20:09:49 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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20:10:00 <h01ger> who else wants to chair?
20:10:08 <h01ger> #topic agenda
20:10:17 <h01ger> what topics do we have to discuss?
20:10:34 <aviau> The choice of venue for DC17
20:11:01 <lavamind> thats the only topic for today
20:11:21 <lavamind> anyone from localo team wants to recap ?
20:11:30 <h01ger> lets start more slowly
20:11:45 <h01ger> #topic please briefly introduce yourself
20:11:56 * h01ger -> debconf committe member, currently visiting montreal
20:12:02 <h01ger> who other locals are here?
20:12:09 * lavamind mtl local team
20:12:20 * aviau mtl local team
20:12:37 * rafw debconf committee member
20:12:42 * pollo mtl local team (currently walking back home)
20:13:17 <h01ger> hey tassia, we're currently at the introducing each other stage…
20:13:20 * cate mtl attendee ;-)
20:13:28 <h01ger> cate: hahaha
20:13:49 * tassia mtl attendee ;-)
20:14:08 <h01ger> ex-chairs are awful ;p
20:14:45 <lavamind> ok I can recap our last meeting quickly for the ctte, is that ok?
20:14:48 <h01ger> #topic status - please keep introducing yourself if you join now
20:15:00 <h01ger> lavamind: a sec
20:15:40 <h01ger> so afaik the last meeting had 7 people, who voted on the locations… right now i'm counting 3 plus tvaz, who's somewhere here too, and tassia who wants to stay out atm
20:15:59 <h01ger> lavamind: actually now, sorry…
20:16:14 <h01ger> (just want to get the status aligned with who's here…)
20:16:35 <lavamind> ok so last meeting we were 7 from local team, we discussed our 2 venue options at lkength
20:16:58 <lavamind> unfortunately, although we agreed both would make good debconf venues, we were unable to reach a consensus
20:17:14 <lavamind> each of us had a preference for different reasons
20:17:29 <h01ger> greenman_: hi. we've just started, what you missed is on http://meetbot.debian.net
20:17:31 <lavamind> so we had a vote and it was 4 for Maisonneuve and 3 for ETS
20:18:00 <lavamind> following that, because the vote was close, we all agreed to confer with the ctte about this decision
20:18:37 <lavamind> the objective would be to go over the reasons Maisonneuve > ETS and make sure we didn't overlook anything major that would rather go < ETS
20:19:12 <lavamind> that wraps it up I think for the recap, if anyone from Mtl doesn't have anything to add
20:19:26 <h01ger> how much time do we have to decide this? is the dc17 wiki page still up2date on everything?
20:20:01 <lavamind> the wiki is up to date except maybe for some very small details
20:20:24 <lavamind> and the local team would like this to be settled today
20:20:29 <h01ger> jaja
20:20:32 <h01ger> :p
20:21:17 <lavamind> for Maisonneuve we had pressure to confirm, as they have construction work to plan
20:21:28 <lavamind> they agreed to hold off any planning up to now
20:21:35 * h01ger nods
20:21:39 <lavamind> to accomodate DebConf and our decision process
20:22:10 <h01ger> hello netsplit
20:22:35 <h01ger> so
20:22:51 <h01ger> i'm not sure how to go on…
20:23:15 <tassia> who is from the commitee which is not local attending this meeting?
20:23:20 <h01ger> i'm a bit surprised by this… several things
20:23:31 <h01ger> a.) you voted and want to go over this decision again
20:23:31 <rafw> tassia: i am here
20:23:41 <tassia> rafw, ok
20:23:43 <h01ger> b.) not everybody from the 7 voters had seen both venues
20:24:00 <tassia> cate, are you on the committee too?
20:24:09 <h01ger> c.) to me ETS clearly looks like the better conference venue, yet you voted for maisonneuve
20:24:18 <h01ger> let me explain c.)…
20:24:30 <cate> tassia: no
20:24:33 <lavamind> for b. we have all seen both venues, just that we didnt all tour specifically for DebConf
20:24:37 <h01ger> aviau2: what you missed is on http://meetbot.debian.net
20:24:50 <aviau2> Awh
20:24:56 <aviau2> Looks like my client died out silently
20:25:20 <h01ger> #save
20:25:51 <lavamind> as for a. that's because to us that's one of the most important decision and we want to make sure we start on the right foot
20:26:11 <h01ger> so about c.), why i think ETS is better: the actual conferences spaces are much better, tables for every seat in each auditoriums, also bigger auditoriums
20:26:29 <h01ger> i have to admit i have no idea about prices of both venues
20:26:49 <aviau2> h01ger: ETS should be 20k cheaper
20:26:54 <h01ger> masionneuf seems to have nicer outside space (which is important in summer and hard to see now)
20:27:00 <tvaz> h01ger, ets has two nice middle-size auditoriums, not bigger one(s)
20:27:10 <tvaz> the biggest is in the college
20:27:18 <h01ger> ETS also has better network. (maisonneuf only has 256mbit to the internet, though gigabites to debian mirrors)
20:27:20 <rafw> it will be difficult for me to help to chose because I havn't seen the venues.
20:27:30 <h01ger> tvaz: ? --verbose please
20:27:43 <tassia> h01ger, where are you pictures from the tour?
20:27:53 <tassia> it would help rafw to have a better idea
20:27:58 <tvaz> h01ger, don't you remember the big auditorium from maisonneuve? it fits more than 400 people
20:28:07 <h01ger> ETS is more downtown, i believe there are more and better hotels near by, but afaik maisonneuve also has hotels close
20:28:24 <h01ger> .oO( z.) ETS is easier to spell than $newhouse )
20:28:46 <h01ger> tvaz: yes, but you sit *very* close to each other and there are no tables
20:28:50 * pollo was victim of a vicious irc split
20:28:55 <h01ger> pollo: what you missed is on http://meetbot.debian.net
20:28:58 <h01ger> #save
20:29:20 <lavamind> h01ger: as for conference spaces, the auditoriums have lap tables and the other spaces can be organized with tables too, its just that they're not bolted to the floor
20:29:30 <h01ger> who else besides aviau2 was/is in favor of ETS?
20:29:33 <tvaz> yes, tables in the talk room only in ETS (which i personally don't care and few debconfs had it)
20:29:38 <tassia> h01ger, being more downtown is a downside IMHO
20:29:42 <h01ger> lavamind: they are still crap compared to ETS. sorry.
20:30:40 <tvaz> h01ger, do you have any more questions? do you want us to consider a vote from you?
20:30:41 <tassia> h01ger, that is enough for a conference
20:30:48 <tvaz> just to get a start point from this meeting
20:30:54 <tassia> we had many debconf venues with no tables at all
20:31:02 <tassia> in the main room
20:31:17 <tvaz> LeLutin voted for ETS
20:31:24 <h01ger> also the other auditoroims at MN were very small
20:31:29 <h01ger> 100 people or less
20:31:39 <aviau> tassia: We should aim for the best, even if past DebConfs had worse.
20:31:44 <tvaz> the other person i don't remember if it was jean or billux
20:31:51 <pollo> aviau: +1
20:31:59 <pollo> billux
20:32:02 <h01ger> its a pity they arent here…
20:32:05 <tassia> aviau, the best in genrenal, not in tables
20:32:30 <tvaz> h01ger, they're not that involved in general
20:32:37 * h01ger nods
20:32:38 <pollo> h01ger: the vote is here: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Meetings/2016-03-09#3._Deciding_a_location_for_DC17_.28Maisonneuve_vs_ETS.29
20:32:45 <pollo> LeLutin is
20:32:57 <pollo> billux has been there at the last two meetings
20:33:04 <tassia> of course I agree we should aim for the best, but newer and fancy facilities are not all that matters
20:33:35 <h01ger> to repeat myself: i think both venues are suitable. and i trust local teams, so if you ask me we could also close this meeting now and go with maisonneuve
20:33:44 <tvaz> pollo, yes for being in the meetins, but no so active in the IRC/Wiki/etc
20:33:51 <h01ger> esp tassia and tvaz have seen enough debconfs…
20:33:52 <lavamind> to several of us, it was also important to have easy access to outside spaces and spaces with natural light, which was clear better at MN
20:34:12 <h01ger> lavamind: you mean there wont be any snow in summer?
20:34:34 <lavamind> h01ger: I can't confirm 100% :p
20:34:34 <h01ger> lol
20:34:42 <tvaz> I'll point some personal views, why i liked maisonneuve more (and i'm happy be had the tour in ETS to confirm this):
20:34:47 <h01ger> tvaz: go!
20:34:48 <tvaz> Calm neighborhood, close to downtown but not too much, well connected by metro, bus and public bikes
20:35:05 <h01ger> boah.
20:35:05 <h01ger> #save
20:35:05 <tvaz> Ambience: internal garden, outdoor space close to the building, natural light, surrounded by trees, close to park maisonneuve and botanical garden (great for debian kids!)
20:35:06 <tvaz> Solid negotiation, detailed spreadsheet, more realistic budget, ready for a contract
20:35:11 <tvaz> Great opportunity to build a start point for free software culture in the college
20:35:15 <tvaz> Flexible dates (ETS is available only 2 weeks in august)
20:35:18 * pollo is happy that the netplit is over
20:35:20 <tvaz> Less control for bringing external food/drinks inside (will make much easier the debian bier merchandise)
20:35:25 <tvaz> Huge soccer field
20:35:28 <tvaz> Promedate Ontario closeby
20:35:32 <tvaz> Open to external catering
20:35:37 <tvaz> among others
20:35:58 <h01ger> tvaz: thanks, thats a nice summary
20:36:28 <h01ger> whats the estimated budget again?
20:36:37 <tvaz> h01ger, see in the wiki
20:36:42 <h01ger> aviau: is there anybody else involved in making ETS happen?
20:36:42 <pollo> 120K  maisonneuve
20:36:46 <pollo> 110K ETS
20:36:49 <tvaz> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Bids/Montreal#BUDGET_estimation_.28.7E300_debconfers_.2F_.7E60_debcampers.29
20:36:54 <pollo> * 100 ETS
20:37:13 <h01ger> so 10k difference, even though MN is 20k more expensive. how come?
20:37:14 <aviau> h01ger: Yes, but I didn't invite them to meetings to avoid pressure on the comitee. I didn't want us to "flood" the votes.
20:37:31 <pollo> h01ger: 20K diff, I was wrong
20:37:32 <lavamind> h01ger, tvaz: also, we have added 2 people from MN since the meeting to the dc local team
20:37:38 <aviau> h01ger: The 11 students that were with me at LibrePlanet all helped already or wanted to help.
20:37:50 <tvaz> however, maisonneuve is a more realistic one, with detailed stuff. ETS is an estimation
20:37:55 <aviau> Should I go over the lists of my arguments for ETS?
20:37:58 <h01ger> aviau: maybe you should have. one factor for MN is that more people from MN are involved while it seems that you're the only one working for/at ETS
20:38:05 <h01ger> aviau: please do!
20:38:09 <pollo> +1
20:38:18 <h01ger> aviau: s#maybe##
20:38:20 <tvaz> aviau, go ahead
20:38:42 <aviau> Closer downtown the better (hotels, restaurants, Central Station, transport)
20:38:47 <aviau> Better price
20:39:26 <aviau> More ressources (someone from ETS assigned to the project, help from Maison du Logiciel Libre staff, Help from Ville de Montreal that has a signed contract with Maison du Logiciel Libre and ETS)
20:39:55 <h01ger> MLL is that local free software project at ETS
20:40:06 <aviau> yeah
20:40:07 <aviau> more equipment available: network, electricity, help from the Lan ETS student club (they help events like us all year long)
20:41:09 * h01ger is distracted by children toys
20:41:11 <h01ger> cul8r
20:41:12 <aviau> I think an engineering school has more relevance than a College, and many students will come.
20:41:37 <aviau> DebConf at ETS will greatly push free sofware foward in the university
20:41:38 <h01ger> aviau: one argument for MN has been that you're involved in free software already, while this could be a nice kickoff for MN
20:41:59 <aviau> ETS is used to receiving large events like this and all departments know what to do and how important it is.
