15:30:46 <lavamind_> #startmeeting
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15:31:00 <lavamind_> #opic Role call
15:31:03 <lavamind_> #topic Role call
15:31:11 <lavamind_> say hi if you're around!
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15:31:54 <LeLutin> \o
15:31:56 <lavamind_> so we have I think two confirmed absentees, pollo and gwolf
15:32:10 <lavamind_> LeLutin: o/
15:33:08 <lavamind_> so... just me and LeLutin ? o.O
15:33:09 <LeLutin> so much snow this morning
15:33:24 <lavamind_> yes it's clogging up people's memory of todays meeting :p
15:34:27 <LeLutin> hmm that's going to be a quick meeting :P
15:34:51 <olasd> I'm around but I didn't intend to attend
15:35:02 <olasd> not that I'd have anything to say anyway
15:35:06 <DLange> o/ I'm here. Now. Mostly.
15:35:07 <lavamind_> pollo asked me to send a reminder on the list late last night but I forgot to do it :/
15:35:53 <DLange> happens, don't worry lavamind_
15:36:18 <lavamind_> I suggest we go through the items on the agenda for discussion, as a non decisional meeting
15:36:39 <lavamind_> LeLutin, DLange are you ok with it ?
15:36:40 <olasd> sounds reasonable
15:36:43 <DLange> yes, sounds good
15:36:50 <LeLutin> yeah sounds good
15:37:02 <lavamind_> #topic DC16 finances & final report
15:37:25 <lavamind_> ok so as usual there has been little progress
15:37:47 <lavamind_> I was going to propose that we stop bringing it up at each and every meeting
15:38:12 <DLange> highvoltage seems to be working on the final report
15:38:28 <DLange> and nkukard should be finishing the ledger once he has some time
15:38:32 <lavamind_> the task histories for these tow items is in Kanboard, and the people who can actually do the things are never here
15:38:40 <DLange> (so I guess early next year on the latter topic)
15:38:45 <lavamind_> yeah
15:39:25 <lavamind_> DLange: I'm not saying we should erare/forget about it, just not dwell any more in meetings
15:39:49 <lavamind_> anyway, I guess we'll bring it up again next meeting if there are more people
15:39:54 <DLange> makes sense
15:40:04 <DLange> "non-decisional" we said :)
15:40:22 <lavamind_> #info highvoltage said he was going to review the final report
15:40:37 <LeLutin> if we stop bringing it up in the meetings we might want to send an email to the list to say so
15:40:47 <lavamind_> #info nkukard should be finishing the ledger once he has some time
15:41:32 <lavamind_> #agreed bring the proposal to strike DC16 agenda items from meetings to next meeting
15:41:58 <lavamind_> #agreed if we decide to strike DC16 topic from future meetings, we should announce it on the list
15:42:13 <lavamind_> anything else?
15:42:20 <DLange> nope
15:42:22 <lavamind_> #topic Catering
15:42:45 * larjona is here, just cached up with the log
15:42:46 <lavamind_> LeLutin: got any info? afaik there's no updates to share
15:43:00 * cate too. Forgot about meeting
15:43:08 <LeLutin> hum we announced to CW that we wouldn't go with them
15:43:31 <LeLutin> but I don't remember if it was brought up in a previous meeting
15:43:46 <DLange> not that you did, only that you planned to tell them
15:44:00 <lavamind_> they replied saying they thought we'd be making things complicated for ourselves
15:44:08 <DLange> do we have a contract with the preferred folks? If not, when do you plan on signing it?
15:44:15 <lavamind_> but that we should let them know if we needed anything
15:44:47 <lavamind_> DLange: not yet, afaik they are working on a revising their quote I think
15:45:03 <lavamind_> I'm not sure
15:45:27 <DLange> o.k., tvaz will know in the next meeting, I guess
15:45:36 <lavamind_> #info tvaz absent, meeting is in the dark about contract timeline for catering with Le Dîner
15:45:57 <lavamind_> anything else?
15:46:47 <lavamind_> #topic Venue
15:46:53 <DLange> (silence -> proceed :))
15:47:06 <lavamind_> DLange: I usually wait 1 minute
15:47:34 <DLange> oki, /me practices patience for the next items
15:47:37 <lavamind_> I got a call from the venue with some bad news
15:47:43 <DLange> oh?
15:47:57 <lavamind_> our 3rd talk room is unavailable after all
15:48:16 <lavamind_> they had booked it elsewhere and omiytted to tell us
15:48:41 <lavamind_> it's not a huge deal but disappointing as it was adjacent to all our other rooms
15:48:45 <LeLutin> they had booked it before we had a quote from them?
