14:31:49 <medicalwei[m]> #startmeeting
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14:31:59 <paulliu> hello
14:32:05 <czchen> hello]
14:32:09 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 0 - Roll call
14:32:16 <czchen> o/
14:32:21 <paulliu> hello
14:32:23 <Delib> hello
14:32:32 <cate> hello
14:32:38 <chuang> hello
14:33:15 <medicalwei[m]> Please say hello here. Also chuang is from NCTU whom might join the meeting and... please feel free to ask and answer here :)
14:33:22 <nattie> hola!
14:33:29 <medicalwei[m]> s/might //
14:33:33 <DLange> hello there and hello chuang!
14:33:55 <medicalwei[m]> Meanwhile please check the meeting agenda at ... hold on where is it
14:34:05 <chuang> thanks for the intro, mwei!
14:34:08 <Delib> :)
14:34:22 <medicalwei[m]> Meeting agenda: http://deb.li/3OYuV
14:35:39 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 1 - Sponsors
14:36:20 <czchen> First one is "The name(s) of organizer, and if NCTU is actually a co-organizer or venue sponsor." ?
14:36:31 <medicalwei[m]> The fund from Bureau of Foreign Trade is opening next month. And chuang is going to take charge of that.
14:36:49 <Peter_tw> NCTU is currently venue sponsor
14:37:30 <Peter_tw> but it's possible to be a co-organizer I think
14:37:34 <czchen> Do we need to provide any information for visa waiver ?
14:38:08 <chuang> is there an application process for being a co-organizer?
14:38:20 <Delib> greetings Peter_tw
14:38:30 <nattie> chuang: i think we would just have to agree on it
14:39:16 <medicalwei[m]> I think there's not (...yet). And does it mean that NCTU needs to be a TO for applying funds?
14:39:28 <DLange> no
14:39:32 <medicalwei[m]> Or they can apply funds and give the fundings to OCF.tw
14:39:32 <medicalwei[m]> ok
14:39:44 <DLange> TO is only organizations that hold funds for Debian (or other assets)
14:40:26 <DLange> TO, chuang, is Debian speak: "Trusted Organization" (and organization that has been certified to a certain level to comply with Debian policies)
14:41:10 <tumbleweed> o/
14:41:25 <medicalwei[m]> So we just need to agree that NCTU is a co-organizer and can apply funds for us. Do we need a written agreements for that?
14:41:38 <Delib> OCF.tw is?
14:41:48 <chuang> i'm not sure if nctu can transfer fundings to OCF.tw. the accounting might be done by nctu
14:41:48 <paulliu> OCF.tw is one of the TO.
14:42:14 <chuang> would that be a problem?
14:42:19 <DLange> probably yes
14:42:34 <nattie> in that case, we should examine TO status for NCTU?
14:42:43 <DLange> you need to work out a plan where you do not hold Debian assets or act on behalf of Debian
14:43:04 <DLange> (you can act as part of DebConf18 organization if the local team agrees to that)
14:43:09 <nattie> because if they apply for funding on our behalf, they might have to hold our assets, even if it is only for five minutes, surely?
14:43:21 <DLange> five minutes is not holding
14:43:41 <paulliu> Can there be two TO that both do the funds for single DebConf?
14:44:02 <cate> yes
14:44:03 <DLange> yes, but I think the TO process is too much work for this case
14:44:10 <medicalwei[m]> DLange: Acting on behalf of DC18 team should be okay especially if NCTU is going to apply funds.
14:44:11 <cate> an in general other TO will help anyway
14:44:22 <medicalwei[m]> I mean, should be more reasonable
14:44:29 <DLange> NCTU is our venue so there are and will be legal connections (contract) and money flows
14:44:37 <DLange> we need not put a TO status on that
14:44:59 <DLange> if medicalwei supports a Debian application for funds we're not making his company a TO either
14:44:59 <nattie> i'm good with whichever arrangement is most practical
14:45:33 <czchen> Can we consider fund from NCTU as a kind of subsidy, just like venue?
14:46:09 <nattie> and effectively bump them to a higher sponsorship level?
14:46:25 <DLange> NCTU can be part of the DC18 orga and act as an organizing entity
14:46:40 <medicalwei[m]> nattie: co-organizer I think
14:46:44 <DLange> as such they can take and spend money. That's not Debian money but money.
14:47:04 <nattie> ok
14:47:06 <Delib> Universities typically take percentages of grant taken for groups inside them. This is true of NCTU?
14:47:33 <medicalwei[m]> Bumping NCTU to co-organizer or DC18 orga would solve the problem if NCTU can apply funds on behalf of us.
14:47:38 <taowa> A bit late, but I am here. Hello.
14:47:47 <cate> sponsors prefer to pay to a well know debian bank account.
14:47:54 <chuang> I don't think that's true for this case. it is different from regular grants, but i can confirm this
14:48:02 <DLange> please do
14:48:15 <czchen> So I think we agree on "NCTU is co-organizer" ?
14:48:16 <DLange> because if you'd take a share we run into other issues as well
14:48:17 <Delib> thanks chuang
14:48:17 <cate> THere were time were money were handled in private personal account, but it is not ideal.
14:48:29 <chuang> delib: I got it.
14:48:52 <DLange> happens every year to the extend that private individuals credit Debian as get refunded later
14:49:10 <DLange> same can be done (credit or debit) with legal entities
14:49:39 <DLange> that's just a normal contract then
14:50:23 <Delib> Might Debian contract with NCTU to do the job of applying for government funds?
14:50:53 <Delib> Could they then more reasonably take a share?
14:51:02 <DLange> yes, we could do this. But if they are part of DC18 orga they can just apply for DC18 and Debian (as SPI in legal entity) is out of the loop
14:51:32 <Delib> ah. ok. I just ask questions. Don't have background for judgement.
14:51:54 <DLange> obviously we'd want leader@ to approve this but I don't think we'll run into issues with such a construct
14:52:10 <czchen> So in this case, the title for NCTU is one of "DC18 organizer" ?
14:52:36 <nattie> co-, i would think, but i guess so?
14:53:02 <DLange> DebConf18 venue sounds good, too
14:53:19 <DLange> you may use what makes most sense spelt out in Chinese
14:53:35 <czchen> okay, we can deal with Chinese part.
14:54:20 <medicalwei[m]> hmm. a co-org or venue?
14:54:33 <DLange> action making the agreement between the local team & NCTU and action chuang to check if there will be any funds deductions?
14:54:48 <Delib> After in Chinese, then good to translate back to English for legal understanding.
14:55:00 <DLange> medicalwei[m]: use both if that makes most sense for you in Chinese
14:55:12 <medicalwei[m]> #action chuang (NCTU contact window) to check if there will be any funds deductions?
14:55:16 <nattie> i think the contract should have an official translation anyway
14:55:17 <chuang> ok
14:55:17 <taowa> I agree w/ DLange
14:55:42 <nattie> being an Actual Official Piece Of Paperwork (TM) and all
14:55:54 <medicalwei[m]> co-org should be better than venue because we don't associate providing fundings with venue
14:56:01 <nattie> yeah
14:56:10 <medicalwei[m]> helping us for fundings
14:56:34 <czchen> So we #agreed on "NCTU is co-organizer"?
14:56:37 <Delib> NCTU is the venue and a co-organizer of event?
14:57:00 <Delib> wording
14:57:01 <medicalwei[m]> #save
14:57:36 <DLange> sounds good
14:57:46 <taowa> If they do both, they should be both..
14:57:56 <medicalwei[m]> agree with taowa
14:58:04 <nattie> they're two separate functions anyway, which are being done by the same entitu
14:58:07 <nattie> entity
14:58:49 <czchen> I think we shall #agreed and continue, lots of topics are waiting.
14:59:26 <DLange> and the #actions please
14:59:40 <medicalwei[m]> #agreed NCTU is entitled the venue and co-organizer of DC18
14:59:53 <czchen> What #action need to be done for this part?
15:00:12 <medicalwei[m]> #action local team to make agreement with NCTU for co-organizing the event
15:00:15 <medicalwei[m]> ^ this?
15:00:18 <nattie> for chuang to check stuff and for the actual agreement to be drawn up
15:00:21 <nattie> yep
15:00:23 <DLange> formalizing the agreement in writing (email is sufficient). Ack.
15:00:31 <medicalwei[m]> #save
15:00:44 <czchen> next one is "Budget estimation, including the venue without discount." ?
15:01:06 <medicalwei[m]> i think this should be an #action to Peter_tw ?
15:01:21 <nattie> is Peter_tw our treasurer, effectively?
15:01:36 <czchen> We can put it to kanban and find the owner later.
15:01:54 <Peter_tw> I may need to discuss with medicalwei[m]  later
15:02:06 <Peter_tw> not very sure what should I actually do to that
15:02:07 <DLange> *cough* we decided to grant DC18 to Taiwan at the premise that the venue is free of charge
15:02:27 <DLange> I'm not too happy to discuss that after the decision had been taken ~9 months...
15:02:29 <medicalwei[m]> DLange: this is for applying funds
15:02:45 <DLange> "including the venue without discount" is misleading then
15:03:17 <Delib> chuang, needs a cost estimate when he applies to government for funding?
15:03:22 <medicalwei[m]> so... what's the proper wording here?
15:03:38 <DLange> what do you want to express? Including goverment funds?
15:03:45 <Delib> But then would funding cover costs already promised?
15:03:47 <DLange> (minus the typo :))
15:05:09 <medicalwei[m]> chuang: Is the government funding used for covering the fees running the venue?
15:05:09 <czchen> Part of the government fund will be compensation for NCTU because NCTU uses its own budget to cover venue cost
15:05:27 <chuang> I don't think so
15:05:42 <Peter_tw> I don't think the funding is for the venue
15:06:05 <czchen> As I know, technical NCTU pays the venue price for us.
15:06:19 <Peter_tw> It's an optional work that head of cs dept says the school can help us apply
15:06:45 <Delib> "an optional work"?
15:06:51 <Peter_tw> the venue will be paid with discount from other sources
15:06:53 <nattie> optional additional funding?
15:07:08 <Peter_tw> Delib, nattie : that's not a must
15:07:11 <medicalwei[m]> Optional funding paperworks I think
15:07:22 <Peter_tw> just help us got another funding
15:07:49 <nattie> *nods*
15:07:50 <Peter_tw> if we don't do that, or we don't get approved on that funding
15:07:54 <medicalwei[m]> Also some of the fundings need to be applied from certain organizations or university dept.
15:07:56 <Peter_tw> we still can use the venue
15:08:00 <Peter_tw> not directly related
15:08:18 <czchen> So "NCTU pay for venue in paper, and because of that NCTU can try to get more money from government" is that correct?
15:08:25 <Delib> So this means NCTU provides us with the optional service of funding grant-writing?
15:08:34 <Peter_tw> czchen: that's what I understand
15:08:46 <chuang> we will have to fill the amount of estimated budget when applying for fundings. list estimated cost for venue may make the number looks reasonable
15:08:46 <Peter_tw> Delib: looks so
15:09:01 <chuang> yes, we will send the applications
15:09:03 <Peter_tw> because we can't apply that funding by ourselves
15:09:19 <Peter_tw> but the school can do that for us
15:09:56 <DLange> o.k., very nice of NCTU to do this. Thank you very much!
15:10:06 <DLange> Are we done with this agenda item?
15:10:07 <Delib> "optional service" that we would very much appreciate.
15:10:30 <czchen> I think so, an #action and we can go next
15:10:47 <nattie> thank you :)
15:10:54 <Delib> So agreed they will include venue costs infunding requests?
15:11:07 <medicalwei[m]> #action Peter_tw and medicalwei[m] to estimate budgets
15:11:23 <medicalwei[m]> Next: Estimated Timeline: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Timeline
15:11:42 <medicalwei[m]> Can we write future timelines here?
15:12:13 <pollo> medicalwei[m]: yup
15:12:19 <paulliu> I think we should. But just an estimate.
15:12:25 <medicalwei[m]> Ok.
15:12:44 <medicalwei[m]> #action medicalwei[m] to copy DC17 timeline to DC18 for funding application requirements
15:12:52 <chuang> i think we don't need a very precise future plan (if for the purpose of applying budgets).
15:13:02 <pollo> That page is a general canvas to help you, but you should go trhough it and personalise it
15:13:11 <nattie> just enough to show that we know what we're doing?
15:13:22 <chuang> yes, that would be enough
15:13:50 <czchen> then I think just copy some important milestone shall be enough
15:14:00 <medicalwei[m]> Next: Committee/Team Members and Roles
15:14:15 <czchen> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/TeamRoles
15:14:43 <czchen> Just fill it?
