madduck> okay, any other questions? else moving on in 10s
19:41:52 <jmux> "pre-registration with number of attendees required one week before" for Technic Museum Speyer
19:41:52 <hvhaugwitz> what about the busses will they be paid
19:41:57 <hvhaugwitz> by debconf?
19:42:04 <madduck> I think so, yes
19:42:07 <madduck> budget has them
19:42:22 <madduck> but I think we collect entrance fees from people etc.
19:42:27 <hvhaugwitz> ok currently no questions from me at the moment
19:42:36 <madduck> #topic Conf dinner
19:43:03 <madduck> #info chairs approved 2 additional busses and they have been organised, so now we have 9 busses going back and forth until we're all at the restaurant
19:43:21 <madduck> #info loni has updated the menu slightly
19:43:47 <madduck> #info they do want numbers possibly before we have them all, given that not everyone arrives on saturday
19:44:02 <madduck> #info this might mean limiting the options (but still ensuring veggie etc.)
19:44:20 <madduck> #action madduck to check what to do about special food preferences once nattie compiled the info
19:44:26 <madduck> any questions?
19:44:34 <DLange> is any of the stuff vegan? nattie asked the other day for frontdesk to know.
19:44:35 <cate> madduck: could you provide the menus in german and in english?  So people can prepare to choose
19:44:45 <madduck> cate: yes, will do
19:44:46 <azeem> madduck: what percentage of hikers do you forecast?
19:44:56 <madduck> #action madduck to provide menus ASAP (in english too)
19:45:06 * madduck sticks finger into wind…
19:45:15 <madduck> azeem: the working assumption for me has been about 10–15%
19:45:20 <madduck> i.e. 60 people
19:45:25 <azeem> sounds reasonable, yeah
19:45:42 <azeem> depending on weather ;)
19:45:45 <madduck> #info we're assuming ca. 60 people will hike the 5.5km
19:45:52 <madduck> #info depending on weather
19:46:00 <madduck> alright, moving on in 10s?
19:46:11 <madduck> RichiH: where are you? ;)
19:46:29 <madduck> (he has excused himself, so don't snarl at him when he comes!)
19:46:34 <madduck> #topic Room allocation
19:46:36 <DLange> git:debconf-team/dc15/frontdesk/DebConf_FrontDesk_registration_process.odg has the basic menu in German / English (not including all side dishes)
19:46:58 <madduck> #info marga allocated everyone to rooms, some changes are still happening. We are pretty much on the 350 average, which is great.
19:47:24 <madduck> #info If we stay below, we can upgrade some people at last minute to sponsored, I have informed bursaries about this. Only applies to DebConf
19:47:30 <madduck> any questions?
19:47:44 <madduck> #info Final allocation info mails have been sent, the rate of change requests seems to be slowing down.
19:47:58 <DLange> the vegan question from above is unanswered...
19:48:14 <bremner> I'm not very motivated to revisit bursaries decisions.
19:48:15 <madduck> #info Note for the future: a slew of changes came in after the preliminary allocations, might make sense to send those earlier in the future so that we get better data sooner
19:48:31 <madduck> DLange: 27 21:44 < madduck> #action madduck to check what to do about special food preferences once nattie  compiled the info
19:49:09 <madduck> bremner: okay, then we'll see what happens. Understandable. It's basically just an option. I'll take a free bed if we pay for it anyway
19:49:14 <madduck> Should we move on?
19:49:22 <nattie> madduck: so vegan is going to be separate from the default options?
19:49:26 <nattie> just to confirm
19:49:50 <nattie> i'll ask afterwards
19:49:53 <madduck> nattie: I think vegan people (who we know from summit) will have to make themselves known
19:50:08 <madduck> maybe one option is vegan
19:50:10 <madduck> not sure right now
19:50:13 * hvhaugwitz is away now
19:50:17 <madduck> i can also print more stickers
19:50:33 <madduck> it's an #action for me and I'll let you know
19:50:48 <madduck> moving on in 5s…
19:50:59 <madduck> #topic Front desk
19:51:09 <madduck> This is also mainly on the agenda for questions in case there are any?
19:51:36 <nattie> I think most of the questions FD has have been cleared outside the meeting.
19:51:37 <madduck> #action madduck to place the office supplies order at the end of this week or early august
19:51:41 <madduck> yeah
19:51:44 <nattie> Nothing to report at the moment
19:51:48 <madduck> #topic Venue thanking
19:52:01 <madduck> The venue staff (2 of them mainly, but also the head) have been really cool
19:52:12 <madduck> It would be nice to offer them a "souvenir"
19:52:20 <madduck> we do have swag and maybe a bottle of wine
19:52:27 <madduck> if someone has other ideas, please voice them
19:52:33 <DLange> I' do that one at the end of DebConf. And we can organize something during DebCamp / early DebConf.
19:52:37 <madduck> also, it would be awesome if someone could take this on and feel responsible.
19:52:38 <jmux> plush penguin?
19:52:45 <DLange> We'll find out what they'd like to have.
19:52:52 <madduck> #action DLange to be in charge of venue thank-you presents
19:53:00 <madduck> alright, now back to the RichiH topics
19:53:01 <DLange> ack
19:53:04 <moray> DLange: and if you do it earlier than that it seems more like a bribe than a thank-you :)
19:53:07 <larjona> debian merchndising? Umbrellas/swissknives
19:53:22 <madduck> larjona: "swag" ← yes.
19:53:22 <cate> We invite the staff to C&W and some swag to the responsible
19:53:31 <DLange> moray: yeah. Bribes are separate :)
19:53:33 <madduck> they are invited to all events anyway
19:53:38 <madduck> I hope that's ok
19:53:43 <tassia> childcare?
19:53:44 <madduck> we are slightly over time, but…
19:53:52 <cate> I think wine is better and more appreciated than umbrella
19:53:54 <madduck> yeah, since RichiH is not here, I can try to field questions…
19:54:01 <madduck> let's revisit the topics
19:54:04 <madduck> #topic Video team status
19:54:06 <tassia> I think "it just didn't work out" is not acceptable for now, we still have some time
19:54:18 <tassia> madduck, I'm working on it
19:54:34 <tassia> on the childcare, along with ilona na dana
19:54:39 <tassia> ilona and ana
19:54:47 <madduck> tassia: can we discuss this in a minute?
19:54:50 <tassia> and I got surprised by the agenda topic as it is
19:54:53 <tumbleweed> right, video status
19:55:11 <tassia> madduck, you called richih topics, but ok
19:55:20 <tassia> tumbleweed, go ahead
19:55:21 <tumbleweed> we're working out equipment shipment
19:55:39 <tumbleweed> and I'm going to start contacting local hiring companies, today
19:55:46 <tumbleweed> DLange found some contacts, and he have a list of things we want
19:56:01 <tumbleweed> that'll be aiming for 3 rooms
19:56:11 <RichiH> home
19:56:13 <tumbleweed> I've also put out feelers to get more laptops donated, don't know if that'll happen, yet
19:56:22 <tumbleweed> we may want to find a local computer hire store, and get some PCs
19:56:22 <madduck> #info video team is aiming for 3 rooms (\o/) and are working with local renting companies
19:56:32 <madduck> RichiH: perfect timing
19:56:56 <madduck> tumbleweed: maybe send the specs to dc-team or dc-discuss as some of us might be able to lend?
19:57:01 <RichiH> madduck: my laptop almost died on the way, but else, yes ;)
19:57:02 <tumbleweed> as to the software stack: I'm working on the in-room bits, and setting up a veyepar
19:57:41 <tumbleweed> tvaz is looking at CCC's system (although it's quite different to what we've used before)
19:57:47 <tumbleweed> and volunteering, we've already discussed
19:57:53 <tumbleweed> I think that's about it for status?
