19:01:13 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting
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19:01:14 <tumbleweed> duh
19:01:32 <tumbleweed> agenda: https://debconf16-capetown.titanpad.com/2
19:01:35 <indiebio> can we do a rollcall?
19:01:40 <indiebio> o/
19:01:53 <tumbleweed> o/
19:01:54 <cate> o/
19:02:02 <gwolf> \o
19:02:13 <fil> o/
19:02:30 <larjona_m> half here
19:02:33 <ginggs> o/
19:02:44 <tassia> I'm here
19:02:47 <tamo_> o/
19:03:50 <bremner> \/\/\/\/o
19:03:51 <cate> tumbleweed: could you ping all all people again?  And maybe make chair also indiebio
19:03:56 <tumbleweed> #chair indiebio
19:03:56 <MeetBot> Current chairs: indiebio tumbleweed
19:04:02 <tumbleweed> cate: I can, but she'll still ask me to do things :P
19:04:06 <indiebio> I'm happy not to do meetbot stuffs. it breaks my brain
19:04:15 <tumbleweed> indiebio: it's really not hard
19:04:18 * highvoltage o/
19:04:20 <Ganneff> .
19:04:40 <indiebio> blegh
19:04:44 <tumbleweed> ok, it's been 5 mins
19:04:46 <tumbleweed> let's move on
19:04:51 <indiebio> ok, what was I saying...
19:04:58 <indiebio> DLange and nkukard has submitted apologies
19:05:07 <tumbleweed> #topic General
19:05:19 <tumbleweed> indiebio: I'm not quite sure what to call that topic
19:05:27 <tumbleweed> you're looking for a poker?
19:05:44 <indiebio> I'm looking for TLC :)
19:06:02 <indiebio> I don't want it to be a bikeshed, but marga did mention that one poker is too few
19:06:15 <indiebio> I don't mind doing a lot of poking and the stuff I've been doing
19:06:24 <indiebio> but if it gets hot and heavy I struggle
19:07:04 <indiebio> so I would like to know who to go to and say 'I'm not getting what I want with this person'
19:07:10 <tumbleweed> I think there are a bunch of us who are here to help
19:07:14 * indiebio is trying hard to work in a lot of innuendo here
19:07:27 <indiebio> so maybe the team-leads could work here.
19:07:31 <tumbleweed> indiebio: I'm happy to help with that kind of thing
19:07:38 <cate> IMHO now you can do the lonely poker, and next year when things got complex a new call will be done
19:07:57 <tamo_> cate: haha
19:07:59 <cate> This is not the period where we will find the most of volunteers
19:08:01 <indiebio> but anyways, I had a hard week, we can think about this more as time goes on, it seems OK for the moment
19:08:13 <indiebio> we don't have to spend time on this now
19:08:34 <tumbleweed> OK
19:08:40 <tumbleweed> braai 10 oct
19:08:41 <cate> so a #info looking for an additional poker   ?
19:08:50 <indiebio> yup
19:08:58 <tumbleweed> #chair cate
19:08:58 <MeetBot> Current chairs: cate indiebio tumbleweed
19:09:08 <tamo_> as it gets to the end I am sure more people will start volunteering
19:09:14 <indiebio> Second item: for the locals and the teleporters, there's a braai at Nigel's place on 10 October. I'll send an email once I have the address again from his wife.
19:09:18 <tumbleweed> yes, it's going to be quiet for the next few months
19:09:32 <indiebio> #info Diarise: braai at Nigel's place on 10 October.
19:09:41 <tassia> what is braai?
19:09:47 <indiebio> we'll make geek jokes on IRC for you lot
19:09:52 <indiebio> tassia: it's a barbeque
19:10:00 <indiebio> but we get annoyed when people call it that ;)
19:10:01 <ginggs> tassia: it's a south african barbeque
19:10:15 <tassia> nice, thanks
19:10:21 <indiebio> We'll do a S'effrican phrase book for you, don't worry :)
19:10:36 <tassia> indiebio, ;-)
19:10:43 <ginggs> braai = afrikaans = funny dutch
19:10:52 <indiebio> ok, next, let's move through this quickly
19:11:18 <tumbleweed> indiebio: timeline?
