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20:00:47 <pollo> #topic role call
20:00:48 <billux> I'm here too o/
20:00:59 <pollo> please say something if you are here for the meeting!
20:01:05 <larjona> hi
20:01:08 <gxg> hi
20:01:17 <tvaz> i'm here-ish
20:01:29 <cate> not here
20:01:38 <abdelq> o/
20:01:57 <pollo> anyone has anything to add to the agenda? http://deb.li/il9wc
20:02:01 <lavamind> 15% here, 85% babysitting
20:02:17 <lavamind> pollo: meeting time...?
20:02:25 <highvoltage> 38% here, 140% struggling with a node.js app
20:02:33 <tvaz> please put catering to the end
20:02:44 <pollo> tvaz: ack
20:02:49 <tvaz> thlks
20:03:06 <madduck> .
20:03:12 * h01ger is just watching
20:04:00 <pollo> lavamind: we can _try_ but I can't promise anything
20:04:35 <pollo> all right then
20:04:41 <pollo> #topic DC16 finances & final report
20:04:59 <pollo> I had taken the task to review the work indiebio did on the DC16 final report
20:05:11 <highvoltage> great, thanks pollo
20:05:22 <pollo> sadly I think I won't have time....
20:05:31 <abdelq> It's due when?
20:05:33 <pollo> if someone with some LaTex skills could, I'd be glad
20:05:44 <pollo> abdelq: no deadline, asap though
20:06:05 <lavamind> abdelq: https://kanban.debian.net/project/2/task/22
20:06:16 <highvoltage> same thing happened to me, I also have limited latex skills but if no one will beat me to it I will still get to it some time
20:06:45 <abdelq> Alright, I will take for this weekend
20:07:07 <pollo> #action abdelq to review the DC16 final report
20:07:09 <pollo> neat
20:07:12 <lavamind> abdelq: great
20:07:24 <pollo> tumbleweed: anything to add for DC16 finances?
20:07:25 <lavamind> abdelq: you know latex ?
20:08:10 <abdelq> lavamind Yes. Even gave a workshop a few weeks ago ;)
20:08:16 <cate> If we have the text, we can use old template
20:08:45 <lavamind> abdelq: wow, that's awesome, let us know if you need anything regarding that task, eg. about content
20:08:48 <cate> Will not be so good as the other stuffs of tamo, but better then nothing [and we need only the numbers, for future debconfs]
20:08:48 <pollo> cate: indiebio did a lot of work already and only neaded some advices/comments on her work
20:09:23 <cate> pollo: so just to finalize it? Fantastic!
20:09:36 <LeLutin> Hello. sorry I was baffled by somebody else's work and missed the beginning of the meeting
20:09:40 <lavamind> cate: yes, indiebio did most of the work
20:09:57 <pollo> well since tumbleweed seems not to be here, they were able to take a deal with UCT and we are waiting for minor details only
20:10:16 <pollo> but dc16 finances seem close to be closed :D
20:10:16 <ginggs> o/
20:10:40 <pollo> ginggs: 0/ do you wish to add anything regarding DC16 finances?
20:10:41 <ginggs> pollo: I heard from tumbleweed that UCT should have been paid already
20:10:43 <lavamind> abdelq: please assign the kanboard task to yourself and update it as needed
20:11:14 <pollo> good good. Anything else to add on this topic?
20:11:16 <lavamind> #info DC16 finances almost complete, UCT should have been paid by now
20:11:46 <pollo> #topic Venue
20:12:11 <pollo> lavamind: can you talk about the last draft we got from Maisonneuve?
20:12:14 <lavamind> status-quo from last meeting with the venue people
20:12:27 <pollo> we never talked about it in details
20:12:42 <lavamind> so the draft contract doesn't contain much
20:12:49 <KanBot-0> 03Abdelhakim Qbaich changed the assignee of the task #22 to Abdelhakim Qbaich Help with DC16 final report 10https://kanban.debian.net/t/22#event-715
20:12:59 <lavamind> it doesn't contain many of the details we discussed
20:13:15 <pollo> lavamind: is there a reason for that?