15:14:50 <medicalwei[m]> #action everyone to fill your role(s): https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/TeamRoles
15:15:20 <nattie> i'm already on there, right?
15:15:24 <medicalwei[m]> And finally, Are the real names one of the requirements of applying fundings?
15:15:33 <Delib> nattie, yes
15:15:37 <cate> medicalwei[m]: I think you should use #topic from time to time, to change topic
15:16:00 <medicalwei[m]> We are still in Topic 1 ... (ponders)
15:16:27 <chuang> for MOST (ministier of science and technology) fundings, we will need real names.
15:16:52 <Delib> Can real names be provided on private email?
15:16:56 <cate> medicalwei[m]: right for agenda, but the topic is no more "sponsor" but general organizational issue
15:17:11 <chuang> the problem is that we are still negotiating with MOST, and we may be not able to apply MOST fundings for DC18
15:17:42 <chuang> for the rest of fundings MOE and MOEA, I am not sure if we need real names because they have not announce their rules
15:18:13 <tumbleweed> whose real names do we need? (and who needs them?)
15:18:22 <medicalwei[m]> Do you need all of them? or some of them are sufficient?
15:18:27 <DLange> I'm sure they care mostly about the local team names and you can use the DebConf Committee real names for DebConf organization contacts where you need them.
15:18:30 <czchen> So I think if people are willing to provide their names, they can just update to  https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/TeamRoles ?
15:19:12 <chuang> I think only the names for leaders of some important roles
15:19:25 <czchen> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf_Committee shall be enough?
15:19:38 <chuang> I don't think you have to put real names on the website, we just need them if an application form asked us to fill that
15:20:12 <Delib> From reading I learn traveling in Asia is easiest when a formal role with a group is documented.
15:20:30 <czchen> The names are already there.
15:20:35 <medicalwei[m]> chuang: I see. We will gather that when you need it.
15:21:02 <chuang> czchen: that would be fine. are the roles/names the same for DC18?
15:21:19 <chuang> I mean, confirmed?
15:22:04 <medicalwei[m]> That could be a problem otherwise :)
15:22:18 <czchen> I think the members are the same in DC18 decision.
15:23:31 <medicalwei[m]> #info some of the fundings requires real names of the DC18 team members and/or DC committee
15:24:04 <medicalwei[m]> is it okay to continue?
15:24:07 <czchen> go
15:24:10 <Delib> good
15:24:16 <paulliu> I don't mind to reveal all my personal data and phone. :P
15:24:17 <DLange> czchen: yes, the wiki page is accurate. https://lists.debian.org/20170109220934.vjbobohwyw7k2jtg@dogguy.org is the official delegation email also including real names.
15:24:17 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 2 - Brochure & Flyer Review
15:24:47 <medicalwei[m]> *calls paulliu in the midnight*
15:25:41 * Peter_tw sorry I have to leave earlier, will take a look at the irc log later
15:25:47 <czchen> Need someone help to add "job fair is first come first serve" in latex. I am really not an expert in latex.
15:26:08 <pollo> Is there a link to a PDF? Has someone been able to build it from LaTeX?
15:26:29 * Delib waves to Peter_tw
15:26:47 <czchen> I can build it in my computer. Anyone has problem building them?
15:26:54 <medicalwei[m]> I have no file on the computer I am using for conference, yet.
15:27:07 <Delib> I have not seen recent draft.
15:27:19 <Delib> pdf would be helpful
15:27:37 <pollo> czchen: it's easier to ask for reviews if people don't have to build it themselves
15:27:50 <pollo> The latex packages required are huuuuuuge
15:28:01 <czchen> I see, the pdf is in https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debconf-data/dc18.git/tree/docs/sponsor/brochure.en.pdf
15:28:08 <paulliu> I'll do that. I think it is in the github.
15:28:33 <Delib> And a text version? maybe on an open pad?
15:28:37 <medicalwei[m]> https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debconf-data/dc18.git/plain/docs/sponsor/brochure.en.pdf
15:28:39 <paulliu> And if it doesn't *build* on my computer (Debian testing) I'll fix that.
15:29:01 <DLange> #link https://storm.debian.net/shared/qlMfj-wwbpwEYmnsobC0iL0b2gTOA1ORV19wksRzK6R ShareLatex version
15:29:32 <DLange> not sure whether that is the latest version but this is a quite nice tool and it builds on storm
15:29:45 <szlin> cool
15:29:51 <medicalwei[m]> Oooohhhhhh
15:30:16 <DLange> (save the dejavu fonts which are not installed on the instance, at least the last time I checked)
15:30:46 <czchen> I will try to finish brochure & flyer, but my paid job is really busy recently, so patch welcome.
15:31:09 <medicalwei[m]> Do we need chinese translation available at Sep. 28?
15:31:17 <medicalwei[m]> Or can it be postponed?
15:31:29 <czchen> As for backup site in https://medicalwei.github.io/debconf18-landing/, can we make it to https://debconf18.debconf.org/ ?
15:31:40 <czchen> I think Chinese version is not necessary at Sep. 28.
15:32:01 <czchen> English version might be good enough for some sponsors.
15:32:12 <larjona> Hello, I just catched up with backlog
15:32:25 <medicalwei[m]> This would require little work on static site generator, and heavily depends on DSA migration. Should I open an RT ticket for that?
15:32:31 <Delib> czchen,  /me has more time now for more tweaking English, but no git skills yet.
15:32:42 <tumbleweed> czchen: is someone going to start applying that style to dc18.dc.o?
15:32:57 <larjona> If we'll have a co-organizer, maybe a pargraph about them (and their role) is needed in website and brochuer
15:33:15 <larjona> Delib I can commit to git as we did before
15:33:28 <medicalwei[m]> tumbleweed: that's a static site in case if wafer is not ready.
15:33:38 <Delib> larjona, then missing step is me seeing result.
15:33:57 <medicalwei[m]> and I think I can help applying the style to Wafer
15:34:37 <czchen> I think we can add NCTU logo next to OCF.tw one.
15:35:26 <chuang> czchen: thanks for that
15:35:34 <medicalwei[m]> #action medicalwei[m] to tweak the sites including adding brochure/flyer links, sponsorship information and NCTU logo at the bottom
15:36:11 <medicalwei[m]> should I file another RT ticket to put the site online?
15:36:41 <czchen> If wafer will not be ready at Sep 28.
15:37:15 <medicalwei[m]> #action medicalwei[m] to file RT ticket to put static site online if wafer is not ready.
15:37:35 <czchen> go to next topic?
15:37:35 <larjona> Delib: I didn't understand. Let's talk after the meeting
15:37:43 <Delib> yes
15:38:04 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 3 - DC17 Status Update
15:38:32 <nattie> Maple is well, and is guarding the door to my room :)
15:38:47 <nattie> but that's probably not the sort of status update you're after
15:38:59 <nattie> lavamind_/pollo/taowa?
15:39:11 * medicalwei[m] squeezes the pollito to call them
15:39:16 <DLange> pollo, any idea how long you need dc17.dc.o live still (aka when can we statify it)?
15:39:21 <Delib> :)
15:39:54 <tumbleweed> sorry, I had an untimely crash there, but we can talk about the website again later
15:40:45 <medicalwei[m]> tumbleweed: TL;DR if wafer is not ready, i will file a RT ticket to put static site online. and i can help to adopt the style to wafer if you think it is good.
15:41:02 <tumbleweed> I want to talk about this "not ready" thing
15:41:20 <medicalwei[m]> i see
15:41:22 <tumbleweed> are we talking about new DSA hosting?
15:42:00 <pollo> Sorry, i have to run rn, ttl
15:42:14 <medicalwei[m]> yes, we can return on this later.
15:43:31 <Delib> delaying website?
15:43:56 <medicalwei[m]> Delib: we need website to be available when the brochure is distributed
15:44:15 <Delib> which should be around now.
15:44:18 <medicalwei[m]> so
15:44:20 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 4 - Migrating DebConf Infra to DSA
15:44:48 <medicalwei[m]> tumbleweed: I think this is the topic for the "not ready" thing
15:45:09 <tumbleweed> medicalwei[m]: ok, I don't think this is blocking that much
15:45:18 <tumbleweed> you don't need the old stuff to be torn down, we just need a new VM brought up
15:45:34 <tumbleweed> and we have to do the design and content work
15:46:22 <medicalwei[m]> Yes. The worrying part is that this could take a lot of time and I would use a static site before everything is working. (which may look drastically different than the real wafer thing)
15:46:39 <tumbleweed> yeah, we can do that
15:46:47 <tumbleweed> but i'd encourage you to start working on the real thing
15:46:55 <tumbleweed> the longer you leave it, the harder it is later :)
15:47:18 <DLange> there is a static version somewhere on github already
15:47:21 <tumbleweed> and presumably we'll run the static site on the same infrastructure as the real thing?
