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15:00:11 <pollo> #topic Roll call
15:00:21 <medicalwei> Ming-ting Yao Wei, from DC18 team
15:00:21 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting!
15:00:22 <czchen> hi
15:00:27 <DLange> o/
15:00:28 <PJain> hi
15:00:30 <paulliu> hello
15:00:33 * olasd waves from $office
15:00:36 <PJain> hello
15:00:48 <medicalwei> owo/
15:00:55 <pollo> and check the agenda (http://deb.li/il9wc) to see if everything is ok
15:00:55 <lavamind>15:00:56 * tvaz having a coffee and missing those pollo/lavamind cookies
15:01:11 <lavamind> awh
15:01:36 <tvaz> pollo, share the recipe
15:01:44 <shirish[m]> hi
15:02:11 <pollo> tvaz: https://veronneau.org/blog/2017-01-01/, but replace the oats by spent grains
15:02:22 <pollo> LeLutin: ping ping
15:02:29 <pollo> any, let's start
15:02:39 <pollo> #topic Registration
15:02:56 <lavamind> registration is progressing quite nicely
15:02:58 <pollo> #info Much work on the form was done during the March 4th sprint. The billing, storage, and wafer integration still needs to be done.
15:03:28 <lavamind> tumbleweed has picked up where we left off and did lots of work yesterday too
15:03:49 * shirish[m] was witness to that.
15:03:56 <lavamind> are we confident everything can be ready for next wednesday?
15:04:19 <lavamind> if so, we might think about posting a news item on the website, and updating /topic
15:05:10 <pollo> lavamind: I think we can wait until the 15th to postpone
15:05:22 <pollo> having a deadline sure motivates me
15:05:22 <lavamind> ??
15:05:29 <lavamind> what do you mean
15:05:45 <olasd> I think he means yes, he's confident we'll get it to work by next wednesday
15:05:56 <lavamind> if we can just postpone at the last minute, that's not a deadline :p
15:05:56 <olasd> and if not the world won't collapse anyway
15:06:00 <pollo> I'm not sure we can open registration on the 15th, but I feel we should wait until the 15th to tell people
15:06:05 <olasd> well, you can always postpone
15:06:20 <lavamind> fine
15:06:28 <lavamind> so, just hope for the best? :p
15:06:46 <olasd> it's not like the 15th people will yell at you if you tell them that they can't register yet but really soonn ow
15:06:47 <pollo> #info We'll try to open registration on the 15th, but if we can't we'll postpone
15:06:48 <DLange> or continue working on it?
15:07:21 <lavamind> who is available to hack and/or test the form this week&
15:07:25 <pollo> DLange: you mean open and continue to work on it?
15:07:25 <lavamind> I can test
15:07:35 <pollo> that's bound to create problems
15:07:59 <shirish[m]> I can help with testing too on the browser.
15:08:02 <lavamind> pollo: I think he meant work instead of hope, responding to my comment
15:08:03 <pollo> lavamind: before Thursdary I can't commit any time, but after that I'll have some time
15:08:28 <lavamind> alright
15:08:29 <olasd> I plan to do the bursaries transition this week, I looked at what you did and it's fine afaict
15:08:31 <DLange> pollo: yeah, I meant continue to work instead of "hope for the best" as lavamind said (with a :p)
15:08:59 <olasd> if it's not I can fix it myself anyway
15:09:03 <olasd> so it's not a problem
15:09:05 <pollo> all right, looks like we are all on the same page here. Anything else to add to registration?
15:09:13 <lavamind> sorry, I keep forgetting that Internet and sarcasm don't mix
15:09:17 <DLange> :)
15:09:33 <lavamind> next topiiic
15:09:36 <pollo> <sarcasm></sarcasm>
15:09:45 <pollo> #topic Accommodation
15:10:30 <lavamind> the issue I wanted to raise wrt assignations
15:11:08 <lavamind> we talked before of allowing people to pick roomates
15:11:28 <bremner> umm. Unless you're meeting someone for romantic reasons, assignations is not the word you want
15:11:29 <tvaz> is it possible to find other users id in wafer?
15:11:35 <lavamind> the method we had in mind was using some kind of shared secret for the registration form, but that seems to me like work that we could avoid
15:11:47 * pollo favors the wiki option. More flexible, involves less work
15:11:57 <DLange> we used the comments field for that and nattie, ana, marga made that happen when assigning rooms
15:12:01 <lavamind> I too, but maybe I'm missing something about it
15:12:22 <tvaz> pollo, I was preferring that too, but it might be 'too public'....