20:13:22 <lavamind> Ì need to follow up to check if these details can be included or not
20:13:59 <lavamind> for example: access to showers & lockers, keys, 24hr acces etc
20:14:22 <pollo> seems the insurance part is less bad than what thought too right?
20:14:57 <lavamind> like I said earlier, the insurance should set us back about 1k
20:15:08 <lavamind> I gtg afk, baby waking up
20:15:33 <pollo> anyone else wants to add anything on this?
20:16:11 <pollo> #topic Website
20:16:40 <pollo> valessio did some nice css work
20:16:41 <LeLutin> I haven't moved for creating the missing pages, sorry
20:16:59 <lavamind> we need to get this together
20:17:04 <pollo> http://valessiobrito.com.br/dc17/
20:17:09 <LeLutin> I'll do this soon (in the next 5 to 7 days). the text won't be perfect but at least we shouldn't have 404's anymore
20:17:19 <pollo> LeLutin: great
20:17:36 <pollo> someone should also try to look how to port valessio's work to wafer
20:17:44 <lavamind> this ^
20:17:53 <pollo> shouldn't be too hard, it's both bootstrap
20:17:54 <lavamind> LeLutin: do you have time for this
20:17:56 <LeLutin> the thing with the design is that we need to adapt it to the html structure that wafer uses so it's like a redo of the design
20:18:30 <LeLutin> lavamind: not now, but maybe next week
20:18:31 <lavamind> Noel may be interested to help but hes not around irc
20:18:36 <lavamind> LeLutin: ok
20:19:12 <lavamind> LeLutin: we also need to write up a todo for wafer hacking
20:19:13 <pollo> talking about wafer, we should really start working on it to have it working registration wise
20:19:30 <pollo> #action pollo to poke Noel about stripe + wafer
20:19:37 <lavamind> pollo: first step would be a todo list
20:19:39 <LeLutin> I'll also have to ask tumbleweed about what was done for having pages in files instead of the DB
20:19:46 <pollo> lavamind: there is one from Dc16
20:20:02 <lavamind> yeah but its hidden away in gobby
20:20:07 <DLange> o/ sorry came home late
20:20:08 <cate> The page is very clean, so I think it could be easily ported (lean = very short code and no much magica)
20:20:10 <pollo> lavamind: but it's still there
20:20:11 <lavamind> it should be in kb
20:20:39 <pollo> #action pollo to move the wafer todo from gobby to kanboard
20:20:51 <pollo> #action pollo to poke tumbleweed about wafer todo list
20:20:56 <pollo> voilà
20:21:10 <pollo> anything to add on the website?
20:21:25 <cate> LeLutin: pages in db has the advantage: more people could change/update the text. With html this was very slow. nobody would loke to push changes from git
20:22:31 <LeLutin> cate: right but as long as we're just a few ppl modifying pages we can use files... I'll just ask what was the change actually. istr that it wasn't about directly editing html
20:22:41 <madduck> mostly because it required writing XHTML. if it had been markdown, I am not sure there'd been such a resistance.
20:23:34 <pollo> #topic Accommodation
20:23:41 <pollo> lavamind: news on this side?
20:24:27 <tumbleweed> o/ sorry, I'm between meetings
20:24:40 <tumbleweed> (IRL meetings, that is)
20:25:01 <lavamind> pollo: no progress since last meeting
20:25:16 <pollo> #topic  Fundraising
20:25:19 <tumbleweed> yeah, we're waiting for UCT to acknowledge DC16 payment receipt.
20:25:27 <pollo> things are moving
20:25:31 <tumbleweed> LeLutin: re pages in files - that's already what I did for dc17
20:25:57 <pollo> around 89 potential sponsors, ~35 to contact
20:26:10 <lavamind> pollo: I will do some tomorrow
20:26:22 <pollo> we are starting to receive confirmation of interest from some sponsors, but it's still early in the year for some
20:26:27 <pollo> lavamind: great!
20:26:38 <lavamind> pollo: ping me about it :p
20:26:53 <LeLutin> tumbleweed: right, I just wanted to figure out technically how pages should be done. we can discuss this after meeting (or another time that suits better)
20:27:08 <pollo> if anyone else wants to help with this, just drop in at #debconf-sponsors and we'll teach you how to help
20:28:02 <pollo> anyone wants to add anything on this?
20:28:26 <lavamind> yes
20:28:46 <lavamind> it was mentioned last meeting in passing but the venue
20:28:55 <lavamind> wants to approve our sponsors
20:29:13 <lavamind> I also need to discuss this with them ...
20:29:45 <pollo> lavamind: imho it's not a real problem. I'm sure they just want to check we are not sponsored by some white facists internation conglomerate
20:29:55 <DLange> this is one weird place...
20:30:04 <soli_> lavamind: Do you know who at Maisonneuve will gave a yes or no approval on a particuliar sponsor?
20:30:50 <lavamind> soli_: yeah, the same director who will sign the contract
20:31:02 <lavamind> DLange: agreed
20:31:27 <lavamind> anyway, next topic
20:31:29 <DLange> I'd tell him we're a technical conference and all our sponsors are sane
20:31:34 <pollo> #topic Non-profit status
20:31:35 <madduck> pollo, lavamind: do we know the reason for sure? one-by-one, or the final list? how long will it take?
20:31:42 <DLange> if they want to object one, they shall contact us
20:31:58 <pollo> LeLutin: want to give a little summary of what you did in the last few days
20:32:34 <LeLutin> ok so before I left for vacations pollo, lavamind and I signed papers for registering a non-for-profit
20:33:29 <LeLutin> this morning I went to the gov office to submit it. I had to change the name somewhat because it was "not french enough" (québec laws...) so the org name submitted is now "Conférence DebConf17 Montréal"
20:33:47 <lavamind> thats perfectly fine
20:33:48 <LeLutin> The submission is done and was paid: 164$CAD
20:33:52 <tvaz> back
20:34:24 <LeLutin> so now I have to wait for about 2 weeks to get the gov's response about whether the org creation was completed successfully or not
20:34:48 <pollo> great!
20:34:49 <LeLutin> I'll send bills by email to pollo tonight
20:35:30 * lavamind level-up Babysitting skill +1, have both kids nap simultaneously during DC meeting
20:35:34 <LeLutin> that's it for non-profit status I guess
20:35:40 <pollo> #topic Budget
20:35:53 <cate> lavamind: we are so lame
20:36:31 <pollo> well budget wise, things are pretty much the same
20:36:46 <pollo> video and content seems to be OK with what we proposed
20:37:06 <pollo> we'll know for sure for video after their november sprint in Paris
20:38:07 <lavamind> alright
20:38:10 <pollo> anyone wanted to add anything on budget?
20:38:24 <lavamind> thanks for working on the budget pollo, and filling in :/
20:39:20 <pollo> #topic Conference program
20:39:44 <pollo> lavamind, tvaz: want to talk about your visit at the Olympic Towe?
20:40:00 <lavamind> sure
20:40:03 <tvaz> lavamind, you can go ahead :)
20:40:22 <lavamind> so tvaz and me visited the Montreal Tower recently
20:40:33 <lavamind> the management there gave us a free tour
20:40:59 <lavamind> first of all it's a really nice place, the view is breathtaking
20:41:12 <lavamind> we both agreed it should be our 1st choice
20:41:21 <pollo> (olympic tower == tallest inclined tower in the world)
20:41:45 <pollo> lavamind: what about space and $$$ issues?
20:41:46 <lavamind> the main snag with it is that there's not enough space to sit down all of debconf for the dinner on top
20:42:05 <lavamind> the absolute maximum is 300 people and its non negotiable
20:42:12 <tvaz> can't fit 300 people with long dinner tables
20:42:30 <lavamind> tvaz: they supply round tables
20:42:35 <lavamind> and chairs
20:42:50 <DLange> is it expensive or really, really expensive?
20:42:52 <tvaz> i meant that, we can't have a 'proper' dinner there
20:43:04 <tvaz> with dinner tables
20:43:05 <lavamind> right
20:43:09 <tvaz> sorry, go ahead :)
20:43:28 <lavamind> DLange: the price list is in ownCloud
20:43:48 <lavamind> for a 6 hr block iirc the fee is around 6k $CDN
20:44:25 <lavamind> but: they offer a discount for non profits, just need to give them our registration number to get the price list for that
20:44:56 <DLange> o.k. a price incl. food & (some) drinks would be good
20:45:13 <lavamind> so since the sit-down capacity on top of the tower isn't enough for a formal dinner
20:45:19 <pollo> lavamind: the docs in ownCloud lists 2 rooms at top. was that the whole 300 ppl?
20:45:41 <lavamind> pollo: yes 150 ppl per room, they are connected by a small staircase & elevator
20:45:52 <pollo> finding a room for 400 ppl might be hard anyway. We could always to 2 sittings
20:45:55 <lavamind> to be clear: this is the sit-down capacity
20:46:01 <pollo> an early one and a late one
20:46:18 <pollo> since we are so close to the venue anyway
20:46:22 <lavamind> we could host an event with more people, and so this is where I think we should start focusing
20:46:33 <DLange> can "the other shift" do something at or near the tower for 1-2 hrs?
20:46:45 <lavamind> for example, we could eat dinner at Maisonneuve and then host a soirée at the tower with drinks
20:47:08 <DLange> sounds like a nice compromise
20:47:14 <pollo> DLange: we could also go to the Botanical garden. It's right bellow the tower
20:47:14 <tvaz> the place is just perfect to have drink+livemusic+snacks
20:47:22 <tvaz> after a dinner somewhere else
20:47:36 <DLange> probably people will want to look and take photos more than eat at the place anyways
20:47:48 <tvaz> this idea came out after our visit, so we need some input on this
20:47:58 <lavamind> there is also a bigger space at the bottom of the tower we could rent to have the dinner, and then everyone go up for the evening on top, but this is the most expensive option
20:48:04 <pollo> won't that double our costs though?
20:48:14 <tvaz> pollo, not double, but still
20:48:36 <pollo> I meant dinner at Maisonneuve. having dinner at Maisonneuve would mean renting another room right?
20:48:59 <pollo> and I feels it will make the conference dinner less special if we have it at the venue
20:49:03 <lavamind> pollo: that option the dinner would be ordinary
20:49:18 <lavamind> it wouldnt be a "conference dinner"
20:49:48 <tvaz> it'd be an official conference after-dinner party
20:49:59 <lavamind> as tvaz mentioned we could also have dinner somewhere else entirely
20:50:13 <lavamind> at the hotel universel for example
20:50:14 <DLange> conference soirée sounds nice too
20:50:20 <lavamind> but to me that sounds a bit complicated
20:50:34 <LeLutin> lavamind: istr that renting space at the garden for organizing the dinner was not feasible. am I mistaken?
20:50:40 <tvaz> I like the idea of having an ordinary++ dinner + a conference soir�
20:50:50 <lavamind> LeLutin: right, the garden is closed for business
20:50:59 <pollo> lavamind: just to be clear, we could fit everyone up for a soirée?
20:51:15 <LeLutin> lavamind: ok I see
20:51:36 <lavamind> pollo: iirc the capacity for a soirée is 450 people
20:52:02 <pollo> so the proposition is: normal dinner at the venue + fancy soirée at the top of the olympic tower after
20:52:02 <lavamind> tvaz: what is ordinary++ ?
20:52:09 <pollo> I think it sounds good too
20:52:22 <pollo> lavamind: we might spend a little more $$$ on dinner that night
20:52:35 <lavamind> pollo: right, eg. fancy dessert
20:52:48 <cate> lavamind: ordinary meal but with abstract objects
20:52:52 <pollo> is anyone against pursuing this proposition?
20:52:54 <tvaz> lavamind, a normal dinner with maybe some special food options
20:52:59 <lavamind> tvaz: ack
20:53:20 <lavamind> it would be very reasonable budget wise yet quite spectacular
20:53:26 <tvaz> lavamind++
20:53:28 <DLange> sounds good to me. A nice Montreal-style idea.
20:53:43 <tvaz> with some nice music
20:53:47 <lavamind> yes
20:53:49 <DLange> even better!
20:54:13 <LeLutin> we could install some draperies on walls to make it look special :)
20:54:36 <pollo> #agreed for the conference dinner, we will try to do "a normal dinner ++" at the venue + fancy soirée at the top of the olympic tower after
20:54:49 <pollo> let's move on
20:55:01 <pollo> tvaz: any news from content team?
20:55:08 <pollo> anyone else's been contacted?
20:56:00 <tvaz> pollo, we've been focused on fixing some issues with main theme proposal,
20:56:11 <tvaz> one speaker was invited but can't make it
20:56:29 <pollo> tvaz: so, did you agreed on something regarding a potential main theme?
20:56:42 <tvaz> we're contacting anther one in the queue, but no confirmation yet. I'll take the communication with him.
20:57:26 <tvaz> pollo, i'll ~copy/paste what we  agreed
20:57:35 <tvaz> "it probably makes more sense to push tracks for DebConf17
20:57:35 <tvaz> while we still have some time left than to argue about a theme"
20:57:38 <tvaz> from a content member
20:57:48 <tvaz> acked by other members, so that's it for now
20:57:54 <pollo> ok!
20:57:58 <pollo> #topic Catering
20:58:51 <tvaz> I'm trying to fix a date for a meeting+tasting session with le diner
20:59:20 <tvaz> they've been perfect in terms of communication, and I'll check with locals a good datetime for that
20:59:38 <pollo> tvaz: you also wanted us to talk about Chartwells right? Chartwells is a multinational corporation that has the cafeteria contract at maisonnueve
20:59:39 <tvaz> will be any weekday after 5pm, in the next two weeks, before the next meeting
21:00:00 <pollo> we've been having trouble with them communication-wise
21:00:04 <tvaz> pollo, sure, the other option in our  budget is chartwells (i call it CW)
21:00:14 <lavamind> tvaz: 18h00 and + usually works fo rme
21:00:26 <tvaz> they provided us a quote a few months ago
21:00:34 <tvaz> which fits in our budget
21:00:48 <lavamind> tvaz: can we arrange a tasting there too ?
21:01:03 <tvaz> but in the last communication I was told the prices should raise due to some requests they didn't consider before
21:01:27 <tvaz> so I'll ask a new quote while we check the other optin 'le diner'
21:01:28 <pollo> lavamind: I think we should just drop them. We are not able to talk to them properly, be it by email or by phone
21:01:37 <lavamind> pollo: I disagree
21:01:41 <pollo> imho communication is _very_ important
21:02:08 <pollo> not being able to talk to them means we're going to have tons of trouble went time comes
21:02:23 <pollo> s/went/when/
21:02:34 <lavamind> I agree its not working in their favor but it's not disqualifying, fwiw it could the their IT peoples fault not our contacts
21:02:37 <tvaz> I left messages to their phonebox, created a gmail only for them, helped their helpdesk fixing their mailserver, sent dozen of emails and got some unfriendly comments from them
21:02:42 <tvaz> so I'm not happy with CW
21:02:54 <pollo> lavamind: dude, it's not an IT problem, it's a people problem 100%
21:02:56 <tvaz> but I'd ask them a new quote anyway
21:03:10 <lavamind> tvaz: what would change ?