15:47:22 <medicalwei[m]> Gotta find a way to set wafer up on localhost for now
15:47:36 <DLange> we could put that on a DSA VM and at least have the IPs right already
15:47:41 <czchen> https://medicalwei.github.io/debconf18-landing/
15:47:50 <DLange> thanks ^
15:48:05 <DLange> PSA: I need to leave in 10 mins
15:48:15 <tumbleweed> yeah, so we need to get the DSA VM
15:48:22 <medicalwei[m]> tumbleweed: depending on DSA decision, and i prefer separating them...
15:48:34 <tumbleweed> medicalwei[m]: so where are you going to host it?
15:48:49 <DLange> which we can ask for now or with all the stuff - say - Sept 30th.
15:49:02 <medicalwei[m]> A VM which... can be the same as or different to the wafer VM
15:49:09 <DLange> I'd be for doing it all it one go and not everybody making RT tickets for part of the batch now.
15:49:24 <DLange> I do not sense the urgency :)
15:49:25 <tumbleweed> DLange: yeah, let's just ask for this VM now
15:49:26 <medicalwei[m]> So, the same VM can save time for DSA
15:49:37 <medicalwei[m]> and us
15:49:37 <tumbleweed> oh, sorry, you were saying the other thing
15:49:48 <tumbleweed> medicalwei[m]: a DSA VM?
15:50:22 <medicalwei[m]> I think so...
15:50:47 <tumbleweed> I don't think we should be asking for one and then immediately replacing it with another one
15:50:49 <medicalwei[m]> Otherwise hosting it on GitHub is... (ponders)
15:50:52 <tumbleweed> that's just wasting people's time
15:50:54 <medicalwei[m]> I don't know if we could do this.
15:50:55 <tumbleweed> medicalwei[m]: can that do https?
15:51:02 <medicalwei[m]> No.
15:51:16 <tumbleweed> it'd be nice to keep any URLs you advertise active
15:51:35 <tumbleweed> which means we should have the wafer site in mind, when structuring the temporary thing
15:51:42 <tumbleweed> and probably use https
15:51:46 <Delib> sponsorship process is pushing the urgency afaik
15:51:56 <medicalwei[m]> So, same VM to the static site and wafer.
15:52:04 <tumbleweed> medicalwei[m]: that's what I'd suggest
15:52:23 <medicalwei[m]> #info the static site will be on the same server as the wafer server
15:53:06 <tumbleweed> I can try to organise this
15:53:17 <tumbleweed> DLange: you have concerns?
15:53:36 <DLange> no, not at all. CC -team and put the RT number in the pad please
15:53:59 <larjona> It was said that the VM should host wafertest too
15:54:05 <tumbleweed> yes
15:54:23 <DLange> easier with test data
15:54:46 <DLange> we had too empty wafer tests the last two years and that was rather useless
15:55:06 <DLange> #link https://pad.sfconservancy.org/p/mtvpbvwuWu for tumbleweed to add info / RT ticket number
15:55:42 <medicalwei[m]> #save
15:55:45 <DLange> #info Formorer has ack'd the list migration for listmasters
15:55:51 <DLange> olasd made me ask :)
15:56:23 <tumbleweed> :)
15:56:48 <DLange> next?
15:56:56 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 4 - Migrating DebConf Infra to DSA
15:56:58 <medicalwei[m]> oops
15:57:10 <medicalwei[m]> #topic 99 - Miscellaneous
15:57:33 <medicalwei[m]> Sorry for this slow meeting ._.
15:57:46 <tumbleweed> lots going on :P
15:57:58 <Delib> many biggish decisions
16:00:00 * Delib excited to see new static site design, pretty.
16:00:09 <medicalwei[m]> Any problem we have to talk about right now?
16:00:30 <czchen> None from me.
16:00:40 <DLange> nope, seems everybody is happy. \o/
16:00:50 <medicalwei[m]> (is going to call the meeting... in 3)
16:01:00 * tumbleweed has 15 mins for breakfast before his neekt meeting :P
16:01:07 <tumbleweed> next
16:01:08 <medicalwei[m]> #endmeeting