14:01:09 <pollo> #startmeeting
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14:01:16 <pollo> #topic Roll Call
14:01:21 <bremner> o/
14:01:27 <pollo> please say hello if you are here for the meeting!"
14:01:30 <czchen> Hi
14:01:33 <hare1039> hi
14:01:38 <LeLutin> hello if you are here for the meeting!"
14:01:46 <tiago> hi
14:01:47 <pollo> meanwhile, please review the proposed agenda: http://deb.li/il9wc
14:03:21 <pollo> lavamind: ?
14:03:22 <medicalwei> O/
14:03:30 <lavamind> hello
14:03:33 <olasd> hey
14:03:42 <znoteer> o/
14:04:06 <pollo> everyone's ok with the agenda?
14:04:22 <medicalwei> I have no time to update it. Dunno if czchen did.
14:04:29 * znoteer blushes cuz he hasn't read the agenda
14:04:30 <medicalwei> In commute right now
14:04:49 <lavamind> we should perhaps discuss the volunteering system (or absence thereof)
14:05:03 <pollo> in registration?
14:05:20 * pollo add a topic
14:05:51 <Clint> apparently you have to allow cookies
14:06:24 <pollo> Clint: where?
14:06:36 * highvoltage will be stuck in traffic soon but just popped in to say hold the DC16 final report topic until next week, will share news then
14:06:53 <pollo> let's start then!
14:06:58 <pollo> #topic Bursaries
14:07:26 <Clint> pollo: to see the agenda
14:09:26 <olasd> I need an exact budget before sending approbations
14:10:00 <bremner> olasd: are you planning to overcommit at all?
14:10:08 <olasd> don't tell me it's in git, there's nothing about food and accomm there
14:10:58 <pollo> olasd: I think the logic was to grant everyone who asked for it food + accomm?
14:11:28 <pollo> but I crunched the numbers a while ago, I can get them
14:11:31 <olasd> then I need to know what our capacity is
14:12:12 <tvaz> pollo, afaik we've set a line for food+accomm as well.
14:12:15 <lavamind> olasd: accommodation capacity ?
14:12:47 <tvaz> mostly symbolic anyway (when score is < 1 of 5)
14:12:51 <olasd> accounting for people who registered as self-paying, yes
14:13:26 <olasd> so we can be sure we can grant all the requests we're granting
14:14:05 <pollo> olasd: total food budget for bursaries is 22,600 CAD
14:14:12 <pollo> 150 ppl
14:14:14 <lamby> (hello, I am here)
14:14:19 <lavamind> olasd: we have room for 90 people onsite, 80 people in single rooms and 9 in double rooms
14:14:59 <valessio> hello
14:15:02 <lavamind> for onsite, it has not been determined which % goes to sponsored and not
14:16:11 <lavamind> I would attributed as many beds as possible to sponsored onsite, and bump self-paying folks who requested onsite to whatever rooms we have free at mcgill
14:16:11 <olasd> with the current travel budget (and with 2k usd of overcommitting) we can accommodate requests for 29 of the top-ranked contributors and 6 of the top-ranked outreach recipients
14:16:40 <pollo> #info >	with the current travel budget (and with 2k usd of overcommitting) we can accommodate requests for 29 of the top-ranked contributors and 6 of the top-ranked outreach recipients
14:17:02 <lavamind> hum, that seems somewhat on the low end in terms of numbers
14:17:22 <larjona> Hi, I'm late, sorry
14:17:44 <olasd> it is; overcommitting by 20% / 6k USD gives us ten more contributors
14:17:48 <bremner> I think we haven't looked closely at people's amounts. Last year we squeezed those a fair amount.
14:17:55 <olasd> right, that
14:18:02 <medicalwei> larjona: will talk about the wiki with you privately later. Need someone to help
14:18:24 <olasd> the acceptance process is very clear that you should update your amount to match your expenses asap to allow further rounds to take place
14:19:01 <bremner> olasd: yeah. Last year we "helped" people update their amount. Not sure if we want to do that again.
14:20:07 <bremner> olasd: maybe we can discuss that after the meeting.
14:20:07 <olasd> anyway, there's a team/budget decision to be taken on whether we can overcommit, and if so by how much
14:20:10 <tvaz> bremner, olasd I can volunteer in the team checking prices
14:20:10 <olasd> yeah
14:20:13 <pollo> also note that we are not loosing any money atm
14:20:27 <pollo> if needed we could ask for some Debian money for travel and such
14:20:47 <pollo> when the budget was approved, we had a ~40k USD deficit
14:20:49 <bremner> 20% overcommitting seems ok to me, based on past cancellations
14:21:13 <bremner> (just a gut feeling)
14:21:17 <pollo> olasd: so I get all the ratings have been done?
14:21:26 <olasd> ah, obviously, yes
14:21:35 <pollo> #info bursary ratings are done
14:21:46 <olasd> we're ready to pull the trigger (once the website gets deployed)
14:22:11 <pollo> olasd: do you need more precise numbers wrt to food+accomm capacity?
14:22:29 <pollo> I can commit to give you something more clear today if needed
14:22:43 <olasd> lavamind: 9 people in double rooms = 9 rooms or 3 rooms ?
14:22:58 <lavamind> olasd: sorry that was 9 double rooms
14:23:00 <olasd> ok
14:23:08 <olasd> so, no, we're good
14:23:54 <lavamind> also 10 hotel rooms with 2 double beds (capacity of 2 people minimum)
14:23:57 <pollo> olasd: can we expect everything to be sent to attendees this week?
14:24:01 <olasd> yes
14:24:21 <pollo> #info people should know if their bursary request have been accepted this week
14:24:22 <olasd> we ask that people confirm their travel grants within two weeks (for the first round)
14:24:39 <pollo> #info we ask that people confirm their travel grants within two weeks (for the first round)
14:24:42 <olasd> we'll make the deadline tighter for further rounds
14:24:48 <bremner> 20 minutes ;)
14:24:50 <olasd> yeah
14:25:02 <olasd> for food+accomm we should match the confirmation deadline
14:25:08 <olasd> whatever that is now
14:25:14 <pollo> july 1st
14:25:25 <olasd> (and make sure people only have to click once for both)
14:26:18 <pollo> anything else to add to this topic?
14:26:24 * fil sneaks in late
14:26:59 <olasd> once the results are sent we should put something in our announce mails so that people go check their profile if they didn't get our mail
14:27:25 <bremner> can we #agree to 20% overcommitment?
14:27:42 <pollo> no problem with me
14:27:48 <lavamind> agreed
14:27:49 <pollo> 6k USD right?
14:27:55 <lavamind> pocket change
14:27:55 <bremner> yeah
14:28:10 <olasd> the total for that round is 38257.00
14:28:16 <olasd> so, a bit more than 8k
14:28:30 <bremner> oh, right, 20% on both contrib and diversity
14:28:33 <olasd> s/round/rank; level; whatever/
14:28:43 <pollo> #agreed we'll bust the travel and diversity budget by 20%
14:28:55 <pollo> next topic?
14:29:00 <olasd> sgtm
14:29:12 <bremner> do we do another round when cancellations get us below the original budget?
14:29:12 <pollo> #topic Registration
14:29:17 <bremner> sry
14:29:23 <olasd> (bremner: yes)
14:29:27 <bremner> ok.
14:29:33 <olasd> until july 1st
14:29:44 <pollo> well numbers have increased:  331 regs
14:29:55 <pollo> somehow the t-shirt numbers have not...
14:30:27 <pollo> I'm getting worried about the confirmation email
14:30:37 <pollo> it should be sent very soon, since the deadline is july 1st
14:31:13 <pollo> olasd: have you been able to talk to tumbleweed wrt to integrating the confirmation process and the bursary confirmation one?
14:31:36 <olasd> no
14:32:08 <valessio> pollo: July 1st deadline to submit the artwork files? As well as the sponsors' logos?
14:32:35 <lavamind> valessio: we are discussing registration / confirmation of attendance
14:32:36 <pollo> valessio: no, that deadline is for people to confirm if they'll come to DebConf or not
14:32:50 <valessio> ok
14:33:13 <pollo> olasd: would it be terrible if the 2 were not integrated and people had to click 2 different things?
14:33:19 <olasd> it's stupid
14:33:40 <pollo> I know, we just can't wait 2 weeks for it to be done :(
14:33:45 <bremner> stupid process is part of our heritage.
14:33:47 <olasd> (but in my eyes, the whole confirmation thing is stupid)
14:33:59 <lavamind> we would probably miss many confirmation by people thinking they had done it
14:34:16 <pollo> we could also decide to scrap confirmation?
14:34:59 <lavamind> live with the empty beds and uneaten food ?
14:35:16 <lavamind> and unclaimed t-shirts and swag
14:35:22 <pollo> what happens to people who's bursaries have not been accepted, do we tell them to unregister if they can't pay?
14:36:19 <fil> do we have any indications of how good a test confimation is (i.e. how many people come despite not confirming, and vice versa)?
14:36:44 <fil> (from historic data)
14:37:32 <pollo> I don,t think so, that would be too convenient
14:38:27 <pollo> ok, let's keep the confirmation process then
14:38:38 <pollo> we still need to implement online payment anyway -_-.
14:39:04 <lavamind> oh, the memories
14:39:04 <pollo> lamby: do you have any idea how I can reach someone who has access to the Debian PayPal account informations?
14:39:29 <pollo> been trying to reach SPI regarding that for a while now without any success
14:39:35 <lamby> pollo: Hm,.
14:40:20 <lamby> pollo: How much do you need? I know the address is debian-payments@spi-inc.org (nb. there is no "Debian Paypal", we have Trusted Organisations, etc. etc.)
14:40:32 <lamby> (source: leader@ gets CC'd on all donations)
14:40:43 <pollo> we need the api key at least
14:41:09 <pollo> best would be if someone on the debconf team could have access tot the actual account to be sure everything is working
14:42:04 <tvaz> pollo, did you try schultmc ?
14:42:47 <lavamind> I have been trying to reach schultmc for another matter for weeks, without success
14:42:47 <pollo> been writing to treasurer@rt.spi-inc.org
14:42:57 <lavamind> seems to be MIA
14:44:18 <tvaz> :(
14:44:23 <lavamind> this meeting has been running for 45 minutes and we're at the second agenda item
14:44:54 <pollo> lamby: well if you look into it and point me toward the right person I would appreciate
14:44:56 <tvaz> I got a quick answer from him a few weeks ago regarding a paypal donation from a sponsor... anyway, that's part of dc orga chaos.
14:44:57 <lavamind> #info we are having difficulty reaching SPI treasury
14:45:08 <pollo> next topic?
14:45:14 <lavamind> yes
14:45:21 <pollo> #topic Volunteering system
14:45:29 <pollo> we need a volunteering system and have not atm
14:45:30 <lavamind> abdelq: any update ?
14:45:34 <pollo> s/not/none/
14:45:53 <lavamind> abdelq: said he'd look into integrating the fosdem app
14:46:02 <lavamind> doesn't seemt o be around however
14:46:05 <pollo> I know cate also worked on that app before
14:46:05 <lavamind> next topic
14:46:18 <pollo> #topic Venue & Accommodation
14:46:48 <lavamind> I spoke to the venue manager this morning
14:47:00 <lavamind> the forms are ready, I'll pick them up wednesday morning
14:47:11 <lavamind> the authorisation forms for the alcohol permit
14:47:19 <pollo> oh damn, I forgot to grab them last friday
14:47:53 <lavamind> about the accommodation, we'll get confirmation this week about our request to occupy all 18 rooms
14:48:30 <lavamind> I set up a meeting wednesday morning also to discuss infra with the IT dept head
14:48:36 <lamby> pollo: (Please mail lamby@d.o cc'ing leader@d.o - thanks!)
14:49:03 <lavamind> what else
14:49:16 <pollo> lavamind: if you could make a list of things you'll ask IT it would be nice
14:49:24 <lavamind> pollo: wiki, Infra page
14:49:38 <lavamind> that is the basis for discussion
14:50:03 <lavamind> if you see something is missing from there, please add it
14:50:17 <pollo> I'll add the videoteam requests
14:50:28 <lavamind> our venue contact is out on vacation from June 22nd
14:50:46 <lavamind> on July 30th we are supposed to meet to start planning and setup
14:51:17 <lavamind> so, all debconf orga whos in town by that time, please plan accordingly
14:51:44 <pollo> anything else?
14:51:46 <lavamind> meet at the venue with the manager
14:52:20 <lavamind> #info there will be a DebConf orga meeting July 30th at the venue, with the manager, to plan camp/conf setup
14:53:05 <lavamind> that's it for me
14:53:16 <pollo> #topic Content
14:53:17 <lavamind> ah wait
14:53:28 <pollo> -----_____------'
14:53:37 <lavamind> there is an expense coming up for the onsite cloth
14:53:52 <lavamind> whatever.
14:54:03 <pollo> lavamind: what is the pb with that?
14:54:24 <lavamind> nothing, it was an #info
14:54:48 <pollo> I don't think content has been able to move since they were waiting for bursaries
14:54:52 <azeem> the cfp deadline was yesterday, but as there was no reminder, we (i.e. gwolf and I) decided to extend it by a week and send a reminder now; https://debconf17.debconf.org/cfp/ has been updated and I will send out the reminder later today if gwolf does not get to it
14:55:33 <pollo> #info cfp deadline has been extended by a week, a mail wiil be sent to remind people of it
14:56:03 <azeem> not much else I can say at this point
14:56:11 <pollo> #topic Conference dinner
14:56:24 <azeem> well
14:56:25 <pollo> tvaz: have you had time to contact bands & such?
14:56:43 <pollo> azeem: was that too fast? sorry
14:56:50 <azeem> I can squeeze it in later
14:57:22 <pollo> lavamind: I guess we still don't have any news from the Olympic Tower right?
14:58:16 <lavamind> pollo: it doesn't really matter at this point because we don't have any more details to provide them about our needs than last time
14:58:40 <pollo> well knowing what kind of sound setup we can have would be nice
14:58:48 <lavamind> they aren't going to organise the even for us, we have to tell them
14:58:51 <pollo> knowing if we need an alcohol permit too
14:59:02 <pollo> do they have a stage?
14:59:10 <lavamind> pollo: that depends if/which bands are playing
14:59:13 <lavamind> yes they do
14:59:25 <lavamind> they have all that shit
14:59:34 <pollo> lavamind: we need speakers and amps and microphones
14:59:42 <lavamind> they have that crap
14:59:56 <pollo> having a technical sheet detailing it would be helpful
15:00:05 <pollo> for the bands
15:00:32 <lavamind> we. don't. even. know. if. any. bands. are. playing.
15:00:52 <lavamind> anyway
15:01:07 <pollo> the goal is to have some. first things they'll ask when we contact them is "what setup do you have"
15:02:22 <pollo> #topic Artwork
15:02:36 <pollo> I should send the order for t-shirts today
15:02:46 <pollo> but first I wanted to review things with the team to be sure
15:03:22 <pollo> we plan to order 375 attendee shirts, 51 staff and X videoteam (the same as last year, I still have to find X)
15:03:39 <pollo> the distribution is on the agenda, based on the numbers from registration
15:04:00 <pollo> these are the colors the shirts will have: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/Artwork#T-Shirt
15:04:15 <pollo> front will look like this:  https://share.riseup.net/#MMG6mGoOZAxnk1I07dZYrg
15:04:24 <pollo> and the back like this: https://share.riseup.net/#4pgtgty00V8zG9dxiHeo73BxBA
15:04:37 <medicalwei> DId you count DC18 attendees as volunteers?
15:05:07 <bremner> can we hire someone to hunt down avinash bakka and explain forcefully our displeasure with his spamming the registration alias?
15:05:09 <pollo> medicalwei: hmm, I don't think I did. If you could send me a list today with approximate size that's be nice
15:05:10 <lavamind> pollo: back link is corrupt
15:05:19 <tvaz> File not found or corrupt
15:05:34 <abdelq> for the back ^
15:05:37 <pollo> back: https://share.riseup.net/#yMKdVUxAUIxcdMODn5gqCw
15:05:55 <h01ger> pollo: i think X should be 50 as well, if not more
15:06:22 <pollo> the bags we are getting are 100% mexican cotton, no bleached --- 44x37 cms and the handles of 64 cms approx. 3.5 USD/each
15:06:31 <pollo> I plan to order 375 too
15:06:53 <pollo> front will have our logo in 2 colors, back will be sponsors graphic in 1 color
15:07:04 <pollo> h01ger: ack
15:07:50 <pollo> does anyone has anything to add that I would have missed?
15:09:21 <pollo> great
15:09:25 <pollo> #topic videoteam
15:09:44 <pollo> we narrowed down to three potential cameras to buy
15:09:51 <pollo> I think we have a meeting soon
15:10:05 <pollo> #topic DC18 status update
15:10:20 <czchen> ocf.tw is now Trusted Organization
15:10:20 <medicalwei> The meeting agenda has been updated
15:10:38 <pollo> #info ocf.tw is now a Trusted Organization
15:10:41 <pollo> \0/
15:11:08 <medicalwei> About OCF, we can have 7% operation fee if our donation receipt is >50M, 10% otherwise.
15:11:17 <medicalwei> s/we/they
15:11:39 <medicalwei> OCF can create a donation page for DC18 or The Debian Project, but they need to make clear to their donors what their donation will be targeted to.
15:11:43 <czchen> Still under discuss, not finalize one.
15:12:07 <pollo> 50 million NTD?
15:12:16 <medicalwei> They also warned us that government may charge 20% tax to transfer the money directly from OCF to foreign organizations.
15:12:28 <czchen> ~ 1.5 million NTD
15:12:37 <medicalwei> 1.5M NTD
15:13:02 <czchen> We also have some new LOGO submitted.
15:13:33 <medicalwei> 1 from Valessio, and another from me updated from original proposal
15:13:51 <czchen> Tried to find other community member to help LOGO design. Might need some time to get their feedback.
15:14:09 <azeem> I don't think it's urgent right now
15:14:19 <czchen> hare1039: Do we have venue related update?
15:14:30 <hare1039> Nothing new from me
15:14:37 <medicalwei> Also we could apply for travel fund from government and the deadline is end of this month
15:14:45 <medicalwei> ...I mean promotion fund
15:15:19 <medicalwei> But we need to do this via OCF.
15:16:18 <czchen> Any other topic for DC18?
15:16:18 <medicalwei> That's all.
15:16:29 <pollo> #topic Misc
15:16:32 <abdelq> o/
15:16:37 <abdelq> Back to Volunteering system.
15:16:38 <medicalwei> larjona I need your help on wiki after the meeting.
15:16:45 <abdelq> I looked into it. Integrating the fosdem app should be feasible without much issues.
15:16:51 <abdelq> I will start working on it beginning June 23.
15:16:52 * fil presumes that the 20% applies to funds left over that would go to SPI? -- presumably that is a reason to have SPI loan money to OCF at the start, so that money coming back is at least partly a loan repayment?  Perhaps one could make donations that go via SPI to also look like loans?
15:17:00 <pollo> abdelq: great, thanks
15:17:31 <pollo> azeem: you also wanted to add something in #content?
15:17:39 <azeem> yeah
15:17:42 <azeem> there's two things content got approached with I don't think we should handle: booths during open day and LPI certs
15:17:54 <medicalwei> fil, this is the part we don't know yet for loaning money from SPI to OCF
15:18:00 <azeem> not sure who is supposed to handle that, but I think local team or so?
15:18:03 <pollo> I think booths during OD is a great idea
15:18:19 <azeem> well, it was pertaining to that special deal for Purism
15:18:33 <pollo> others also asked for it
15:18:33 <azeem> but I thin content shouldn't handle that in general
15:18:52 <azeem> I just want to make sure nobody is waiting for content to act on something here
15:19:17 <LeLutin> misc: /me forgot to register up until last week (shame)
15:19:30 <pollo> azeem: you mean content does not want to deal with OD in general or just booths?
15:20:24 <azeem> I think what content could deal with is talks, but everything else (what else is planned?) should probably be handled by a distinct team
15:20:42 <azeem> and/or some sponsor liaison team out of fundraising/local
15:20:57 <azeem> we had this for DC15 and it was rather important IMO
15:21:10 <pollo> lavamind: weren't you and tvaz taking care of OD? I can't remember who took that task
15:21:19 <azeem> DC16 was a bit off for most companies, but I guess it might get important for DC17 again
15:21:42 <tvaz> pollo, that was (temporarily) me
15:21:55 <tvaz> I'll start making contacts and proposing ideas this week
15:21:59 <fil> BTW do we have any plans to get word out to potential OD attendees well in advance -- i.e. notices up on Uni. notice boards before everyone goes on holiday?
15:22:04 <lavamind> pollo: yep, I was fine with the booth, I don't know how we determined we had to prod content, I remember perhaps you were the one insisiting for it
15:22:40 <lavamind> fil: its too late, Uni and colleges already all out on vacation
15:22:50 <tvaz> pollo, booths during OD, you mean in the tower?
15:22:52 <fil> oh well
15:23:14 <pollo> lavamind, tvaz: let's work on OD during our next in person meeting
15:23:14 <lavamind> fil: indeed
15:23:33 <tvaz> pollo, yes, there's no much hurry for that
15:23:44 <lavamind> tvaz: how is there no hurry for OD ?
15:23:47 <tvaz> but I'll check some bands and think about the format
15:23:55 <lavamind> we have done zero promotion of open day
15:24:04 <lavamind> oh you're talking about the dinner
15:24:10 <tvaz> oh shit
15:24:23 <tvaz> what's the OD thing you're talking about?
15:24:28 <azeem> open day
15:24:29 <lavamind> Open Day
15:24:42 <tvaz> forget all I said then
15:24:45 <tvaz> Official Dinner
15:24:52 <lavamind> uhm, no
15:24:55 <tvaz> :)
15:24:55 <lavamind> heh
15:24:59 <fil> *g*
15:25:30 <lavamind> pollo: could you follow up with Purism please
15:25:36 <pollo> lavamind: I still don't think having more than 1 month of notice helps for OD attendees
15:26:03 <pollo> anyway, let's talk about this another time
15:26:06 <pollo> #endmeeting