15:48:50 <lavamind_> LeLutin: yes
15:49:09 <LeLutin> they suck at booking then
15:49:10 <DLange> so we will share the venue with another conference (very) close by?
15:49:11 <billux> Hi, I'm a little late…
15:49:41 <lavamind_> so what happened is that the college library books this room every year to receive inventory
15:50:08 <lavamind_> they also use it for school manual distribution
15:50:15 <DLange> aah, that's not bad (except for us missing the room)
15:50:22 <DLange> more traffic for the job fair
15:50:34 <lavamind_> DLange: well it opens the day after DebConf
15:50:43 <LeLutin> I guess the book distribution won't be happening during the conference
15:50:48 <lavamind_> so it will be basically closed with only library staff inside
15:50:57 <DLange> bah, opportunity wasted ;-)
15:51:26 <lavamind_> I did ask for an arrangement so that we can have passage to the interior garden
15:52:09 <lavamind_> the only other passage to the 2nd level garden is in the 2nd talk room, but we'll want to avoid people walking through the talk room
15:52:32 <LeLutin> right
15:52:57 <lavamind_> if we don't have passage, then the only way to reach the 2nd level in the garden, which is the main space, is to go down and back up some flights of stairs
15:53:08 <lavamind_> or go through the talk room
15:53:43 <LeLutin> so the passage you asked is through another room?
15:53:54 <lavamind_> LeLutin: through the room we were supposed to have
15:54:40 <LeLutin> ah I see. hmm but if they store lots of books in there they might not want to leave this room unchecked..
15:54:43 <lavamind_> the library normally sets up that room so there's some space for queuing
15:55:03 <lavamind_> LeLutin: right, but if it's open in the daytime its better than closed
15:55:23 <lavamind_> LeLutin: and there shouldn't be talks in the 2nd talk room at night or evenings
15:55:23 <LeLutin> yep. then during the night we can pass through the talk room
15:55:30 <lavamind_> yes
15:55:40 <lavamind_> anyway
15:55:50 <lavamind_> we still need a 3rd talk room
15:56:05 <lavamind_> should we discuss the options now ?
15:56:21 <DLange> well, you could just list them so people know for the next meeting
15:56:32 <lavamind_> ok there are several options
15:56:46 <lavamind_> the first, suggested by the venue manager, is the "small auditorium"
15:56:55 <lavamind_> the capacity iirc is about 100
15:57:15 <lavamind_> it's on the 3rd floor (remember the rest of the conf is on 2nd)
15:57:51 <cate> no problem if one room is in an other buildings and floor (see NYC, at DC10)
15:57:52 <lavamind_> it's more expensive than the cancelled room but its being offered to us at the same price
15:57:58 <LeLutin> it's reachable with an elevator iirc?
15:58:31 <lavamind_> LeLutin: yes, elevator accessible, all rooms are in the same building and all floors are reacchable by elevator
15:59:00 <lavamind_> the second options, favored by pollo, is a set of three adjoining classroom which can be merges
15:59:27 <lavamind_> the capacity is about 120, but it's on 5th floor, but it would be less expensive
16:00:05 <DLange> he can tell us next time why he thinks this is the better option...
16:00:18 <lavamind_> the third option, favored by me, is to use the divisions inside the main auditorium
16:00:44 <DLange> so split one room into two or more?
16:00:54 <lavamind_> DLange: the main auditorium can be split into 3
16:01:04 <DLange> and we have that booked already?
16:01:06 <lavamind_> around 250 / 100 / 100
16:01:13 <lavamind_> DLange: we have it booked already
16:01:31 <lavamind_> my concern if we were using those divisions is sound leakage
16:01:34 <DLange> sounds the most logical option to me, too. But let's discuss in a fortnight.
16:01:42 <LeLutin> is it easy to remove the seprations when we need the full auditorium?