15:12:23 <lavamind> we're talking about the onsite dorms here, not double rooms nor hotel
15:12:26 <DLange> simpler++
15:12:49 <DLange> lavamind: double rooms need to be managed like that, too
15:12:51 <olasd> lavamind: did you talk to the people who are usually doing the assignations about what they need to do that?
15:13:02 <pollo> tvaz: is it? do anyone think putting your name on the wiki for room preferences is too public?
15:13:07 <DLange> people do prefer their spouse to sleep in with them. Most of the time.
15:13:16 <lavamind> so, in theory it shouldn't involve anything romatic unless I've been mislead about the nature of this conference
15:13:28 <shirish[m]> It would be nice if we have comments and its discreet.
15:13:30 <olasd> I think bremner was trolling wrt assignment/assignations
15:13:43 <medicalwei> I am wondering if we are able to arrange two couples in the same room
15:14:01 <DLange> sure, or three
15:14:13 <tvaz> pollo, I think some people won't to say publicly that they want to stay together with x and y...
15:14:14 <DLange> depending on what type of room you're looking at
15:14:43 <olasd> lavamind: I believe you're trying to solve a problem that never existed in the first place?
15:14:44 <tvaz> if it's too hard to keep discrete I'm fine with the wiki solution
15:14:56 <tvaz> but I'd rather prefer something in the form, in a simple way
15:15:07 <shirish[m]> same here.
15:15:17 <lavamind> olasd: well assignation is not new
15:15:30 <lavamind> the question is, do we do self assignations or not
15:15:31 <pollo> olasd: so we just add a box in the form and let front-desk team deal with it?
15:15:33 <bremner> sigh. really, that's not the right word
15:15:52 <lavamind> bremner: enlighten us
15:15:56 <olasd> bremner: it is in French :P
15:16:06 <bremner> clearly.
15:16:27 <bremner> assignment is the English word you want.
15:16:34 <olasd> pollo: yes
15:16:39 <tvaz> pollo, won't work doing that in the arrival time I think...
15:16:45 * shirish[m] is happy he didn't volunteer for front-desk.
15:16:49 <lavamind> tvaz: we already have a form field where people are asked to list usernames of family members, this will be useful for double and hotel rooms
15:16:55 <olasd> tvaz: it always happened before arrival
15:17:05 <olasd> why would this year be any different?
15:17:06 <tvaz> olasd, no, it's not
15:17:21 <shirish[m]> lavamind: that's different.
15:17:24 <tvaz> for those who have preferences, we've been doing before
15:17:32 <tvaz> the arrival
15:17:46 <shirish[m]> this might be more about sleeping habits and things like that.
15:18:10 <DLange> shirish[m]: but the field can hold both infos, it's free text after all
15:18:14 <shirish[m]> some people snore, some people need to go to bathroom now and then, things like that.
15:18:15 <tvaz> ok, so considering that it's probably a minor amount of people who have preferences/restrictions we may consider DLange suggestions on the simple form field.
15:18:29 <lavamind> tvaz: for the wiki, maybe we can write on the page that people can ask us to "book" their bed for them on the wiki if they don't want to publicly announce
15:18:29 <olasd> tvaz: since 13 I have always known who I was sharing my room a few weeks before the conf, and it has always been done with a free form text field
15:18:31 <DLange> worked in the past™
15:18:48 <olasd> I don't understand why this has become a problem all of a sudden
15:18:53 <tvaz> olasd, ah, got it
15:19:08 <tvaz> olasd, I though you were referring to last minute assigment
15:19:12 <tvaz> in arrival time
15:19:14 <pollo> so can we agree on adding a text box?
15:19:15 <shirish[m]> I'm ok with free form field but it needs to be specific, I didn't know that the one about relatives could also be used for that.
15:19:16 <lavamind> olasd: that field does not exist in wafer
15:19:32 <olasd> lavamind: it's called "any comments for the registration team?" or somesuch
15:19:53 <DLange> pollo: yes please. If anybody has time to do something better, we won't beat him/her. But experience tells me ... won't happen.
15:20:01 <shirish[m]> ah ok... now I know.