20:42:11 <h01ger> my main worry about MN is the lack of auditoriums >100 people
20:42:32 <h01ger> i've only really seen the main one, which is 1000$ per day (and table situation there)
20:42:55 <h01ger> i've only really seen the main one -> i havent any other
20:42:58 <lavamind> I don't understand why we need several really big auditoriums
20:43:11 <pollo> h01ger: if needed we can convert one of the hacklabs (vivoir) into a talk room
20:43:20 <pollo> it's 250+ ppl
20:43:27 <h01ger> well, big can be 150-200
20:43:30 <h01ger> pollo: good point
20:43:47 <h01ger> though thats a really nice hacklab, with projector etc
20:43:50 <pollo> there is a huge screen + projector in that room too
20:43:53 <pollo> indeed
20:43:54 <tvaz> h01ger, you're worried for a non-issue (lack of big auditoriums)
20:43:57 <lavamind> h01ger: aside from opening and closing keynotes, there will be talks attended by 40-50% of all debconf attendees?
20:44:12 <tvaz> if you worry too much about tables in talk rooms, that's fine
20:44:17 <tvaz> it's ETS only
20:44:18 <h01ger> what were the room sizes in heidelberg?
20:44:33 <h01ger> tvaz: eparse or trolling? :)
20:44:36 <pollo> max 200 in the big one
20:44:39 <tvaz> h01ger, i'm serious
20:44:58 <tvaz> there'are at least two huge spaces to be converted in ~200 people auditorium in the college
20:45:05 <tvaz> i can't see your point
20:45:16 <h01ger> ah
20:45:19 <tvaz> (but i see your point about plastic chairs)
20:45:20 <h01ger> thx for clarifying
20:45:29 <tvaz> but again, not about missing auditoriums
20:45:38 <h01ger> those chair will crash on some people
20:45:53 <tvaz> ok, that's another issue then
20:45:53 <pollo> heh
20:45:55 <tassia> holger you are not serious
20:46:07 <h01ger> i am, but i also think we can deal with that
20:46:10 <tvaz> ok, i'll be back to work then
20:46:21 <tassia> we have lived with way worse chairs than that in the past
20:46:25 <tvaz> i made my points already and i'll be fine with both venues
20:46:28 * h01ger suggested to close this meeting 15min ago already :)
20:46:30 <tassia> and everything was just fine
20:46:32 <lavamind> h01ger, ok, so to recap, you see issues at MN which are better at ETS, which is fine imo
20:46:40 <h01ger> tassia: people or furniture? ;)
20:46:41 <lavamind> h01ger: do you see and RC bugs with it
20:46:42 <tvaz> althoug i keep my vote to CM
20:47:28 <h01ger> MN is nicer for hippies like us, for sure, but debconf is also about diversity
20:47:31 <lavamind> also, if other ctte members had the opportunity to follow this meeting and review the available info (we have lots of pics on the wiki)
20:47:40 <lavamind> it would be helpful to chime in, now
20:48:30 <h01ger> rafw: what do you think?
20:48:37 <h01ger> anybody else here?
20:48:44 <rafw> From what I see and read, I tend to prefer MN.
20:49:03 <tassia> h01ger, did you put your pictures online?
20:49:10 <h01ger> no
20:52:57 <h01ger> #topic silence before the storm
20:53:09 <aviau> haha
20:53:13 <lavamind> ok here's how it looks to me
20:53:56 <lavamind> h01ger visited both venues and sees bugs in our decision
20:54:14 <lavamind> but as far as I understand, he didn't find any breaking issues
20:54:22 <lavamind> which I what we were after
20:54:28 <lavamind> as local team
20:54:42 <lavamind> s/I/is/
20:55:18 <lavamind> so to us it means we took a decision, but we will have to work to make sure that the issues raised are worked on and not ignored
20:55:39 <h01ger> well… maybe… i think its rather i disagree with you but i trust you and especially tvaz and tassia
20:57:06 <h01ger> and i also think both venues are fine
20:57:26 <h01ger> so i wont make a fuzz out of my disagreeent
20:57:27 <lavamind> we wouldn't having this discussion otherwise, of course
20:57:28 <pollo> heh, local team agreed on that too
20:57:29 * tassia is not completely following
20:57:36 <aviau> I think we all know we weren't going to find something so critical that one venue is not suitable. Why even have this meeting then?
20:57:53 <h01ger> its also that its winter now and one of the key factors for MN, nicer outisde spaces, is hardly visible atm
20:58:01 <lavamind> aviau: I had an open mind, after all I'm not a debconf regular!
20:58:04 <pollo> aviau: to be sure not to miss something important we haven't seen
20:58:21 <h01ger> aviau: thats a good question. i think because the local team, or some of them, wanted their voted confirmed
21:00:41 <h01ger> rafw: what should we do now?`;-)
21:01:02 <h01ger> same question to anybody else
21:01:07 <h01ger> #topic and now?
21:01:21 * pollo does not see any reason to continue with meeting
21:01:22 <tvaz> i expected more global members raising questions to make us more confident about a decision, that we're not neglecting any important point
21:01:35 <lavamind> ^ same here
21:01:37 <pollo> +1
21:01:38 <tvaz> but this just didn't happen
21:01:39 <h01ger> yeah
21:01:46 * h01ger blames the chairs
21:01:53 <tvaz> that's why i personally wanted this meeting
21:01:58 <h01ger> (</sarcasm>
21:01:59 * tassia I'm happy I'm a sofa now
21:02:03 <h01ger> *g*
21:02:12 <cate> hmm
21:02:19 <h01ger> oh hi
21:02:23 <tvaz> at some point the local team needs more questions than answers
21:02:41 <rafw> I trust the local team and I think they made the right decision.
21:03:14 <tvaz> still i'm quite confident that we didn't forget anything really important, as the points h01ger brought are IMO secondaries
21:03:33 <bremner> how is the transit at MN?
21:03:44 <pollo> 5 min from 2 diff subway stations
21:03:49 <pollo> by foot
21:03:52 <bremner> what lines?
21:03:55 <pollo> grren
21:03:58 <lavamind> bremner, it's very good: metro, bus and rental bikes all nearby
21:04:08 <h01ger> bremner: 200m to the station, then 20min ride to downtown
21:04:32 <h01ger> tvaz: excellent talk spaces is a major point
21:04:33 <lavamind> the location of MN is on Sherbrooke street, which is a straight line into downtown
21:04:37 <pollo> sadly these subway stations are not disabled friendly
21:04:46 <h01ger> cate: anything more than "Hmm"?
21:05:08 <cate> h01ger: no
21:05:13 <h01ger> pfft/lol
21:05:14 <tassia> bremner, it is very close to parc olympic
21:05:25 <tassia> and jardin botanique
21:05:38 <tvaz> h01ger, agreed, but both venues have it imo (ETS better, agreed)
21:05:39 <h01ger> #topic meeting will close in 7min if nothing substancial comes up.
21:05:56 * h01ger ponders going to smoke for 5min of that
21:06:30 <ana> you might want to try (internally, between dc17 localteam) to make a list of what you think matters for debconf and compare both venues according to tht list
21:06:39 <h01ger> lavamind just leaked that he gets a proportion of the renting fee
21:06:52 <aviau> ana: We had a meeting, where we did that
21:06:54 <lavamind> h01ger: that was an off the record *joke* :p
21:07:03 <h01ger> lavamind: stop leaking
21:07:10 <tvaz> ana, we (sort of) did that in a presential meeting
21:07:11 <ana> aviau: then I'm missing plenty of things in the page
21:07:36 <ana> (wikipage)
21:07:41 <h01ger> ana: like what?
21:07:42 <aviau> ana: Oh, for example?
21:08:24 <ana> it's going to be long, so let me list a couple of minutes :)
21:08:56 <ana> - food: possibilites of extern and interna catering, buying food (e..g supermarket), same for drinks
21:09:13 <aviau> ana: Did you look at the wiki sub-pages?
21:09:22 <aviau> There is one dedicated page for each venue
21:09:37 <aviau> ana: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Bids/Montreal/Venues/EcoleDeTechnologieSuperieure
21:09:42 <aviau> ana: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Bids/Montreal/Venues/CollegeDeMaisonneuve
21:09:45 <ana> - work spaces: list what a debconf needs (IMHO 1 big room and 2 smaller rooms) and check if you can serve that
21:10:18 <ana> aviau: yes, but they're both missing a side-to-side comparison with what really matters between both venues
21:10:41 <ana> imho those pages are oriented to win the bid, which was fine when you made them
21:10:56 <pollo> ana: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Bids/Montreal#Venue_options ?
21:11:27 <tassia> ana, they had summarized the main points from their decision meeting
21:11:30 <aviau> She is right that the wiki does not really make side-by-side comparaisons
21:11:31 <lavamind> ana: they are not, they are as accurate as we could make them
21:11:33 <ana> pollo: that doesn't over what matters detailed, as said that goes to show you an make debconf work
21:12:11 <ana> I can help you to make a list to decide if you want to. But besides this, I have not more ideas/suggestions.
21:12:24 <ana> s/you an/you can/
21:12:41 <aviau> ana: Unless you find major points, it wouldn't change anyone's opinion here
21:13:00 <aviau> Looks like we are looking for dealbreakers, not just disagreement
21:13:03 <aviau> So this meeting should end
21:13:18 <lavamind> I agree
21:13:24 <pollo> +_1
21:13:48 <ana> aviau: if you want an external opnion, as you are asking here, you need to improve that info
21:14:17 <rafw> Does ETS has on-site accomdation  ?
21:14:21 <aviau> rafw: yes
21:14:27 <pollo> same has MN
21:14:28 * h01ger waved to pollo while reading his screen but he didnt notice
21:14:41 <rafw> ok, thanks.
21:14:44 <ana> reading the wiki it's hard to know what venue is better, just that both can make debconf work
21:14:55 <ana> my two cents, bye =)
21:15:23 <aviau> ana: Thanks for caring
21:15:51 <lavamind> h01ger: #end meeting ?
21:16:04 <aviau> I didn't know we were looking for dealbreakers btw
21:16:36 <pollo> aviau: I don't see why we'd have had a meeting is not that
21:16:54 <aviau> pollo: Can you reformulate
21:16:57 <tvaz> h01ger, before ending the meeting
21:17:04 <h01ger> rafw: both venues have onsite accomodation in the form of red cross beds in classrooms
21:17:13 <tvaz> h01ger, let me make it clear why we had this meeting (as i understood it)
21:17:33 <tvaz> 1) we had discussed internally and got a 4 x 3 for maisonneuve
21:17:36 <h01ger> tvaz: please do
21:17:52 <h01ger> #topic coming to an end…
21:18:35 <tvaz> 2) quite tied, so we gave the chance to a new discussion, considering : (1) someone *could eventually* change opinion or (2) an experienced debconf member could point a breaker point in one of the venues
21:19:17 <bremner> I guess enthusiasm for camp beds will vary pretty wildly.
21:19:23 <pollo> :p
21:19:27 <tvaz> so it was a matter of bringing the subject for global DC people, to be sure we wouldn't make a bad decision
21:19:45 <h01ger> bremner: sure but both have it
21:19:46 <tvaz> and for me personally, i had the chance to visit ETS
21:20:01 <bremner> h01ger: one of them has better alternatives, aiui
21:20:07 <tvaz> and saw very good points, which made comfortable of having debconf there, but still didn't change my vote
21:20:17 <tvaz> that's why i think we had this meeting
21:21:26 <h01ger> so
21:21:30 <tvaz> as we had only a few questions from dc global people, and as h01ger's points didn't change locals opinions, we (IMO) should keep our initial vote
21:21:31 <h01ger> my concludes
21:21:36 <h01ger> the localteam has decided
21:21:44 <h01ger> maisonneuve it will be
21:21:49 <h01ger> agreed?
21:21:55 <rafw> yes
21:21:58 * lavamind agrees
21:23:18 <h01ger> does someone disagree?
21:23:33 <tassia> is there anyone there?
21:23:35 <tassia> ;-)
21:23:52 * aviau agrees
21:24:08 <cate> i trust "you"
21:24:15 <h01ger> oh hi, a dpl
21:24:22 <Maulkin> hai :)
21:24:35 <h01ger> Maulkin: in case you care, meetbot.d.n has all the logs, as usual
21:24:37 <h01ger> #save
21:24:42 <Maulkin> ack :)
21:24:59 <h01ger> #agreed the localteam has decided, dc17 shall take place at maisoneuve
21:25:06 <h01ger> thank you all for attending!
21:25:15 <lavamind> thanks!
21:25:18 <pollo> thanks!
21:25:21 <rafw> thanks all!
21:25:34 <h01ger> and thank you all for working on these two options, both are really great, but we can only have debconf in one…
21:25:34 * pollo is off
21:25:47 <h01ger> #endmeeting