16:01:53 <lavamind_> but apparently according to the venue manager its designed so that there's not leakage
16:02:16 <lavamind_> he said they once had two conference and a movie and no one complained
16:02:44 <lavamind_> LeLutin: the separations are easy to install/remove, and we already have the tech guy to help us with it
16:03:01 <lavamind_> so he can show us how to do it at the beginning
16:03:36 <lavamind_> DLange: sounds like the most logical option to me, however pollo raised objections based on videoteam requirements
16:03:38 <cate> hmm, but video-team may not like such changes
16:03:56 <lavamind_> right
16:04:19 <lavamind_> my idea was for us to go on site and see how we could do things
16:04:25 <DLange> yes, video may have issues with this depending on whether they can keep unused camera sets in the split / unsplit rooms
16:04:39 <DLange> sounds like a good plan, lavamind_
16:04:41 <LeLutin> lavamind_: that sounds like a reasonable plan
16:04:49 <DLange> that way pollo can also assess the impact on video
16:04:51 <lavamind_> DLange: I don't see why they couldn't, but we should go there and meet with the technician
16:05:07 <DLange> ack
16:05:32 <larjona> Trying to convince the librarians to use a different room is not an option? It would be better for them too, their workflow not disturbed by debconf etc
16:05:32 <lavamind_> #info our 3rd talk room ended up double-booked and we lost, so we need to choose a new talk room
16:05:55 <lavamind_> larjona: I insisted very hard on that point
16:06:14 <lavamind_> to no avail, there is no alternative at the college for them, apparently
16:06:24 <larjona> thanks
16:06:50 <lavamind_> #agreed we'll visit the possible alternative locations before choosing a new room
16:07:04 <lavamind_> #anything else?
16:07:18 <LeLutin> nope
16:07:19 <lavamind_> note that I have to run outside in about 15 minutes
16:07:26 <lavamind_> #topic Website
16:07:31 <lavamind_> websiiiiite!
16:07:36 <LeLutin> nothing moved for the website
16:08:00 <lavamind_> *sigh* :(
16:08:08 <cate> but there is discussion on ml
16:08:25 <lavamind_> tumbleweed said yesterday he was about to work on it
16:08:33 <lavamind_> but I've not seen any upfdates
16:09:01 <LeLutin> we're thinking of doing a sprint on the site soon. so far tiago, lavamind_ and me are up for it
16:09:07 <lavamind_> cate: there is but no one who is actually in a position to do things has answered
16:09:30 <lavamind_> I think only LeLutin has access, but not enough to give other people access
16:09:59 <lavamind_> eg. Noel, who is motivated to work on it but is unable to contribute
16:10:10 <cate> access to what?
16:10:11 <DLange> access to git that is?
16:10:16 <lavamind_> yes access to git
16:10:59 <LeLutin> I'm not even sure I have push access :|
16:11:15 <cate> which git repository?
16:11:20 <lavamind_> LeLutin: you said for several meetings iirc that you'd fix the 404's :/
16:11:24 <LeLutin> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debconf-data/dc17.dc.o.git
16:11:40 <lavamind_> did you do it but on the staging site ?
16:12:08 <lavamind_> I see the staging site also has the same problems
16:12:08 <LeLutin> lavamind_: I know, and it's rather simple but I still haven't gotten around to it
16:12:12 <lavamind_> anyway
16:12:14 <cate> I think all debconf-data repositories have the same permissions
16:12:28 <lavamind_> LeLutin: please put a rush on this, it's becoming critical
16:12:47 <lavamind_> some sponsors have sort of been noticing this
16:13:14 <LeLutin> I don't know what to write in those pages though.. it'll fix the 404's but it's probably gonna be gibberish or meaningless text
16:13:21 <cate> I can have some time in two hours, to check, if you want
16:13:39 <lavamind_> as we're trying to bring more attention to dc17, with such a skeleton website, our effort looks somewhat amateurish right now
16:13:52 <cate> I had some priviledges on dc16 (and also on previous debconfs) so I think I can help, but not now
16:14:18 <lavamind_> LeLutin: you can copy paste stuff from the brochure, or link/redirect to other pages on debian.org or debconf.org
16:14:41 <DLange> tvaz and madduck can approve debconf-data authorization requests on alioth
16:15:16 <lavamind_> #info there's still no progress on the website
16:15:33 <cate> DLange: maybe you should ask for admin permission in debconf-data
16:15:51 <lavamind_> #info the design is created, some integration work was done but the main site is still skeleton-thin
16:16:00 <DLange> cate: I'll ask for both of us
16:16:06 <DLange> if you don't mind?
16:16:22 <lavamind_> DLange, cate, your help would be welcome
16:17:15 <cate> DLange: I'm not admin, so it is not my decision, but I think it is good if you get permission, as one of most active on meetings, so you know who should get permissions
16:17:35 <DLange> same for you. I'll just ask and see what the admins do.
