14:29:49 <czchen> #startmeeting
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14:29:59 <czchen> #topic roll call
14:30:11 <nattie> hola!
14:30:12 <czchen> Say hi if you are in meeting
14:30:16 <szlin> hi
14:30:17 <lenharo> hi
14:30:20 <jova2> hi
14:30:24 <medicalwei[m]> OwO/
14:30:31 <tzafrir> hi
14:30:36 <taowa> Hi. I'll be on a bus in a couple minutes, but I'll try to participate as much as possible.
14:30:45 <nattie> oh hey taowa
14:30:46 <czchen> Don't forget to update meeting agenda https://storm.debian.net/grain/uNF6W7gzmxGQHshgb5yCBS/
14:31:00 <cate> hi
14:31:21 <pollo> 0/
14:31:21 <andrewsh> ohai
14:31:26 <nattie> czchen: could you repost that link with the deb.li address please?
14:31:31 * Clint grunts.
14:31:44 <valessio[m]> hi
14:31:54 <czchen> Anyone has deb.li address? I don't have it right now
14:32:13 <czchen> deb.li/3OYuV
14:32:16 <czchen> Found it
14:32:31 <nattie> http://deb.li/il9wc
14:32:40 <nattie> oh, maybe there are two
14:33:05 <czchen> Looks like the same one
14:33:08 <andrewsh> the first one was in the topic before the meeting
14:33:49 <samueloph> hi
14:33:58 <czchen> paulliu: are you there?
14:34:08 <antonio> Hi ... Greetings from Curitiba Brazil
14:34:22 <highvoltage> o/
14:34:33 <samueloph> +1 from Curitiba here
14:34:46 <czchen> #topic Submissions of DC19 candidatures
14:35:00 <valessio[m]> +1 Brazil here  :P
14:35:29 <czchen> What is the status of DC19 bid?
14:35:46 <lenharo> Curitiba BID is read.
14:36:09 <samueloph> lenharo means ready
14:36:12 <czchen> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf19 I think we only have Curitiba, Brazil now?
14:36:32 <andrewsh> Bratislava bid is semi-ready (as in: many things are ready, but some need more work, and the team needs more than one person)
14:36:35 <nattie> yeah. i think Bratislava is effectively doing a dry run?
14:36:39 <znoteer_> o/
14:36:47 <andrewsh> yes
14:37:02 <andrewsh> updated the wiki page
14:37:14 <nattie> but we should do the evaluation dance, at least for form's sake
14:37:27 <nattie> and so that andrewsh gets feedback for a subsequent bid attempt
14:37:32 <nattie> (at his request)
14:37:33 <andrewsh> yes please :)
14:37:41 <highvoltage> fantastic
14:38:44 <czchen> nattie: How to process evaluation?
14:39:30 <andrewsh> updated the wiki page once again
14:40:15 <czchen> Any question so far?
14:40:53 <cate> czchen: In general: public phase: questions on mailing list, then a IRC meeting with questions (optional) and a final IRC meeting with question and evaluation of main points (maybe the final decision is taken in an additional meeting, if some data is still missing).
14:41:16 <czchen> cate: thanks
14:41:49 <czchen> When to we need to decide the date for those events?
14:41:58 <cate> but: one person should take care to do (or make sure other do) such check list, deadlines. And committee (+ ev. other helper) should be ready for the final question and meeting
14:42:07 <nattie> the decision tends to be made around mid-february
14:42:09 <paulliu> czchen: hi
14:42:19 <nattie> though we could do it earlier this year if people would like
14:42:50 <cate> anyone from DebCOnf committee?
14:43:06 <highvoltage> I'm +1 for that, unless Bratislava needs more time to prepare their dry run bid
14:43:40 <andrewsh> if anything, I will add more info tomorrow/during the weekend, so this is fine
14:43:46 <highvoltage> but if we know it's curitiba for 2019, I would rather make it official as soon as possible to give them the maximum amount of time
14:43:50 <nattie> i've just poked the committee memnber i know best
14:43:54 <taowa> +1
14:44:04 <andrewsh> I don't think there's much more we can do atm except filling in blanks at the wiki and/or replying to questions
14:44:13 <tumbleweed> hello, sorry, RL got me
14:44:17 <andrewsh> (and updating the wiki according to the replies)
14:44:37 <cate> nattie: you could have done in public. It is important also for tw and bid, to remember who is part of committee
14:44:58 <phls_cwb> hi
14:45:02 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: tl;dr, curitiba is officially bidding, bratislava is doing a dry run only
14:45:33 <nattie> no other bids have emerged
14:45:53 <nattie> i think the big item is to schedule the official decision meeting
14:46:06 <nattie> even if it's substantially earlier than usual since the conclusion is mostly foregone
14:46:15 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: some suggestions/question is whether we should make the announcement a bit earlier if possible, while still providing useful feedback to bratislava
14:47:54 <czchen> Do we need to decide date right now?
14:48:15 <highvoltage> lucas: are you around?
14:48:15 <nattie> czchen: as soon as possible
14:49:06 <cate> We need to have the confirmation from sun and from moon about the eclipse in South America ;-)
14:49:21 <nattie> cate: nerd ;)
14:49:25 <highvoltage> hah, please don't start that again :)
14:49:31 <czchen> No idea how to decide the date, earlier than mid-Feb. Jan 25 or Feb 1 ?
14:49:51 <nattie> not Feb 1, people will be busy at FOSDEM
14:49:56 <highvoltage> Jan 25 would certainly be great for me
14:50:04 <nattie> Jan 25 works for me too
14:50:05 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: thaks for the catch up
14:50:10 <tumbleweed> sorry, IRL is still being a pain
14:50:29 <nattie> it's long enough to be a dignified timespan
14:50:39 <nattie> any objections to Jan 25?
14:51:05 <medicalwei[m]> Jan 25 is okay for me. I think there will be a lot of people for FOSDEM here?
14:51:26 <lucas> highvoltage: I am
14:51:39 <nattie> medicalwei[m]: yes, people will be at FOSDEM the following weekend (3/4 Feb)
14:51:39 <highvoltage> it would probably have to be early enough to accomodate the curitiba folk, can I suggest 12:00 UTC for the 25th?
14:51:56 <phls_brazil> jan 30 to feb 3 we have an event here too
14:51:58 <tumbleweed> 25th is the middle of LCA for me
14:52:02 <highvoltage> lucas: tl;dr, we're trying to find a date for the bid decision for dc19
14:52:19 <tumbleweed> (dunno how that will fit timezone wise)
14:52:35 <lucas> highvoltage: right. no constraints on my side around those dates except FOSDEM
14:52:49 <nattie> it's a thursday lunchtime for europe, and would be very early in the morning for curitiba folk
14:52:57 <highvoltage> lucas: nattie, tumbleweed and I will be at fosdem too, so you're safe for that :)
14:53:15 <samueloph> for Curitiba i think the best time for meetings is the same as this one, its on our lunch time and it makes it easier for those who work
14:53:26 <highvoltage> nattie: oh right, where's my brain, it would have to be around 19:00 UTC then, I suppose
14:53:36 <samueloph> but it is not a big problem to make it at morning too
14:53:48 <highvoltage> so that's 14:30 UTC
14:53:53 <samueloph> yeah
14:54:28 <highvoltage> I know DLange is traveling, but from what I understand it should be fine if we find a stand-in
14:54:29 <cate> 18:30 at FOSDEM bar is a good time for a beer and a meeting
14:54:36 <phls_brazil> nattie: here now is 12:55 (-2 from UTC because we are in summer time)
14:54:36 <lucas> highvoltage: do we need to decide this *now*, or can we do a quick doodle?
14:55:27 <nattie> doodle or dudle :)
14:55:29 <highvoltage> lucas: depends how quick the doodle is, but it would be nice to have that date at least set this week. before fosdem would be great.
14:56:26 <highvoltage> (highvoltage is computing)
14:56:49 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: when are you leaving for sydney?
14:57:00 <czchen> I think we has agreed on Jan 25 right? Only need to decide time
14:57:22 <highvoltage> czchen: it will be hard for tumbleweed to make that, which is enough reason for us to look at another date
14:57:35 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: 12th
14:57:49 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: yikes, that's early
14:57:51 <phls_brazil> 25 seems to be good for us
14:57:51 <tumbleweed> I may be able to make it, depending on hours
14:58:05 <tumbleweed> but something that suits brazil, europe, and australia is always a scheduling headache
14:58:15 <nattie> what time would the regular 14:30 timeslot be in the LCA city?
14:58:21 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: 14:30 is 01:30 in Sydney
14:58:26 <tumbleweed> that's actually doable
14:58:26 <nattie> oyyyyyyy
14:58:29 <nattie> ah ok
14:58:31 <phls_brazil> jan 25 is the meeting to decide the BID19, right?
14:58:34 <nattie> shall we go with that then
14:58:34 <tumbleweed> I mean, not great, but doable :P
14:58:55 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: yeah it's either you or not great for everybody else
14:59:01 <tumbleweed> yep
14:59:26 <andrewsh> BID = Big Important Decision
14:59:41 <phls_brazil> :)
14:59:41 <andrewsh> or:
14:59:43 <highvoltage> lucas: I'm not against a doodle but I think we could reach consensus for 14:30 UTC on 2018-01-25 right now, which would be nice
14:59:49 <andrewsh> BID = Brazilian International DebConf
15:00:09 <medicalwei[m]> Actually I would be okay to -2 but that's not good for Curitiba neither...
15:00:31 <phls_brazil> for Curitiba is good too
15:00:37 <nattie> i think it's only tumbleweed who will be at LCA out of us?
15:00:43 <phls_brazil> 14:30 = 12:30 in Curitiba
15:00:59 * andrewsh proposes Almdudler instead of a doodle
15:01:03 <samueloph> well, we can do -2 i guess, its not as good as 14:30 UTC but it looks better for the others. I feel like other brazilians have to ack this
15:01:12 <medicalwei[m]> How about 12:30?
15:01:16 <nattie> let's stick with 14:30
15:01:25 <lucas> ok for me
15:01:25 <nattie> it's easy to remember
15:01:54 <nattie> and there's only one person who will be in a somewhat incompatible timezone, whereas it's fine for everyone else
15:02:16 <czchen> So do we have conclusion on 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC for DC19 official decision meeting?
15:02:17 <highvoltage> ack for 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC?
15:02:34 <nattie> yes
15:02:43 * lenharo ack for 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC
15:02:43 <nattie> can we get an #agreed :)
15:02:46 <medicalwei[m]> Ack.
15:02:54 <highvoltage> I'd like to see at least tumbleweed and lucas give a +1
15:03:02 <highvoltage> (and bid teams)
15:03:13 <jova2> ack
15:03:15 <samueloph> ack
15:03:15 <highvoltage> (and OdyX but I know his busy)
15:03:29 <lucas> I'm teaching at that time, but I should be able to pay attention to the meeeting at the same time
15:03:31 <phls_brazil> ack
15:03:32 <szlin> acl
15:03:34 <tumbleweed> +1
15:03:43 <szlin> s/l/k
15:03:43 <lucas> (so ack)
15:03:59 <highvoltage> great, then it's set
15:03:59 <czchen> #agreed We will have  DC19 official decision meeting at 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC
15:04:28 <czchen> #topic Sponsorship
15:05:33 <czchen> We has sent sponsorship mail for most of the sponsors without Debian-Contact. It is time to contact Debian-Contact to see if they want to send sponsorship mail or we shall do it.
15:05:39 <phls_brazil> I have a question aboud BID19, sorry
15:06:39 <highvoltage> nattie: shall I send a mail about dc19 bid meeting to -committee and -team or are you on it?
15:06:40 <nattie> phls_brazil: could you raise that at the end under "AOB" please?
15:06:47 <nattie> highvoltage: could you please?
15:06:51 <highvoltage> nattie: will do
15:07:05 <nattie> thanks :)
15:07:07 <phls_brazil> nattie: sure, I wait
15:07:13 <nattie> thank you
15:08:12 <cate> Could we use fundraising? (it is not only aboud getting sponsors, and we had already question of people asking for sponsorship (aka bursaries)
15:09:05 <nattie> yeah, can we agree to rename that process fundraising?
15:09:39 <czchen> tumbleweed: Will you help to contact sponsor for DC18, as you are listed as Debian-Contact for certain sponsors?
