13:59:47 <pollo> #startmeeting
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13:59:52 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
13:59:57 <medicalwei> o/
14:00:02 * olasd waves
14:00:03 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting
14:00:19 <pollo> in the meantime, please have a look at the proposed agenda
14:00:24 <fil> Hi
14:00:28 <hare1039> hi
14:00:31 <pollo> http://deb.li/il9wc
14:00:50 <DLange> o/
14:00:53 <azeem_> .
14:01:15 <pollo> tvaz, LeLutin ?
14:01:35 <tvaz> hi
14:01:50 <nattie> hi-ish
14:02:08 <lavamind> hey
14:02:33 <tvaz> I'm far away with unreliable internet
14:03:28 <pollo> let's start for real!
14:03:31 <pollo> #topic Bursaries
14:04:13 <olasd> evaluations are ongoing; out of 400ish total evaluations, one third is final, one third has been submitted but not finalized, one third has not been sent yet
14:04:32 <lamby> hello
14:04:36 <pollo> #info evaluations are ongoing; out of 400ish total evaluations, one third is final, one third has been submitted but not finalized, one third has not been sent yet
14:04:53 <olasd> as this weekend was a long weekend in most parts of Europe a lot of reviewers have been unavailable; I hope this will pick up during the week
14:04:56 <pollo> olasd: by final does it mean people know it?
14:05:07 <olasd> final as in "the reviewer has made their final assessment"
14:06:20 <pollo> olasd: have you thought about asking for more $$$ for travel?
14:06:22 <lamby> ("not been sent" → reviewers have not sent accessment I assume)
14:06:27 <olasd> lamby: yes
14:07:14 <olasd> pollo: all the time, it would make all this ranking work unnecessary :P; more seriously, I'll wait after a first ranking to see the cutoff and how it looks in practice
14:07:30 <pollo> ok great
14:07:34 <olasd> I hope to have that by the end of this week
14:07:46 <DLange> nice!
14:08:00 <lavamind> by the end of the week would work great with the accommodation deadlines coming up, olasd
14:08:02 <pollo> #info bursaries team hopes to have a first ranking by the end of the week
14:08:07 <olasd> lavamind: I know
14:08:16 <lavamind> thanks for pushing this
14:08:57 <olasd> everything drifted a lot, mostly because of me being busy at the wrong times, so, well, we try :)
14:08:57 <pollo> anything else to add on this topic?
14:09:13 <olasd> nope
14:09:48 <pollo> #topic registration
14:10:01 <pollo> We told people we'd send the confirmation mail "during May"
14:10:06 <lavamind> so the numbers have not really moved much
14:10:23 <pollo> do we prefer to wait for bursaries to send that mail?
14:10:41 <pollo> people have until July 1st to confirm
14:10:41 <olasd> I think confirmation is redundant with people accepting their bursary
14:10:43 <lavamind> we don't have a choice aiui
14:10:54 <olasd> if I understand correctly?
14:11:19 <DLange> we could combine this, not?
14:11:30 <lavamind> accepting a bursary can count as a confirmation
14:11:46 <DLange> (not everybody has applied for a bursary but we'd still like to know that they still intend to come)
14:11:48 <pollo> olasd: how do people confirm they are accepting the bursary?
14:11:48 <olasd> what was the expected deadline for confirmations?
14:11:57 <pollo> July 1st
14:12:10 <olasd> pollo: an unimplemented view in wafer :P
14:12:10 <pollo> that's what is written everywhere
14:12:40 <pollo> I think confirmation process can indeed also be taken as accepting bursary
14:13:17 <pollo> our message can be something like "confirm if you know you'll come, wait for bursaries to do it if you are waiting for that"
14:13:40 <DLange> olasd made a field for accepting the bursary in wafer. It doesn't have a front-end yet. So we need that and can use it for non-bursary people (who are "just" reconfirming as well)?
14:13:50 <lamby> (spottier internet than inteded so have updated pad with anything me-related)
14:14:03 <pollo> DLange: the confirmation process is already implemented in wafer
14:14:11 <pollo> it's a standard thing I think
14:14:43 <DLange> can we amend that to fill the bursaray-accepted field as well?
