13:59:13 <pollo> #startmeeting
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13:59:23 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
13:59:36 <pollo> Please say hi if you are here for the meeting!
13:59:43 <paulliu55> hi
13:59:45 <medicalwei> Hi /
13:59:47 <pollo> meanwhile, here's the agenda: http://deb.li/il9wc
13:59:49 <DLange> o/ Ola
14:00:12 <hare1039> hi
14:00:30 <LeLutin> hi
14:00:30 <czchen> hi
14:00:34 <sirzerator> hi
14:00:52 <medicalwei> Commuting so cannot be always active here
14:01:30 <pollo> lavamind, tiago?
14:01:50 <lavamind> hello!
14:02:27 <pollo> all right, let's roll
14:02:31 <lavamind> I removed some items from the agenda as I don't think there was any reason to keep them
14:02:31 <pollo> #topic Registration
14:02:34 <azeem_> hi
14:02:55 <pollo> tumbleweed: are you here?
14:03:14 <lavamind> we must open this week, otherwise we will have to delay the deadline for bursary application, which is may 1st (according to plan)
14:03:25 <pollo> last week we said registration was still closed because some wafer integrations are not done yet
14:03:33 <madduck> .
14:03:34 <highvoltage> o/
14:03:41 <pollo> i.e, it does not mark you as registered
14:04:03 <pollo> but I agree with lavamind
14:05:13 <jathan> Hello
14:05:14 <pollo> plot, I don't think tumbleweed is here
14:05:29 * lavamind concerned.
14:05:37 <pollo> #action pollo to follow up with tumbleweed to open registration this week
14:05:46 <pollo> nah, he's just busy with work
14:05:57 <pollo> anything else to add on Registration?
14:05:57 <lavamind> oh yeah I know
14:06:03 <highvoltage> he's stuck in traffic: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39461866
14:06:07 <lavamind> still concerned about this galring bottleneck
14:06:15 * lavamind eyes dc18 folks
14:06:25 <medicalwei> @@
14:06:32 * medicalwei eyes back
14:06:59 <lavamind> we can move on I suppose
14:07:05 <pollo> #topic Content
14:07:42 <pollo> tiago said he started a draft for Open Day Cfp: https://pad.riseup.net/p/jivn6jx6Rz22
14:07:47 <tiago> hi
14:07:52 <pollo> 0/
14:08:04 <tiago> got disconnected by proxy and didn't notice grrr
14:08:26 <tiago> (what did i miss)?
14:08:44 <cate_> hi
14:08:47 <DLange> #save
14:08:52 <pollo> #save
14:08:56 <tiago> so seems we're in content topic
14:09:15 <DLange> http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-team/2017/debconf-team.2017-04-03-13.59.log.txt
14:09:18 <pollo> tiago: yup. seems lavamind and you chased one another this week regarding Open Day
14:09:47 <lavamind> yeah we'll get it done this week, sorry about that
14:09:48 <tiago> couldn't make the CfP, hard week
14:09:58 <tiago> but we're getting there
14:10:18 <tiago> we need a track in the system
14:10:30 <tiago> "Open Day" track
14:10:43 <pollo> gwolf: any updates on inviting people for Keynotes?
14:10:53 <pollo> we haven't talked about this in a while
14:10:58 <tiago> pollo, he can't make it today
14:11:05 <pollo> oh, ok
14:11:07 <tiago> but I'm here to report
14:11:17 <tiago> talked to him yesterday
14:11:50 <tiago> we have two confirmed speakers from US
14:11:56 <tiago> one local to be confirmed
14:12:26 <tiago> and another one who started a conversation but hasn't answer for a long time
14:13:14 <tiago> so it's likely we'll have 2 remote invited + 1 local
14:13:25 <pollo> great news
14:13:33 <tiago> we'll estimate the budget for those two
14:13:48 <tiago> and will 'give back' to the team what we won't use
14:13:54 <tiago> which is also good :)
14:14:13 <madduck> there are other candidates as well, but unfortunately there seems to be not only little interest, but active resistance to the concept of inviting speakers from some people in the content team.
14:14:37 <tiago> pollo, that's it
14:14:40 <tiago> my report
14:14:48 <lavamind> thanks tiago
14:15:30 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:15:34 <pollo> T shirts!
14:15:43 <lavamind> we talked about this last meeting ...
14:15:46 <tiago> please have a look https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork#T-Shirt
14:15:53 * highvoltage fixes humerous typo in agenda
14:15:53 <pollo> lavamind: we said tiago was not ready
14:15:56 <lavamind> the decision on tshirts is deffered to sunday's meeting
14:16:01 <pollo> lavamind: we have loads of time today
14:16:14 <lavamind> not I
14:16:27 * DLange likes the 01 ones
14:16:28 <pollo> and I feel other folks have to have a say in tshirt decisions
14:16:35 <pollo> not just local folks
14:16:47 <lavamind> pollo: sure, I don't see why it has to be during this meeting
14:16:57 <highvoltage> pollo: I need to avoid traffic so if we can not linger to long that would be great :)
14:17:24 <pollo> let's give everyone 3 minutes to comment on the tshirts
14:17:26 <pollo> and the move on
14:17:33 <pollo> does that sound right?
14:17:43 <lavamind> fine
14:17:43 <pollo> renata will have infos to act upon afterwards
14:17:59 <tiago> ok we don't need to decide now
14:18:20 <azeem_> the STAFF and VIDEO texts look a bit big in the last images
14:18:23 <tiago> just have a look, leave your comments and we'll decide later
14:18:25 * pollo likes the video01 and staff01 a lot
14:18:27 <azeem_> is that pixel-perfect, or ust a placeholder?
14:18:41 <tiago> azeem_, yes, seems a placeholder
14:18:52 <tiago> but i'll add that comment there
14:18:57 <tiago> just in case....
14:19:13 <pollo> the attendees02 reminds me of France's flag a little too much
14:19:23 <DLange> I suggest staying with yellow for Video as otherwise people with DC15 shirts will be easy to confuse with video team of DC17
14:19:25 <lavamind> imho 01's are great
14:19:28 <DLange> (https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/T-shirt_colors)
14:19:35 * LeLutin staff01, video01 and attendees02
14:20:00 <highvoltage> LeLutin++
14:20:00 <DLange> otherwise as said above and what lavamind supports. My vote would be for the 01 batch of designs.
14:20:01 <lavamind> yellow could also work for video, with the sale print colors
14:20:15 <lavamind> s/sale/same/
14:20:32 <pollo> blah, yellow is always such a hard color to wear :p
14:20:44 <pollo> 3 minutes are up!
14:20:45 <tiago> please leave your comments in the wiki
14:21:07 <pollo> #info Please leave comment on the wiki about tshirts:  https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork#T-Shirt
14:21:08 <tiago> it'll be important when we get back to renata to finish the work
14:21:20 <pollo> #topic DebConf16 Final Repor
14:21:23 <pollo> highvoltage: !
14:21:28 <highvoltage> I'll be super quick
14:21:34 <highvoltage> I added the following to the report:
14:21:34 <highvoltage> 2017-04-03 - highvoltage is aiming to sort out at least half of the remaining issues on final report by next week!
14:21:44 <DLange> yeah!
14:21:57 <highvoltage> (I mean agenda) - aiming to have it in shape by no later than 2 weeks from now so that we can get final round of feedback and release
14:22:11 <lavamind> \o/
14:22:28 <highvoltage> last month was all kinds of crazy but this one seems a lot better so I think we can push and get it done
14:22:34 <highvoltage> that's all for dc16 final report for today!
14:22:41 <pollo> #info plan is to have the dc17 final report ready for review in 2 weeks
14:22:50 <highvoltage> *dc16
14:22:59 <pollo> yeah yeah
14:23:05 <bremner> why not both?
14:23:06 <pollo> #info plan is to have the dc16 final report ready for review in 2 weeks
14:23:07 * bremner hides
14:23:18 <highvoltage> bremner: maybe focus on dc15 so long first ;)
14:23:21 * pollo hires a fortune teller
14:23:38 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
14:24:08 <czchen> ocf bylaws translation is done by translator, need review.
14:24:19 <czchen> Will start TO process after new DPL is elected.
14:24:28 <medicalwei> By translator you mean machine translation?
14:24:38 <czchen> Yes
14:24:58 <medicalwei> We need to work on prettifying and reviewing the output of the translation.
14:25:00 <czchen> I do some modification for better human understand.
14:25:21 <pollo> since it's such an official document, couldn't ocf hire a professional?
14:25:49 <medicalwei> This should be possible. We could ask if the output of machine translation is okay to ease their efforts.
14:25:50 <czchen> They don't have plan for English version right now, so we just do it ourselves.
