15:30:18 <lavamind> #startmeeting
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15:30:31 <lavamind> #topic Roll call
15:30:46 <paulliu_tw> hi
15:30:47 <lavamind> please say hello if you're ehere for the meeting
15:30:56 <paulliu_tw> hello
15:30:59 <DLange> EHLO
15:31:00 <lavamind> paulliu_tw: hi, no need for _tw anymore, thats only for the decision meeting :)
15:31:01 * bdale is lurking
15:31:13 <paulliu> hello
15:31:13 <bremner> sortof here. except for getting food and leaving early
15:31:19 <czchen> hello
15:31:35 * DLange orders from bremner catering
15:32:09 <lavamind> ping tvaz, LeLutin
15:32:48 <abdelq> o/
15:33:40 <LeLutin> o/
15:33:42 <lavamind> we'll start in a minute
15:33:57 <LeLutin> STARTTLS
15:34:36 <lavamind> anyone else want to run this meeting in SMTP-speak? :p
15:34:57 <h01ger> o/
15:35:07 <DLange> ^5 LeLutin
15:35:07 * olasd waves from afar
15:35:10 <h01ger> HELO
15:35:17 <LeLutin> well once we pass the DATA. line we can start conversing :)
15:35:27 <tvaz> hi
15:35:30 <lavamind> #topic 1. DebConf18 welcome, quick status update and dates
15:35:55 <lavamind> czchen, paulliu: again, congrats, and thank you for being here
15:36:01 <czchen> thanks
15:36:14 <LeLutin> indeed congrats :)
15:36:15 * h01ger would also use the opportunity to again thank the brasilian bid for running!
15:36:27 <h01ger> +please run again! :)
15:37:04 * lavamind passes mic to paulliu & czchen
15:37:11 <czchen> Currently we plan to have dc18 in Sat, Aug 4, 2018 ~ Sun, Aug 19, 2018.
15:37:20 * h01ger who brought up the topic doesnt have much to add about the dates except what was said at the mailinglist… is there a deadline for when you need to know, or just "ASAP"?
15:37:55 <h01ger> i dont think running the dates pre-decision through more public channels is sensible. but maybe give it a week more time for feedback, before finalizing?
15:38:07 <czchen> I think it is ASAP due to the fact that dorm registration 0is first come, first serve.
15:38:11 <lavamind> when we announced the dc17 dates during dc16, it was still early, probably the earliest it has been
15:38:12 <paulliu> yeah. We are preparing contract with the university now.
15:38:36 <lavamind> cool
15:38:37 <czchen> I think a week, or two week later is okay
15:38:50 <lavamind> will the contract be in chinese only ?
15:38:55 <h01ger> except for gwolf's personal objection, there wasnt any, right?
15:39:10 <DLange> FTR gwolf requested that you check moving earlier due to his semester starting sometime in August
15:39:15 <h01ger> (which could also be due to its really early and other event dates are not known yet)
15:39:29 <h01ger> s#objection#concern# :)
15:39:57 <paulliu> Is that required to be in English? We discussed that inside our team. Some people think that Chinese is ok.
15:40:18 <paulliu> As for a contract, official language has more power on law.
15:40:19 <h01ger> paulliu: whats your plan for the legal entity to sign it? (aka: who will sign it?)
15:40:19 <lavamind> paulliu: it's not required, no, our venue contract will be in French :p
15:40:20 <czchen> I see, maybe we can move to late Jul.
15:40:27 <DLange> Chinese is o.k., just translate the bits that we need to know for informed decisions
15:40:38 <DLange> we live with French contracts for DC17, that's the same
15:40:53 <bremner> well, more of us read French, I guess.
15:40:56 <bremner> fwiw.
15:40:58 <h01ger> its similar. a lot more people (in debian) get french
15:41:09 <h01ger> whats your plan for the legal entity to sign it? (aka: who will sign it?)
15:41:16 <paulliu> That's also another problem. We think we'll use OCF as a legal entity.
15:41:29 <paulliu> It is a open source promoting foundation.
15:41:33 <h01ger> paulliu: thats a problem to solve first :)
15:41:48 <lavamind> paulliu: I think the contract in Chinese is fine, but since less "outside" people will be able to review it, you will need to take extra care with it
15:41:49 <h01ger> and that organisation needs to have a contract/agreement with debian too
15:41:51 <h01ger> (!!)
15:42:06 <h01ger> (which probably can be done after signing, but this agreement with debian needs to be done)
15:42:16 <h01ger> as we will send debian money to that organisation
15:42:23 <czchen> h01ger: Will contact ocf for this.
15:42:26 <paulliu> OK.
15:42:36 <paulliu> Got it.
15:42:37 <h01ger> also contact leader@debian.org, i think
15:42:56 <olasd> h01ger: technically, the main problem is that organization receiving money on behalf of debian rather than the opposite
15:42:56 <lavamind> yeah I think getting mehdi's input on this will be valuable
15:43:08 <h01ger> #info dc18 contract with venue about dorms should be done ASAP as dorms are given out "first come, first serve"
15:43:31 <h01ger> #info dc18 local organisation will probably be OCF = open source promoting foundation
15:43:41 <h01ger> paulliu: got an URL for OCF?
15:43:43 <DLange> czchen: do you have a web page for OCF?
15:43:51 <czchen> http://ocf.tw/
15:44:04 <DLange> awesome
15:44:17 <h01ger> #info dc18 organisation needs to make a contract/agreement with debian, as we will send debian money to it. (and we can only spend debian money on well definied things etc.)
15:44:23 <h01ger> #info http://ocf.tw/
15:44:31 <czchen> Only Chinese version right now
15:45:00 * h01ger done infoing, left out mailing leader@debian.org on purpose as i'm not 100% sure its the right mailing address
15:45:11 <lavamind> h01ger: it is
15:45:24 <lavamind> anything else wrt dc18 ?
15:45:40 <h01ger> #info dc18 please involve leader@debian.org in the agreement with dc18 local organisation
15:45:45 <czchen> We are also working on logo right now.
15:45:59 * gwolf arrives
15:46:08 <gwolf> sorry for lateness
15:46:27 <lavamind> #topic 2. Content team
15:47:02 <h01ger> olasd: i think the problem is really two sided: the sending *and* receiving parts. but anway, IANAA (…accountant) and dc17 now
15:47:19 <gwolf> OK... I am still panting from my ride, so some bits might be off my head right
15:47:21 <gwolf> right now
15:47:26 * h01ger holas gwolf and the others from content team
15:47:45 <gwolf> ....We have made some progress on reviewing the proposals for invited speakers (were they... Around 10)
15:47:49 <lavamind> gwolf: there are some notes here http://deb.li/il9wc
15:48:15 <gwolf> I also mailed the team asking Noel (+team) to start working on a Open Day CfP
15:49:02 <gwolf> ...I was not very active this week due to us migrating our VoIP network at RL, but expect to be more active now
15:49:42 <gwolf> OK, I'll now look at data on submitted talks
15:49:59 <gwolf> As to how many invited speakers: We don't have a target number, but we have a cost level :)
15:50:09 <gwolf> So, we will have no more than US$8,000 worth of speakers
15:50:28 <gwolf> (having invited speakers residing in Montreal is a natural plus ;-) )
15:50:38 <tvaz> i think it's more than enough given the small amount of proposals
15:51:01 <gwolf> As of right nowe, we have... 20 talks
15:51:14 <gwolf> which I don't feel to be a "small amount", given how early it is
15:51:27 <gwolf> (or, tvaz... you mean small amount of invitation proposals?)
15:51:37 <tvaz> invitations, yes
15:51:48 <gwolf> Right. So, well... I think that's it from me
15:51:51 <tvaz> not that it's too small, but there're people coming from us/canada
15:51:59 <tvaz> which shouldn't cost much
15:52:05 <gwolf> h01ger: DLange
15:52:05 <tvaz> a few from europe maybe
15:52:24 <gwolf> tvaz: From North East USA it's quite cheap. From the opposite cost, it's almost the same cost than for me
15:52:30 <gwolf> I added some bits for
15:52:34 <gwolf> for travel prices
15:52:39 <gwolf> (sorry for the extra enters...)
15:53:22 <tvaz> I think we should resume the discussion and go ahead with a few consensual invitations
15:53:23 <gwolf> h01ger, DLange: Please don't take my objection as anything worth moving schedules around. It's just a _personal_ preference. Hopefully others will join, and we will have DebConf back in July where it belongs ;-) But I'm not objecting to it
15:53:30 <tvaz> anyway, this is content internals
15:53:33 <gwolf> right. That's the plan for this week )
15:53:41 <tvaz> :)
15:53:48 <lavamind> ok let's move on
15:53:58 <lavamind> #topic 3. Accomodation
15:54:06 <h01ger> gwolf: thats why i did s#objections#concerns#
15:54:16 <lavamind> 3.2 can be dealt with in a lter meeting
15:54:24 <gwolf> good :) And hola btw!
15:54:47 <lavamind> what would need to be decided now, concerns the venue contract so ideally we'd make a decision now
15:55:19 <lavamind> our initial plan was to have an onsite capacity of 60 (12 rooms) for debcamp and 90 (18 rooms) for debconf
15:55:38 <tumbleweed> o/ (tumbleweed wakes up)
15:56:03 <lavamind> in the latest iteration of the contract however, it was mentioned that we would not be able to cancel more than 5% of the value pf the contract
15:56:39 <lavamind> so we asked to reduce to 6 and 12 rooms, thinking we could always take up extra space in case we needed it
15:56:41 <lavamind> however
15:57:08 <h01ger> can we increase later=
15:57:08 <h01ger> ?
15:57:16 <lavamind> at our meeting with the venue manager, 1) he said these rooms could be reserved for other purposes soon
15:57:45 <lavamind> 2) that it was ok to cancel rooms beyond 5% as long as it was no later than june 5
15:57:48 <lavamind> sooo
15:58:03 <lavamind> if we want to go back to 12/18 rooms we have to ask now
15:58:20 <DLange> and cancel the ones you don't need on June 4
15:58:24 <lavamind> right
15:58:27 <LeLutin> so it would make sense to go back to the original numbers
15:58:31 <DLange> sounds like a no risk-plan
15:58:36 <DLange> so, go for it
15:58:51 <DLange> just make sure to keep the deadline with your shiney new calendar :)
15:58:56 <lavamind> alright, any other thoughts ?
15:59:10 <LeLutin> it's better to avoid not being able to reserve the other rooms
15:59:33 <lavamind> I think so too, we may have a spike in demand for onsite in the 4-5-6 august weekend
15:59:49 <lavamind> accomodation in the city is priced 300%
15:59:53 <lavamind> these dates
16:00:09 <lavamind> ok next topic
16:00:37 <lavamind> #agreed we will go back to reserving 12 rooms for debcamp and 18 for debconf, as long as we can cancel without risk
16:00:40 <DLange> we can rent out rooms to Festival goers and gain some money
16:00:46 <lavamind> lol
16:00:56 <lavamind> #topic 4. Registration
16:01:00 <lavamind> aaaaaaaaah
16:01:05 <lavamind> sorry, had to let it out :p
16:01:11 <tumbleweed> :P
16:01:17 <LeLutin> :)
16:01:21 <lavamind> pollo and I have not had time to work on the form deisgn
16:01:23 <tumbleweed> DLange: we are not a travel agency for other events :P
16:01:37 <DLange> lavamind: can we decide on the key thing when we know how many rooms we'll have. Cause if its really few ... then we can probably just save that money altogether.
16:01:48 <gwolf> tumbleweed: but we are looking for sponsors. Maybe the festival could become our indirect sponsor? ;-)
16:01:56 <lavamind> DLange: indeed
16:01:57 <cate> Hello (always late, sorry)
16:02:00 <LeLutin> tumbleweed: we could use this for poaching attendees :P
16:02:21 * larjona waves,late to the meeting :/
16:02:23 <DLange> tumbleweed: pecunia non olet said Brian all the time in the good old days...
16:02:28 <lavamind> we should have a registration sprint this week
16:02:54 <lavamind> is anyone interested in making it happen
16:02:56 <tvaz> lavamind, yes
16:03:04 <tvaz> we have that meeting on the 4th
16:03:14 <tumbleweed> lavamind: that sounds sensible
16:03:16 <lavamind> tvaz: this week,,,
16:03:16 <tvaz> we could advance it to this week if others are available
16:03:17 <gwolf> I am interested in making it happen
16:03:26 <gwolf> Not that I will contribute much to it, sadly :(
16:03:30 * tumbleweed would help
16:03:36 <lavamind> tvaz: can't move the RL meeting to this weekend, no
16:03:40 <lavamind> not for me anyway
16:03:47 <lavamind> I was thinking of a remote sprint
16:03:52 <tvaz> ok, that's fine
16:04:05 <lavamind> #action gwolf to organise a registration sprint this week
16:04:14 <lavamind> thanks gwolf
16:04:27 <lavamind> anything else?
16:04:59 <lavamind> #topic 5. Catering
16:05:00 * gwolf shrugs. I spoke, and I shall act. I don't know how to, though
16:05:30 <lavamind> gwolf: maybe propose 2-3 time slots and see which is best for interested parties
16:05:38 <gwolf> right. Will do on-list.
16:05:40 <lavamind> then annoucne here and ML
16:05:49 <lavamind> goot
16:06:29 <tvaz> still waiting for the updated menu
16:06:46 <lavamind> it's still stalled on their end ?
16:07:13 <tvaz> yes, she may have forgotten to send the updated menu
16:07:19 <tvaz> I sent her a reminder today
16:07:30 <lavamind> tvaz: maybe call, if you can :)
16:07:40 <tvaz> yes, I'll wait until wed
16:07:47 <tvaz> she uses to be really responsive
16:08:07 <tvaz> apart from that everything is ready to be signed
16:08:23 <lavamind> heheh, usually that happens *after* the contract is signed ;)
16:08:34 <tvaz> the update concerns only the breakfast on the 13 and the special dinner
16:08:39 <lavamind> but yeah I think they are just not as eager
16:08:45 <lavamind> ok
16:08:57 <tvaz> I'll keep you informed
16:09:01 <LeLutin> or maybe in a rush for current work
16:09:09 <tvaz> will call her after we if i get no response
16:09:18 <lavamind> #action tvaz to follow-up with caterer to obtain the final version of the menu, and get the contract signed
16:09:36 <tvaz> she's still above the average in terms of responsiveness
16:09:38 <tvaz> :)
16:09:49 <lavamind> #topic 6. Venue
16:09:58 <lavamind> pollo and I met with the venue manager
16:10:08 <lavamind> it was almost 2 hours
16:10:26 <lavamind> we discussed lots of little things and bigger issues
16:10:50 <lavamind> we made sure we'll have access to rooms for video setup beforehand
16:11:07 <lavamind> and also clarified how the teardown will go
16:11:25 <lavamind> took a bunch of note (in French), they are in ownCloud
16:11:37 <lavamind> tvaz, abdelq, LeLutin I do recommend you check them out
16:11:43 <LeLutin> lavamind: will do
16:11:46 <tvaz> sure
16:12:04 <lavamind> let me know if you have any questions
16:12:17 <lavamind> hopefully the final draft of the contract is coming this week
16:12:51 <abdelq> alright
16:12:52 * tvaz having a look
16:13:12 <lavamind> #topic 7. Website
16:13:47 <lavamind> I have been wanting to add a tiny form to subscribe to dc-anncounce somewhere on the website
16:13:59 <lavamind> have not had time, LeLutin could you look at this?
16:14:22 <LeLutin> lavamind: I could yeah. hopefully mailman has something for this
16:14:34 <lavamind> also, #debconf channel and dc-discuss are not listed anywhere, could be useful to announce them as well
16:14:37 <tumbleweed> IIRC it's pretty straightforward
16:14:43 <lavamind> LeLutin: yeah it's just a POST to the mailman url
16:14:54 <Ganneff> just send a subscribe mail with the user as from?
16:14:56 <lavamind> just look at the sunscribe form on the mailman page
16:15:06 <Ganneff> thats enough and lets them get the second stop opt-in
16:15:08 <Ganneff> or that
16:15:08 <tvaz> shouldn't be a dc17 list instead?
16:15:28 <lavamind> tvaz: there is no dc17 list... ? or is there
16:15:52 <LeLutin> or it could be as simple as a link to the mailman interface
16:15:59 <lavamind> #action LeLutin to look into adding a subscription link/form for dc-announce
16:16:27 <lavamind> LeLutin: sure, sure
16:16:29 <tvaz> not that i know, just thinking that we could create one
16:16:38 <lavamind> tvaz: nah
16:16:38 <tumbleweed> why do you want one?
16:17:07 <tvaz> I think most people will be interested to receive info about dc17 only
16:17:27 <tumbleweed> and that'll be most of what's dicussed during this timeframe
16:17:30 <tvaz> not dc in general forever (them can unsubscribe, but well)
16:17:40 <bremner> I think the majority of people would not like to add a new list subscription
16:17:43 <h01ger> having dedicated announce lists is a mess
16:17:46 <bremner> at least, I would not.
16:17:56 <tvaz> ok, fine
16:18:09 <h01ger> during dc17 lifetime most mails will be about dc17 anyway. and some news of dc18 will be cool too
16:18:09 <tvaz> just a random though
16:18:35 <h01ger> will new registrations have preselected box to subscribe?
16:18:52 <lavamind> h01ger: don't know!
16:19:08 <h01ger> how else do we make sure people are subscribed?
16:19:12 <cate> h01ger: I don't known. people omplains
16:19:15 <h01ger> especially *new* people
16:19:32 <h01ger> we want to be inclusive and all that ;-)
16:19:34 <gwolf> Maybe use Debian's way with d-private?
16:19:41 <lavamind> h01ger: we could craft a "welcome" mail when people register
16:19:50 <gwolf> (I mean... notify people, of course, but subscribe by default)
16:19:57 <cate> Or better, people complain because unchecking in form (on old sysmtems), didn't unsubscribe
16:20:04 <h01ger> subscribe by default, with an opt-out box
16:20:22 <tumbleweed> I think that's reasonable for the annonuce list (and we do this)
16:20:26 <h01ger> so as we seem to agree, who can do this?
16:20:27 <tumbleweed> (without the opt-out box, even)
16:20:39 <tumbleweed> but do we want that for discuss too?
16:20:46 <DLange> the auto-subscription in DC15 was a major issue as it would auto-subscribe people that unsub'd themselves
16:20:51 <lavamind> not discuss
16:21:04 * tumbleweed can't remember what we did at dc16
16:21:10 <DLange> nothing, tumbleweed
16:21:14 <lavamind> I don't think there was auto sub in dc16
16:21:31 <lavamind> hence, we should announce it clearly on the website
16:21:37 <cate> yes, I thknk we never run such script, and I unsubscribed a lot of people
16:21:40 <lavamind> probably on the front page even
16:22:14 <bremner> fwiw, we have been directing inquiries about bursaries to subscribe to the list
16:22:18 <tumbleweed> we can put opt-out checkboxes on the reg form, and start the (2 step) signup process
16:22:19 <DLange> lavamind: you can always mail all people registered in wafer or we can manually subscribe them once or prod them to subscribe once
16:22:19 <bremner> (announce)
16:22:53 <lavamind> I'm fine with tumbleweed's idea
16:23:16 <lavamind> let's add an optout box on the form and autosubsribe people who register
16:23:19 <tumbleweed> DLange: ah, right, that's what we were mostly doing (mailing people from wafer)
16:23:32 <lavamind> but also add a link or button on the website for people to register
16:23:39 <lavamind> to subscribe
16:23:40 <DLange> and that worked much better than the DC15 process via the ML
16:23:41 <tumbleweed> yeah, and show which email address we'll be subscribing
16:24:21 <tumbleweed> DLange: for deadlines before the conference starts, we probably want to mail from wafer, yes
16:24:25 <lavamind> #agreed registrants to be autosubscribed to dc-announce
16:24:30 <tumbleweed> so tha twe can send things to just the people that need to see it
16:24:43 <tumbleweed> once it's rolling, announce and discuss are going to be very active
16:24:45 <lavamind> #agreed tumbleweed to implement an opt-out checkbox on the registration form
16:25:06 <bremner> mailing from wafer doesn't work for inquiries about when registration is opening
16:25:18 * bremner <- captain obvious
16:25:24 <DLange> #agreed make sure it does not regress to the DC15 system with forced re-subscriptions that created quite some slashback
16:26:06 <lavamind> #topic 8. Fundraising
16:26:14 <cate> DLange: is most about documentation
16:26:22 <lavamind> AaAaAaAaAh
16:26:42 * bremner afk
16:26:54 <lavamind> the fundraising effort has pretty much flatlined for the last month, afaict
16:27:11 <lavamind> mainly because pollo and I have been busy
16:28:08 <h01ger> how
16:28:12 <h01ger> 's the budget?
16:28:18 <h01ger> how much money is missing?
16:28:38 <lavamind> hrmm
16:29:06 <tvaz> pollo has sent an email on this
16:29:12 <lavamind> ugh, the sponsorship-totals script doesn't actually compute totals :/
16:29:23 <gwolf> heh
16:29:27 <h01ger> tvaz: url/msgid?