19:11:36 <tumbleweed> I'm slightly concerned that people will sink time into that, and then it gets ignored by everyone
19:11:37 <indiebio> Timeline: How do you all feel if we take the next few meetings to flesh out the Timeline on a team/task group basis over the next few meetings?
19:11:55 <tamo_> indiebio: good idea!
19:11:56 <indiebio> would it not be valuable even only as a planning exercise?
19:12:20 <tumbleweed> I think it would
19:12:43 <indiebio> we can start with the things we sortof know already - registration deadlines e.g.
19:13:09 <tamo_> indiebio: gets every one time to settle into the hum drum and more serious deadlines can be set?
19:13:16 <indiebio> anyways, it is on the agenda and we can take it as it comes...
19:13:19 <indiebio> next item?
19:13:22 <tumbleweed> indiebio: +1
19:13:38 <tumbleweed> #info start working on the timleine over the next few meetings
19:14:01 <tumbleweed> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Meetings/template
19:14:06 <indiebio> ok, and then just quickly there's a draft meeting template, if anyone's interested
19:14:14 <indiebio> it's also a living thing, we can adapt it as time goes on
19:14:33 <indiebio> my thinking is to get this as comfortable and familiar as possible so it really is a go-to place for people to find out what's going on
19:14:36 <indiebio> and on that note,
19:14:53 <indiebio> please note that these meetings will happen every week, regardless of if there's maybe not much to discuss
19:15:00 <indiebio> just so everyone can check in if they feel the need
19:15:04 <tamo_> indiebio: cool that looks awesome
19:15:29 <tassia> tumbleweed, can you note to send a specific call to dc-team for the timeline review?
19:16:18 <tumbleweed> indiebio: did you want to start with the important timeline bits in meetings, first?
19:16:59 <cate> Yes, I think most important things (registration, CfP) should be done first, and then thing that depends on that
19:17:00 <indiebio> not sure I follow the question, tumbleweed... but I was thinking we can take a 'big team'/task group per week and work through all their requirements.
19:17:12 <cate> Is the DebConf dates now really finals?
19:17:23 <tumbleweed> indiebio: what I'm saying is not send the email tassia proposes, yet
19:17:26 <indiebio> 99% cate, we *still* need to sign the contract
19:17:32 <tumbleweed> cate: they're as final as they were at dc15
19:17:46 <tumbleweed> which is to say nothing is signed
19:18:02 <indiebio> tumbleweed: no, more of a conversation at this stage...
19:18:13 * edrz here now.
19:18:17 <tamo_> cate: we have changed a few especially for Print deadlines etc, so a few might change.
19:18:38 <tassia> tumbleweed, the call would be just to let people know that the timeline will be discussed
19:18:49 <tassia> just to make sure people are following
19:19:08 <indiebio> tassia, tumbleweed: once everyone have had their say on their bits, we can send the mail and get people to *properly* talk about them
19:19:24 <indiebio> but sure, these will be sent to -team in weekly meeting agendas - tassia
19:19:39 <tumbleweed> #topic Task Groups Status Report
19:19:43 <tumbleweed> indiebio?
19:19:44 <indiebio> so what I'm saying is, for a start, the teams only care about their own times
19:19:52 <indiebio> and then after that they talk to each other?
19:19:59 <cate> tassia: indiebio already sent a varsion some weeks ago, but not much comments
19:20:03 <indiebio> about how their times affect each other?
19:20:21 <indiebio> so they in their own space know what they need before they get pulled to all sides by the wider orga
19:20:43 <indiebio> ok, well, I don't know, I don't have the experience, so...
