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14:00:10 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
14:00:19 <pollo> Please say hello if you are there for the meeting
14:00:24 <czchen> Hi
14:00:28 <hare1039> Hi
14:00:41 <lavamind> howdy ho
14:00:45 <tiago> hi
14:00:47 <madduck> hello
14:00:48 <pollo> meanwhile, please review the agenda: http://deb.li/il9wc
14:00:57 <DLange> hello if you are there for the meeting <- first
14:01:08 <cate> hello
14:01:14 <paulliu33> hi
14:01:14 <madduck> grrr sandstorm not working in the console ;)
14:01:23 <bremner> EHLO
14:02:22 <PJain> Hello
14:02:32 <pollo> is everyone ok with the agenda?
14:03:24 <pollo> ok let's start then
14:03:25 <LeLutin> hello
14:03:30 <pollo> #topic Registration
14:03:55 <pollo> tumbleweed and sirzerator did some awsome work, and we only have 1 blocker left
14:04:01 <lavamind> ponies!
14:04:08 <pollo> database integration is done and billing confirmation page too
14:04:31 <olasd> hi, sorry for being late
14:04:32 <pollo> that means only Stripe integration remains
14:04:57 <lavamind> tumbleweed said he'd give it a shot
14:05:13 <olasd> what does stripe integration entail? does SPI have a stripe account we can hook into already?
14:05:24 <pollo> olasd: since we will be able to open registration soonish, were you able to find folks to help you with bursary requests?
14:05:26 <madduck> no, but it's not hard.
14:05:33 <madduck> stripe is the payment provider for nerds ;)
14:05:53 <pollo> olasd: we can create a stripe account with SPI's banking infos
14:06:36 <medicalwei> Hi. Walking back home so I can't reply instantly.
14:06:38 <olasd> pollo: I didn't start looking, yet, but yes, that's on my todo list
14:06:55 <pollo> #info only 1 blocker left for registration (stripe)
14:06:59 <olasd> pollo: I've talked with tumbleweed about the fields bursaries would need and he integrated those
14:07:11 <madduck> great work on integrating the CoC checkbox btw, thanks a lot.
14:07:19 <olasd> and I can django so it's easy to add more along the way if we need them
14:07:19 <lavamind> do we have to get someone from SPI onto the stripe account thing, or can it be done by a 3rd party
14:07:27 <pollo> olasd: were you able to get a brain dump from bremner ?
14:08:04 <olasd> no, I was completely under water the week he said he was available, we need to reschedule that
14:08:31 <DLange> lavamind: for legal reasons you need the SPI treasurer (or president)
14:08:48 <DLange> can't create banking accounts for "a company you know"
14:09:18 <pollo> lavamind: can you ask them to create a stripe account for us?
14:09:22 <lavamind> DLange: well technically it's not creating a bank account, it's directing funds into one
14:09:38 <lavamind> pollo: alright
14:09:48 <pollo> the thing is, we don't want others to be using the same Stripe account as DebConf
14:09:50 <cate> lavamind: anyway for traceability, you know ... rules of non-profit orga
14:09:57 <pollo> it will be a mess otherwise
14:10:13 <madduck> i also don't really see a reason why we can't do this with SPI blessing, i.e. having to avoid waiting for SPI to do it
14:10:26 <pollo> #action lavamind to ask SPI to create a DebConf-SPI Stripe account
14:10:39 <pollo> madduck: +1
14:10:57 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
14:11:06 <DLange> madduck: the blessing is the important part (and in writing please)
14:11:10 <madduck> do we have an updated timeline?
14:11:14 <DLange> as long as you are authorized, all fine
14:11:34 <lavamind> I will see with schultmc which is preffered
14:11:52 <pollo> madduck: timeline says we open reg in March, we have not busted deadlines yet
14:12:36 <lavamind> there's only so much time we can delay opening registration before we have to push back bursaries, however
14:12:40 <lavamind> and confirmation
14:12:51 <madduck> pollo: ;)_
14:13:13 <madduck> are we still planning to do confirmations??
14:13:14 <DLange> "Business Representative: You and your Representative individually affirm to Stripe that your Representative is authorised to provide the information described in this Section A.2 on your behalf and to bind you to this Agreement." from https://stripe.com/legal
14:13:14 <pollo> lavamind: let,s cross that bridge when we get there :D
14:13:15 <lavamind> I'm afraid we'd have to revise the schedule more closely if we're unable to open before next week
14:13:32 <DLange> that's what you need to have covered
14:14:13 <madduck> pay on registration, or get bursary approval. if you then don't show up, you lost your money, or won't get bursary again in the future.
14:14:34 <olasd> madduck: bursary confirmations? yes.
14:14:56 <madduck> oh, I was talking about reconfirmations for registration. I hope we can manage to avoid those.
14:15:01 <DLange> we could have people register and send "payment" emails a few weeks later
14:15:17 * olasd nods DLange
14:15:27 <madduck> if we make them pay for registration, we get more reliable numbers earlier
14:15:43 <madduck> but it's a sharp turn from how things have been in the past
14:15:44 <DLange> (we need to do this anyways for people that apply for bursary but don't get one)
14:15:45 <cate> I don't think so
14:15:46 <pollo> madduck: people can decide to pay in person anyway
14:16:43 <pollo> DLange: so you are proposing if we can't integrate Stripe soon enough, we open Reg and ask people to pay later?
14:17:00 <madduck> pollo: I understand that as a need esp. for anonymous payments. But it means we shoulder the risk of having to pay for unoccupied space.
14:17:05 <madduck> anyway, let's not take this further now, sorry for the interjection…
14:17:51 <DLange> pollo: I think this is an option. I don't know whether it is a good idea and probably tumbleweed is the best person to know whether we have any side effects.
14:18:11 <pollo> right, let's keep that in mind for the next meeting then
14:18:32 <DLange> I personally think it'll work fine but we need somebody to take care of payments, refunds and track people that slack.
14:18:42 <pollo> #info we _could_ open registration, integrate Stripe later and ask people to pay then
14:18:50 <PJain_> DLange: I can volunteer for that
14:18:51 <olasd> decoupling registration and payment also allows for workflows where you get someone else to settle your invoice
14:18:56 <madduck> that would be "reconfirmation"
14:19:25 <DLange> pollo: PJain_ volunteers, you may want him in your $money team then
14:19:28 <pollo> olasd: afaiu, since you can pay in person you can skip the Stripe payment anyway and come back to it later
14:19:42 <madduck> those who don't want to use stripe could then ask e.g. PJain_ for permission to pay on site, and get issued a special code to complete registration.
14:19:59 <DLange> yes, that would make sense to improve the data quality
14:20:06 <DLange> otherwise we may have many no-shows
14:20:30 * pollo was thinking we add a big "I want to pay in person" button
14:20:37 <DLange> tumbleweed: ^ time to look into IRC :)
14:20:54 <pollo> it's going to be a paaaaaaain to take care of if we ask people to contact us to get coupons
14:20:54 <PJain_> PJain: If they are international participants, we can allow them to pay on site and send some document like Flight tickets etc. for confirmation
14:21:01 <madduck> pollo: let's talk about this more in future weeks. I would like to help avoid assuming the risk
14:21:48 <pollo> madduck: there are practically no financial risks. People pay for a little food (we can cancel easily a few days before) and for classroom dorms
14:21:49 <PJain_> pollo: We can make code small auto coupon generator. Which will make code for them automatically as soon as they select pay in person option
14:22:01 <PJain_> *we can code
14:22:09 <madduck> pollo: if we make it purposely cumbersome for people, we might usher them towards stripe, which *helps* us
14:22:20 <pollo> PJain_: anyway, I noted you want to volunteer, I'll keep that in mind
14:22:21 <madduck> pollo: okay, that changes things. cool.
14:22:39 <madduck> (it's not always like this, at DC15 we lost I think 3k that way)
14:22:50 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
14:23:06 * PJain_ thanks Pollo
14:23:30 <pollo> #topic Open Day
14:24:39 <tiago> me and lavamind have taken the task and started coordinating with content (started, really a few minutes ago)
14:24:41 <lavamind> considering there was no movement on Open Day in recent weeks, tiago and I decide to take over planning
14:25:07 <lavamind> see https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/OpenDay/Planning
14:25:29 <lavamind> #action lavamind and tiago to draft OD-specific CfP this week
14:25:42 <pollo> #save
14:25:44 <tiago> that's it
14:25:54 <lavamind> yep
14:26:08 <pollo> #topic Fundraising
14:26:43 <pollo> this is just here to remind us all a lot of work still needs to be done regarding sponsorship
14:27:03 <lavamind> could someone familiar with LTS people take on the task to coordinate with them about DC17 sponsorship
14:27:45 <DLange> what needs to be coordinated with LTS?
14:27:50 <tiago> what's the matter with lts&sponsorship?
14:27:52 <pollo> :p
14:28:11 <pollo> we want to contact LTS sponsors
14:28:27 <DLange> send buxy an email then
14:28:28 <pollo> and we need to ask LTS beforehand to have proper fundraising ettiquette
14:28:42 <DLange> ack
14:29:02 <pollo> #action pollo to contact LTS folks about DC fundraising
14:29:12 <pollo> anything to add to this topic?
14:29:44 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:29:45 <olasd> yes
14:29:50 <pollo> damn
14:29:53 <olasd> sorry
14:29:57 <pollo> #topic Fundraising
14:30:26 <olasd> there's a query pending from the Debian France treasurer about invoicing and use of the money we're getting there
14:30:40 <pollo> olasd: I replied to jcristau on the ML
14:30:46 <pollo> we will not use Debian Fr money
14:30:50 <pollo> only give you some
14:30:59 <DLange> probably legally not possible
14:31:10 <DLange> you should refund via Debian France for European visitors
14:31:15 <pollo> DLange: why?
14:31:16 <olasd> it's legally possible but it has tax implications
14:31:22 <pollo> have we ever done that?
14:31:23 <DLange> pollo: tax evasion
14:31:35 <DLange> sure, every year (FFIS usually)
14:31:58 <lavamind> aiui european sponsors donating to Debian Fr pay VAT, no ?
14:32:03 <olasd> nope
14:32:09 <lavamind> ah.
14:32:11 <olasd> yeah
14:32:15 <olasd> hence the tax implications
14:32:35 <pollo> is sending a bunch of $$$ to SPI something that could work?
14:32:42 <olasd> no
14:32:44 <lavamind> olasd: paying to much tax doesn't have the same legal implications as not paying enough :p
14:33:12 <lavamind> hrm
14:33:13 * pollo is afraid Debian France will get swamped with reimbursement demands if we allow European folks to be reimbursed that way
14:33:31 <tumbleweed> o/ (I'm in the rgiht time zone today, but was running around outside for the last half hour)
14:33:38 <olasd> (the Debian France legal status gives it VAT exemption under a certain threshold and for certain activities)
14:33:52 <lavamind> there are only 2 sponsors donating to Debian Fr currently, may not even be enough funds
14:33:57 <pollo> we should never have allowed sponsors to pay that way then
14:34:35 <lavamind> pollo: well someone ack'ed I'm sure, wasn't our call
14:34:51 <lavamind> anyway
14:35:44 <lavamind> how do we fix this? contact Skoutz and Evolix and tell them we need to invoice in USD from SPI ?
14:36:05 <bremner> can't debian just balance things out?
14:36:07 <DLange> gettings funds for Debian is the reasons TOs exist. So that's what Debian France is for.
14:36:13 <olasd> bremner: "Debian" doesn't exist
14:36:14 <DLange> and then what bremner suggests
14:36:23 <olasd> for tax purposes
14:36:28 <bremner> olasd: it does in the sense that all TOs do what it says
14:36:37 <DLange> we can decide *after* the conference whom to re-imburse which path
14:36:48 <bremner> so draw from SPI, and make a note of extra money in France
14:36:53 <bremner> unless le Pen wins
14:37:00 <olasd> and it'd be perfectly fine to have Debian France reimburse people in SEPA
14:37:09 <pollo> SEPA?
14:37:16 <olasd> Single Euro Payments Area
14:37:17 <DLange> Europe for finance buffs
14:37:34 <pollo> oh, if it's fine then let's offer folks SPI and Debian France
14:37:44 <bremner> we've in the past had a mixed bag of reimbursement sources, it's never been a big problem
14:37:58 <olasd> anyway, I didn't see a reply to the query and wanted to raise the point, I'm not sure what "the mailing list" pollo was talking about
14:38:10 <olasd> we can figure the rest out off-meeting
14:38:11 <medicalwei> What's TO in that context?
14:38:17 <DLange> I think this convo started by somebody having to answer questions from jcristau as the Debian France treasurer
14:38:33 <pollo> olasd: sponsors ML
14:38:35 <DLange> medicalwei: Trusted Organisation, what you apply for currently
14:38:49 <medicalwei> Oops
14:38:55 <pollo> great then, problems fixed
14:39:04 <olasd> pollo: I'm not on that, and neither is jcristau?