15:20:17 <pollo> #action pollo to make sure there is a text box for people to voice in about room asignment on wafer
15:20:18 <cate> shirish[m]: having much more data make impossible to allocate rooms, without ingoring some people comment, and this make peole angry
15:20:22 <pollo> next topic?
15:20:24 <tvaz> ok, so let's agree with a free form field for roomates restrictions/preferences?
15:20:48 <lavamind> in the accomodation subsection
15:20:49 <tvaz> and someone nice will take care of it
15:20:51 <lavamind> ok
15:20:56 <cate> Yes, in any case it is handled by humans
15:20:56 * shirish[m] is happy with that.
15:21:17 <pollo> #topic Artwork
15:21:21 <lavamind> wait
15:21:26 <lavamind> not done
15:21:29 <pollo> grrrr
15:21:40 <pollo> #topic Accommodation
15:21:59 <shirish[m]> :)
15:22:07 <lavamind> if people don't have any roomate preference, we might want to allow them to choose a "room type"
15:22:22 <pollo> that's getting really complicated
15:22:41 <shirish[m]> lavamind: you will have to explain that.
15:22:42 <lavamind> it's nothing new, this issue has been discussed and agreed on before
15:23:02 <lavamind> I'm not pulling requirements out of my a**, pollo
15:23:04 <PJain> Do we really have lot of couples at DebConf?
15:23:07 <pollo> but then you have to deal with room types & people wanting to be together
15:23:30 <lavamind> shirish[m]: for example, early sleepers might not like to be in rooms where the rest of people go to sleep late
15:23:42 <shirish[m]> PJain: there are some, there are also families with kids, all kinds of people.
15:23:42 <cate> PJain: yes
15:24:01 <lavamind> we could have rooms with different lights-out times
15:24:06 <pollo> what if x  want to be with y but x chose "Snore room" and y "Early sleeper" ?
15:24:08 <tvaz> PJain, not really, but lots of people who can't stay together with others in particular
15:24:14 <shirish[m]> that makes sense.
15:24:22 <lavamind> pollo: please don't invent problems that dont exist
15:24:24 <tvaz> s/can't/won't be comfortable
15:24:32 <pollo> that's will happen for sure
15:24:37 <lavamind> there wont be a "snore room" please
15:24:52 <shirish[m]> lol
15:25:03 <PJain> snore room lol :P
15:25:06 * shirish[m] just picturing the snore room.
15:25:09 <cate> people lie about snoring, to have a signle room
15:25:45 * medicalwei snores zzzz
15:26:02 <shirish[m]> we could have snore-meters to find out.
15:26:05 <lavamind> we could maybe ask people if they want to go in a rooms with lightsout at 9pm, or 11pm
15:26:08 <medicalwei> and one doesn't now oneself is snoring except other people tell about it.
15:26:30 <shirish[m]> medicalwei: true about that.
15:26:42 <lavamind> how did it work at dc15
15:26:54 <pollo> so we add a "What type of room do you want to be in" with "Early sleepers" (9 to 10 pm) and "I don't care" as options?
15:27:08 <DLange> for DC15 people put roommate preferences in the free text field
15:27:24 <DLange> and then our room assasinations dream team did their work
15:27:33 <lavamind> what about lights out
15:27:39 <cate> Note: few people write about room requirements, roommates etc.,
15:27:45 <lavamind> == when the 1st person went to bed ?
15:27:51 <olasd> lavamind: I feel like you're creating requirements the room assignment team never asked for
15:28:00 <olasd> shared accommodation, bring a face mask
15:28:03 <pollo> still seems like the simplest option. People can specify that if they want
15:28:09 <tvaz> we're discussing too much for exceptional cases
15:28:25 <olasd> and earplugs if you're a light sleeper
15:28:27 <shirish[m]> face mask = no snoring ?
15:28:29 <medicalwei> "I prefer sleep early" "Need silence" "Have children with me"
15:28:32 <PJain> Won't the beds be having separate lights like we have in Hostels? We can have a common lightout time which is early
15:28:40 <lavamind> ok, I'm fine with that
15:28:41 <tvaz> medicalwei, that's it
15:28:46 <tvaz> medicalwei++
15:28:51 <Clint> earplugs didn't help with the snorers in my dc15 room
15:29:11 <lavamind> olasd: I'm not creating anything, this issue was placed and kept on the radar ever since we starting planning for shared dorms
15:29:32 <DLange> Clint: you need to push them harder up the snorers' nose. They do work when properly applied :)
15:29:34 <medicalwei> Maybe two columns
15:29:34 <lavamind> no one *ever* mentioned it was superfluous until now
15:29:43 * shirish[m] has been accussed for snoring.