14:26:13 <lavamind> medicalwei: please don't submit mahcine translation to a professional translator, you will create an eveny!
14:26:20 <lavamind> enemy*
14:26:48 <medicalwei> Since Chinese to English translation is considered a difficult problem to human and let alone computers.
14:26:50 <lavamind> I know translators, and such translations done by software is 100% worthless to them
14:26:54 <czchen> Just too many legal and finance term for me to do the translation.
14:27:17 <pollo> I just feel translating bylaws can be quite hard to do and we need something that is done right
14:27:21 <medicalwei> So we can utilize the output and rework base on the translations.
14:28:13 <czchen> Maybe we shall contact Lucien Lin for translation?
14:28:24 <medicalwei> czchen: should be possible.
14:28:30 <czchen> He is expert in technical law.
14:28:55 <medicalwei> #info ask human translators for OCF bylaws for TO process
14:29:24 <medicalwei> Hmmm....(?)
14:29:43 <czchen> hare1039: any update for venue?
14:29:49 <hare1039> We fonud the vip room behind the main room may suitable for front desk room, only it can be locked by security. Is that OK?
14:30:12 <bremner> depends on hours, can they do it any time?
14:30:12 <DLange> if security is available at short notice to do this
14:30:33 <hare1039> They come only on weekdays
14:30:43 <pollo> not a good idea then
14:30:45 <hare1039> And not at night
14:30:55 <DLange> that won't work then
14:30:58 <pollo> we had trouble with that kind of thing at dc16
14:31:02 <hare1039> OKey
14:31:05 <DLange> ask whether we can have a key / key card
14:31:40 <hare1039> Sure
14:32:00 <hare1039> Another question is how many rooms we need to prepare for the people that will come one day before start and left one day after the DC18?
14:32:22 <pollo> hare1039: normally we don't prepare anything for these people
14:32:35 <pollo> and let them rent hotel rooms by themselves
14:33:06 <DLange> the core team usually arrives early and leaves late
14:33:06 <hare1039> OK
14:33:40 <pollo> hare1039: can people rent rooms at the dorm by themselve outside of the conference?
14:34:22 <hare1039> There are some hotels near the school. I think yes.
14:34:41 <medicalwei> pollo: do you mean that do people being restricted in the campus if they rent a dorm?
14:34:49 <medicalwei> I think not...
14:34:50 <hare1039> the dorm I need to ask
14:35:05 <czchen> As I know, there are some guest rooms in NCTU and NTHU, but I am not sure if they are suitable or not.
14:35:33 <DLange> this would be good to find out and document on the wiki
14:35:42 <medicalwei> They need special requirements for NCTU but I don't know in NTHU case
14:35:44 <DLange> that way people have the information for their travel plans
14:36:17 <medicalwei> (Though I was a student in NTHU ;w;)
14:37:06 <czchen> Any other update for DC18?
14:37:19 <medicalwei> 清華會館 (NTHU guest house) is open to public
14:37:55 <medicalwei> But special requirements apply.
14:38:36 <pollo> blue hairs required!
14:38:57 <pollo> anything else on this topic?
14:39:12 <medicalwei> We can go ahead I think
14:39:27 <czchen> no topic from me
14:39:30 <pollo> #topic Misc
14:39:43 <tiago> i missed the registration
14:39:45 <tiago> topic
14:39:53 <pollo> videoteam is _trying_ to pull off a second sprint
14:39:58 <pollo> might or might not happen
14:40:00 <LeLutin> reminder to local dc17 folks: the next in person meeting is next sunday
14:40:07 <tiago> so i'd like to ask a new track in waffer
14:40:13 <tiago> for the open day
14:40:45 <pollo> #action tumbleweed to add an Open Day track in wafer prod CfP
14:40:58 <pollo> I think only he has access to prod admin console atm
14:41:41 <DLange> tiago has admin access, so has gwolf and 6 others
14:41:49 <medicalwei> tiago: Tumbleweed is not available right now, and pollo needs to update the registration info with tumbleweed.
14:42:26 <pollo> tiago: you can add a track yourself then, it's in Django admin
14:42:29 <tiago> we're not in a hurry
14:42:38 <tiago> pollo, great then
14:42:54 <tiago> I'll do that before we send the cfp
14:42:55 <pollo> it's literally 3 clicks
14:42:57 <tiago> :)
14:43:14 <pollo> #endmeeting