19:21:05 <tumbleweed> I think people who look at it won't only be looking at their own corner
19:21:09 <tumbleweed> but let's move on
19:21:14 <indiebio> yes
19:21:15 <indiebio> move on
19:21:18 <tumbleweed> indiebio: Task Groups Status Report
19:21:41 <indiebio> so in future, we'll have loads of reports here, and the titanpad is looking nicely already
19:21:57 <indiebio> but for now there's not *that* much going on, but let's give it a shot
19:22:13 <indiebio> can someone from content team give a status report?
19:22:57 <marga> I doubt there's someone from the content team following here.
19:23:09 <indiebio> e.g., we had that email from a potential sponsor - Enricho. Does content team have info on "speaking (topics, deadlines, type of talk) "
19:23:11 <tumbleweed> I didn't see any in the roll call
19:23:12 <moray> indiebio: (Ideally I would suggest you should get status reports going to the mailing list before meetings, so that meetings can just deal with open questions/problems.)
19:23:21 <indiebio> I see, thanks moray
19:23:29 <tumbleweed> moray: +1
19:23:38 <indiebio> so we can use this as an example to learn how this was done in the past - so thanks moray
19:23:45 <gwolf> indiebio: I'm not content team formally (intend to incorporate, but not lead)
19:24:00 <marga> indiebio, regarding that, the sponsor needs to hear that: 1) only Platinum speakers are assured a talk 2) They can submit talks for consideration of the content team, but they may or may not be chosen depending on merit
19:24:01 <gwolf> But well... topics and types of talk are the same as always, in general lines
19:24:02 <indiebio> moray - how long in advance is this asked for?
19:24:11 <gwolf> ...deadlines shall appear :)
19:24:17 <indiebio> noted gwolf
19:24:28 <moray> indiebio: well, it's varied between years how things worked, but that's the most efficient approach if you can persuade teams to do it :)  even just "before the start of the meeting" is a lot better than during the meeting
19:24:32 <indiebio> I can give him the month, if not the exact date, yes?
19:24:45 <marga> "early next year"
19:25:11 <indiebio> also, I would really like these on the website ASAP...
19:25:18 <moray> setting someone up to ping when things are ready is more useful than trying to promise a date now
19:25:22 <marga> Yeah, we should agree on a timeline.
19:25:45 <moray> though yes, for internal purposes an expected timeline would be useful already
19:25:52 <indiebio> #info Ideally get status reports going to the mailing list before meetings, so that meetings can just deal with open questions/problems.
19:26:44 <tamo_> indiebio: what if you did topics in sections?
19:26:48 <indiebio> ah, so moray, this links to what cate said about cleaning up and refreshing the emails. Ganneff, did you mean to send me a blank email?
19:27:45 <cate> indiebio: probably it is encrypted
19:27:54 <indiebio> aaaaah
19:28:03 <indiebio> ok. I'll deal with it tomorrow then.
19:28:39 <tumbleweed> indiebio: move to the next team?
19:28:46 <indiebio> yup, thanks
19:28:56 <tumbleweed> participant assistance
19:29:05 <larjona_m> about potential sponsor, we can send dc14 report  and dc15 sponsorship brochure so they get an idea, and tell them that we are currently finishing the design for dc16 sponsorship campaign, anf get bac…
19:29:06 <larjona_m> …k to them asap
19:29:15 <indiebio> #info Talks: set someone up to ping when things are ready is more useful than trying to promise a date now
19:29:50 <marga> We don't have the sponsorship brochure yet
19:29:53 <tamo_> larjona_m: why not just set a deadline that next week all is "in the bag" and send it teh following weeK?
19:29:56 <marga> tamo_ is working on that.
19:30:11 <tamo_> larjona_m: better to send the real deal
19:30:22 <indiebio> I was thinking just to ack receipt and tell them more info is coming next week
19:30:22 <marga> Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, we don't want to send last year's brochure
19:30:37 <marga> indiebio, yes. But you can tell him about the talk part
19:30:40 <madduck> indiebio, gwolf, cate: maybe larjona can help us set up a sandstorm instance to replace titanpad
19:30:47 <indiebio> sure
19:31:03 <tamo_> marga: yes done, gone to second round and being sent on Fri if not sooner, people to hash out on the weekend
19:31:07 <larjona_m> So, answer asap 'thanks for your interest, will send the details next week'. no answer in more than one week is bad
19:31:16 <indiebio> cool. will do
19:31:25 <tumbleweed> larjona_m: than sounds good
19:31:28 <tumbleweed> *that
19:31:31 <larjona_m> madduck yes I'll help
19:31:38 <indiebio> #info indiebio to send ack email to Enricho sponsor
19:31:55 <cate> without h IIRC
19:32:32 <indiebio> is there anything in particular we want to talk about in Participant assistance team?
19:32:38 <tumbleweed> no, probably too soon
19:32:42 <cate> I added about visa
19:32:43 <indiebio> 'k
19:32:50 <indiebio> noted, thanks cate
19:32:52 <tumbleweed> cate, nattie: just be aware that south africa's visa policies are getting sillier
19:33:00 <tumbleweed> we'll especially have to help anyone planning to bring children
19:33:01 <madduck> do we have a timeline for the registration process already?
19:33:05 <cate> I think you need to find soon someone to check requirement and then to sign
19:33:08 <marga> I think that for both talks and registration we want to agree on a timeline SOON
19:33:11 <tumbleweed> madduck: see earlier discussions about timelines
19:33:16 <madduck> ok
19:33:17 <indiebio> madduck: we have a draft that I adapted from marga's emails.
19:33:22 <tamo_> madduck: def with kids!
19:33:26 <madduck> sorry, i just came back.
19:33:29 <indiebio> we need to get consensus from Participant assistance team...
19:33:36 <madduck> indiebio: on what?
19:33:41 <indiebio> so I think we can do that in the week after next's meeting
19:33:59 <indiebio> consensus on the draft timeline from a thread from a while ago
19:34:00 <tumbleweed> I don't know what anyone is talking about, any more
19:34:04 <indiebio> lol
19:34:17 <indiebio> it's under control, tumbleweed, for the moment
19:34:32 <indiebio> consensus on the draft timeline with regards to registration deadlines from a thread from a while ago
19:34:40 <bremner> indiebio: I'm pretty much ignoring list mail, sorry
19:34:50 <cate> I think the registration opening is mainly choosed by wafer / local team. registration needs some week before that to finalize questions
19:34:56 <madduck> indiebio: you mean that they're ready to roll with marga's proposal?
19:35:00 <indiebio> no man
19:35:22 <indiebio> look at the timeline: https://debconf15.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Timeline
19:35:51 <indiebio> actually, can we make this registration stuff it's own meeting?
19:35:56 <indiebio> in two weeks?
19:36:11 <marga> indiebio, the timeline?
19:36:16 <marga> Or what "registration stuff"?
19:36:17 * tumbleweed is amused that indiebio uses a different hostname for the debconf wiki every time
19:36:27 <indiebio> yes marga, the timeline as it relates to PArticipant assistance
19:36:32 <indiebio> do I?
19:36:42 <tumbleweed> indiebio: canonical hostname is wiki.debconf.org (that's what the certificate is for)
19:36:45 <marga> Whatever the case, yes, at this point in time I think it's better to have separate meetings per subject.
19:36:49 <indiebio> so when registration opens, etc
19:36:49 <cate> https: should always be followed by //wiki
19:37:04 <marga> indiebio, but the timeline meeting should be about both registration and talks
19:37:08 <indiebio> I just copy what's in the browser
19:37:11 <marga> And possibly other important milestones
19:37:14 <indiebio> yes marga, agreed.
19:37:19 <tumbleweed> indiebio: the question is how you got there :P
19:37:23 <tumbleweed> but I'm digressing
19:37:31 <jcristau> (or somebody could fix the debconf ssl disaster)
19:37:31 * gwolf is not thrilled about the visa news :-P
19:37:36 <indiebio> so can we action a meeting in about two weeks (depending availability) for content and participant assistance teams?
19:37:57 <tumbleweed> gwolf: it seems the minister for home affairs is trying to make a name for himself, by enacting stupid policies
19:37:58 <moray> jcristau: (right, that would be a better solution than telling people to ignore the results that their search engine gives them)
19:38:04 <cate> indiebio: and wafer people
19:38:06 <marga> for timeline, with required participation from representatives of PA and content
19:38:13 <madduck> indiebio: PA team is part of it, but so is infra and content and pretty much everyone else, so this (the timeline) is really a decision that needs to be made globally (e.g. by the dc16 team), after checking with everyone, but with a certain level of assertion.
19:38:32 <indiebio> well, it's on https://debconf15.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Timeline
19:38:41 <tumbleweed> but that gives everyone a certificate error
19:38:49 <tumbleweed> where https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Timeline doesn't
19:38:50 <indiebio> so have a look and spend two weeks bikeshedding and then we bash it out in two weeks, yes?
19:38:50 <bremner> indiebio: I'm (probably) fine for that, but I really only know bursaries
19:38:55 <tumbleweed> (assuming they trust the debconf CA)
19:38:58 <madduck> maybe it would help to send an email to dc-team, indiebio, announcing the timeline we're going to go by, once it's confirmed with all teams.
19:38:59 <marga> You realize we are now meta discussing about a URL?
19:39:10 <tumbleweed> marga: I tried to stop doing that, sorry
19:39:11 <indiebio> that's what I was suggesting, yes, madduck
19:39:42 <indiebio> tumbleweed: action yourself to help me fix my meta URL stuff and then stop talking about it
19:39:42 <tumbleweed> madduck: this was all discussed earlier
19:39:49 <tumbleweed> please stop derialling the meeting everyone
19:39:51 <tumbleweed> (including me)
19:39:57 <indiebio> ok, so can we action the timeline meeting for two weeks?
19:40:13 <tumbleweed> indiebio: I thought we agreed to dsicuss the timeline over the next two meetings, already
19:40:18 <cate> yes, globally, but we need to be sure main team are represented
19:40:36 <marga> #agreed We will have a timeline meeting in about 2 weeks, requiring participation of PA, Content, Infra and any other interested parties.
19:40:38 <tassia> that's what I said about making a specific call on dc-team
19:40:39 <madduck> tumbleweed: i am sorry.
19:40:40 <cate> but what about visa ?  Do we have volunteers?
19:40:48 <indiebio> we'll find them
19:41:11 <indiebio> like the website chat, we have two weeks to find all the stuff we need to make the meeting in two weeks a successful one
19:41:13 <tumbleweed> #agreed We will have a timeline meeting in about 2 weeks, requiring participation of PA, Content, Infra and any other interested parties
19:41:14 <cate> So, no more from my side of -pa
19:41:17 <tumbleweed> [thanks marga]
19:41:20 <indiebio> thanks cate
19:41:24 <indiebio> ok, moving on
19:41:54 <indiebio> Facilities team
19:42:03 <tumbleweed> doubt there's anything to discuss here, yet?
19:42:27 <indiebio> we're hoping to get the final contract early next week.
19:42:35 <indiebio> that's all to discuss here for now
19:42:39 <indiebio> next topic
19:42:41 <ginggs> no, just waiting on uct cmc
19:43:12 <indiebio> they're kicking us out in 10 minutes, so this meeting will finish on time!
19:43:38 <indiebio> Social activities team - the notes there we'll take to the timeline meeting
19:43:46 <tumbleweed> in that case, I propose we read through the notes here
19:43:48 <indiebio> Same for Design
19:43:50 <tumbleweed> in the titanpad
19:43:54 <tumbleweed> and discuss anything we need to
19:44:01 <tumbleweed> without walking through each item together
19:44:10 <indiebio> excellent, that's what titanpad is there for :)
19:44:27 <indiebio> The one thing to note, for those interested, is that there is a Fundraising meeting: Saturday 16:00 UTC (I think -  noon EST). - bgupta
19:44:58 <ginggs> ok, infrastructure team: where in the the world is RicheH these days?
19:45:10 <tumbleweed> RichiH
19:45:22 <ginggs> yes, him :)
19:45:23 <tumbleweed> I guess recovering from DC15?
19:45:31 <larjona_m> titanpad is bad
19:45:33 <edrz> who's getting kicked out of where?
19:45:41 <larjona_m> for mobile-attendants
19:45:51 <tamo_> edrz: from the restaurant we are at
19:46:23 <indiebio> ok, so that's all from my side, any other things to discuss?
19:46:30 <edrz> oh. I didn't realise you were physically gathered together.
19:46:47 <indiebio> only me and tamo
19:46:54 <indiebio> us semi-geeks stick together
19:47:04 <indiebio> usually with alcohol to help, but sadly not tonight
19:47:10 <cate> next week meeting time
19:47:15 <tumbleweed> #topic next meeting
19:47:21 <tumbleweed> same time next week?
19:47:22 * indiebio is too normal for geeks and too geek for normal. /o\
19:47:30 <tamo_> edrz: yup makes it quite entertaining ;)
19:47:31 <madduck> i thought we alternate?
19:47:37 <indiebio> is everyone happy with the time?
19:47:47 <cate> next meeting is about web presence, right?
19:47:50 <ginggs> indiebio: what is normal, anyway?
19:48:01 <cate> or that is an additional meeting?
19:48:04 <indiebio> somewhere we decided alternate is too much effort, madduck, but it may still be a good idea
19:48:13 <larjona_m> me not very happy but I can try to be happy
19:48:23 <marga> Meeting everyweek is exhausting
19:48:36 <tumbleweed> marga: we discussed alternating
19:48:37 <indiebio> cate: I was thinking it could replace this one, with perhaps a time shift to help the relevant people, and maybe 10 minutes for the other items...
19:48:58 <bremner> indiebio: will you announce the timeline meeting on the list?
19:49:06 <madduck> yeah, it's also hardly necessary at this stage. I think it'd be better to have tasks, meet every 3–4 weeks, and in between keep poking each other.
19:49:06 <tumbleweed> madduck: but the proposed only other slot didn't make much difference availability
19:49:07 <indiebio> marga: we don't need to always physically be there, which is why I try the agenda and minutes to be so complete...
19:49:08 <gwolf> I'd prefer it to be 1h earlier
19:49:09 <tumbleweed> sorry madduck, not marga
19:49:18 <indiebio> gwolf: me too.
19:49:19 <gwolf> (and intend to be more active on the webpresence meeting)
19:49:39 <indiebio> can we try an hour earlier next week?
19:49:42 <gwolf> oh, wait - which day will it be? Wednesday next week?
19:49:43 <madduck> indiebio: yeah, I am not complaining and next time I join late, I'll behave even better so that tumbleweed doesn't have to tell me to read backlog ;)
19:49:53 <indiebio> yes, if that works for you gwolf?
19:49:54 <gwolf> If so, I won't be online
19:49:56 <gwolf> :-P
19:50:19 <tumbleweed> it looks like 1800 might actually be better (if one reads ? as ✔)
19:50:20 <gwolf> I have to give a talk ~100Km South from here, and be back in due time for my class :(
19:50:48 <indiebio> I think I'll check in with the website people and communicate the meeting from there.
19:51:19 <indiebio> ok, we're getting kicked out.
19:51:21 <edrz> yes. i think not everyone is here right now.
19:51:29 <tumbleweed> #endmeenting
19:51:32 <indiebio> other chairs do what you must
19:51:33 <tamo_> indiebio: yup we have  ameeting on Mon
19:51:37 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting