14:59:46 <pollo> #startmeeting
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14:59:58 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
15:00:00 <hare1039> #help
15:00:08 <pollo> Please say hello if you are here for the meeting!
15:00:11 <medicalwei> owo/
15:00:13 <czchen> hi
15:00:20 <DLange> o/ Hi
15:00:32 <lavamind> hello if you hare here for the meeting
15:00:37 <sirzerator> hi
15:00:47 <paulliu> hello
15:01:13 <shirish[m]> hi
15:01:17 <olasd> o/
15:01:21 <pollo> agenda is here: http://deb.li/il9wc
15:01:23 <Peter_tw> hi
15:01:44 <pollo> #topic Registration
15:02:04 <pollo> Well, I can say we will not open registration Wednesday
15:02:16 <olasd> did anything happen since last week?
15:02:28 <pollo> I tried working on it a little this week, but it's now hard django stuff
15:02:50 <pollo> takes me longer since I have to get through the doc :9
15:03:03 <lavamind> olasd: afaict almost nothing happened this week
15:03:04 <tvaz> hi
15:03:17 <pollo> last I heard of, we still need to do database, stripe & billing confirmation page
15:03:19 <lavamind> last week, that is
15:03:35 <pollo> I can do either database integration or the billing page, but not both
15:03:52 <tvaz> RignonNoel, you there?
15:03:53 <sirzerator> I'm in no way an expert on django, but maybe I can help with that, I've had some experience with connecting with stripe for registrations
15:03:58 <pollo> I think Stripe was  Noel's thing
15:04:19 <lavamind> he said a few times he could do it blindfolded
15:04:52 <olasd> now you just need to blindfold him and strap him to a chair so he can do it?
15:05:04 <olasd> I'm sure you can use some of the partition cloth to do it
15:05:06 <olasd> :D
15:05:10 <pollo> #action pollo to take care of database integration
15:05:16 <tvaz> could someone write a pvt email to Noel giving him specific details about our needs and asking if he can commit to do it in X days?
15:05:23 <pollo> so someone needs to step up and do billing confirmation page
15:05:39 * larjona waves
15:05:42 <tvaz> he uses to be more responsive via private messages
15:05:51 <lavamind> tvaz: I asked him to check if he had access to the repo
15:05:57 <lavamind> he said he would check
15:05:59 <lavamind> no news
15:06:45 <tvaz> how complex is that billing confirmation page?
15:06:47 <pollo> #info the only things left for registration to open is database integration, stripe & billing confirmation page
15:07:06 <pollo> tvaz: mainly getting the previous inputs and displaying them?
15:07:17 <pollo> in a nice way before it's saved in the db
15:07:21 <tvaz> any irc channel I could join and bother with questions on this? I could try to help
15:07:30 <lavamind> tvaz: here!
15:07:32 <DLange> do some math ... sum (accom cost) + sum (meals) + reg fee
15:07:50 <DLange> and possibly the stripe payment cost so we don't have to shoulder that
15:08:18 <LeLutin> hello
15:08:50 <sirzerator> sounds simple enough, who's responsible for each part ?
15:09:24 <pollo> sirzerator: if you have some django skills, all help is welcomed!
15:09:32 <lavamind> everyone and no-one :s
15:09:36 <olasd> you should check whether you're allowed to do that: PayPal doesn't allow it, for instance
15:09:49 <olasd> (making your customers pay the fee)
15:09:58 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
15:10:11 <lavamind> pollo: we should get commitments before moving on
15:10:16 <pollo> I took a task and if you can commit, please do
15:10:22 <lavamind> we can't open registration in 1 month
15:10:27 <sirzerator> ok, ahah, just don't want to bump someone from a task but if it's urgent, I can step in
15:11:01 <pollo> sirzerator: you won't bump anyone. helping with the billing confirmation page would really help
15:11:06 <olasd> yeah, it would
15:11:11 <lavamind> sirzerator: you're here, others aren't, if you're confident you can do it (there is no try) then you can have the task
15:11:15 <tvaz> sirzerator, please do :)
15:11:24 <olasd> I can do django support on IRC but I can't commit to much more
15:12:30 <sirzerator> pollo: all right, send me the info on the repo and I'll do the billing confirmation page
15:12:44 <pollo> #action sirzerator to do the billing confirmation page
15:12:49 <lavamind> sirzerator: we need you alioth username
15:12:57 <pollo> #action pollo to coordinate with sirzerator _after the meeting_
15:13:09 <pollo> #topic Fundraising
15:13:31 <pollo> well I hope everyone read my last message on the ML about fundraising
15:13:40 <sirzerator> lavamind: not sure I have this... kinda new here, send me the link to register and I'll get back to you
15:14:18 <pollo> fyi, soli just wrote to me, I'll chat with him after the meeting
15:14:37 <lavamind> pollo: \o/
15:14:45 * olasd disappears for $work meeting
15:14:49 <pollo> #info if nothing changes, our current sponsorship goal is 120K USD
15:15:02 <DLange> and our budget line, too ^
15:15:06 <soli> I'll ping back some tentative sponsor through phone call as last resort but if still no responds, we'll have to consider them a no go.
15:15:29 <DLange> we have ~40 that need (and warrant) a follow up
15:15:47 <lavamind> soli: of course there is no need to poke them 6 times
15:16:06 <lavamind> but a few pokes is a *must*
15:16:16 <lavamind> as long as there is sufficient time between them
15:16:44 <lavamind> people get side tracked, forget, etc. it's good to send reminders, don't assume they refuse because they don't answer the 1st or 2nd mail
15:17:08 <lavamind> and yes phone calls are good also
15:17:56 <sirzerator> I gather there's a list of who was contacted and when ? how are calls, contacts dispatched internally ?
15:18:20 <pollo> sirzerator: we got a whole system managed through git
15:18:54 <soli> For email yes, but I didn't put in my direct contact for in person and through phone. But that's mainly just one of the tentative sponsor.
15:19:39 <DLange> we also have been given new leads which need somebody™ to follow up with (from pabs)
15:20:02 <pollo> that and around 40 new prospective sponsors for Alliance Informatique
15:20:28 <DLange> yes. The vacant team lead should put these into git :)
15:20:39 <pollo> s/Informatique/Numérique/
15:20:57 <pollo> anyway, I'll chat a little with soli once the meeting is done
15:21:03 <pollo> anything else to add to this topic?
15:21:16 <soli> Oh? I didn't noticed that. What that in the m--- Yeah, maybe after the meeting with pollo. Roger that.
15:22:05 <pollo> #topic Venue
15:22:08 <pollo> lavamind: ?
15:22:19 <lavamind> process is ongoing
15:22:59 <lavamind> the payment is ready to go, just need the signature from Michael, should be done soon, Jimmy reveiwed the contract and gave it a go with non-blocking critiques
15:22:59 <pollo> is there an eta to sign the contract?
15:23:19 <pollo> #info we are very soon from venue contract signature
15:23:24 <lavamind> pollo: signature by march 17, 1st deposit by march 31
15:23:31 <pollo> wow, that wasn't English, srry
15:23:54 <lavamind> there shouldnt be any problem making these deadlines
15:23:58 <pollo> great
15:24:06 <lavamind> I expect by next meeting it will be settled
15:24:28 <pollo> #info Venue contract ETA: signature by march 17, 1st deposit by march 31
15:24:34 <pollo> anything else to add?
15:24:40 <lavamind> that is not ETA, that is deadlines
15:24:46 <lavamind> but anyway
15:24:59 <lavamind> nothing to add about venue
15:25:04 <pollo> #topic Accommodation
15:25:21 <pollo> anything moved regarding that topic?
15:25:26 <lavamind> nothing new, we can skip
15:25:35 <lavamind> (it is basically stelled anyway)
15:25:35 <pollo> #topic Artwork
15:25:45 <pollo> any news from Renata?
15:26:01 <pollo> during our last sprint she took some notes
15:26:08 <lavamind> thanks for PJain we'll have stickers at FOSSASIA
15:26:17 <tvaz> cool
15:26:25 <lavamind> LeLutin: any progress on priting the stickers in Mtl ?
15:26:38 <pollo> PJain: please send me your invoices
15:27:28 <LeLutin> lavamind: I've found some recommendations but I don't have a price quote yet from them
15:27:59 <pollo> LeLutin: please follow up on KanBoard so we can track progress
15:28:32 <LeLutin> pollo: ok
15:28:42 <pollo> tvaz: any news from Renata? If not, could you follow up with her?
15:28:49 <lavamind> LeLutin: please get some quote this week ...
15:29:36 <tvaz> pollo, I'm in contact with her, but no news so far, we'll propose a meeting soon with her to work on the art
15:29:37 <pollo> I know the conf seems far away, but if we can clear some of the stuff like artwork as soon as possible, it'll make less stuff to take care afterawrds
15:29:46 <tvaz> sure
15:29:55 <LeLutin> lavamind: one of them is 79$USD for 250 stickers (that's the minimum number)
15:30:02 <pollo> #action tvaz to meet Renata soon to talk about artwork progress
15:30:02 <tvaz> i talked to valessio, he'll be available soon as well
15:30:06 <tvaz> just got back home
15:30:23 <tvaz> with valessio things go much faster
15:30:24 <pollo> anything else to add on artwork?
15:30:30 <tvaz> no
15:30:53 <lavamind> LeLutin: I think 250 is good
15:31:12 <lavamind> if you have a good feeling about the printer and the sticker design, please go ahead
15:31:26 <pollo> and send me the invoices afterwards!
15:32:03 <pollo> #topic Catering
15:32:21 <pollo> were we waiting for something to sign that contract?
15:32:46 <tvaz> pollo, yes
15:32:49 <tvaz> but we can make it now
15:32:54 <tvaz> https://pad.riseup.net/p/EcdRYNxiPwNw
15:32:56 <tvaz> (in french)
15:33:15 <tvaz> she will be serving desert for the conference dinner
15:33:31 <tvaz> she had forgotten to add in the menu, but doesn't add any extra cost
15:34:08 <tvaz> also, she'll provide us the coffee urns + condiments during the conference
15:34:12 <tvaz> 2 actually
15:34:15 <tvaz> 100 cups each
15:34:18 <lavamind> that sounds good
15:34:22 <lavamind> 2 is fine
15:34:32 <tvaz> if we need a third one she can provide 30 CAD / day
15:34:41 <tvaz> including taxes and tea
15:34:54 <pollo> I think 2 is enough. Someone will need to tend to the coffee though
15:35:05 <lavamind> tvaz: what about desert for other dinners
15:35:36 <lavamind> status quo %
15:35:52 <tvaz> lavamind, I didn't ask her about that. I though we'd see how it goes during the conference and ask a desert if people really miss it
15:36:01 <lavamind> tvaz: ACK
15:36:04 <pollo> lavamind, tvaz could you coordinate with SPI to sign that contract? If it's ready we could even ask Michael to sign it with the venue contract
15:36:14 <tvaz> it's easy and cheap to add a desert, I think we could go whithout and change such small things during the conference
15:36:23 <DLange> tea too? (didn't understand the line above)
15:36:39 <lavamind> tvaz: can you ask her to modify the contract for the coffee/tea + formal dinner desert
15:36:49 <tvaz> lavamind, yes
15:36:56 <tvaz> then we can sign, right?
15:37:03 <lavamind> ok, once its done, upload to OC + ping me
15:37:09 <tvaz> gok
15:37:59 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update!
15:38:15 <czchen> date will be:
15:38:21 <medicalwei> Because we cannot reserve dorm after Aug 10, our date is moved 1 week ahead
15:38:30 <czchen> DebCamp: Sat, Jul 21, 2018 ~ Fri, Jul 27, 2018
15:38:30 <czchen> DebConf: Sat, Jul 28, 2018 ~ Sun, Aug 5, 2018 (one extra day as typhoon buffer)
15:39:04 <lavamind> sounds fine
15:39:14 <pollo> #info dc18 prospective dates are now DebCamp: Sat, Jul 21, 2018 ~ Fri, Jul 27, 2018 | DebConf: Sat, Jul 28, 2018 ~ Sun, Aug 5, 2018 (one extra day as typhoon buffer)
15:39:17 <Peter_tw> we'll like to discuss about how many rooms we'll need to have, for camp and conf
15:39:19 <cate> yes. I think gwolf is happier
15:39:57 <Peter_tw> we have 4 conference room for the conf
15:40:05 <lavamind> normally debconf is 7 days including the day trip
15:40:05 <Peter_tw> and 4 hacking space room
15:40:11 <cate> Peter_tw: how big the rooms?
15:40:16 <lavamind> you have 9 days
15:40:22 <pollo> Peter_tw: we normally aim for 3 main rooms. Videoteams can't handle more than 3 for sure
15:40:32 <Peter_tw> cate: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Bids/Hsinchu#Venue_Information
15:40:36 <Peter_tw> for conf
15:40:37 <cate> pollo: we have some BoF room without videoteam
15:40:40 <Peter_tw> the rooms are bug
15:40:43 <Peter_tw> *big
15:40:48 <Peter_tw> s/bug/big/
15:40:58 <medicalwei> bug :D
15:41:02 <Peter_tw> Room 101 (Conference room 1): 96 seats
15:41:03 <Peter_tw> Room 106 (Conference room 4): 150 seats
15:41:03 <Peter_tw> Room 203 (Lan Chen Meeting Room): 33 seats
15:41:03 <Peter_tw> Room 201: 60 seats(up to 70 seats with additional chairs)
15:41:05 <cate> so 3 large and few small rooms for BoF and few hacklabs, I would say
15:41:13 <Peter_tw> International Conference Hall:230 Seats
15:41:33 <Peter_tw> so we should have the hacking rooms for both conf and camp
15:41:54 * lavamind has to go, ta-ta!
15:41:55 <Peter_tw> how many rooms do we need for camp? the hacking space
15:41:56 <pollo> Peter_tw: at least some of them for the camp
15:42:08 <cate> Yes, at beginning of debcamp you can have fewer hackrooms (but we need some storage room).
15:42:18 <Peter_tw> for hackrooms:
15:42:18 <Peter_tw> Room 510: 12 seats
15:42:18 <Peter_tw> Room 815: 18 seats with table
15:42:18 <Peter_tw> Room 705: 15 seats with table
15:42:19 <Peter_tw> Room 604 (BML): 8 seats
15:42:20 <pollo> Peter_tw: for dc17 camp, we are getting 1 main talk room and 3 hacklabs
15:42:27 <Peter_tw> would this be good enough?
15:42:27 <cate> We need the conference room one or two day before debconf, to setup video
15:42:35 <pollo> + an interior garden
15:42:42 <Peter_tw> cate: thanks for the info, very important
15:43:06 <lavamind> pollo: which main talk room?
15:43:19 <pollo> lavamind: aren,t getting vivoir?
15:43:19 <lavamind> no main talk room during dc17 camp
15:43:21 <DLange> I think you want to be able to accom 150 people at the hacklabs due to the weather you'll be having
15:43:21 <Peter_tw> so looks like we'll have 4 rooms for camp, 8 for conf
15:43:25 <lavamind> pollo: no
15:43:29 * pollo is wrong then
15:43:43 <DLange> so that room list looks a bit too much on the low end of thing
15:43:46 <pollo> Peter_tw: I think this is better dealt with after the meeting with someone from dc17 local team
15:44:04 <pollo> we can tell you what we are getting and guid eyou
15:44:13 <lavamind> Peter_tw: we can discuss at later time about the needs for venue
15:44:23 <Peter_tw> hmmmm
15:44:37 <lavamind> tomorrow around the same times, 13h-14h UTC
15:45:20 <Peter_tw> I'm not available tomorrow, if some other TW members can join, it'll be fine
15:45:27 <pollo> #action lavamind to guide Peter_tw with room planning for dc18
15:45:31 <pollo> or someone else
15:45:36 <lavamind> sure sure
15:46:03 * lavamind really has to run now
15:46:04 <pollo> any else on dc18 status update?
15:46:06 <Peter_tw> yeah hare1039, czchen & medicalwei can help
15:46:10 <Peter_tw> nope
15:46:12 <Peter_tw> let's move on
15:46:15 <czchen> time is good for me.
15:46:30 <pollo> #topic Meeting time change
15:46:38 <pollo> Eastern North America was on Standard Time (UTC-5) since Sunday, but we are now on Daylight Savings Time (UTC-4). If we want folks in Montreal to be able to attend as they were, we'll need to move the meetings to 14:00 UTC
15:46:46 <pollo> anyone against that move?
15:46:56 <tvaz> that's fine
15:47:05 <DLange> fine for me
15:47:10 <czchen> good for me.
15:47:25 <medicalwei> should be ok for me too...
15:47:38 <paulliu> Should be ok.
15:47:55 <pollo> #agreed meeting will now start at 14 UTC (thanks DST)
15:48:05 <pollo> #topic Misc!
15:48:12 <pollo> please misc now if you have to :D
15:48:24 <tvaz> i've just taken the role for Room assignments
15:48:38 <tvaz> in the wiki, so in real life as well
15:48:52 <pollo> tvaz: you talked to nattie?
15:49:11 <tvaz> i understood she was not on that
15:49:27 <tvaz> i mean, frontdesk != room assignement
15:49:31 <pollo> tvaz: afaik lavamind talked to her and she said she wanted to help with that too
15:49:35 <tvaz> but I can poke her, sure
15:49:54 <tvaz> cool, we can work together then, I'll talk to her
15:50:17 <pollo> #endmeeting