14:15:43 <olasd> pollo: I don't think it's standard; DebConf is the only conference I know with three separate confirmation steps for attendance :)
14:16:05 <pollo> well have to ping tumbleweed
14:16:08 <pollo> all i know is that its there
14:17:05 <pollo> #action pollo to ask tumbleweed to merge confirmation and burasry confirmation
14:17:21 <pollo> anything else?
14:17:29 <DLange> #action tumbleweed pls. look at (re-)confirmation and the bursary-accepted workflow from olasd. Ideally to be combined.
14:17:40 <DLange> double knit :)
14:18:14 <pollo> #topic Venue & accommodation
14:18:32 <pollo> lavamind: you said accomm numbers did not change a lot?
14:19:00 <pollo> #info we sent a mail asking folks to check their accommodation and validate they were ok with on-site accomm
14:19:29 <nattie> it may have gone out to a few people too many, but never mind...
14:19:58 <LeLutin> o/ sorry I'm late
14:20:14 <lavamind> I think maybe 5 or 6 people swapped out of onsite accommodation, tops
14:20:37 <DLange> peak onsite is 137 people
14:20:58 <DLange> peak rvc is 29+19 (single+double)
14:21:28 <lavamind> next Monday we have to confirm how many rooms at Maisonneuve we want for dorms
14:21:47 <lavamind> I think we can get ahead a just ask to have all 18 rooms for camp+conf
14:21:52 <pollo> lavamind: +1
14:22:00 <DLange> which means we have to guess well how many registrations won't be (re-)confirmed
14:22:12 <DLange> the "growth" in registrations we still have is ~1..2 a day
14:22:32 <tvaz> agreed to the 18 rooms being available
14:22:45 <lavamind> DLange: the idea is we'll absorb these cancellations at RVC because we can cancel rooms later
14:22:45 <pollo> out of 137 requests for on-site, I think we'll fill up the 90 places we have
14:22:50 <DLange> means we could space out people more during debcamp
14:23:01 <DLange> which is probably a good thing™
14:23:14 <lavamind> DLange: the rooms will be setup the same for camp and conf
14:23:26 <lavamind> the setup is complicated to do
14:23:34 <lavamind> and not really mobile
14:23:38 <DLange> yes, but for debcamp you can leave many empty beds
14:23:49 <lavamind> ah, right yeah
14:23:53 <DLange> that's what I meant with "space out people"
14:24:03 <lavamind> ack
14:24:34 <pollo> we'll have to wait for confirmation process to ask people to voluntarily move for RVC
14:25:00 <pollo> what do we do if we still have too many people? Assign the ones who registered the latest?
14:25:59 <lavamind> imo we can just announce that we're looking for people to switch and then its first come first serve
14:26:24 <pollo> we also don't have enough double rooms at RVC and will need to tell people they'll have single rooms
14:26:28 <lavamind> if not enough people switch, we will randomly volunteer pople to switch :p
14:26:47 <bunk> Are accomodation bursaries priority-ordered?
14:26:49 <pollo> lavamind: randomly? my point was I don't think it should be random
14:26:57 <olasd> bunk: no
14:27:01 <olasd> (t really)
14:27:07 <tvaz> pollo, single rooms shouldn't be a problem if someone has chosen insite as first option
14:27:18 <pollo> you know, not to mimic United
14:27:41 <lavamind> pollo: I'm confident enough people will take us up on the offer
14:27:49 <tvaz> I know we shouldn't count on that, but I'm pretty sure we'll find enough volunteers to move
14:27:49 <lavamind> otherwise, well, tough luck
14:27:50 * fil cannot imagine this is a problem really
14:28:17 <pollo> all right, we'll see when we cross that bridge
14:28:21 <fil> feel free to volunteer me for an actual room ;-)
14:28:34 <pollo> lavamind: want to talk about Venue & construction work?
14:30:00 <lavamind> not much to say except that it shouldn't be a problem, according to the real work schedule, all the potentially disturbing construction work will be done by the time we arrive
14:30:21 <pollo> #info according to the real work schedule, all the potentially disturbing construction work will be done by the time we arrive
14:30:36 <lavamind> ah I also got an info about the alcohol permit
14:30:54 <pollo> #info we'll have 90 places for on-site accomm. Others will have to be moved to RVC
14:31:09 <pollo> lavamind: you got the paper so I can do it?
14:31:23 <lavamind> so it turns out WE have to fill out the info on the permit 1st, then BEFORE we submit the form, we have to send a copy to the college, and they will generate a letter according to the infos on the form
14:31:31 <pollo> -_-,
14:31:42 <pollo> ok, will do that this week
14:31:44 <DLange> #info current peak onsite is 137 people (pre bursary results and confirmation phase)
14:31:46 <lavamind> they said they do it this way because the infos on both document need to be 100% the same
14:32:36 <lavamind> pollo: iirc there are 2 permits: 1 sale permit for vivoir (10 days) and 1 consumption permit (I forget the details)
14:32:49 <pollo> I know, it's all in kanban
14:32:51 <lavamind> anyway we need to get this right the first time around, no second chances
14:32:55 <lavamind> ack
14:33:07 <pollo> anything else on that topic?
14:33:30 * larjona waves, late to the meeting, but already catched up with log
14:34:04 <pollo> #topic Content
14:34:08 <lavamind> pollo: we still don't have an insurance contract
14:34:30 <lavamind> waiting for news from schultmc, the company is waiting for payment to issue the insurance certificate
14:34:49 <pollo> #topic Content
14:34:59 <pollo> oops sorry
14:35:25 <pollo> lavamind: do we really need their approval?
14:35:34 <pollo> I mean, it's been more than a month now
14:36:01 <lavamind> huh ?
14:36:24 <pollo> lavamind: why do we need SPI to review the insurance contract?
14:36:42 <lavamind> well 1) SPI did review the contact
14:36:58 <lavamind> and 2) I said the company is waiting for us to pay them
14:37:18 <lavamind> I asked schultmc to send a cheque two weeks ago
14:37:30 <pollo> ah, that's clearer
14:38:04 <lavamind> I asked for the payment to be issued on May 12
14:38:04 <pollo> can we talk about content now?
14:38:08 <lavamind> yes
14:38:16 <pollo> gwolf: are you here?
14:38:23 <pollo> or azeem_ do you have news?
14:38:34 <bremner> gwold sent regrets and progress report by email
14:38:39 <bremner> s/d/f/
14:39:11 <pollo> ah, sorry I hadn't read emails today
14:39:40 <pollo> #info content team is waiting for bursaries to move on
14:40:21 <pollo> #info 2 of of the three keynote speakers confirmed and the third one is nearly confirmed. They are Deb Nicholson, Kathey Sutter and Matthew Garrett
14:40:49 <pollo> he was alos asking for expected times
14:41:00 <pollo> we talked about this a little during our last in person meeting
14:41:56 <pollo> we said that 9 to 12, lunch from 12 to 14 and finishing by 18~19 to eat was reasonnable
14:42:24 <pollo> but that content team should go with that seems ok to them
14:42:41 <pollo> any thoughts on that?
14:43:54 <tvaz> (got disconnected before #topic content)
14:45:43 <pollo> #info local team said that  9h to 12h, lunch from 12h to 14h and finishing by 18h~19h for dinner was reasonable. Content team should try something resembling that
14:45:52 <pollo> #topic Formal dinner
14:45:58 <pollo> lavamind: no news I guess?
14:46:10 <bremner> except the name is odd?
14:46:12 <pollo> tvaz: have you had time to contact bands?
14:46:36 <tvaz> pollo, not yet, just confirmed with MaxD that we'll contact him as one of the attractions
14:46:36 <pollo> bremner: fixed in the agenda
14:46:45 <tvaz> will do that by the next weekend
14:48:51 <pollo> #topic Artwork
14:49:25 <pollo> deadline for t-shirts and bags is June 1st
14:49:38 <pollo> I haven't had time to work on final numbers yet
14:50:01 <lavamind> final numbers ?
14:50:11 <lavamind> numbers of shirts and bags ?
14:50:12 <pollo> design is pretty final for that to me, but tamo told me she had done some work
14:50:16 <pollo> lavamind: yeah
14:50:49 <pollo> I haven't seen what tamo has done yet since we had some problems uploading them
14:51:34 <pollo> I think that's it for artwork, I'm waiting to be done with t-shirts and bags before working on the rest
14:51:42 * h01ger waves and smiles at the never ending formal dinner
14:52:42 <LeLutin> pollo: are we planning to have some extras?
14:53:14 <pollo> LeLutin: well it's hard to say since we don't have confirmations yet
14:53:27 <LeLutin> oh right..
