18:33:13 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting
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18:33:14 <DLange> o/
18:33:17 <tumbleweed> there, we have logs
18:33:24 <tamo> Great thansk
18:33:31 <nkukard> o/
18:33:40 <tamo> o/
18:33:49 * tumbleweed git pulls
18:33:54 <gwolf> semi- o/
18:34:08 <tamo> nkukard: thanks
18:34:16 <dumbassman> just got back home, can only partly focus here now.
18:34:33 <dumbassman> but please go ahead
18:34:41 <tamo> dumbassman: great glad you could make it!
18:35:04 <DLange> I think we should all read the summary and the docs and meet again Friday or so
18:35:30 <DLange> too much and too good work to just read it within a few minutes
18:36:08 <tamo> DLange:  we could do that. Most of the menu's are suggestios for now but some nice options
18:36:29 <tamo> DLange: would people be around on a Fri night?
18:36:29 <tumbleweed> while we're here, let's skim through it and see what comes up
18:36:43 <DLange> ok
18:37:13 <tamo> should we maybe meet back at 9pm then everyone can have a quick look?
18:37:14 <nkukard> they all look reasonable to me, I like the suggestions that were made
18:41:46 <tumbleweed> there is a reasonable variation in price
18:42:10 <tumbleweed> I was expecting UCT club to come in towards the low end, not the high end
18:44:22 <tumbleweed> DLange: yeah, I need more time to think about this
18:44:29 <DLange> :)
18:44:32 <DLange> Friday?
18:44:39 <tumbleweed> sure
18:44:56 <DLange> tamo, nkukard, dumbassman, gwolf?
18:45:05 <tamo> Yes
18:45:12 * gwolf will be here on Friday, yes
18:45:35 <gwolf> thanks
18:45:45 <tamo> Fri I might be here same time?
18:45:52 <tamo> Will make a plan
18:45:55 <gwolf> (and with Tammy's notes open now — looks great!)
18:46:01 <dumbassman> unfortunately not, once again tamo can speak on my behalf
18:46:09 <tamo> gwolf: thanks
18:46:25 <nkukard> sure DLange
18:46:28 <DLange> can you do Friday at a different time, dumbassman?
18:46:41 <tamo> Yup dumbassman and myself discussed all that is in the Summary beforhand
18:46:50 <dumbassman> sure, available between 5 and 7:30
18:47:38 <tamo> dumbassman: not a good time for me :( will only be home around 7:30pm
18:47:41 <DLange> so can we do an hour earlier? tumbleweed?
18:47:45 <tumbleweed> DLange: sure
18:48:00 <gwolf> 1hr earlier is better for me as well
18:48:07 <DLange> great. nkukard?
18:48:23 <gwolf> ...and we can leave some comments if needed in the *pad
18:48:46 <nkukard> DLange, I can only try man, my schedule is somewhat hectic, still need to somehow get a flight back tomorrow :D
18:49:09 <DLange> is one hour earlier enouf for you dumbassman? Cause that's 1930 SAST then still, so may be too late?
18:49:33 <tumbleweed> yeah, he said he's available until 7:30
18:49:46 <DLange> well, that's 07:30-8:30 then...
18:49:50 <DLange> hence I'm asking
18:49:54 <tumbleweed> yeah
18:50:07 <tumbleweed> two hours earlier is also doable for me. But not much more than that :P
18:50:12 <cate> tumbleweed: where are the dates of DebCamp? I don't find them in website
18:50:25 <gwolf> cate: in the wiki
18:50:28 <gwolf> linked from the main site
18:50:34 <gwolf> it starts on Thursday (23?)
18:50:36 <tamo> tumbleweed: we can maybe think of Matt doing breakfast or maybe our least favourite to do the breakfast? They would be very good at that
18:50:49 <cate> wiki is IMHO wrong. edrz corrected an inconsistency, but IMHO in the wrong way
18:51:39 <gwolf> oh? (I am about to book flights soonish, so I'm concerned if dates are wrong!)
18:51:42 <tamo> tumbleweed: yup he ended up being the more expensive option UCT his catering fee was a thumb suck
18:51:57 <cate> I'll check the contract
18:52:06 <cate> it should listen the definitive dates.
18:52:42 <tamo> DLange: so is it decided 7:30pm SAST?
18:53:01 <DLange> I'd say yes as dumbassman seems to be away now
18:53:14 <dumbassman> 7:30 SAST can work for me
18:53:19 <DLange> great
18:53:21 <DLange> tumbleweed: endmeeting?
18:53:40 <tamo> DLange: okidoke odes anyone have any questions beforehand or will we address that all tomorrow
18:53:55 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting