14:02:10 <pollo> #startmeeting
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14:02:17 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
14:02:23 <paulliu> hello
14:02:28 <pollo> please say hello while I work on the agenda :p
14:02:28 <tvaz> hu
14:02:28 <lavamind> hi
14:02:30 <LeLutin> hi
14:02:32 <sirzerator> hi
14:02:32 <czchen> Hi
14:02:38 <highvoltage> hello while I work on the agenda
14:02:41 <DLange> hello while I work on the agenda
14:02:46 <DLange> damn, highvoltage :)
14:02:47 <hare1039> Hi
14:02:47 <highvoltage> I win.
14:02:58 * DLange bows
14:02:59 <lavamind> pollo: we can skip venue and accom
14:03:10 <LeLutin> highvoltage: you missed the smiley
14:03:18 <highvoltage> LeLutin: I did it IRL
14:03:21 <LeLutin> hehe
14:03:53 <pollo> lavamind: no venue updates?
14:04:00 <pollo> ah, allreight
14:04:00 <lavamind> pollo: nope
14:04:11 <pollo> let's start then
14:04:16 <pollo> #topic Registration
14:04:25 <pollo> so, some work has been done this week
14:04:38 <pollo> database integration is mostly done.
14:04:50 <pollo> still needs a little work, but not much
14:05:09 <lavamind> iirc tumbleweed said he'd attempt stripe integration
14:05:16 <lavamind> but nothing moved on this front
14:05:32 <pollo> and sirzerator worked on the billing page some more, but i've yet to look at it
14:05:41 <sirzerator> the confirmation page is done, that is, all the info from previous steps is displayed in the confirmation step
14:06:00 <DLange> including the money owed?
14:06:08 <sirzerator> no
14:06:18 <lavamind> could be useful :)
14:06:19 <DLange> that's the interesting bit :)
14:06:28 <sirzerator> that would be the next step then
14:06:39 <sirzerator> and saving to the database I guess
14:07:08 <DLange> yeah, co-ordinate with tumbleweed please. He should be waking up around now.
14:07:09 <sirzerator> do we have a list of prices for food and accommodation ?
14:07:21 <pollo> sirzerator: yeah, it's all in the form already
14:07:24 <lavamind> sirzerator: the prices are listed on the form itself
14:07:27 <DLange> food is displayed in the form
14:07:31 <pollo> foooorm
14:07:33 <DLange> accom too?
14:07:33 <pollo> :o
14:07:38 <lavamind> accom also (30 CAD per night)
14:07:55 <lavamind> for onsite of course, other options are self paying
14:07:57 <DLange> but hotel and $that_other_dorm?
14:08:12 <DLange> McGill ^
14:08:13 <lavamind> they pay directly to the residence/hotel
14:08:27 <lavamind> instructions are on the wiki already
14:08:50 <lavamind> we only take bookings for onsite accomodation
14:08:58 <DLange> not clear from the form
14:09:05 <lavamind> We Are Not A Travel Agency (tm)
14:09:10 <DLange> full ack
14:09:20 <DLange> we're AirBnB :D
14:10:00 <pollo> so yeah, I have no idea on reg ETA
14:10:16 <pollo> I feel it depends mainly on tumbleweed's availability
14:10:17 <lavamind> I'll have a look at the form for self-booking alt-accomodation, but imo it was already pretty clear
14:10:44 * lavamind tacks tumbleweed to the ground so the wind doesn't push it around as much
14:11:01 <pollo> anything else to add on registration?
14:11:15 <lavamind> code of conduct?
14:11:21 <pollo> oh, yeah
14:11:40 <pollo> I guess we could add a step displaying the CoC with a checkbox
14:11:52 <pollo> does that sounds ok?
14:11:52 <lavamind> like, adding a page where we make people read through it and click I accept at the end, like a TOS ? :p
14:12:33 <DLange> I think just a checkbox "Accept CoC" and linking that is sufficient
14:12:40 <DLange> the form has too many pages already
14:12:50 <pollo> DLange: people won't read it if we just do that
14:13:02 <DLange> people will not read it either way
14:13:03 <lavamind> pollo: we can send it on the mailing list
14:13:20 <LeLutin> if we're sending an email at the end of registration we can link in there
14:13:21 <pollo> lavamind: then what is the point of addind a "i accept the CoC" checkbox?
14:13:37 <DLange> madduck asked for it
14:13:42 <lavamind> I feel the best way of dealing with the CoC ayway is to read it along at the conference itself with the people who are there
14:13:42 <tvaz> i like the idea of 'forcing' people to read it.
14:14:06 <pollo> either we display it and make people accept it, or we take for granted people accept it when they register and push the CoC some other way
14:14:07 <bremner> who here has actually read such a thing when 'forced'?
14:14:09 <DLange> I like the "read in morning session" approach best
14:14:22 <pollo> +1
14:14:26 <bremner> scroll to bottom and click, ftw
14:14:32 <DLange> that way people get reminded constantly and it hopefully won't wear off during the day
14:14:46 <tvaz> bremner, the fact that you don't need to go somewhere else to read it makes a difference
14:14:58 <lavamind> I think the checkbox + link is OK because it signals that we take this seriously
14:14:59 <tvaz> it's about a few words already in your face
14:15:15 <tvaz> chances are bigger
14:15:24 <pollo> lavamind: meh, not seriously enough to display it?
14:15:51 * tvaz agrees with pollo
14:16:00 <lavamind> pollo: the form is already quite busy and long
14:16:08 <LeLutin> pollo: I don't know of a conf that displays the code of conduct when you register
14:16:26 <pollo> that's why I think  we should simply not show it and use other means to make people aware of the CoC
14:16:35 <lavamind> and I agree with bremner that *no one* actually reads these when scrolling is required (plus it required javascript)
14:16:35 <tvaz> 'debconf is unique' (tm) :)
14:17:18 <lavamind> IMO giving a physical copy and reading it aloud at the morning session is serious enough
14:17:28 <pollo> +1
14:17:33 <DLange> so, let's talk about it in the morning session and display the text on slides
14:17:43 <pollo> anyone against that?
14:17:46 <lavamind> yes, but I like the checkbox also
14:17:58 <lavamind> add the checkbox with a link, it sends a positive signal
14:19:05 <lavamind> well if I'm the only one I won't block this non-decision :p
14:19:17 <tvaz> i'm fine too
14:19:26 <lavamind> tvaz: fine with what
14:19:37 * larjona waves, late to the meeting. Will try to catch up with log...
14:19:46 * bremner fine with a checkbox
14:19:50 <sirzerator> I think the checkbox with a link is a good compromise
14:19:55 <tvaz> fine with whatever that shows somewhere the CoC to people
14:20:16 <tvaz> although the prefer the display in the form
14:20:17 <bremner> I don't think many will click the link, but, we tried
14:20:28 <sirzerator> not too involved, but it's present, besides, I don't think one checkbox will make the form that much longer
14:20:29 <pollo> general consensus for checkbox + link then
14:20:42 <DLange> + show in morning session
14:20:50 <lavamind> (plus all the other more important ways of raising awareness of the CoC)
14:20:50 <pollo> #agreed someone (TM) will add a checkbox + link for the CoC in the reg form
14:20:54 <tvaz> bremner, that would be same for the displaying attempt :p
14:21:01 <lavamind> pollo: you can action me on it
14:21:03 <pollo> anything else to add?
14:21:16 <pollo> #action lavamind to add a checkbox+link for the CoC on the reg form
14:21:16 <bremner> tvaz: yes. but the checkbox is less annoying and no less effective
14:21:29 <bremner> IMHO
14:21:31 <tvaz> ok
14:22:21 <pollo> #topic Fundraising
14:22:47 <pollo> There has been work this week regarding sponsorship
14:22:51 <pollo> and it,s positive
14:23:18 <pollo> but more needs to be done! We added a lot (~80) of new leads and they need to be contacted
14:23:35 <DLange> to the git?
14:23:45 <pollo> DLange: yeah
14:23:46 <lavamind> I have a handful to add this morning as well
14:24:10 <lavamind> speaking of which: https://bits.debian.org/2017/03/dc17-welcome-its-first-sponsors.html
14:24:11 <pollo> ok,maybe not 80 but a shitton
14:24:36 <sirzerator> pollo: can I get added to this git as well ? I'd like to help, what's the process for initial contacts, follow-ups, etc. ?
14:24:38 <tvaz> pollo, is there any tool to list the un-contacted ones?
14:24:51 <pollo> tvaz: you mean email clients :D?
14:25:05 <pollo> tvaz: in /tools there are tools to display infos on the sponsors
14:25:21 <pollo> sirzerator: I'll help you with that after the meeting
14:25:23 <DLange> pollo: only the alliancenumerique ones were added (by soli). Everything else mentioned has no git entry.
14:25:24 <tvaz> pollo, by 'added' you mean those text files are added already?
14:25:33 <tvaz> with 'new' status or something?
14:25:39 <pollo> DLange: that's what I meant. Alliance numerique is a lot of entires
14:26:09 <DLange> 86
14:26:22 <DLange> 80 was a good guess
14:26:22 <tvaz> nm, i'll ask details later in the sponsors channel
14:26:29 <pollo> tvaz: I mean we need to contact all entries whose status is not "contacted"
14:26:39 <tvaz> pollo, clear, thanks
14:26:55 <lavamind> pollo: thats not correct, we need to contact the entries whose status is 'new'
14:27:01 <pollo> anyway, if you have time to do sponsorship, please do, even if it's only 2-3 per day
14:27:52 <pollo> anything else to add on sponsorship?
14:28:35 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:28:44 <pollo> tvaz: did you meet with Renata?
14:28:48 <pollo> news from Valessio?
14:28:51 <tvaz> I'll meet her this week
14:29:11 <tvaz> we shouldn't expect valessio before april
14:29:35 <tvaz> I'm in contact with him, but he's still in his 'vacations'...
14:29:51 <tvaz> I'll have news from Renata for the next meeting
14:30:07 <tvaz> if you think there's something more urgent then ping me
14:30:23 <tvaz> we'll be documenting stuff here: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork
14:30:24 <lavamind> LeLutin: any progress with stickers ?
14:30:45 <LeLutin> lavamind: nope unfortunately :( I know one place would be around 70$
14:30:52 <LeLutin> (USD)
14:31:12 <tvaz> i have a question: how we chose t-shirts art? last time I send the proposals people were happy
14:31:19 <tvaz> but didn't seem to make a decision yet
14:31:43 <lavamind> tvaz: maybe we can decide next meeting IRL
14:31:47 <tvaz> ok
14:32:16 <tvaz> so everybody to have a look at the current t-shirts proposals for deciding on the next meeting?
14:32:23 <pollo> tvaz: I added some comments on a pad somewhere, but yes, if we need to decided, please come to the next meeting with a proposition
14:32:38 <tvaz> ok
14:32:45 <pollo> tvaz: add clear links the agenda :D
14:33:06 <tvaz> yes, will try :)
14:33:11 <pollo> #topic Catering
14:33:25 <tvaz> the contract seems ready to be signed
14:33:38 <tvaz> I've added the last bits regarding the dessert on the conference dinner
14:33:49 <pollo> is the plan to sign it at the same time we sign the venue contract?
14:33:53 <tvaz> and the coffee gear that they'll make available
14:33:57 <lavamind> tvaz: of there is a new version ?
14:34:03 <lavamind> s/of/oh/
14:34:12 <tvaz> lavamind, the new version is in OC already, yes
14:34:25 <lavamind> pollo: I don't understand your question
14:34:28 <tvaz> the only thing to change is the contact person details
14:34:36 <lavamind> we don't do in person signing
14:34:47 <tvaz> I've added mine, but seems lavamind will sign it instead as contact person
14:34:49 <lavamind> print, sign, scan
14:34:51 <tvaz> ok then
14:34:57 <lavamind> Michael will sign it
14:35:06 <lavamind> same person for all the contractsd
14:35:07 <tvaz> so it seems ready to go
14:35:15 <pollo> lavamind: I know. I was asking if you were planning to make Michael sign both documents at the same time
14:35:30 <tvaz> just a small review in the new paragraphs, mainly to fix my french errors
14:35:30 <lavamind> tvaz: the contact person/address should be the same as for the venue contract, see the PDF in OC
14:35:42 <lavamind> pollo: the venue contract is already signed by him
14:35:52 <pollo> oh, it is?
14:35:53 <tvaz> lavamind, I'll change that then
14:36:16 * pollo did not know the venue contract was already signed
14:37:23 <pollo> #info venue contract has been signed. Catering one should follow shortly
14:37:35 <pollo> #topic  DebConf16 Final Report
14:37:39 <pollo> highvoltage: ?
14:37:57 <tvaz> so lavamind will get there to the boutique to have it signed by le diner?
14:38:03 <tvaz> just to confirm who's going to do that
14:38:15 <lavamind> pollo: still waiting for the College to sign it, so technically not "signed-signed"
14:38:33 <lavamind> tvaz: I can do it yeah
14:38:41 <tvaz> thanks
14:39:25 * shirish[m] backchecking the whole conversation.
14:39:50 <lavamind> #action lavamind to go to Le Diner to have the contract signed by Dominique
14:39:57 <pollo> well, I don't think highvoltage is with us anymore, we should move
14:40:13 <lavamind> tvaz: ping me when the Le Diner contract is 100% final
14:40:27 <lavamind> and I can print it out
14:40:49 <lavamind> lets move on
14:40:49 <tvaz> pinged
14:41:46 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
14:42:14 <czchen> working on venue contract
14:42:36 <czchen> hare1039:
14:42:58 <czchen> Dorm and 1–2F of MIRC building (conference rooms & classrooms) booked.
14:43:07 <czchen> Check for the numbers of small conference rooms we need to book.
14:43:40 <hare1039> OK
14:43:42 <czchen> ocf.tw part, still working on translating bylaws for TO review.
14:45:16 <czchen> These are the part I know. Any update from other members?
14:46:34 <hare1039> no updates from me
14:46:40 <czchen> pollo: I think that is all for DC18
14:46:59 <medicalwei> No big updates.
14:47:03 <pollo> #topic Misc
14:47:20 <pollo> I think we should plan for the next in person sprint
14:47:29 <pollo> if someone wants to take that task
14:47:39 <pollo> LeLutin: it could be at your place if you want
14:50:39 <LeLutin> pollo: sure!
14:50:59 <LeLutin> when are we aiming to have the next meeting?
14:51:23 <pollo> LeLutin: dunno, either ask on the ML or on our irc chan
14:51:26 <lavamind> weekend of april 1-2 ?
14:51:55 <LeLutin> lavamind: ok sounds good. I'll send a framadate on the ML
14:52:19 <pollo> #action LeLutin to take care of organizing the next in person local sprint
14:52:24 <pollo> #endmeeting