15:09:52 <medicalwei[m]> Ok for me since that decreases confusion.
15:10:06 <czchen> nattie: rename to ?
15:10:20 <nattie> czchen: from sponsorship to fundraising
15:10:26 <tumbleweed> czchen: the sponsors I'm listed for are probably south africa specific
15:10:37 <medicalwei[m]> Sponsorship (for getting money from companies and government funds) -> Fundraising
15:10:46 <czchen> I see
15:10:54 <tumbleweed> but I also am not a member of the sponsorship team, so I don't even know who those are. Please coordinate that with me in the sponsorship channel / privately
15:11:16 <czchen> tumbleweed: No problem
15:12:48 <nattie> i think we have three in favour and no objections.  can we #agreed the renaming?
15:13:22 <czchen> #agreed to rename sponsorship to fundraising
15:14:32 <czchen> sponsor are asking how to process, do we just send the payment methods so that they can send money to OCF.tw / SPI ?
15:14:58 <nattie> i believe so
15:14:59 <czchen> Or is there any other process we need to do before providing these information?
15:15:06 <czchen> okay, thanks
15:15:22 <nattie> we need to talk to OCF about how they'll hold our funds i guess, unless that's already been cleared?
15:15:38 <pollo> czchen: as I told you yesterday, we need to invoice them ourselves for SPI
15:16:25 <medicalwei[m]> We've discussed that before, they can invoice companies (before/after payment) or receive donations
15:16:32 <czchen> nattie: OCF provides us the ledger for Debian
15:16:49 <czchen> medicalwei[m]: Is that for OCF or SPI?
15:16:51 <nattie> invoice before payment seems best, i think.  any other opinions on that?
15:16:58 <nattie> czchen: that's OCF
15:17:29 <medicalwei[m]> OCF. Refering to the email from Singing
15:17:54 <czchen> We also need to confirm how we do it in SPI, since some sponsors might favor SPI for tax deduction
15:19:23 <nattie> SPI already has a process established
15:19:33 <cate> czchen: ask Hydroxide or schultmc. Usually you can do a invoice, and they will notify you when payment are received
15:19:37 <nattie> they've done this for us before several times
15:19:55 <czchen> Thanks for the information
15:19:55 <nattie> cate: zobel would also know
15:20:04 <nattie> czchen: ^^
15:20:57 <czchen> anything else for fundraising?
15:20:57 <cate> I think olasd could also help understanding the procedures with SPI. Poor olasd ;-)
15:21:05 <medicalwei[m]> #info Hydroxide or schultmc knows about process of receiving funds in SPI.
15:21:53 <nattie> the chief advice for fundraising is: get on with it :)
15:21:59 <cate> #info and zobel
15:22:40 <czchen> #topic Visa
15:22:54 <nattie> who's on visa this year?
15:23:39 <czchen> abdelq according to https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/TeamRoles
15:23:47 * medicalwei[m] holds a ROC (Taiwan) passport. Doesn't need a visa.
15:23:50 <nattie> interesting...
15:23:58 <nattie> medicalwei[m]: i meant, who's on the visa team
15:24:28 <medicalwei[m]> Oh
15:24:38 <czchen> I guess we don't have visa team right now?
15:24:53 <highvoltage> medicalwei[m]: oh wow, I didn't realise you'd even need that
15:25:07 <cate> right. It needs lead of a really local person (to sign invitation letters)
15:25:27 <nattie> cate: i think OCF are proposing to actually issue the invitation letters, but we need to provide the data for them
15:25:32 <medicalwei[m]> cate, I think OCF should handle signing
15:25:33 <nattie> as to who is getting invited, etc
15:25:53 <tumbleweed> I seem to remember that some countries had special requeirements too (e.g. stamps)
15:25:57 <medicalwei[m]> because OCF is a legal entity which should be easier for Taiwanese government.
15:26:05 <cate> So anyone could be in the team. Time to wake again n0rman? ;-)
15:26:47 <cate> medicalwei[m]: it is mostly on our part to check if people are true attendees or just people who look for a easy way to get a visa
15:26:58 <czchen> So we need provide the information about invitation letter to OCF so that OCF can issue it?
