14:30:17 <czchen> #startmeeting
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14:30:29 <czchen> #topic Roll call
14:30:33 <pollo> 0/
14:30:38 <czchen> Please say hi if you are in this meeting
14:30:39 <tumbleweed> o/ (but also in an IRL meeting)
14:30:40 <czchen> hi
14:30:41 <szlin> hi
14:30:42 <medicalwei[m]> OwO/
14:30:43 <znoteer> hello for a while anyway
14:30:47 <Delib> 0/
14:30:54 <pollo> I'm here, but I'm also doing some sponsorship things, so ping me if I'm not replying
14:31:02 <czchen> no problem.
14:31:27 <czchen> Anyone else?
14:32:14 <nattie> hi
14:32:18 <DLange> o/ from Cape town
14:32:29 <nattie> i'm more or less here, but pending tablet battery
14:32:43 <DLange> ginggs and indiebio are here too
14:33:12 <Ganneff> moo
14:33:59 <czchen> #topic Submissions of DC19 candidatures
14:34:38 <Delib> There was a bit of IRC traffic discussion last week.
14:34:59 <Delib> Two teams communicating?
14:35:22 <nattie> ttbomk it's down to curitiba and bratislava now.  unless greece is still in the running?
14:36:20 <Delib> Seems no one has heard from them.
14:36:34 <nattie> from greece?
14:36:42 <Delib> yes
14:36:42 <nattie> in that case it's down to two, which is not unusual
14:37:11 * larjona waves, half here
14:37:17 <nattie> hiya larjona
14:37:35 <nattie> is anyone from either bid present?
14:38:53 <czchen> Not sure if they knows the meeting time. Do we need to send the meeting schedule to them?
14:39:07 <Delib> Would some kind of "ping all" be useful to get people's attention?
14:39:15 <olasd> they should really be subscribed to debconf-team and see meeting times there
14:39:15 <nattie> we already had a pingall
14:40:23 <czchen> Looks like there are no one from either bit, go to next topic?
14:40:24 <nattie> if we can't do this topic now, we can revisit it later
14:40:35 <nattie> that's completely allowed
14:40:48 <czchen> #topic Sponsorship
14:41:07 <larjona> maybe a message to the list with specific subject about DebConf19 bids
14:41:08 * pollo has started prodding some sponsors
14:41:22 <pollo> as I said, I'll do some, but not all of them
14:41:28 <czchen> Too busy this week, will try to send some sponsorship emails next week.
14:41:40 <medicalwei[m]> I haven't updated it for a while, but trying to forward the sponsorship message through other channels, like Facebook (??)
14:42:00 <nattie> why facebook?
14:42:17 <nattie> also, have long-standing sponsors been contacted?
14:42:43 <DLange> not yet
14:42:45 <czchen> Not from me this week. Busy in paid job.
14:42:51 <medicalwei[m]> pollo contacted some including Canonical
14:42:58 <szlin> For Moxa (my company), we will join CIP in 2018 and thus Moxa will sponsor debconf behind CIP.
14:43:09 <medicalwei[m]> (actually we have members from Canonical)
14:43:22 * Delib is ready to join sponsors team to help edit emails.
14:43:27 <pollo> szlin: good, I just emailed CIP
14:43:49 <medicalwei[m]> Wow
14:44:55 <szlin> pollo: The Linux foundation JP VP who is in charge of CIP visited our company last week.
14:45:11 <czchen> If I have some time for sponsorship mail, I can just go through dc18/sponsors-list/* and send template mail right?
14:45:36 <pollo> czchen: yup. It's always good to have a look at the dc17 entry before though
14:45:37 <DLange> yes you can
14:45:42 <medicalwei[m]> I believe the person also went to DC17?
14:45:46 <DLange> just don't if there is a personal contact or so
14:46:10 <czchen> personal contact means "Debian-Contact" field?
14:46:53 <medicalwei[m]> I don't think so... Debian-Contact means the contact on Debian side i think
14:47:17 <nattie> yeah, like the person in charge of dealing with that particualr sponsor, i would guess
14:48:00 <Delib> Someone with some history is usually a good idea, when available.
14:48:10 <DLange> best is to see the communication log in the dc17/ folder and judge by that
14:48:25 <DLange> e.g. stay off Microsoft for example :)
14:48:26 <czchen> Thanks for the tip
14:49:50 <czchen> anything else in this topic?
14:50:00 <medicalwei[m]> .....!?
14:50:03 <szlin> I will contact skymizer next week
14:50:16 <medicalwei[m]> Microsoft was a sponsor in DC17 and according to the activity in Taiwan I believe they will sponsor us this time...
14:50:43 <cate> doesn't speak about potential sponsors in pubic places
14:50:50 <cate> don't
14:51:03 <medicalwei[m]> ok
14:51:29 <cate> Some sponsors don't like it [especially if they cannot sponsor us]
14:52:03 <czchen> ok
14:52:07 <Delib> Should this be discussed in a different channel?
14:52:16 <nattie> also, this isn't the time to talk about team internals
14:52:23 <cate> sponsor has own channel and own mailing list
14:53:05 <czchen> So for sponsor, we shall discuss in #debconf-sponsors ?
14:53:13 <Delib> Suggest topic questions to guide this conversation?
14:53:53 <cate> Specific question yes, here we can discuss general problems and status
14:55:18 <Delib> I am requesting a good topic question? What should we discuss now here?
14:55:29 <medicalwei[m]> i am also going to IT month for discovering potential sponsors via public exhibition.
14:55:39 <nattie> what's on the agenda?
14:55:56 <Delib> "potentioan sponsors update"
14:56:05 <medicalwei[m]> Printed materials have been prepared.
14:56:11 <nattie> and after that?
14:56:30 <medicalwei[m]> Also I am looking for someone to proofreading Chinese version of the brochure.
14:56:39 <medicalwei[m]> (after, or during the translation)
14:56:40 <czchen> sticker and flyer are printed.
14:56:52 <czchen> brochure & flyer translation
14:56:57 <Ganneff> medicalwei[m]: proofread for content or chinese?
14:57:10 <medicalwei[m]> Chinese content.
14:57:35 <nattie> Ganneff: are you volunteering your holdes Ehegespons?
14:57:39 <Ganneff> language i can volunteer someone, actual data i cant
14:57:39 <medicalwei[m]> Also, we might need to change content for german target to taiwanes
14:57:44 <Ganneff> nattie: si
14:57:56 <czchen> medicalwei[m]: Just ping me when they are ready, I can help to proofread.
14:58:06 <nattie> Ganneff: good idea
14:58:15 <medicalwei[m]> czchen: xiexie :)
14:58:25 <Ganneff> medicalwei[m]: can ping here too, if you want.
14:58:48 <medicalwei[m]> I will post it in mailing list
14:59:08 <czchen> anything else?
14:59:39 <Delib> Seems like sponsorship team needs more help?
15:00:39 <medicalwei[m]> Delib: I think we can discuss about the details in another list, or after the meeting... because we are really making small progress ;_;
15:00:59 <czchen> #topic Website update
15:01:27 <medicalwei[m]> ouch.
15:01:43 * medicalwei[m] forgot everything he # actioned on
15:02:02 <nattie> medicalwei[m]: we can discuss after the meeting and get going on that
15:02:03 <olasd> the host for debconf18.debconf.org is ready (has been for a while) but noone from local team has touched it or asked us to do anything about it so far
15:02:06 <czchen> Need any help on we site?
15:02:38 <czchen> s/we site/website/
15:02:49 <Delib> I can and should, but need direction.
15:03:04 <medicalwei[m]> Mainly about the timeline
15:03:09 <pollo> czchen: first step is to take what we did for dc17.dc.o and have a look at the code
15:03:19 <olasd> no. that step has been done
15:03:22 <pollo> you can build the website locally easily enough
15:03:28 <medicalwei[m]> Also need chinese translation of the sponsorship page pull-requested by larjona
15:03:43 <olasd> I mean, what's needed now is someone to make a debconf18 theme for wafer
15:03:59 <olasd> the content from the landing site can be moved over easily enough
15:04:03 <medicalwei[m]> https://github.com/medicalwei/debconf18-landing/pull/2
15:04:18 <medicalwei[m]> Ah
15:05:02 <medicalwei[m]> I would like to help on that, though I am busy at the paid job and is working on the translation
15:05:02 <czchen> Where is wafer source code? Really not a website guy, but can find some friends to help.
15:05:12 <medicalwei[m]> Do you have a deadline for the theme thing?
15:05:18 <olasd> medicalwei[m]: yesterday
15:05:27 <medicalwei[m]> ...................................................
15:05:28 <olasd> more seriously: as soon as possible
15:05:34 <olasd> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/dc18.dc.o.git
15:05:55 <tumbleweed> thanks olasd, I'm deep in conversation right now, IRL
15:05:56 <cate> czchen: base wafer is in github, we have our extention in the debconf-data git
15:05:57 <czchen> olasd: thanks
15:06:00 <olasd> we (website folks) don't have any deadlines, you're the ones with deadlines
15:06:09 <Delib> Not asking for myself, but again it seems a lot is expected of just a couple people.
15:06:28 <Delib> That's why I was asking if more help is needed.
15:07:05 <cate> Delib: I think they manage it. The most difficult part is to provide content for them
15:07:08 <pollo> Delib: you will eventually need to take a look at what questions should be asked for registration
15:07:23 <medicalwei[m]> I probably want to delegate the translation job to others for the website.
15:07:39 <pollo> most of them will be the same, but you might need to have some specific ones regarding food + accomm
15:07:49 <Delib> pollo, thanks for task lead.
15:07:54 <nattie> i'll be looking at that soon
15:08:04 <Delib> k.
15:08:23 <nattie> we can figure out specifics between us
15:08:52 <Delib> medicalwei[m], do you have people in mind for translation help?
15:09:21 <czchen> http://l10n.tw/ ?
15:09:33 <medicalwei[m]> Delib: i am in a team doing l10n and that's it czchen
15:10:18 <nattie> if they're good, then we can go with them
15:10:48 <olasd> I'm not entirely sure what wafer supports i18n-wise
15:10:56 <czchen> I think we can trust them.
15:10:57 <olasd> (most likely answer is "nothing")
15:11:07 <olasd> but we can figure it out along the way
15:11:16 <nattie> can we #action someone to contact the l10n.tw people?
15:11:22 <nattie> for website content
15:11:45 <tumbleweed> it has tried to support i18n, but there hasn't been any conference that needed it yet
15:11:54 <nattie> czchen: since it wa your suggestion, could you?
15:11:55 <tumbleweed> so it's going to have all sorts of bugs and possible big problems
15:12:01 <olasd> tumbleweed: cool
15:12:02 <czchen> No problem.
15:12:06 <medicalwei[m]> I mean... I am at work doing translations to the brochure
15:12:09 <Ganneff> tumbleweed: nothing better than a debconf to spot em all? :)
15:12:17 <medicalwei[m]> and I probably can't take the website theme thing
15:12:18 <nattie> czchen: can you do a #action for it please?
15:12:20 <czchen> #action czchen will contact l10n.tw people to do translation.
15:12:23 <tumbleweed> I'm somewhat sceptical of translating all the website
15:12:33 <tumbleweed> just translating the content pages is probably all we want
15:12:43 <tumbleweed> (nobody is going to want to translate all of the talk proposals, etc)
15:12:44 <medicalwei[m]> unless i ask others translating the brochure
15:12:46 <olasd> I agree as well
15:12:51 <cate> I think registration should remain in English, but some page for sponsors and debian day...
15:13:06 <tumbleweed> cate: yeah, something like that
15:13:13 <tumbleweed> and how to get to the venue
15:13:26 <medicalwei[m]> Maybe just make another page in Chinese?
15:13:29 <medicalwei[m]> Lazy i18n but better than nothing
15:14:09 <Ganneff> you dont need so much in chinese. the sponsors, debianday and info for local wannabe attendees/volunteers basically.
15:14:20 <nattie> *nods*
15:14:49 <Delib> Directions to venue would be good.
15:15:19 <nattie> we don't really need to discuss minutiae just now, just a general overview of what needs doing
15:15:31 <olasd> highest priority is making the website presentable
15:15:35 <nattie> yes
15:15:45 <olasd> because now we can't really regress from what's on dc18.dc.o today
15:16:29 <medicalwei[m]> How difficult is it to theme from a template?
15:16:39 <czchen> So we shall update dc18.dc.o and make it online first?
15:16:41 <medicalwei[m]> ...(i think i should just see the code)
15:17:10 <medicalwei[m]> Yes, then consider how we can i18n it
15:17:30 <medicalwei[m]> Sorry to make the website too pretty
15:17:30 <czchen> okay, I will see what can I do in this part
15:18:00 <czchen> #action czchen will update dc18.dc.o to make it online.
15:18:06 <czchen> anything else?
15:18:29 <czchen> #topic DC17 Status Update
15:18:32 <tumbleweed> talk to olasd and me about the details on that
15:18:40 <pollo> nothing to report on the dc17 side
15:18:43 <olasd> no, not the dc17 details
15:18:55 <tumbleweed> :P
15:18:59 <olasd> pollo: did you manage to get the money out of maisonneuve/do you have a plan?
15:19:04 <nattie> report will happen... soon
15:19:05 <medicalwei[m]> I would be interested in the wafer theming too
15:19:09 <pollo> olasd: they sent a check afaik
15:19:10 <medicalwei[m]> If I have to fix things.
15:19:21 <olasd> pollo: cool
15:20:01 <pollo> I'll poke people and try to hve a get together for Christmas and start working on the dc17 final report
15:20:47 <czchen> anything else?
15:20:57 <pollo> nope
15:21:00 <olasd> I need to finalize bursary reimbursements now that the spi pipe is flowing again; I'll have a final poke tonight
15:21:38 <czchen> #topic DSA Migration
15:22:08 <czchen> Not sure what need to be discussed in this topic?
15:22:38 <andrewsh> I can help setting up Kanboard on the new host
15:22:40 <medicalwei[m]> Is that already done?
15:22:41 <olasd> DSA have started acting on the kanboard vm ticket
15:22:45 <nattie> ooh hey andrewsh
15:22:48 <andrewsh> and the chat notifications
15:22:54 <olasd> and then they noticed that pollo wasn't a DD yet
15:22:57 <olasd> so we tried to fix that
15:23:16 <nattie> do you want to revisit the bids thing later under AOB?
15:23:45 <medicalwei[m]> (AOB?)
15:23:52 <andrewsh> (any other business)
15:23:55 <Delib> DSA is last item on agenda, so time for that discussion with andrewsh here.
15:24:28 <czchen> So next topic will be "Submissions of DC19 candidatures" ?
15:25:02 <olasd> we can do that, yes
15:25:19 <czchen> okay
15:25:22 <nattie> let's.  anyone from curitiba around?
15:25:41 <czchen> #topic Submissions of DC19 candidatures
15:26:21 <nattie> andrewsh: the floor is yours.  what's new?
15:26:33 <andrewsh> the news.
15:26:40 <andrewsh> the venue is very expensive, it seems
15:26:46 <olasd> the people from curitiba I can identify have been idle for a week or more
15:26:55 <andrewsh> and I'm not sure they'll be willing to give further discounts
15:27:09 <andrewsh> as they already say the price they've given includes a 50% discount
15:27:18 <olasd> I disagree with the "very expensive" assessment; expensive maybe, but definitely in our price range
15:27:19 <nattie> let's just remind everyone of the bid process timeline?
15:27:37 <andrewsh> 47k € without food or accommodation
15:28:22 <czchen> December 2017: formal bid submission
15:28:23 <andrewsh> I've got alternative venues, but they aren't very accessible/usable and/or expensive as well or prices not yet known
15:28:29 <czchen> Early 2018: location decision
15:28:33 <czchen> from wiki
15:29:18 <andrewsh> 47k € above include "standard" electricity, AC and internet+wifi, basic security and cleaning
15:29:23 <DLange> best is to have two offers and go to the better venue with the price of the other one
15:29:46 <andrewsh> everything above "standard" is an extra we need to pay for and (importantly) notify them beforehand
15:30:03 <andrewsh> so that they can get potential discounts from their providers
15:30:19 <andrewsh> (normally extras on top of the utility packages are superexpensive)
15:30:22 <nattie> it's probably a good idea to establish how much exactly they mean by "standard"
15:30:28 <DLange> +1
15:30:34 <andrewsh> "what a normal education process uses"
15:30:46 <andrewsh> they can give more details in terms of kW×h
15:30:53 <nattie> that would be useful
15:31:04 <andrewsh> which I hope we won't exceed
15:31:35 <andrewsh> as arguably normal education process involves more than 400 people with their laptops
15:32:24 <nattie> any other news?
15:32:40 <andrewsh> https://screenshots.firefox.com/rTmvyn9EeUTcpTJf/mail.google.com
15:32:53 <andrewsh> (more detailed quote from them)
15:33:11 <andrewsh> the left column in the room name/number
15:33:12 <nattie> we should agree the submission deadling
15:33:18 <nattie> deadline
15:33:27 * andrewsh notes a new word, deadling
15:33:59 <nattie> heh
15:34:22 <czchen> Have no idea about the submission deadline. Any date in December is okay?