14:39:08 <pollo> #info we'll have 2 reimbursement options, SPI or Debian France
14:39:22 <olasd> (nor do I want to be)
14:39:26 <pollo> :p
14:39:28 <pollo> let's move then
14:39:46 <olasd> sure
14:39:51 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:40:06 <pollo> tiago: you were supposed to meet with Renata this week
14:40:17 <tiago> we met
14:40:27 <DLange> #action SPI needs to contact Stripe on nonprofit@stripe.com after account creation for reduced rates
14:40:30 <tiago> but her baby was sick, that was hard to get things done
14:40:42 <pollo> :(
14:40:50 <tiago> I showed her anyway many of the arts from past dcs
14:41:27 <tiago> installed onwcloud to her machine and created an account to her
14:41:32 <tiago> (thanks lavamind)
14:41:50 <tiago> so she'll be probably working on this, this week
14:42:29 <tiago> for the t-shirts, do we want to have a look now at the proposals?
14:42:53 <pollo> tiago: I think that was the goal of that topic yeah
14:43:06 <tiago> give me sec
14:43:07 <pollo> to decided what art we wanted
14:43:32 <PJain_> Where should I upload the stickers image file that I used for FOSSASIA?
14:43:35 <tiago> this is what we have now: https://debconf17-owncloud.univers-libre.net/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/DebConf17%20Shared/Artwork/T-shirts&fileid=1628#pdfviewer
14:43:46 <tiago> (anyway with no oc access?)
14:43:47 <PJain_> tiago : Sorry for in between message
14:43:53 <tiago> np
14:44:07 <DLange> PJain_: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork
14:44:07 <tiago> PJain_, I put that in the wiki
14:44:13 <pollo> tiago: that is not a proper sharing link
14:44:23 <lavamind> tiago: I think we should discuss/decide at the next irl meeting
14:44:33 <lavamind> not now
14:44:38 <PJain_> Dlange tiago Thanks
14:44:47 <pollo> lavamind: ack
14:45:11 <tiago> ok, so I'll add the options to the wiki
14:45:22 <tiago> people will have a look this week and we can (?) decide next meeting
14:45:33 <pollo> #action tiago to add t-shirt options to the wiki
14:46:16 <pollo> #topic Catering
14:46:29 <pollo> lavamind, tiago: has the contract been signed?
14:46:37 <tiago> afaik it's missing the signature only
14:48:11 <lavamind> tiago: I have not seen the finalized contract
14:48:38 <tiago> lavamind, you did't see it because is it missing? or because you couldn't?
14:48:43 <tiago> it's in our oc
14:48:48 <lavamind> no...
14:48:52 <lavamind> it's not
14:49:28 <tiago> Contrat de service Le D�r!.odt
14:49:50 <lavamind> tiago: still missing the menu
14:50:01 <tiago> the menu is soumission-menu-final.pdf
14:50:02 <lavamind> we should not sign a document that doesn't have the menu
14:50:19 <tiago> the 'attached' menu is mentioned in the contract
14:50:55 <medicalwei> Could the menu being incorporated into the contract?
14:50:57 <lavamind> tiago: dessert missing from formal menu
14:51:12 <tiago> lavamind, I added this addendum to the contract
14:51:27 <tiago> not a big deal
14:51:40 <tiago> "Les parties se sont accord� que, le jour 5 du bloc 2, des choux �a cr� au caramel, brochettes de fruits au chocolat (vegane et sans gluten) seront servis comme dessert pour le souper (formal dinner)."
14:52:22 <lavamind> tiago: ok, but for free?
14:52:47 <pollo> #action lavamind and tiago to fix the catering contract
14:52:48 <lavamind> this is not clear at all
14:52:48 <tiago> yes, you can add that if you want
14:52:57 <pollo> please do this after the meeting
14:52:58 <tiago> ok, just add that
14:53:01 <tiago> then it's done
14:53:32 <pollo> #topic DebConf16 Final Report
14:53:37 <pollo> highvoltage: ping pin
14:54:37 <DLange> idle 24hrs
14:54:55 <pollo> #topic DC18 Status Update
14:55:39 <medicalwei> czchen, paulliu: anything to update?
14:55:52 <czchen> No from me, too busy this week
14:55:55 <paulliu33> medicalwei: no from me.
14:56:10 <hare1039> Hi I want to ask where should we borrow the front desk room? Like near the main room or the school gate or ..?
14:56:57 <medicalwei> Front desk is used for check in for example
14:57:18 <medicalwei> So that should not being placed at the school gate XD
14:57:27 <hare1039> Okey
14:57:36 <hare1039> Another question is what size of the room should we prepare for NOC, video team, and front desk room?