16:29:27 <gwolf> There Is No Total
16:29:57 <larjona> I'll try that we publish the blogpost about/thanking current sponsors this week, hopefully it raises awareness
16:30:06 <tvaz> h01ger, https://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20170213.184558.cc0fa283.en.html
16:30:37 <tvaz> but no sponsor income indeed
16:30:56 <lavamind> pollo's estimate for sponsor income was around 120k USD
16:31:11 <lavamind> I don't know where it's at excatly, now
16:31:14 <tvaz> "That means grand total would be around *215K CAD, ~164K USD, ~155K EUR*. "
16:31:21 <tvaz> -120 USD
16:31:46 <tvaz> ~160k cad
16:32:08 <tvaz> missing 55k cad (only?)
16:32:12 <gwolf> OK. I see the situation as clearly needing attention - but not panic-worthy (yet), as there is still good time to improve
16:32:31 <gwolf> ...And our budget does not yet account for Debian funds, I guess?
16:32:38 <lavamind> it does not
16:32:40 <DLange> I still think the 120k CAD is quite conservative *if* somebody gets the sponsors drive going again.
16:32:43 <tvaz> gwolf, nope
16:32:49 <DLange> we made more in Cape Town, so...
16:33:01 <DLange> s/CAD/USD/
16:33:58 <tvaz> I agree, it will depend on local efforts. pollo and lavamind are full of tasks already. I have no skils at all for fundraising :(
16:34:38 <tvaz> lavamind, have you (we) talked to noel about this?
16:34:52 <lavamind> tvaz: I don't think so no
16:35:04 <tvaz> he seems to have good contacts in business here
16:35:08 <tvaz> I'll ping him on this
16:35:09 <lavamind> I wish he was around here more often
16:35:58 <tvaz> anyway, it seems that in worst scenario we'll ask about 50CAD do debian
16:36:03 <tvaz> which is not *that* bad
16:36:04 <lavamind> #action tvaz to ask noel if he wants to help the fundraising team
16:36:16 <tvaz> but still, there's potential here to get more funding
16:36:35 <lavamind> there is, yes
16:36:46 <lavamind> #topic 9. Coordination
16:37:02 <tvaz> ~38kUS
16:37:17 <lavamind> please everyone, makeuse of the new ICS calendar of git
16:37:43 <lavamind> #link https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/dc17.git/plain/misc/until-dc17.ics
16:38:05 <lavamind> kanboard is starting to rot a little
16:38:14 <tvaz> is it a orga calendar?
16:38:16 <h01ger> #info it seems we're missing 55k CAD to make dc17 happen. please consider helping the fundraising team!
16:38:16 <tvaz> or general?
16:38:22 <tvaz> sorry i didn't follow that
16:38:44 <lavamind> tvaz: it's orga + contracts admin
16:38:47 <h01ger> lavamind: is there a webview/plaintext version of that calender?
16:38:58 <tvaz> ok
16:39:20 <lavamind> h01ger: no, but feel free to put one on git
16:39:30 <lavamind> I'll help update it if you tell me how
16:39:40 <lavamind> there must be some tool for that
16:39:48 <lavamind> a small shell script
16:39:50 <lavamind> or some such
16:39:56 <lavamind> thing
16:40:01 * h01ger aint dealing with .ics files, so thats why i'm asking… (plus i have no time to learn…)
16:40:22 <gwolf> h01ger: Just run it through your favorite Google app
16:40:24 * gwolf hides
16:40:30 <Ganneff> or own/nextcloud
16:40:30 <h01ger> :)
16:40:49 <lavamind> ugh
16:40:55 * h01ger wonders how to run .ics files though GSoC
16:41:01 <h01ger> through…
16:41:10 <tvaz> i know a weird php thing for that, works but quite ugly
16:41:14 <lavamind> does anyone ELSE have problems with .ics files :p
16:41:23 <tumbleweed> nope, thanks!
16:41:27 <cate> We used ics since dc13 IIRC
16:41:29 <Ganneff> ics is fine. has been for years for debconf
16:41:40 * h01ger joins facebook
16:41:48 <lavamind> there we go, nice h01ger
16:41:56 * lavamind pats h01ger onthe shoulder
16:42:32 <lavamind> last thing, oh shit gotta run pick up my kids, if you have nothing to do, please let me/us know
16:42:46 <lavamind> look at meeting logs, kanboard, and the mailing lists also
16:43:03 <gwolf> h01ger: Joining Facebook will help you get visa-waiver happy. Congratulations!
16:43:13 <lavamind> #idea if you are looking to ways to help, attend meetings, read the logs, read the dc-team mailing list, and kanboard tasks
16:44:01 <lavamind> #endmeeting