19:58:00 <nkukard> tumbleweed, I would really like to see how you guys do the video, just out of curiosity sake
19:58:08 <tumbleweed> nkukard: join the team :)
19:58:33 <cate> tumbleweed: do we need to make acall for volunteers? 3 rooms requires man people from the beginning
19:58:46 <tumbleweed> I may come back begging for a bigger budget after talking to hire companies
19:58:49 <madduck> #info software stack is in the works, CCC's system is being inspected
19:58:51 <DLange> nkukard: and bring a DV capable camera
19:59:08 <tumbleweed> cate: yes, thats' probably a good idea
19:59:09 <madduck> #info hiring equipment might require a budget increase
19:59:15 <nkukard> DLange, I don't have any camera stuff
19:59:24 <madduck> alright, cool stuff tumbleweed.
19:59:25 <nkukard> tumbleweed, when do you arrive btw?
19:59:28 <madduck> Especially glad to see you aiming for 3 streams
19:59:29 <tumbleweed> nkukard: 9th
19:59:36 <madduck> alright, anything else?
20:00:06 <madduck> let's move on in 5s
20:00:13 <madduck> #topic Infrastructure
20:00:30 <madduck> Zugschlus could not make the meeting today but will go this week
20:00:37 <madduck> any questions to RichiH? (status is on wiki)
20:01:19 <RichiH> Zugschlus prepared the routers today and once he is there, he will connect and let me log in
20:01:25 <RichiH> then we can test bgp
20:01:50 <RichiH> Zugschlus will alos have a look at the piece of infra which is the 1G bottleneck; though only networkers care about that
20:02:00 <Zugschlus> wednesday afternoon
20:02:05 <RichiH> we still need to order cables etc, that will be done this week
20:02:05 <tumbleweed> RichiH: oh, I asked the other day. Do you have any tiny network switches that video can use?
20:02:22 <madduck> info Zuschlus to visit venue Wed afternoon, connect routers, test BGP
20:02:27 <RichiH> cisco belgium gear will arrive on 09.08.
20:02:28 <madduck> #info Zuschlus to visit venue Wed afternoon, connect routers, test BGP
20:02:45 * RichiH will also arrive at 09.08.
20:02:50 <madduck> RichiH: is there a gear list?
20:02:54 <RichiH> yes, on the wiki
20:03:03 <madduck> link please?
20:03:07 <RichiH> irina grabbed some more stuff which is not yet on the wiki
20:03:08 <RichiH> sec
20:03:44 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Hardware
20:04:10 <madduck> great
20:04:12 <DLange> can you update the AP controllers, RichiH? Do we have the model now?
20:04:41 <tumbleweed> I guess that answers my question with a no :)
20:04:56 <RichiH> DLange: i will find out; not that it really matters, but i will
20:05:14 <RichiH> tumbleweed: debian.ch has bought a bunch
20:05:33 <RichiH> we need to track them down for video, else we would need to buy 1G models
20:05:35 <DLange> RichiH: thy
20:05:36 <tumbleweed> ah, I thought they were personal
20:05:45 <RichiH> part/part afaik
20:05:50 <madduck> anything else? Would like to visit the last topic and then open the stage for 10mins of open topics before we end…
20:05:53 <RichiH> tumbleweed: can you take the action item to ask around?
20:05:58 <tumbleweed> RichiH: yep
20:06:07 <madduck> #action tumbleweed to track down 1G switches for video
20:06:24 <RichiH> tA
20:06:30 <madduck> next topic in 10s
20:06:40 <madduck> tassia, I will just paste your earlier lines for context
20:06:49 <tassia> madduck, thanks
20:06:52 <madduck> #topic Child care
20:06:54 <madduck> 27 21:54 < tassia> I think "it just didn't work out" is not acceptable for now, we still have some time
20:06:58 <madduck> 27 21:54 < tassia> madduck, I'm working on it
20:07:00 <madduck> 27 21:55 < tassia> on the childcare, along with ilona na dana
20:07:03 <madduck> 27 21:55 < tassia> ilona and ana
20:07:11 <RichiH> so
20:07:12 <madduck> #info tassia, ilona and ana don't give up on childcare offerings
20:07:27 <madduck> tassia: (whihc is great, thanks so much!!!)
20:07:43 <RichiH> we have one offer with €12/h/child from a teacher
20:07:57 <madduck> that is *a lot*
20:08:10 <DLange> unless one child
20:08:15 <DLange> then it's cheap
20:08:15 <madduck> right ;)
20:08:16 <RichiH> we also have one for €7/h/child from three different child care ladies, who would switch around (thus a bit less stability for the children)
20:08:24 <RichiH> agreed
20:08:35 <madduck> stability would be a good thing though I think
20:09:00 <madduck> #info Two offers for child care, one 12€/h/child by one teacher and another 7€/h/child by a rotating set of 3
20:09:12 <tassia> I just made some new contacts yesterday
20:09:14 <madduck> the parents would be paying this, somehow self-organised, right?
20:09:24 <tassia> I hope to have some news soon
20:09:41 <madduck> okay, so we can revisit this next week?
20:09:44 <tassia> madduck, we might help them if it comes out much more them what was previously agreed
20:10:07 <madduck> tassia: okay, we do have 1k in budget, which we don't have to spend on pens only! ;)
20:10:16 <tassia> madduck, we would reallocate some money for that, exactly
20:10:31 <madduck> cool.
20:10:49 <madduck> ftr, I think child care is a really important topic and it's great that we are venturing into this domain and you guys are not giving up
20:10:56 <RichiH> i thought that was all transfered into the cake budget?
20:11:07 <tassia> RichiH, not at all
20:11:10 * madduck slaps RichiH around a bit
20:11:14 <madduck> tassia:  he's a bad troll
20:11:15 <RichiH> madduck: agreed, though at the current prices, it's almost prohibitive
20:11:30 <madduck> #info tassia has some interesting leads and will report shortly
20:11:33 <madduck> revisit next week
20:11:39 <tassia> RichiH, I'd say the opposite, maybe the cake budget would be transfered to that
20:11:42 <madduck> last topic will be open mic for 10 minutes, ok?
20:12:01 <madduck> #topic Open topics
20:12:05 <tassia> ok, next week we come back to it
20:12:23 <tassia> thanks
20:12:35 <madduck> anyone have anything else to say/propose/ask?
20:12:56 <madduck> deny/refute/ponder/report/gossip/slander?
20:13:29 <RichiH> did we ever poke the "real world" press person again?
20:13:34 <tassia> madduck, what is the deadline for PR review?
20:13:43 <madduck> RichiH: he's gone. middle east.
20:13:54 <tassia> I'd like to take a lot, just can't do it right right now
20:14:04 <tassia> s/take a lot/take a look
20:14:07 <madduck> tassia: I will translate it tomorrow and then send it to the team
20:14:09 <RichiH> madduck: no, i mean the other one with the contacts
20:14:20 <madduck> RichiH: yes, I emailed him but no reply
20:14:23 <tassia> madduck, ok, talk to you later
20:14:23 <madduck> about a month ago
20:14:55 <DLange> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/dc15.git/plain/artwork/banner-entrance-400x90cm.pdf please check for typos in your language(s)
20:15:02 <madduck> #action madduck to ping Matthias/FSFE again about PR
20:15:23 <madduck> DLange: we have 35 countries attending…
20:15:30 <madduck> DLange: so you need to do some more work ;)
20:15:43 <madduck> alright, 10 of those will be spanish and 10 will be english, but still
20:15:51 * tumbleweed -> lunch
20:16:08 <madduck> okay, I think this is it for today
20:16:18 <madduck> thanks for being around and sorry for the overime
20:16:21 <madduck> overtime even
20:16:24 <madduck> #endmeeting