21:03:32 <tvaz> lavamind, wait a minute, will check details here
21:03:32 <lavamind> I thought about it and I disagree about the buffet during DC
21:04:17 <pollo> lavamind: why? people don't all eat the same amount. Having fixed portions is meh
21:04:21 <abdelq> The reason being?
21:04:24 <pollo> some less, some more
21:04:31 <lavamind> I think she is right about that one: with the number of people, it will just be too long and there may food missing before everyone got their share
21:04:55 <pollo> lavamind: we can do A-B groups like in Dc15
21:05:07 <pollo> and if there is food missing, then we need some more, that's all
21:05:25 <tvaz> lavamind, we've had many DCs in that format, there's no issue once everybody eats their first meal before others repeating
21:05:29 <lavamind> you cant ask the kitchens to cook for 30 people at 7PM :/
21:05:46 <lavamind> anyway
21:05:54 <lavamind> tvaz: if you say so
21:05:59 <tvaz> lavamind, for instance, in nicaragua, a very small family business was that way
21:06:28 <tvaz> some people couldn't repeat, but everyone got at least one meal
21:07:01 <cate> repeat are nice, but I don't think it is a big issue if there are none
21:07:02 <tvaz> a good service will re-use the leftovers
21:07:27 <cate> Just it need to be enough vegetarian and vegan
21:07:28 <tvaz> won't trash it, so there's no problem cooking a little more than expected
21:08:07 <lavamind> tvaz, pollo so do you want me to start discussions about switching to a non-CW option with the venue right away ?
21:08:09 <tvaz> but I think we should discuss all that logistic things with 'le diner' people and check what they think
21:08:23 <pollo> lavamind: I think we should prepare for it slowly yes
21:08:36 <DLange> ack. What both caterers recommend should work for sure.
21:08:39 <pollo> things are not looking good for CW anyway
21:09:00 <tvaz> lavamind, pollo I'm feeling like removing CW as well, but I'd take that decision for next meeting, after our meeting with le diner
21:09:17 <lavamind> imho at the current state of things I'm of going with le diner for camp and cw conf, but whatever
21:09:35 <pollo> great. can we move on?
21:09:54 <tvaz> lavamind, let's check le diner, if they inspire us confidence we may want to take them for the whole event
21:10:02 <lavamind> we can take our time with this anyway, the only deadline re: food is the contract with the venur which is february
21:10:21 <tvaz> lavamind, ah
21:10:27 <lavamind> if it was only the catering, we could sign a contract with the 30 days before
21:10:32 <lavamind> them*
21:10:37 <tvaz> actually CW is making some pressure already
21:10:52 <tvaz> because they need start negotiation with employees
21:11:02 <tvaz> for vacations in the summer
21:11:12 <tvaz> so she needs an ansewr very soon
21:11:20 <lavamind> ok
21:11:43 <tvaz> so let's meet le diner and ask for a new quote for CW, agreed?
21:11:56 <tvaz> then next meeting we come back with more info to make a decision
21:12:13 <lavamind> tvaz: agreed
21:12:34 <lavamind> tvaz: we're abandoning a 3rd option ?
21:12:43 <pollo> #agreed we will meet with Le Diner and get some more infos to be able to take a decision during the next meeting
21:12:49 <tvaz> lavamind, if both fails we'll need a 3rd one
21:13:08 <tvaz> but for now I prefer to save some effort of searching new ones
21:13:08 <pollo> #topic Next meeting
21:13:23 <pollo> some people have again raised the issue of meeting time
21:13:37 <lavamind> o/
21:13:51 <pollo> so let's drop some days+time and see what people think about it
21:13:56 <tvaz> so instead of doodling let's try to make a new date now
21:14:09 <lavamind> well for me I'd like a morning meetin
21:14:13 <pollo> monday morning?