14:53:38 <pollo> I think we are going to get between 350 and 375 attendees t-shirt
14:53:45 <pollo> it should be enough
14:54:18 <pollo> if a bunch of people register late, nothing we can do about it
14:55:05 <pollo> #topic Videoteam
14:55:14 <pollo> We had a meeting last wednesday
14:55:34 <pollo> we'll rent some stuff locally and will try to buy the rest before the conf
14:55:48 <pollo> we now have bi-monthly meetings
14:56:15 <DLange> every two months? Or every two weeks?
14:56:18 <medicalwei> What are these that need you will rent?
14:56:22 <DLange> (bi-weekly)
14:56:59 <pollo> every 2 weeks
14:57:08 <pollo> medicalwei: mainly audio gear and cables
14:57:08 <azeem_> fortnightly
14:57:35 <pollo> "Biweekly may refer to an event that occurs either twice weekly or once every two weeks."
14:58:01 <pollo> "Bimonthly:     appearing or taking place twice a month or every two months.”
14:58:28 <DLange> only in Britain, pollo
14:58:30 <pollo> anyway, videoteam is doing work to try to make video happen again this year :D
14:58:42 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
14:59:31 <medicalwei> hold on...
15:00:01 <medicalwei> lamby sent ocf.tw to TO process
15:00:27 <medicalwei> currently blocked by 2-week window
15:00:57 <KGB-1> 03Jerome Charaoui 05master 93183a9 06debconf-data/dc17 04"accomodation/onsite/Croix Rouge - Entente Pr\303\252t de mat\303\251riel_Gen.doc" 03accomodation/onsite/RedCross_contract.pdf Add Red Cross contract (signed)
15:01:14 <medicalwei> the call for logo has a deadline set at May 31 (2 days later)
15:01:36 <medicalwei> (it was Jun 30 written in the agenda... so I missed that!!)
15:01:59 <medicalwei> Wiki page is still in placeholder state. Need someone (probably me) to update it.
15:02:15 <DLange> #info On the logo contest: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Artwork/LogoProposals comments/votes welcome
15:02:38 <pollo> medicalwei: do you plan to have a poll to make people choose the logo?
15:03:44 <medicalwei> pollo, the poll could be after the deadline for a week long. we should state that in our proposal page
15:04:22 <pollo> for dc17 have a poll helped us a lot to chose a logo
15:04:57 <medicalwei> gwolf suggested that DC18 can cohost with International Conference on Open Source Systems, which has many debian people's presences.
15:05:19 <medicalwei> but that event seems to have their proposal in Dublin already. Maybe gwolf would like to check it out.
15:05:48 <KanBot-0> 03Jérôme Charaoui commented on the task #10 Rent camp beds from the local Red Cross 10https://kanban.debian.net/t/10#event-1249
15:06:03 <KGB-2> 03Jerome Charaoui 05master 940b6e0 06debconf-data/dc17 10misc/until-dc17.ics Update calendar
15:06:14 <medicalwei> Also, we have possible fund from government that is targeted to international conferences held in Taiwan. *pings PaulLiu...... not here*
15:06:35 <bremner> maybe followup by email / on list ?
15:06:56 <medicalwei> Followup on list is preferred.
15:07:00 <pollo> #info dc18 is looking for government grants for international conferences
15:07:18 <medicalwei> The fund also have e-visa entries for some countries
15:08:21 <medicalwei> That's the update from our side. hare1039 do you have anything to update?
15:09:03 <hare1039> The director of NCTU CS reserved Hao-Ran International Conference Hall on 7/21 2018, but on 8/5 2018 Hao-Ran will be close because of Sunday.
15:09:32 <DLange> o.k., good to know
15:09:55 <hare1039> And NCTU accept donations
15:10:03 <hare1039> thats all from me
15:10:28 <DLange> in addition to the funding info above, this is very significant as it could mean up to 93,000 USD support from Taiwanese government funds
15:10:40 <DLange> (and easier visa as said above)
15:10:51 <pollo> ... wow that is a lot of $$$
15:11:08 <DLange> exactly. Up to 50% of the budget BTW.
15:12:04 <pollo> can we close the meeting?
15:12:37 <DLange> \o/ have a good Memorial day in the US
15:12:40 <medicalwei> Let's call it a meeting :)
15:12:46 <pollo> #endmeeting