16:17:38 <lavamind_> DLange, cate, Noël's integration work was published here https://github.com/RignonNoel/dc17.dc.o
16:18:05 <lavamind_> tumbleweed has said several times he'd review it but has not done so afaik
16:18:18 <lavamind_> if you have the ability to do it, and push it, I wouldn't mind
16:18:28 <lavamind_> as well as give Noel push access
16:18:47 <cate> lavamind_: I'll do a review in few hours, and I think we can push it.
16:19:00 <lavamind_> cate: great!
16:19:05 <cate> Until we have no many data, we could reset at request
16:19:26 <cate> so it doesn't need to be perfect now
16:19:38 <lavamind_> no,it doesn't
16:19:49 <lavamind_> it just needs to look less like crap :s
16:20:00 <lavamind_> which was fine for a while, now, not so much
16:20:16 <lavamind_> LeLutin: if you could keep an eye on this...
16:20:44 <lavamind_> I know you don't have lots of time but this is really an area where we can use you
16:21:13 <lavamind_> anything to add?
16:21:43 <lavamind_> #topic Accomodation
16:22:01 <lavamind_> I have lots to discuss but no time
16:22:34 <lavamind_> we have to take care of this next meeting
16:22:49 <lavamind_> #topic Fundraising
16:22:59 <LeLutin> I went to Red Cross to fetch some beds. they're store now in my office. I'm waiting for news as to when we can use them in a classroom
16:23:33 <lavamind_> LeLutin: before mid-january we should plan to go to Maisonneuve with the beds
16:23:51 <DLange> take pictures when you do please
16:23:54 <DLange> for the wiki etc.
16:24:03 <lavamind_> you can propose a date, since you'll probably be the one bringing them
16:24:06 <LeLutin> lavamind_: ok I thought that was when the beds needed to go back. we should make sure we have a classroom we can use before then
16:24:09 <lavamind_> DLange: that is the plan
16:24:47 <lavamind_> LeLutin: its in between semesters so it can basically be any time
16:24:48 <LeLutin> lavamind_: the date depends more on the availability of a space in maisonneuve
16:25:11 <lavamind_> LeLutin: its avaible any time before I think Jan 25 when the semester starts again
16:25:54 <LeLutin> ok good. then we can go there maybe during first or 2nd week of january
16:26:09 <lavamind_> LeLutin: yes, please propose a date that suits you
16:26:26 <lavamind_> me and pollo will try to adjust
16:26:41 <LeLutin> any time during those two weeks (ok maybe not jan. 2nd cause i'll probably be a wreck)
16:27:00 <lavamind_> #topic Fundraising, attempt #2
16:27:12 <lavamind_> most sponsors have been contacted once
16:27:21 <lavamind_> potential sponsors...
16:27:51 <DLange> yes, follow ups should be before christmas or from the second week of Jan
16:28:07 <DLange> between these dates too few people work and it may get lost in the noise more easily
16:28:12 <lavamind_> right
16:28:34 <lavamind_> let's try to fix the website from now till dec 25
16:28:46 <lavamind_> and send follow-ups in january
16:29:18 <DLange> ok
16:29:31 <lavamind_> either someone takes chair or we end the meeting, because I have to go dig out my car from under the snow
16:30:16 <lavamind_> ...
16:30:18 <LeLutin> I'm not sure we have the info for the next points anyway
16:30:28 <lavamind_> #topic Next meeting
16:30:35 <lavamind_> Monday in 2 weeks in Dec 26
16:30:38 <lavamind_> not a great time
16:30:42 <LeLutin> nope
16:30:48 <lavamind_> shall we meet next monday instead ?
16:30:48 <DLange> Jan 9th?
16:30:54 <DLange> Just skip the XMas one?
16:31:09 <DLange> Jan 2nd isn't good either
16:31:12 <lavamind_> my preference would be next meeting to be Dec 19
16:31:13 <LeLutin> I'm ok with this
16:31:24 <LeLutin> (skipping one)
16:31:32 <DLange> both work for me
16:31:38 <DLange> I can do the 19th as well
16:31:48 <lavamind_> LeLutin: Jan 19th ?
16:31:54 <lavamind_> Duh, Dec 19th
16:32:02 <lavamind_> next monday, OK for you?
16:32:30 <lavamind_> LeLutin: ping
16:32:33 <LeLutin> I'd go more with january, but if there's something that needs deciding we can do a meeting next week
16:32:50 <lavamind_> yes I have things to bring up
16:32:59 <lavamind_> ok so next monday
16:33:10 <lavamind_> I'll send a summary of the meeting this evening
16:33:15 <lavamind_> #endmeeting