21:14:17 <lavamind> but: doesn,t mean we have to drop this one
21:14:17 <abdelq> lol
21:14:23 <pollo> that's my only morning
21:14:24 <tvaz> monday morning works for me
21:14:29 <lavamind> good for me also
21:14:38 <bremner> depends on the exact time for me
21:14:42 <tvaz> anyone ?
21:14:45 <pollo> what about non local people?
21:14:54 <pollo> (morning in NA eastern time)
21:14:57 <pollo> mondays
21:14:58 <LeLutin> monday morning works for me too
21:14:59 <DLange> 20 UTC is quite good
21:15:05 <lavamind> we could add it in between the biweekly meetings
21:15:08 <DLange> the day ... I don't care much
21:15:19 <pollo> we could try aiming for lunch time UTC
21:15:23 <lavamind> I think at this stage the pace is picking up anyway
21:15:27 <tvaz> late morning?
21:15:27 <pollo> so 8 in Quebec
21:15:43 <lavamind> no, 8 is no good for me though :/
21:15:45 <tvaz> I meant early morning :)
21:15:53 <LeLutin> 5am
21:15:59 <lavamind> LeLutin: lol
21:16:02 <pollo> woot 5am
21:16:05 <pollo> 10 am?
21:16:06 * LeLutin will be sleeping
21:16:07 <lavamind> earliest for me would be 9h30
21:16:14 <lavamind> 10am would be good
21:16:16 <tvaz> anytime is good for me
21:16:18 <pollo> 10am == 14 UTC
21:16:21 <tvaz> on mondays morning
21:16:22 <abdelq> 10 AM works for me too!
21:16:24 <LeLutin> 9:30/10:00 is ok
21:16:52 <tvaz> 9:30 is better though
21:16:53 <lavamind> mondays 10AM EST every other week ?
21:17:18 <LeLutin> so 14:00 utc
21:17:23 <lavamind> yeah
21:17:27 <tvaz> fine
21:17:40 <DLange> let's try this
21:17:46 <pollo> #agreed we'll hold our meetings on 14:00 UTC on mondays every other week
21:17:51 <tvaz> h01ger, ^
21:17:52 <lavamind> pollo: wait
21:18:04 <lavamind> are we replacing this slot or adding one
21:18:05 <DLange> if none of the non-Canadian people show up, you'll need to reconcider :)
21:18:11 <pollo> lavamind: replacing
21:18:19 <lavamind> I was suggesting to add
21:18:20 <cate> DLange: why?
21:18:33 <pollo> lavamind: I think that'll be too much
21:18:35 <lavamind> add until furthe notice at least
21:18:42 <DLange> because 2pm is work time and not everybody can do private stuff during work
21:18:47 <pollo> we won't have time to do stuff between meetins
21:18:54 <tvaz> i'd replace and reconsider if we have trouble if this new time
21:19:08 <lavamind> pollo: I prefer shorter meetings
21:19:18 <lavamind> and some time to do stuff right after
21:19:27 <cate> DLange: it was more: why there is *need* of non-canadian?
21:19:30 <DLange> i'm with tvaz, let's try and see
21:19:36 <pollo> +1
21:19:38 <lavamind> ok
21:19:56 <pollo> great! anything to add on this?
21:20:05 <lavamind> next meeting: monday 14 nov 14:00 UTC
21:20:10 <lavamind> #info next meeting: monday 14 nov 14:00 UTC
21:20:13 <tvaz> cool
21:20:30 <pollo> #action pollo to write a meeting summary on the wiki + ML
21:20:37 <pollo> #topic misc
21:20:40 <pollo> MISC!
21:20:47 <pollo> please misc if you wish to
21:20:54 <LeLutin> misc
21:21:23 <pollo> #endmeeting