15:29:58 <shirish[m]> for/of
15:29:59 <Clint> DLange: oh, i see
15:30:06 <medicalwei> Preferred roommates, and special requests.
15:30:23 * DLange wants a "describe your physical hygiene" field :)
15:30:25 <lavamind> so, I'm fine with putting the issue aside, but please don't imply that I'm making up concerns
15:30:39 <olasd> lavamind: you should really take it to the folks doing room assignments
15:30:44 <lavamind> I'm just being thorough wrt what was discussed in the past
15:30:45 <olasd> if they think we need that then fine
15:30:46 <tvaz> lavamind, it's not superfluous, but being an exception we can consider managing it in a simple way
15:31:04 <olasd> and it's not a you you, it's a generic you
15:31:14 <olasd> y'all
15:31:20 <lavamind> heh
15:31:24 <pollo> we are going nowhere here. I think talking to the folks doing room assignments is the way to go
15:31:28 <lavamind> who is in the assignments team ?
15:31:30 <tvaz> I think a free form for 'sleeping' needs/restrictions will do the job
15:31:40 <tvaz> lavamind, thats the GOOD question
15:31:41 <pollo> let's discuss that next week once we have some more answers, ok?
15:31:49 <lavamind> do we have an assignments team ? I don't think so!
15:31:52 <pollo> lavamind: nattie?
15:31:56 <lavamind> nope
15:32:02 <olasd> yes.
15:32:04 <pollo> afaik, it's front-desk
15:32:15 <lavamind> pollo: not its not front desk
15:32:17 <tvaz> pollo, I think they're not the same team
15:32:18 <pollo> lavamind: can you take on the task to ask them?
15:32:26 <DLange> it was nattie, ana, marga in the past and I'm sure they would want to do it again
15:32:47 <lavamind> DLange: I'm not so sure but I can take it on me to ask
15:32:58 <DLange> sounds good
15:33:00 <pollo> #action lavamind to ask folks doing room assignments for advice
15:33:05 <pollo> next topic?
15:33:17 <gwolf> o/
15:33:17 <tvaz> anyway, let's #agree with we need to poke people for a assignments team
15:33:28 <lavamind> #action lavamind to attempt recruitment for room assignents team
15:34:02 <pollo> #topic Artwork
15:34:04 <gwolf> umh, 30 minutes in? I'm sorry... Didn't note the meeting shifted time :-|
15:34:23 <shirish[m]> next topic please.
15:34:44 <LeLutin> hello. sorry I'm late
15:34:58 <lavamind> anyone from the local team want to take care of having the stickers printed
15:35:24 <pollo> lavamind: do we need that?
15:35:31 <lavamind> need what ?
15:35:31 <pollo> when will we use them?
15:35:47 <lavamind> well we'd also need to distributed them, duh
15:36:10 <PJain> keep stickers on registration counter
15:36:15 <pollo> I don,t feel that a priority atm
15:36:24 <lavamind> and I'm pretty sure we'll do at least one event until august
15:36:24 <pollo> we can wait until reg is open
15:36:26 <shirish[m]> looks good on back of lappies, front of bags.
15:36:33 <gwolf> [ quick glance through backlog ] OK, I don't think I would have contributed in any meaningful way :-|
15:36:52 <lavamind> pollo: libreplanet is in 2 weeks
15:37:17 <lavamind> I'm sure we can find people to bring stickers witrh them
15:37:24 <pollo> well, if someone wants to take care of it I won't oppose, but I feel we have more important stuff to deal with atm
15:37:49 <lavamind> LeLutin: is that sth you want to do ?
15:38:19 <lavamind> I'm sure people in Koumbit can recommend a printer
15:38:45 <PJain> I can carry them from India as they are cheap here
15:39:06 <lavamind> PJain: we'd want them soonish
15:39:35 <lavamind> mailing them would pretty much cancel out the cheapness :p
15:39:51 <PJain> yaa :P
15:39:57 <pollo> lavamind: anything else to add on this topic? If LeLutin wants to do it (or anyone else) they can chime in
15:40:06 <medicalwei> About the font choice, is font in Debian repo one of the restrictions?
15:40:28 <pollo> medicalwei: as long as it's a free font...
15:40:31 * medicalwei wants to use Open Sans but not in the repo.
15:40:45 <lavamind> medicalwei: no restrictions apart from the Debian logo
15:40:54 <lavamind> which repo ?
15:40:59 <medicalwei> main
15:41:08 <medicalwei> actually not in all repos
15:41:26 <LeLutin> lavamind: koumbit doesn't have anyone doing graphic design anymore
15:41:46 <tvaz> Btw, I'll be in touch with Renata on the artwork needs, I've started organizing stuff here: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork
15:42:01 <shirish[m]> medicalwei: are you saying the font isn't in debian any repo. anywhere, it's not packaged.
15:42:22 <pollo> #info tvaz started organising artwork stuff on https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork and will follow-up with Renata
15:42:32 <pollo> can we change topic?
15:42:36 <medicalwei> seems like a good chance to package it.
15:42:44 <DLange> medicalwei: open sans is in texlive-fonts-extra
15:42:50 <medicalwei> O_O ok
15:43:26 <pollo> #topic Catering
15:43:39 <lavamind> medicalwei: you can use fonts that are not packaged in Debian, as long as the license is Free
15:43:56 <lavamind> tvaz: I listed the issues we talked about in the agenda
15:44:20 <gwolf> . o O ( You could even package the fonts for Debian if they are work-worhty! ;-) )
15:44:27 <pollo> anyone feels like not having dessert at dinners is going to cause problems?
15:44:32 <lavamind> I also thought about coffee, the contract doesn't say if there is coffee in between meals
15:44:32 <pollo> should we ask for it?
15:44:40 <tvaz> lavamind, I saw/hacked a little in the wiki, thanks
15:45:21 <LeLutin> lavamind: istr that the caterer mentioned a huge coffee machine in our live meeting
15:45:24 <DLange> pollo: what is a dinner to the caterer?
15:45:24 <gwolf> lavamind: FWIW, asking for coffee *service* between meals tends to be expensive
15:45:25 <tvaz> indeed, it's not clear. I remember we mentioned that in the meeting with the catering owner
15:45:34 <tvaz> but I'll confirm with her
15:45:35 <shirish[m]> if we hava a cofee machine like in dc16, shouldn't that solve the problem.
15:45:37 <gwolf> OTOH, buying two/three/four 40-cup coffee machines is quite cheap
15:45:40 <shirish[m]> or that is not possible.
15:45:44 <DLange> Starters and main? Salat? Buffet of these?
15:45:53 <gwolf> And they can be later given to friendly causes :-]
15:45:58 <tvaz> would we be ready to pay a little more for 24/7-ish free coffee?
15:46:13 <lavamind> tvaz: YES
15:46:17 <pollo> DLange: sorry, I don,t understand. By dinner I mean the last meal of the day
15:46:26 <lavamind> shirish[m]: the coffee machine at dc16 was an awful solution
15:46:30 <tvaz> ok, I'll confirm with her then
15:46:46 <DLange> tvaz: 24/7 coffee is usually not cheap. For unknown reasons caterers worldwide think coffee is precious.
15:46:53 <gwolf> tvaz: Depends on what is your definition of "a little".
15:46:57 <shirish[m]> lavamind: agreed but better than only AT times.
15:47:29 <olasd> no dessert at the formal dinner is sad. no dessert at other dinners is slightly less sad but still sad
15:47:30 <DLange> pollo: what comprises a dinner? I just know apparently not a desert.
15:47:47 <tvaz> gwolf, 1 coffe/tea set costs 1,05 per person
15:47:48 <lavamind> tvaz: you could ask for the machine + coffee grounds, and that we can service the machine ourselves
15:47:49 <pollo> DLange: a whole buffet, changes everyday
15:47:58 <DLange> pollo: including starters, salat?