15:27:10 <medicalwei[m]> So the process is like, visa team and reg team decide who should get invitations, and let OCF handle the rest
15:27:34 <medicalwei[m]> There's a template for invitation letter already, sent by OCF people
15:27:35 <nattie> czchen: yes.  they've given us a template.  we adjust the text to make it applicable to Debconf, and also tell OCF who needs a letter
15:27:58 <cate> about what people should be invited. And usually we have two invitation letters: one specific for ourcontributors, one one for people we think are true attendees (and we deny for others)
15:28:53 <medicalwei[m]> contributors, and non-contributor attendees (possibly sponsors is in this category?)
15:29:42 <highvoltage> medicalwei[m]: I suppose it will mainly be people who are applying for a visa
15:29:45 <cate> medicalwei[m]: if we give them free food and accommodation (so the attendees should no further provide information about funds), previous attendences,
15:30:12 <czchen> So right now we need to form the visa team and they will review if we want to send invitation letter or not for specific person, right?
15:30:51 <cate> Yes
15:31:39 <cate> If some members are part of registration make collecting information easier. In any case not a lot of work
15:31:54 <highvoltage> https://www.roc-taiwan.org/za_en/post/4658.html mentions an ARC, I suppose OCF will know what this is?
15:33:01 <czchen> I can join visa team, but I am not sure how to see if people are true attendees or not
15:33:28 <cate> czchen: I can help on that (and so on visa team)
15:33:36 <czchen> highvoltage: We can ask OCF about https://www.roc-taiwan.org/za_en/post/4658.html
15:33:43 <highvoltage> czchen: great
15:33:53 <czchen> #action czchen will ask OCF.tw about https://www.roc-taiwan.org/za_en/post/4658.html
15:34:10 <nattie> czchen: remember, visa works together with registration on that matter
15:34:20 <nattie> about determining legitimate attendees
15:35:22 <czchen> nattie: thanks
15:35:40 <nattie> you're welcome
15:35:56 <czchen> How to get access to visa@debconf.org ?
15:36:07 <highvoltage> czchen: ah, I just learned that ARC stands for Alien Resident Certificate, so it's just an ID, so I suppose OCF would use their registration data (probably on their letterhead) for the invite letters, but I'll leave that to you :)
15:37:33 <czchen> Anything else?
15:37:36 <tumbleweed> czchen: request it in #debconf-infra or file a RT ticket with DSA if you don't get a response
15:37:48 <czchen> tumbleweed: thanks
15:37:58 <nattie> we should probably check who all is on that alias, anyway
15:38:07 <medicalwei[m]> OCF can use their own entity ID in case of that
15:39:10 <czchen> Who shall be on visa@debconf.org? Do we have the list?
15:40:31 <medicalwei[m]> Have to check with DSA people
15:41:16 <tumbleweed> yeah
15:41:46 <nattie> we can sort that out after the meeting
15:42:00 <czchen> okay, anything else?
15:42:23 <czchen> #topic Website update
15:42:25 <nattie> visa seems all done for the moment
15:42:26 <nattie> ok
15:42:50 <czchen> medicalwei[m]: Any update for website?
15:42:53 * tumbleweed is busy hacking on the registration system
15:43:01 <medicalwei[m]> Theme for wafer is ready (without any further examinations)
15:43:03 <tumbleweed> well, I was hacking full-speed during CCC but now I'm caught up in work
15:43:10 <tumbleweed> but weekend soon
15:43:25 <tumbleweed> I hope to get what I've got done, then
15:43:39 <tumbleweed> and get a replacement for wafertest.debconf.org up
15:43:56 <medicalwei[m]> https://screenshots.firefox.com/YA27VMQ8aCBMMC1f/localhost
15:44:28 <czchen> Looks greate
15:45:35 <czchen> Anything else for website?
15:46:04 <tumbleweed> not from me, yet
15:46:15 <tumbleweed> I hope to be able to have a conversation abuot what we need in the registration form, soon
15:46:30 <czchen> #topic DC17 Status Update
15:46:36 <nattie> tumbleweed: dunno, the person who deals with that is horrible, i hear...
15:46:36 <medicalwei[m]> I should claim for updating the timeline again... always forgot about this
15:46:40 <pollo> 0/
15:46:45 <nattie> yo pollo
15:46:54 <pollo> The dc17 website is now static
15:46:59 <andrewsh> yay
15:47:14 <pollo> Still waiting on SPI to finish accounting for dc17
15:47:33 <pollo> Poked them a couple of times, no answer
15:48:04 <pollo> We had a meeting last week to work on the dc17 final report, about 25% of it is done
15:48:15 <pollo> I guess that's it
15:48:47 <czchen> #topic DSA Migration
15:49:19 <pollo> I told ganeff I would push this
15:49:23 <czchen> I think this is to discuss migrating to salsa.debian.org ?
15:49:44 <medicalwei[m]> Yes, our git stuffs
15:49:50 <pollo> The idea would be to put all of our got repos in a group
15:50:00 <pollo> Each team gets a subgroup
15:50:06 <medicalwei[m]> But that's different topic imho
15:50:20 <pollo> Each subgroup gets a subsubgroup for the legacy stuff
15:50:46 <pollo> And permissions are given on subgroups and not on the group to keep things sane
15:51:21 <pollo> Oh, is there another topic for the git migration?
15:51:30 <czchen> pollo: Any timeline for this migration? When do we need to push to salsa instead of alioth?
15:51:57 <pollo> Asap, ganeff seemed eager to do it and only wanted our approval
15:52:00 <medicalwei[m]> Not yet...
15:52:23 <pollo> I don't see why we can't migrate now
15:52:26 <tumbleweed> yeah
15:52:30 <tumbleweed> moving git repos around isn't exactly invasive
15:52:38 <tumbleweed> as long as you don't end up with different thnigs on each master
15:52:58 <formorer> speaking as salsa admin: I thnink chances for a reset are near zero. From my perspective you can start migrating at any time
15:53:39 <pollo> Does anyone has objections on the structure or the migration?
15:53:45 <czchen> No problem for me
15:53:58 <highvoltage> not at all, 100% for it!
15:54:07 <medicalwei[m]> But the problem of synchronizing Salsa and Alioth is a problem for now...
15:54:11 <medicalwei[m]> to prevent having 2 different masters...
15:54:25 <highvoltage> maybe stop write access on alioth first
15:54:27 <pollo> medicalwei[m]: simply stop using alioth?
15:54:36 <highvoltage> then delete it after it's on salsa
15:54:49 <medicalwei[m]> well that's one way to go
15:55:06 <formorer> use the alioth redirector service I announce later the day
15:55:31 <formorer> that will at least make http(s) requests going to salsa.
15:55:34 <phls_brazil> we are using alioth to minidebconf curitiba site. Is it will be migrate too?
15:55:44 <tumbleweed> chmod -R -w on old repos? (or delete / move them)
15:55:59 <formorer> tumbleweed: add a hook with a message
15:56:19 <tumbleweed> yeah, that's probably better
15:56:21 <phls_brazil> is minidebconf a sub group?
15:56:35 <tumbleweed> but anyway, Ganneff said he'd do the migration, so presumably he'll do one of the above
15:57:34 <pollo> phls_brazil: sure, if Ganneff misses something just ping him
15:57:40 <formorer> cat /git/pkg-postgresql/postgresql-common.git/hooks/pre-receive on alioth for an example
15:57:44 <pollo> Can we get an #agree?
15:57:54 <highvoltage> +1
15:58:10 <phls_brazil> yes
15:58:15 <czchen> agree on "Ganneff will do the migration" ?
15:58:22 <nattie> sure
15:59:02 <czchen> #agreed Ganneff will do the migration from alioth to salsa
15:59:28 <czchen> #topic Miscellaneous
15:59:39 <czchen> next meeting time?
16:00:01 <phls_brazil> my question about bid :-)
16:00:19 <czchen> question is?
16:00:55 <phls_brazil> if I understood correctly, Brazil is running alone, right? Is it possible Brazil not be choosen? And what will happen in this case?
16:01:15 <cate> We will look better possibilities ;-)
16:01:45 <cate> There is time for plan B and plan C.
