15:32:09 <pollo> #startmeeting
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15:32:19 <pollo> #topic Roll call
15:32:34 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting!
15:32:40 <lavamind> konitchiwa
15:33:11 <lavamind> please, not all at once
15:33:16 <gwolf> o/
15:33:25 <pollo> meanwhile, here's the proposed agenda: http://deb.li/il9wc
15:33:36 <gwolf> I will be here only for agenda item 1
15:33:42 <gwolf> Maybe 2, if it stays empty
15:33:51 <LeLutin> hello I'm here
15:33:53 <lavamind> can we move accomodation to 1
15:34:01 * gwolf oh-noes
15:34:03 <pollo> lavamind: no, gwolf has to go
15:34:15 <lavamind> thats the point,
15:34:23 <gwolf> Anyway, our report will be quite short, and nobody will object :)
15:34:26 <lavamind> accomodation is a decision point
15:34:40 <lavamind> oh point 1 is conent ok
15:34:45 <lavamind> accom to 2 then
15:35:12 <lavamind> the decision points should be at the beginning of the meeting not
15:35:25 <lavamind> thankushen
15:35:30 <pollo> #topic Content team
15:35:33 <gwolf> Good
15:35:40 <gwolf> Well, as to the agenda points: "No."
15:35:49 <gwolf> We failed to send out the CfP by Feb 1
15:36:01 <lavamind> can we send it... this week?
15:36:04 <gwolf> but are mostly ready - we asked several people to proofread and comment
15:36:06 <gwolf> yes, of course
15:36:13 <lavamind> ok good then
15:36:25 <lavamind> #info CfP will be published this week
15:36:36 <gwolf> lavamind: Last movement was larjona saying she is ready to publish it in the "bits", but she prefers if somebody from the content team does the publishing
15:36:43 <gwolf> (that means, to mailing lists mostly)
15:36:47 <pollo> gwolf: any news on potential keynote speakers?
15:36:52 <gwolf> I intend to send some mails on Tuesday
15:37:08 <gwolf> pollo: sadly, I havent' given much thought to it, but we should
15:37:20 <gwolf> we have one candidate, which I think is good, and should come back to her _soon_
15:37:29 <gwolf> but we haven't discussed much the proposal
15:37:40 <pollo> I feel now's the time for that, we are getting closer to the conf and it seems more real for a lot of ppl
15:37:45 <gwolf> But, again, that's work that I estimate can be done this week
15:37:49 <gwolf> pollo: agree.
15:38:11 <pollo> great! anything to add?
15:38:14 <lavamind> sounds good to me, several things should get moving with content this week
15:38:19 <gwolf> And as for the Open Day, we have Noel Rignon as the coordinator; we have not included it in our CfP, but should send specific CfP for the topic soon
15:38:37 <lavamind> gwolf: I'd be happy to help review the open day cfp
15:38:41 <lavamind> along with Noel
15:38:43 <gwolf> The talks will be submitted using our same interface, marked as a different track
15:38:57 <lavamind> good
15:38:58 <gwolf> lavamind: I'd say not only proofread, but also translate to French!
15:39:06 <lavamind> gwolf: sure
15:39:18 <gwolf> But anyway, we did some good work this week... only the results are not there yet :)
15:39:25 * LeLutin can also help with translating if you need help
15:39:30 <gwolf> and... I don't know if there's somebody else from the team
15:39:36 <gwolf> but that's it from my part
15:39:51 <gwolf> (now, can I go help with the kids again? :-] )
15:39:59 <lavamind> release the gunnar!
15:40:13 <pollo> #topic Accommodation
15:40:15 <gwolf> Hugs to y'all!
15:40:32 <lavamind> see the pad for the current state of things
15:40:51 <lavamind> this is the result of several weeks of coordination and consultation
15:41:08 <pollo> s/pad/agenda/
15:41:24 <lavamind> the residence side was settled last week, the reservation is WIP
15:41:46 <pollo> I feel 25 CAD is a lot for onsite accom
15:41:56 <lavamind> pollo: that is the cost
15:41:59 <pollo> but appart from that, I feel that's solid
15:42:19 <pollo> lavamind: you did the math?
15:42:25 <lavamind> pollo: yes
15:42:29 <pollo> ok then
15:42:41 <lavamind> it does not include transportation of the beds
15:43:30 <pollo> anything to add on accom? You wanted us to decided, but afaik it's all done anyway
15:43:42 <lavamind> the hotel contract is not signed
15:43:49 <lavamind> neither is the venue contract
15:44:07 <pollo> well 2 for camp and 20 for conf at the hotel seems fine
15:44:31 <lavamind> it's all still a baseline but we won't have a lot a room to move on it as the conference approaches
15:44:40 <pollo> and for the on-site, it's realistic and can be changed if registration proves us wrong
15:44:59 <lavamind> yeah I still feel debcamp accom is on the low side
15:45:15 <lavamind> but youre right we can add without much trouble
15:45:42 <lavamind> anyone else?
15:46:14 <pollo> low attendance meeting has low attendance
15:46:21 <lavamind> these combined contracts we are about to sign have a value of nearly 100k
15:46:23 <pollo> I think we should just move on
15:47:05 <pollo> sure, but we've been talking about if for a while now
15:47:16 <pollo> and it's the result of careful planning and a lot of discussion
15:47:23 <lavamind> yeah yeah I now
15:47:24 <pollo> we are not winging the whole thing
15:47:43 <pollo> #topic registration
15:47:58 <pollo> I did some work on the registration for content last week
15:48:05 <pollo> s/for/form/
15:48:26 <pollo> it's not implemented yet, but here's the way I see it: https://grep.be/blog/en/life/fosdem/FOSDEM_2017_is_finished.../
15:48:28 <pollo> oops
15:48:35 <pollo> https://grep.be/blog/en/life/fosdem/FOSDEM_2017_is_finished.../
15:48:37 <pollo> caliss
15:48:45 <lavamind> hehe
15:48:46 <pollo> https://pad.riseup.net/p/pollo
15:48:48 <pollo> here we go
15:49:08 <pollo> I'll try to find some time this week to do this is in wafer
15:49:42 <pollo> I think that's all for registration
15:49:53 <lavamind> hrmmm
15:50:07 <lavamind> are we offering to reserve for selfpaying ?
15:50:26 <lavamind> we should only take selfpaying for onsite
15:50:30 <pollo> lavamind: reserving for what
15:50:40 * shirish[m] here.
15:50:47 <lavamind> the 10 rooms for selfpaying at the hotel, they just need to call the hotel toll free number
15:50:56 <pollo> sure, I'll remove that
15:51:08 <pollo> this was based on previous accom schemes
15:51:21 <lavamind> and we may want to pepper some links to wiki pages in there
15:51:33 <pollo> sure, in wafer
15:51:43 <pollo> this is a design thingy to help me think
15:52:07 <pollo> #topic Catering
15:52:13 <pollo> tvaz: ping?
15:52:15 <lavamind> and people should be able to selfpay onsite accomodation at debcamp as well, not just debconf
15:52:26 <pollo> lavamind: I'll add that
15:52:33 * larjona waves, from mobile, catched up with backlog
15:53:22 <lavamind> pollo: we can work on the wafer form together this week if you want
15:53:38 <pollo> lavamind: sure, you are better with JS than me anyway
15:53:51 <lavamind> heh, sure
15:53:51 <pollo> ok, no catering, I guess nothing happened anyway
15:54:03 <pollo> #topic Venue
15:54:16 * pollo did a nice .ods table with all the rooms we want to rent
15:54:32 * lavamind high-fives pollo
15:54:38 <pollo> lavamind: have you send it to the venue manager?
15:54:40 <lavamind> looks quite good
15:54:44 <pollo> we go from 53K to 45K
15:54:46 <lavamind> no, will do tomorrow
15:55:31 <pollo> lavamind and I worked on the venue contract too this week
15:55:46 <pollo> lavamind: you meet the lawyer tonight right?
15:55:50 <lavamind> yep
15:56:13 <DLange> o/ sorry, coming in late from a meeting
15:56:17 <lavamind> who is coming along ?
15:56:21 <DLange> :)
15:56:28 <pollo> lavamind: I think you'll be alone
15:56:30 <lavamind> LeLutin: do you want to come to the meeting with the lawyer?
15:56:41 <lavamind> ok well anyway, it's at 19h at the Maisonneuve cafeteria
15:56:42 <LeLutin> lavamind: when is it?
15:56:43 <tvaz> late hi
15:56:52 <pollo> as for the alcohol permit, I think asking Jean to do it might be a good idea
15:56:53 <LeLutin> lavamind: today? sure I could come
15:56:56 <tvaz> pollo, sorry had to go out for a few minutes
15:57:25 <pollo> #action pollo to ask Jean Schuger to ask for the alcohol permit
15:57:28 <tvaz> are we still in catering?
15:57:41 <pollo> no, but we can go back if needed
15:57:42 <lavamind> pollo: if no reply by next week, we should move on
15:57:49 <lavamind> and ocntact Benelux directly
15:57:49 <pollo> lavamind: sure
15:58:23 <pollo> #topic website
15:58:35 <pollo> seems everything is ready for CfP
15:58:46 <pollo> not a lot to add here
15:58:47 <LeLutin> yeah cfp was activated in wafertest
15:58:53 <LeLutin> awaiting push to prod
15:58:59 <tvaz> pollo, i have an update and a question on catering, please re-set the topic when you can, i'll be here :)
15:58:59 <LeLutin> not much else has moved
15:59:04 * h01ger waves
15:59:14 <pollo> #topic Catering
15:59:19 <lavamind> I've been meaning to add more in terms of contact info on the website, such as debconf-announce
15:59:29 <h01ger> (got highlighted too early and then distracted so i missed the start)
15:59:43 <h01ger> can you do #save please?