15:47:58 <gwolf> Say, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Large-Coffee-Maker-Pot-40-cup-Urn-Group-Party-Level-Indicator-Dual-Heaters-Metal-/201728137019 is US$56, and I'm sure it's among the most expensive units
15:48:03 <tvaz> lavamind, I'll check the options, yes
15:48:16 <gwolf> I have an uglier but quite useful one I bought for ~US$20
15:48:33 <lavamind> gwolf: the issue is mainly about having good grounds on hand at all times
15:48:39 <gwolf> tvaz: Depends on the world you live in :) That's what a _good_ coffee costs for me. But I'm willing to settle for drip coffee for "free-ish"
15:48:47 <pollo> DLange: there are salads some day yes. there are going to be a lots of differents dishes available
15:48:55 <gwolf> If you remember at DC6 we had such a machine, with a "tips box"
15:49:13 <tvaz> gwolf, I'll check this as an option as well, sure :)
15:49:19 <pollo> anyway, tvaz already said he would contact the caterer to deal with the issues listed
15:49:19 * medicalwei notes: free coffee should be considered for catering
15:49:30 <gwolf> lavamind: right. But that's something that can be stashed at the DebConf office. Having 2Kg of coffee always at hand is good :) (it's usually 250g per 40-cup machine)
15:49:45 <gwolf> Anyway, I won't push too much more :)
15:49:49 <DLange> do you have a plan to provide drinking water?
15:50:02 <pollo> DLange: tap water is perfectly fine in MTL
15:50:12 <LeLutin> gwolf: how much zapatista coffee can you bring to mtl? :)
15:50:14 <shirish[m]> gwolf: don't think you will need too, there are quite a few coffee lovers out here :)
15:50:18 <DLange> so a filling station as in DC15?
15:50:33 <DLange> because filling bottles at loo taps is a bit a problem.
15:50:37 <gwolf> LeLutin: I actually prefer Veracruz or Oaxaca than Chiapas coffee :) But I can surely bring ~2-3Kg with me :)
15:50:39 <pollo> DLange: there are drinking foutnains everywhere on venue
15:50:43 <DLange> nice!
15:50:44 <tvaz> yes, some jars with non disposable cups around for water
15:50:49 <lavamind> and they have bottle filling taps
15:50:50 <pollo> some are even made for filling up bottles
15:51:04 <shirish[m]> that's cool.
15:51:05 <gwolf> (hmh... baggage allowance up to 21Kg per bag... hmmm.)
15:51:09 <lavamind> no need to go to the bathroom
15:51:20 <pollo> can we move to the next topic?
15:51:45 <lavamind> permission granted
15:51:56 <pollo> #topic Fundraising
15:52:17 <tvaz> so no dessert for dinners, right?
15:52:31 <pollo> I have yet to answer to mehdi 's question about reasonable fundraising goal
15:52:57 <pollo> I plan to do this during the week
15:53:10 <tvaz> (sorry, but did we decide about desserts on dinners? I need to know that before contacting them)
15:53:23 <pollo> tvaz: you said you,d ask caterer what she thought about it
15:53:37 <lavamind> there should be at least for the formal dinner
15:53:38 <tvaz> but nobody seemed to care here
15:53:49 <tvaz> I mean, we also have experience
15:53:56 <DLange> I'd say for formal dinner it is a requirement.
15:53:58 <tvaz> ok
15:54:06 <lavamind> olasd>	no dessert at the formal dinner is sad. no dessert at other dinners is slightly less sad but still sad
15:54:09 <DLange> For other meals ... decide based on cost.
15:54:12 <tvaz> thanks, so I'll ask her to add a dessert for formal dinner
15:54:23 <gwolf> For regular dinners, I wouldn't even notice the lack of a dessert
15:54:24 <DLange> sounds good
15:54:34 <tvaz> ok, thanks, next
15:54:39 <tvaz> sorry for insisting
15:54:44 <lavamind> DC17 and the dinners of sadness
15:54:59 <tvaz> ehe
15:55:01 <pollo> still looking for someone to help with fundraising
15:55:20 <shirish[m]> also depends on the 'dessert'
15:55:23 <tvaz> I'll repoke - heavier-  noel
15:55:30 <PJain> Do you need someone local? I can help!
