14:02:03 <pollo> #startmeeting
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14:02:10 <madduck> DLange: wherein "labour" means "no work" ;)
14:02:10 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
14:02:14 <medicalwei> o/
14:02:18 <larjona> hi
14:02:19 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting!
14:02:20 <abdelq> o/
14:02:23 * madduck 
14:02:31 <lavamind> heya
14:02:33 <DLange> pollo needs a new intro message...
14:02:39 <pollo> meanwhile, please review the agenda: http://deb.li/il9wc
14:02:48 <LeLutin> o/
14:02:55 <tvaz> hi
14:03:35 * medicalwei wonders if DC18 team has only me in today's conf
14:03:41 <medicalwei> ... meeting
14:04:09 <medicalwei> we have labour's day and it's a national holiday
14:04:51 <DLange> today?
14:05:01 * medicalwei pokes czchen, hare1039
14:05:10 <medicalwei> yes, though it's almost over
14:05:23 <czchen> hi
14:05:29 <pollo> does that agenda look good?
14:05:41 <tvaz> yep
14:06:02 <pollo> #topic Registration
14:06:02 <czchen> updating
14:06:11 <pollo> DLange: can we has stats please?
14:06:23 <DLange> 183 registered attendees; 109 bursary requests; 160 eaters of which 18 are veggies, 7 vegans, 9 other food requests
14:07:11 <tvaz> i like the numbers
14:07:15 * medicalwei notes, 18.8% of attendees need special food requests
14:07:38 <DLange> I'll get you final DC17 numbers, medicalwei so you have a good planning base
14:07:47 <pollo> I have not done any work regarding database integration to the admin pânel
14:07:53 <pollo> I might have some time this week
14:07:56 <lavamind> 94 debcamp participants
14:08:11 <DLange> 136 open day
14:08:11 <lavamind> we might have to consider adjustments
14:08:33 <DLange> 182 Debconf. Whoever the guy/gal is that doesn't want to come to DebConf :)
14:09:19 <tvaz> can we have numbers by day? not for now, but that helps planning food for debcamp, mostly
14:09:31 <pollo> lavamind: what is the status with SPI and our Stripe request
14:09:40 <lavamind> pollo: no news
14:10:02 <pollo> no point in working on that if we are not even sure SPI will agree to it...
14:10:24 <pollo> to me atm that's the blocker for adding Stripe
14:10:37 <madduck> medicalwei: we've been aiming for 25% special food preferences in the past years, IIRC
14:11:27 <medicalwei> madduck, got it. actually that number is higher than other conferences held here.
14:12:13 <lavamind> pollo: was there an RT ticket created for that ?
14:12:19 <madduck> maybe it was 20%, but there are a few people (like me) who'll gladly eat vegan/vegetarian if it's offered.
14:12:35 <DLange> that number is very dependant on the type of attendees. I'm quite sure a PETA gathering will make >50% veggies.
14:12:41 <pollo> lavamind: I have no idea, you where in charge of it
14:12:41 <DLange> next topic?
14:13:04 <lavamind> hrm
14:13:08 <pollo> I have not been CCed to any SPI mails
14:13:26 <lavamind> #action lavamind to follow-up on Stripe account for SPI
14:14:04 <pollo> #topic Venue & accommodation
14:14:37 <lavamind> self-bookign to the hotel is extended until june 1st
14:14:50 <pollo> #info self-bookign to the hotel is extended until june 1st
14:15:21 <lavamind> #info insurance contract for the venue is under review by SPI
14:15:59 <lavamind> wrt hotel, we have to consider whether to reduce our room block for bursary recepients, which is currently 10
14:16:18 <lavamind> as per our contract we're allowed to reduce it by up to 40 %
14:16:42 <DLange> can do this once we have closed bursary requests?
14:16:47 <DLange> 'cause then we know...
14:17:21 <gwolf> o/
14:17:31 <gwolf> got in late but got here :)
14:17:40 <lavamind> DLange: we can still reduce our room block down the road, but not by as much
14:17:42 <tvaz> yay gwolf!
14:17:55 <pollo> lavamind: when is that deadline?
14:18:06 <lavamind> pollo: it's all in the calendar
14:18:13 <pollo> -_-'
14:18:22 <pollo> I'm sure it's on the internet somewhere
14:18:31 <lavamind> indeed it is
14:18:40 <pollo> DLange: can you get us how many people have asked for a hotel bursary?
14:18:53 <lavamind> afaict looking at the stats no one requested the hotel
14:18:55 <DLange> is that in the registration data?
14:19:01 <pollo> DLange: ya
14:19:10 <lavamind> DLange: yes, there's a hotel option in alternative accomodation
14:19:22 <DLange> then let me try to find it and get you the data for the next meeting
14:20:00 <lavamind> oh and there's a payment due for the hotel today
14:20:08 <pollo> because if no one requested that yet I'm sure 6 rooms will do
14:20:36 <pollo> we might even have to find people to populate those rooms...
14:21:55 <lavamind> I don't know about that, it's tricky
14:22:11 <DLange> lavamind: I only have rvc_single and rvc_double in the data. So either the system is somewhat borked regarding that option (not that unlikely :)) or nobody wanted it
14:22:11 <lavamind> #info lavamind to ask for more extensions form the hotel
14:22:24 <pollo> lavamind: why?
14:23:15 <lavamind> because some people may not have requested it, but wqould actually need it anyway
14:23:27 <pollo> then they should have requested it
14:23:31 <lavamind> we can't really know at this point
14:23:38 <lavamind> coulda shoulda woulda
14:23:47 <pollo> bursaries requests end on may 10th
14:24:08 <pollo> if they don't do it before that it's not really our problem anymore
14:24:22 <larjona> Maybe people requested mcgill? If there are not enough mcgill rooms for erverybody, some of them would go to hotel
14:24:40 <pollo> larjona: we still have plenty of rooms at McGIll
14:24:44 <gwolf> ...or in the on-site accom
14:24:45 <larjona> Ah
14:24:54 <pollo> the on-site accom is very popular it seems
14:24:55 <lavamind> pollo: I mean they may have requested an option != hotel
14:25:12 <larjona> I was meaning for people with particular needs
14:25:48 <lavamind> I expect there will be more requests for onsite than we can provide
14:26:14 <DLange> I added myself as a hotel requestor and ... see hotel=1
14:26:28 <DLange> so the system is working but nobody requested the hotel so far
14:26:33 * znoteer slips in the side door and nods to everyone, then catches up
14:26:51 <DLange> I know of one attendee that needs the hotel for personal reasons but has only indicated so in the free form text
14:26:53 <highvoltage> znoteer: I did the same I don't think anyone noticed
14:26:56 <lavamind> ok let me call the hotel manager, I will give him the choice that either he extends our delay or we cancel 4 rooms right away :p
14:27:17 <DLange> so this is probably something to review after bursary close and before we send bursary results
14:27:44 <gwolf> Oh! We have to add at least two hotel rooms
14:27:50 <tvaz> I think those rooms will be necessary, not sure about canceling them
14:27:53 <gwolf> We have not yet registered the guest speakers
14:27:59 <pollo> tvaz: we have 10 of them
14:28:06 <pollo> we can cancel up to 4
14:28:12 <pollo> no one asked for one yet
14:28:15 <gwolf> I'll explain later, but two of them (one confirmed, one probably) will stay at the hotel
14:28:27 <znoteer> highvoltage, :)
14:28:30 <pollo> gwolf: they asked for a bursary?
14:28:32 <lavamind> pollo: that is incorrect, some people have asked, just not through the "correct" form field
14:28:33 <gwolf> (next point in agenda is content)
14:28:38 <gwolf> pollo: no, they are invited
14:28:47 <pollo> ah, good to know
14:29:00 <pollo> lavamind: ??
14:29:02 <lavamind> ok I won't cancel any hotel rooms then
14:29:18 <pollo> why not?
14:29:19 <DLange> we only have them during DebConf right?
14:29:27 <lavamind> DLange: correct
14:29:40 <DLange> .
14:29:40 <madduck> we should keep them for as long as possible without running the risk of having to pay for them.
14:29:53 <pollo> madduck: ... and the deadline is today
14:30:00 <madduck> oh i thought june 1
14:30:04 <madduck> sorry, I misread
14:30:10 <pollo> that's for self-booking
14:30:29 <gwolf> Well, but if we have too many hotel rooms, we can transfer some of them to self-bookers
14:30:30 <pollo> we are talking about hotel rooms for bursaries
14:30:36 <gwolf> and collect their money...
14:30:52 <lavamind> we can still cancel some of the rooms later on, eg. by june 1st we can cancel up to 2 rooms
14:31:21 <pollo> those rooms are _very_ expensive
14:31:35 <pollo> and if we don't plan to use them, we should cancel as much as possible
14:31:41 <pollo> and use that money elsewhere
14:31:53 <lavamind> pollo: what you're saying is 100% self evident
14:32:01 <pollo> then we should cancel those 4 rooms
14:32:15 <pollo> since no one asked for them and we only plan to use 2 for content atm
14:32:29 <pollo> meaning we still have 4 left if we cancel 4
14:32:40 <lavamind> pollo: as someone said just earlier there is a request but only in free form text
14:32:45 <gwolf> pollo: sounds right FWIW
14:33:00 <gwolf> ...If none have been requested, cancelling 4 sounds right
14:33:35 <larjona> I would try to extend today's deadline in any case
14:33:40 <lavamind> #action lavamind to cancel 4 hotel rooms from the bursary block, unless a deadline extension is agreed
14:33:49 <larjona> thanks
14:33:57 <madduck> maybe it's possible to cancel 2 and keep 2 for another month?
14:33:57 <pollo> great, thanks
14:34:18 <pollo> #topic Content
14:34:58 <gwolf> OK, so we have done good progress rating talks
14:35:07 <gwolf> We are basically ready to announce the first batch of talks
14:35:16 <gwolf> ...we haven't because we want to iron out several details
14:35:23 <gwolf> but it's mostly there.
14:35:49 <gwolf> As for invited speakers, we have confirmed two, and a final one seems quite plausible
14:36:16 <gwolf> ...One of them will arrange accomodation by herself, and asks we reimburse her stay in Montreal (let me look up the figures...)
14:36:21 <larjona> How will those talks be announced? Same question for invited speakers
14:36:27 <pollo> gwolf: can we have the names of these people and the topic they'll talk about?
14:37:41 <gwolf> pollo: I'd rather give only the confirmed ones - Deb Nicholson and Katheryn Sutter
14:37:43 <pollo> lavamind: on another topic (accomm) the first payment for RVC is Thursday
14:38:08 <gwolf> I don't yet have (we requested already) the titles for their talks
14:38:32 <tvaz> kat is somewhat ""When Social Issues Do Not Matter in Technical Debates (and when they do)"
14:38:43 <gwolf> Deb is coming from Boston; got a plane ticket for US$500 (a bit expensive IMO, but it's bought already)
14:39:09 <gwolf> She arranged to stay with some other people, and will pay US$850 for her share in it
14:39:17 <gwolf> so, we will cover her US$1350
14:39:41 <pollo> wow, US 850 for a week of accomm?
14:40:08 <tvaz> gwolf, I think her share is 500
14:40:30 <tvaz> I didn't answer that email, but we should push some limits on this
14:40:42 <tvaz> we have accom available,
14:40:51 <pollo> our limit should be the price of our hotel rooms
14:40:59 <tvaz> also, not sure how can she provide a receipt of her self-arranged one from a friends' place
14:41:45 <pollo> arg, the hotel is 1221 CAD for a week
14:41:46 <tvaz> gwolf, correcting myself: it's indeed 850 she's asking for accom
14:41:51 <gwolf> As for Kathey, she is Vagrant's partner, and comes from Portland
14:41:51 <gwolf> I offered her to be lodged during DebConf week in the hotel (sharing a room with Vagrant)
14:41:51 <gwolf> But they want to come for DebCamp as well. I told her we don't have a real answer for her - For DebCamp, we have only on-site, and it's not really what she wants
14:41:51 <gwolf> We have not yet finished the discussion yet :) We will find something out...
14:42:06 <pollo> ~ 892 USD
14:42:18 <gwolf> tvaz: hotel room is more expensive
14:42:41 <gwolf> I think our third candidate will stay for less than the whole DebConf week
14:42:50 <pollo> gwolf: does the content team have a timeline?
14:43:23 <gwolf> pollo: not a clear one :)
14:43:48 <pollo> anything else to add?
14:43:51 <gwolf> pollo: We intended to announce talks during April. We should finalize the finalizable details, and announce the first batch during this week
14:44:07 <gwolf> it's basically all from me. tvaz, madduck, azeem, others..?
14:44:19 <tvaz> done
14:44:35 <lavamind> gwolf: stats on openday track?
14:44:55 <gwolf> lavamind: we have not made much separation on tracks. There are several interesting talks targetted at open day
14:45:11 <lavamind> ok
14:45:13 <tvaz> 7 submissoins for openday so far
14:45:17 <lavamind> cool
14:45:31 <tvaz> we'll announce at least one of them
14:45:34 <tvaz> in the first batch
14:45:49 <pollo> #topic Bursaries
14:45:59 <pollo> I've added that since I forgot to ask in regsitration
14:46:27 <pollo> olasd: how are bursary requests coming along?
14:46:46 <gwolf> anyway, I have to flee... This country does respect May 1, and I have kids to take care of :)
14:46:49 * gwolf disappears o/
14:47:01 <lavamind> gwolf: see you!
14:47:20 <lavamind> hrm true, I remember there was a plan to start processing bursaries before the deadline
14:47:36 <pollo> i know the data is not yet accessible in django admin
14:47:36 <lavamind> however I don't think olasd is with us
14:47:47 <pollo> indeed
14:48:03 <pollo> #topic Formal Dinner
14:48:23 <pollo> lavamind: so you will keep the Olympic Tower task after all?
14:48:50 <lavamind> yeah
14:49:05 <lavamind> please concentrate your fire on the django stuff :p
14:49:13 <pollo> arf
14:49:40 <pollo> well make sure to ask about bar equipment and audio equipment + stage for a band
14:50:01 <lavamind> yep
14:50:04 <pollo> #topic Approval of the new DebConf code of conduct
14:50:10 <pollo> This won't be discussed during this meeting, but serves as a reminder: we'll decide if we approve it or not on May 15th.
14:50:21 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:50:29 <pollo> Work is under way! We starting listing all the things we needed to work on and gave folks access to different accounts.
14:50:37 <pollo> #info We have an email alias (artwork@debconf.org) and have started working on a timeline.
14:51:06 <pollo> can we assume deadline to become a sponsor is the same as the deadline for sponsor approval by Maisonneuve
14:51:22 <pollo> it's hard to work on the t-shirt design when the sponsor list keep changing
14:51:54 <pollo> calendar says May 26th is the sponsor deadline for Maisonneuve
14:52:05 <lavamind> pollo: its not a deadline per se
14:52:24 <lavamind> we can still add sponsors after that, we just need to "notify" the venue
14:52:47 <pollo> well we won't be able to add sponsors to our swag after than anyway
14:52:59 <pollo> june 1st is our hard deadline to send the design to the printer
14:53:10 <lavamind> you should start with designs that have no or only plat sponsorsa
14:53:38 <pollo> lavamind: no, since the t-shirt deadline is our first one
14:54:08 <pollo> no point in putting all our efforts for something due in 2 months when we have another task due much sooner
14:55:06 <lavamind> I didn't understand that
14:55:10 <larjona> I think the artwork people should know the deadline and they can decide how to do their work. Some things require to start earlier because they require more work
14:55:16 <larjona> deadlines*
14:55:32 <pollo> lavamind: t-shirts are due much sooner than the rest
14:55:52 <pollo> we can't work on stuff that has only plat sponsors or else we'll miss the t-shirt deadline
14:55:55 <lavamind> pollo: you mean because to guarantee the order reaches us in time
14:56:01 <pollo> yes
14:56:13 <pollo> 1 month to print, X time to ship
14:56:20 <pollo> X is yet to be known
14:56:45 <lavamind> ok
14:57:39 <lavamind> can we wrap this up I have a lot to do after the meeting (as everyone else)
14:57:48 <pollo> can we agree we won't be putting new sponsor's logos on the t-shirt + bags after may 15th?
14:58:09 <pollo> that gives us 2 weeks to finalize the design
14:58:36 <lavamind> I don't know, we have a still have a few sponsors in the pipeline which may want to sponsor at silver+
14:58:52 <pollo> well they should hurry
14:59:00 <pollo> it's either that or the t-shirts will be late
14:59:17 <lavamind> I don't think it takes 15 days to arrange logos on a tshirt design :s
14:59:33 <pollo> to get a team approval of it yes
14:59:46 <lavamind> afaict the team is 3 people, come on
15:00:01 <pollo> 4 including me
15:00:15 <pollo> and you are not being fair, this is hard work
15:00:17 * lavamind notes pollo is planning on bikeshedding artwork stuff :p
15:00:36 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
15:00:45 <tvaz> is that too painfull to add one or two more logos once it's done
15:00:45 <czchen> Working on ocf.tw TO process
15:00:58 <pollo> tvaz: yes
15:01:11 <tvaz> I'm pretty sure valessio can make it in minutes
15:01:13 <pollo> the whole design rests on the # of sponsors and their arrangement
15:01:16 <tvaz> i've worked a lot with him
15:01:21 <tvaz> on that kind of stuff
15:01:31 <pollo> anyway, dc18 stuff
15:01:59 <czchen> For logo, we need to hurry up. Not many logo submitted right now.
15:02:23 <czchen> hare1039: Any update from venue?
15:02:28 <hare1039> The director of NCTU CS said he is ready to send an official email about venue NCTU will provide.
15:03:32 <czchen> Send to debconf-team@lists.debconf.org ?
15:04:05 <hare1039> I'm not sure, maybe yes
15:04:25 <hare1039> He just said he is ready
15:04:55 <czchen> Okay, I think sending to debconf-team@lists.debconf.org so that we can check if everything is okay
15:05:07 <czchen> medicalwei: Any update from your side?
15:05:43 <medicalwei> czchen, no updates on my side. i should update the logo design this week
15:06:34 <czchen> Great, I think that's all for DC18.
15:07:08 <pollo> #topic Misc
15:08:43 <pollo> #endmeeting