15:59:48 <pollo> #save
16:00:20 <pollo> tvaz: ?
16:00:33 <h01ger> pollo: thanks
16:01:44 <tvaz> so
16:01:47 <tvaz> the contract is ready with our changes and approved by le dinner
16:02:00 <lavamind> tvaz: is it in owncloud?
16:02:03 <tvaz> lavamind, yes
16:02:12 <lavamind> ok, will check it out
16:02:32 <tvaz> they will provide a 'fancy' meal for the formal dinner
16:03:05 <tvaz> a bit more expensive, I'm still waiting for that
16:03:59 <tvaz> it's going to be buffet anyway, but with des bouch� chaudes et froides
16:04:07 <tvaz> (don't know how to say that in english)
16:04:16 * DLange uses Google translate :)
16:04:39 <tvaz> + they're fine with the 24h request for breakfast on the Aug13
16:04:45 <pollo> appetizers
16:04:46 <DLange> hot and cold startes
16:04:48 <tvaz> that's it
16:04:48 <lavamind> tvaz: we could serve the cocktail in the indoor garden
16:05:00 <tvaz> yes,
16:05:16 <tvaz> also, we've decided to not mix alcoolical beverage service with them
16:05:21 <lavamind> ok, looks good
16:05:33 <tvaz> so we need to organize this by oursevels
16:06:05 <pollo> we plan to do the formal dinner in the cafeteria right?
16:06:15 <tvaz> pollo, yes
16:06:20 <pollo> we need to ask for an alcohol permit for that room that night too
16:06:29 <pollo> so we need to decided when it'll be
16:06:31 <lavamind> pollo: hrmm
16:06:34 <tvaz> yes
16:07:01 <lavamind> do we want alcohol in the cafeteria, we'll have it at the party anyway
16:07:14 <tvaz> +buying the beverage and the servings utensils (cups?)
16:07:14 <lavamind> it would be an incentive for ppl to come :p
16:07:16 <DLange> do we need a alcohol license for cheese & wine then as well?
16:07:17 <pollo> lavamind: during the formal dinner yeah
16:07:27 <h01ger> DLange: of course…
16:07:34 <pollo> DLange: yeah, but that will be in a room where we have one
16:07:46 <DLange> ok, awesome
16:07:49 <tvaz> lavamind, I'd like to provide some alcohol during formal dinner, yes
16:07:56 <lavamind> ok
16:08:00 <tvaz> we don't know yet how it's going to be in the tower
16:08:07 <lavamind> right
16:08:08 <tvaz> maybe it's going to be a bit expensive
16:08:11 <pollo> typically, the formal dinner is on Thursdays?
16:08:13 <pollo> Fridays?
16:08:28 <tvaz> can't recall
16:09:07 <pollo> ok, let's say Thursday then. Might be better for the Tower too
16:09:39 <tvaz> agreed
16:09:40 <h01ger> day trip is wednesday?
16:09:43 <pollo> #agreed formal dinner will be on Thursday
16:09:48 <pollo> h01ger: sounds good :D
16:10:06 <lavamind> I think its a bit early to decide on a date
16:10:10 <lavamind> for both of these
16:10:18 <lavamind> 1) we doN,t know what the daytrip plans are
16:10:19 <pollo> lavamind: we need to ask for the alcohol permit
16:10:29 <pollo> and that will be done soon
16:10:31 <lavamind> 2) we don't know the dates for the tower yet
16:10:33 <h01ger> pollo: its the usual schedule. a day trip break in the middle… cheese and wine early (because else the cheese…)… formal dinner on a day with high attendence (so not early nor late)
16:10:43 <h01ger> (and there is no formal dinner. just conference dinner ;)
16:10:51 <LeLutin> pollo: alcohol permits are not too long to obtain iirc
16:11:06 <pollo> LeLutin: that's not what we've been told by the venue
16:11:16 <pollo> even if it goes against my previous experience
16:12:03 <lavamind> we'll see
16:12:06 <pollo> anyway, we don't have to decide the daytrip day now (even though I feel Wednesday feels right)
16:12:06 <tvaz> so let's agree we have plans for conference dinner on Thursday and daytrip on Wed
16:12:12 <tvaz> *if possible*
16:12:15 <lavamind> sure
16:12:17 <tvaz> time to check tower dates
16:12:21 <lavamind> agreed.
16:12:25 <lavamind> yes I will do that this week
16:12:30 <tvaz> :)
16:12:33 <pollo> #agreed daytrip will be on Wednesday (if possible)
16:12:45 <pollo> #topic SPI and DC17
16:12:47 <DLange> #info please amend https://debconf17.debconf.org/schedule/important-dates/
16:13:06 <pollo> will do
16:13:32 <lavamind> the machine is started
16:13:49 <pollo> vroom vroom ?
16:13:50 <lavamind> I am coordinating with treasurer@rt.spi-inc.org
16:14:10 <h01ger> maybe summarize topic briefly?
16:14:14 <lavamind> I think we can drop this item from future meetings
16:14:22 <tvaz> hey
16:14:26 <tvaz> question on spi
16:14:33 <tvaz> about signing the contracts
16:14:40 <pollo> lavamind: it was you who wanted to talk about this a while ago but did not have time to do so
16:14:42 <lavamind> we had this before when we were unsure about the process for contracts & payments
16:14:47 <tvaz> the catering service asked when we could sign it
16:14:55 <larjona> I have to go, will catch up later
16:15:11 <pollo> tvaz: at the same time the venue contract is signed?
16:15:12 <tvaz> should martin send a signed contract by postal service?
16:15:31 <lavamind> tvaz: I can help with this but in 2-3 weeks when the other contracts are settled
16:15:32 <tvaz> when the venue contract will be signed?
16:15:33 <pollo> tvaz: can't he print & scan it?
16:16:00 <pollo> tvaz: in the next 2 weeks I guess
16:16:02 <tvaz> pollo, I think so, I'm asking the SPI has a procedure for that...? or not?
16:16:20 <tvaz> pollo, great, I'll tell that for the catering
16:16:28 <DLange> they do whatever is required
16:16:32 <lavamind> tvaz: whatever works for them
16:16:42 <pollo> lavamind: when it'll be time to sign the venue contract, please also send the catering one to Martin
16:16:47 <lavamind> short of flying in Martin to sign it :p
16:16:50 <DLange> as the have no "office" it's personal effort anyways. So scan / fax / mail as needed.
16:17:21 <tvaz> cool
16:17:26 <lavamind> tvaz: anyway I'd like to review the contract first
16:17:36 <tvaz> sure
16:17:47 <tvaz> did you find it in OC?
16:17:51 <lavamind> did they give you a precise deadline to sign?
16:18:45 <lavamind> tvaz: the annex with the menu detail is still missing
16:19:26 <tvaz> lavamind, yes, the menu detail will be coming soon with the changes for the conference dinnre
16:19:35 <lavamind> ok
16:19:41 <lavamind> it should be in the same document
16:19:45 <tvaz> lavamind, no deadline, i'll propose her about 2 weeks from now
16:19:45 <pollo> anything else?
16:19:59 <lavamind> tvaz: by the end of the month would be better :)
16:20:13 <lavamind> I'm a bit rushed these days
16:20:26 <tvaz> ok
16:20:31 <lavamind> thanks
16:21:02 <lavamind> next topic ?
16:21:46 <pollo> #topic Sending an update on debconf-announce ML
16:22:00 <pollo> I think we are now ready to send a nice mail on dc-announce with some infos
16:22:11 <lavamind> can we work on it this week on a pad?
16:22:19 <pollo> like important dates, when we think registration will open, accom, etc.
16:22:21 <pollo> lavamind: sure
16:23:04 <lavamind> ok
16:23:09 <pollo> #info pad for the dc-announce mail: https://storm.debian.net/shared/H4YOX7fF56MrEuxLMPzAuGRb5dKoI3wplGjK1bZ6_Od
16:23:26 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
16:23:54 <lavamind> I think we're good
16:23:56 <pollo> #topic misc!
16:24:14 <LeLutin> if we want simultaneous translation we can try and contact this collective https://coati.pimienta.org/index.fr.html
16:24:23 * pollo is trying to organise a second videoteam sprint before dc17
16:24:38 <LeLutin> apparently they are quite busy so we should contact them early if we want their services
16:24:55 <DLange> perhaps for open day
16:25:05 <pollo> LeLutin: I don't have the energy to touch that at all, but if you want i'm not opposed to it
16:25:12 <DLange> are there people around Montreal that do not speak English?
16:25:21 <pollo> but having working with sim trad before, it's a lot of work
16:25:23 <olasd> am I the only one for whom storm.d.n only gives a spinner and never loads?
16:25:27 <pollo> DLange: few
16:25:40 <DLange> so then probably we do not need any sim translation
16:25:44 * h01ger thinks subtitles are more useful but i see how different groups of people are interested in different things
16:25:52 <LeLutin> DLange: some yes. in mtl it's more rare, but outside of the city english is less standard
16:27:17 <pollo> #endmeeting