15:55:33 <shirish[m]> probably ice-cream would be out :(
15:55:37 <gwolf> lavamind: DebConf is such a joyful event we can survive without a dessert :-]
15:55:49 <lavamind> tvaz: poke with a steel mace this time
15:55:58 <tvaz> #agreed
15:56:18 <lavamind> preferably not on the head though :D
15:56:21 <medicalwei> At least we have cheese & wine *noms*
15:56:46 <pollo> PJain: not at all. We would have to show you how our system works, but it's pretty simple if you know git
15:56:54 <lavamind> PJain: more or less yes, but let's discuss later how you can help from remote
15:57:22 <PJain> pollo lavamind : Sure! I know basic git. Thanks to GSoC :)
15:57:25 <pollo> #info PJain seems interested to help with fundraising
15:57:40 <pollo> neat, thanks for offering your help :D
15:57:46 <PJain> :)
15:58:03 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
15:58:40 <czchen> For event date, we check typhoon day in recently 5 years, there is no different between Jul and Aug.
15:59:03 <pollo> I think you should go with whatever feels the best for you
15:59:19 <czchen> So we keep the original date range Aug 4, 2018 (Sat.) – Aug 19, 2018 (Sun.) and add one extra day as typhoon buffer.
15:59:19 <pollo> Aug 4, 2018 (Sat.) – Aug 19, 2018 (Sun.) is perfectly fine
15:59:35 <medicalwei> Seems good to me
15:59:50 <paulliu> agree.
15:59:54 <czchen> Still working on ocf.tw as trusted organization.
16:00:11 <pollo> #agreed dc18 will most likely take place from Aug 4, 2018 (Sat.) – Aug 19, 2018 (Sun.)
16:00:19 <medicalwei> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTaiwan/ocf.tw/TrustedOrganizationCriteria
16:00:51 <paulliu> The criteria letter is prepared. Will send that out after some reviews with both of us and the ocf.tw
16:01:24 <czchen> We plan to finish this before DPL election.
16:01:26 <DLange> paulliu: where's the draft?
16:01:45 <paulliu> DLange: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTaiwan/ocf.tw/TrustedOrganizationCriteria
16:01:54 * shirish[m] goes to prepare dinner.
16:02:21 <pollo> #info work to get ocf.tw as a trusted organisation is gooing strong. They plan to finish before the DPL election
16:02:36 <DLange> paulliu: o.k., that does need extension before it is sufficient. Esp. it needs to be self-contained so it cannot be changed after submission.
16:02:57 <DLange> (i.e. it is stored and signed in the Debian email archive completely)
16:03:13 <paulliu> DLange: ok. Got it.
16:03:44 <czchen> We have some logo draft / purposal in logo. Will find more to submit their idea.
16:04:13 * czchen need to learn how to us gimp.
16:04:29 <medicalwei> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Artwork/LogoProposals
16:04:47 <czchen> I think that is all. Anything missing for DC18 ?
16:04:48 <pollo> using inkscape (vector graphics) is better for logo
16:04:50 <medicalwei> czchen, i can help with inkscape.
16:05:01 <medicalwei> btw
16:05:03 <czchen> thanks
16:05:15 <medicalwei> the svg upload is broken in debconf wiki
16:05:34 <czchen> I think we shall put logo into git repo
16:06:18 <medicalwei> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/File:Debconf_18_proposal_logo_with_viper.svg
16:06:39 <lavamind> you can put raster formats on the wiki, but it should be rendered from a svg, thats all
16:07:48 <lavamind> misc topics ?
16:07:56 <medicalwei> It is svg format, but the rasterizer on the server is kaputt (mediawiki use imagemagick to make a thumbnail from svg)
16:07:57 <lavamind> who can send out a summary ?
16:07:57 <pollo> #topic misc
16:08:08 * gwolf just hopes they don't hand out a viper to every dorm room
16:08:18 <DLange> medicalwei: I asked the admins whether we can have svg thumbnails on the DC wiki.
16:08:29 <tvaz> anyone caring about the c&w so far?
16:08:37 <DLange> O L A S D
16:08:40 <tvaz> we can have a great one here
16:09:10 <tvaz> since canadian aduana is quite open to cheese
16:09:38 <PJain> Could we do some social media campaigns or competitions around the world to make people aware about DebConf. Being a student I know that very few out of student community here in India know about it.
16:09:45 <tvaz> gwolf, I think two of them would do the job: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/West-Bend-40-to-100-Cup-Aluminum-Coffeemaker-120V-1500-Watt-/401061622241?hash=item5d6122b1e1:g:g9MAAOSwGotWp36y
16:10:35 <lavamind> PJain: you can bring these ideas to #debian-publicity
16:10:51 <PJain> lavamind : Sure. Thanks
16:10:58 <pollo> #endmeeting