14:58:22 <lavamind> hare1039: well there is no "fixed" requirement
14:58:47 <lavamind> it should be big enough for 5-6 people to work in comfortably + space for equipment
14:59:09 <hare1039> lavamind: OKey
14:59:12 <hare1039> Thanks
14:59:17 <cate> hare1039: I think you should ask directly to nattie about front desk logistic
14:59:34 <DLange> my guesstimate would be ... NOC: 5 people + three desks for stuff; video team: 10 people + three desks for stuff; front desk: 10-15 people + lots of space for stuff
14:59:56 <bremner> DC16 had a lot more than 5 people at front desk iirc
15:00:06 <bremner> maybe that was a bad idea *shrug*
15:00:08 <DLange> hence 10-15 people
15:00:41 <bremner> oic. nvm.
15:00:42 <medicalwei> By front desk are we looking for a room to store front desk stuff? Or just a bunch of desks for registration and such?
15:00:45 <DLange> front desk has grown a lot in DC16 compared to previous conferences. Shared the load much more nicely.
15:01:18 <cate> medicalwei: where people register. And ifr that room has enough space and lockable, it is optimal
15:01:20 <tumbleweed> well, front desk doubled as the conference ops room during the day
15:01:27 <tumbleweed> not everyone in there was actually front desk
15:01:38 <DLange> true dat
15:01:53 <DLange> back seat opping was observed :)
15:02:25 <cate> dc13 had a split orga room, but many things are overlapping so..
15:02:37 <LeLutin> medicalwei: you need to store things like t-shirts, badges and some items that you can sell during the conference (miscelania like shampoo, umbrellas and similar)
15:02:46 <LeLutin> (in the front desk)
15:02:51 <DLange> and hey tumbleweed! Can you say something about Stripe (see backlog)? Can we do that after reg opens (email people a link / statement etc.)?
15:03:13 <medicalwei> LeLutin: so at dc15 there's a room for storing the things but not where the front desk was at?
15:03:15 <tumbleweed> DLange: yeah, I was also thinking we can do that after reg opens (open ASAP for bursaries, and handle payments a bit later)
15:03:24 <DLange> awesome
15:03:41 <DLange> pollo, let's open reg this week then...!
15:03:51 <tumbleweed> is someone organising a stripe account?
15:03:59 <LeLutin> medicalwei: that can work if it's not too far from front desk (e.g. badges are needed when ppl are checking in)
15:04:03 <tumbleweed> I'm hoping integrating it will be quick...
15:04:08 <DLange> 16:10 <pollo> #action lavamind to ask SPI to create a DebConf-SPI Stripe account
15:04:22 <tumbleweed> (I'm also busier next week, so I'd like to get as much as possible done this week)
15:04:44 <pollo> tumbleweed: is everything ready to open reg?
15:04:46 <olasd> DLange: I heard people from front desk were not too pleased about having the front desk double as orga room
15:04:49 <DLange> tumbleweed: *please* close down the DC16 finances
15:05:18 <tumbleweed> pollo: I'd like to finish a few things (and we need to test it a bit)
15:05:37 <pollo> tumbleweed: I tested it quite a bit yesterday and it seems to work fine
15:05:54 <DLange> olasd: grapevines. They shall come and complain. I found it a nice and lively place (although I wasn't there too often as I hid in the video room when I wanted to get something done).
15:06:09 <olasd> DLange: they did, that's what I'm conveying right now
15:06:21 <tumbleweed> pollo: also, wafer won't recognise registration via this form, yet
15:06:29 <tumbleweed> (i.e. you'll still get "you're unregistered" messages
15:06:30 <DLange> olasd: forward email or details in PM please, I hate unattributed gossip
15:06:42 <olasd> I won't.
15:06:42 <pollo> :(, let's move on to the next topic
15:07:08 <pollo> #topic  Next Local team sprint
15:07:15 <pollo> LeLutin: have you found a date?
15:08:11 <LeLutin> so according to the poll, there are 4 potential dates (or starting points). pollo you had a maybe on april 2nd 13:00. is it a difficult "maybe" to work with?
15:08:33 <LeLutin> if no, I would tend to choose that day to make it closer to today
15:08:52 <pollo> LeLutin: I won't be there on april 2nd srry
15:08:57 <lavamind> I'm busy in the evening on the 2nd also
15:09:02 <lavamind> so not ideal date for me
15:09:47 <LeLutin> ok so poll is somewhat lying.. so then I guess we should go for sunday 9th
15:10:22 <pollo> #agreed Next IRL local team sprint will be on Sunday 9th
15:10:29 <pollo> #action LeLutin to publicise that date
15:10:44 <pollo> anything else to add?
15:11:00 <LeLutin> will do! I can also contact ppl who confirmed their presence to send the address
15:11:36 <LeLutin> pollo: that's all for the meatspace meeting
15:11:39 <pollo> #endmeeting