15:34:28 <andrewsh> any other news… the cafeteria does have a tiny kitchen in which they don't cook but only heat up pre-cooked meals
15:34:55 <Delib> :(
15:34:58 <andrewsh> if we use their services, it's ok to use, otherwise there won't be any extra space apart from the seating area to use for catering
15:35:35 <andrewsh> the cafeteria's caterer cooks in the next building belonging to a different university, where they also have a branch
15:36:16 <nattie> right
15:36:30 <andrewsh> the venue itself would be accessible to us from 8am to ~some time after midnight
15:36:45 <nattie> we should call a bid status meeting, and also establish the deadline
15:36:52 <andrewsh> indeed
15:37:09 <nattie> the 31st is a sunday; would that be acceptable to people as a deadline?
15:37:26 <andrewsh> ack from myself
15:37:39 <nattie> czchen: you're chair.  what's your view?
15:38:02 <czchen> Do we need to hold a meeting in deadline date?
15:38:15 <nattie> no, it just needs to be submitted
15:38:26 <czchen> okay, I think 31st is okay
15:38:26 <nattie> but it's probaly a good idea to check people's progress before the deadline
15:38:51 <olasd> is there a DC19 bid committee assembled yet?
15:39:33 <DLange> nope
15:39:42 <nattie> that should really be done post-haste
15:39:42 <czchen> Maybe we can check the progress in next meeting? I think it will be Dec 14, or Dec 21.
15:39:48 <nattie> not the 21st please
15:39:56 <DLange> the DCC will make the decision (and I think as last year invite others to participate, too)
15:40:06 <nattie> 14th would be fine by me
15:40:33 <olasd> we're not talking about making decisions yet, we're talking about checking bid status and establishing a timeline for the decision
15:40:46 <czchen> So we will have another meeting in Dec 14, and we also will check the progress of DC19, is that rignt?
15:40:48 <nattie> i have to go, battery running out
15:41:01 <andrewsh> bye nattie
15:41:04 <czchen> bye
15:41:05 <nattie> ciao!
15:41:08 <znoteer> bye nattie
15:41:09 <andrewsh> čau
15:41:15 <szlin> bye
15:41:28 <medicalwei[m]> //
15:42:17 <pollo> czchen: a meeting in 2 weeks sounds good
15:42:41 <czchen> So next meeting in Dec 14, and will check the progress of DC19, any objection?
15:42:57 <andrewsh> ack
15:42:58 <znoteer> not from me
15:42:58 <olasd> we need to make sure that there is a bid committee and that members of it can be present thene
15:43:01 <olasd> then*
15:43:38 <tumbleweed> on DC19 we tried to organise a debconf committee meeting last week, but it didn't quite happen
15:43:53 <tumbleweed> we need to have one to start the DC19 discussion process
15:44:15 <andrewsh> s/DC19/…/
15:44:24 <znoteer> how are the committees created if I may ask a noob question
15:44:31 <olasd> znoteer: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2017/01/msg00003.html
15:44:32 <andrewsh> oh, I'm misparsing that
15:44:50 <_rene_> andrewsh: ooc, what you outlined above, for what bid is that?
15:45:01 <andrewsh> _rene_: Bratislava
15:45:05 <znoteer> olasd: thanks
15:45:17 <_rene_> k, guessed so, but wanted to go sure :)
15:45:30 <olasd> znoteer: that's The DebConf Committee, usually the bid selection committee is wider than that
15:45:40 <olasd> but formally now it's up to them to decide
15:46:11 <znoteer> ack
15:46:32 <czchen> So when do we need bit selection committee? In Dec14 ?
15:47:35 <olasd> if we want status updates from the bids then, yes, it'd be good to have a formed committee, and some members of it available to ask and answer questions with the bid teams
15:49:30 <DLange> I think we should have the DCC call for the meeting(s) and invite people that want to participate in the discussion to join
15:49:43 <tumbleweed> yes
15:50:18 <DLange> you can task me (or tumbleweed) and we'll take care of inviting for the meeting(s)
15:50:20 <olasd> that's what I was trying to convey
15:50:37 <DLange> that was difficult to understand then :D
15:51:41 <czchen> Current plan is to have a meeting in Dec 14, and also check DC19 progress. So we need bid committee before that date. Is that okay for DCC?
15:53:04 <DLange> yes, but I don't think we need the bid committee then
15:53:24 <czchen> okay
15:54:19 <czchen> #agreed next meeting in Dec 14 2017 14:30 UTC, and will check the progress of DC19.
15:54:28 <czchen> Anything else?
15:55:32 <czchen> #endmeeting