16:02:18 <cate> But most probable negative outcome could be some restriction on venue/budget or some requirements to take into considerations
16:02:56 <highvoltage> phls_brazil: technically Brazil will be competing against Bratislava in the bid meeting
16:03:09 <andrewsh> in the unlikely case Brazil falls out (I hope not!) I can put triple energy into turning the dry run into damp run into wet run
16:03:39 <nattie> so basically, Bratislava is the very remote backup plan, but we need to follow the process
16:03:42 <highvoltage> phls_brazil: and as far as I can tell Curitiba's bid is really good, I think it would take something really big and bad for Curitiba's bid to be rejected.
16:03:42 <andrewsh> highvoltage: just Bratislava is less well-prepared :)
16:03:50 <nattie> that's why were doing the evaluation and decision-meeting dance
16:04:57 <nattie> we're 98% certain that it's Curitiba, but it would look very bad if we ignored the 2% chance and skipped the correct procedure
16:05:09 <nattie> (probably even more than 98% actually, but you know what i mean, right?)
16:05:28 <phls_brazil> sure, the procedure is important
16:06:15 <highvoltage> it would've been nice to have at least one solid bid against curitiba, the last few years it seemed that competition was really tough every year
16:06:20 <highvoltage> (which is great for debconf)
16:06:43 <tumbleweed> I don't know if it's *that* important, but it's also a good check that the bid is actually ready
16:06:55 <nattie> *nods*
16:07:02 <cate> And in any case, we should be sure that Curitiba meet the Debian standards (openess, inclusivness), debian can affort it, etc.  Really there is also the possibility ode Debian "NOTA" None of the above. I doesn't think it is the case this year
16:07:25 <highvoltage> yeah a lot could have changed since last year, so it's good to at least confirm that everything that was true last time still is now
16:07:59 <phls_brazil> the effect we tryied last year was very important to us to understand the procedura. With all questions were done
16:08:54 <highvoltage> it was also a very close race
16:09:22 <highvoltage> which shows that the bid is at the very least about on par with an already winning bid
16:10:05 <medicalwei[m]> So I don't think you will fall out of bid before a solid competitor shows up
16:10:54 <cate> yeah, last year was difficult. I voted tw because new continent was a big advantage, but br teams seemed larger and more experienced on orga.  [this argument could be used still for australia and antartica... so for dc20...]
16:11:25 * pollo votes for penguins
16:11:27 <medicalwei[m]> And since Asia is big, possible for India too.
16:11:56 * medicalwei[m] votes for kangaroos :3
16:12:26 <highvoltage> you won't believe how many times people have told me that they want to come to south africa to see the kangaroos
16:12:43 <cate> [australia, new zeland, some part of france and other islands]
16:12:47 <phls_brazil> Yes, i think we are more prepared now too to run. I think last year was good to us to know how the BID works
16:12:55 <medicalwei[m]> highvoltage: at least they can see penguins
16:13:13 <czchen> I think we can discuss next meeting time, Jan 19 ?
16:13:22 <taffit> [Tahiti]
16:13:38 <highvoltage> +1
16:14:03 <czchen> any objection about Jan 19 as our next meeting time?
16:14:11 <cate> it is ok
16:14:11 <nattie> no objection here
16:14:15 <nattie> wait
16:14:17 <nattie> Jan 18
16:14:18 <znoteer_> that's a Friday, correct?
16:14:20 <_rene_> sigh. so again nothing affordable? :-(
16:14:28 <czchen> Opps, wrong date
16:14:35 <nattie> czchen: i do object.  do you mean the 18th?
16:14:37 <czchen> Shall be Jan 18
16:14:38 <nattie> :)
16:14:42 <medicalwei[m]> Jan 19 then Jan 26 for DC19 big
16:14:45 <medicalwei[m]> s/big/bid
16:14:47 <nattie> it'll be a birthday party for Q
16:14:59 * valessio[m] if DC19 is in Brazil, DC21 is very likely to happen in Cuba.
16:15:09 <czchen> I don't realize it passes midnight
16:15:12 <medicalwei[m]> OOPS...
16:15:27 <medicalwei[m]> Jan 18 then Jan 25 for DC19 bid
16:15:30 <czchen> any objection about Jan 18?
16:15:36 <znoteer_> no from me
16:15:41 <znoteer_> s/no/not
16:15:52 <nattie> no objection to the 18th :)
16:15:58 <medicalwei[m]> Okay for me
16:16:16 <czchen> #agreed next meeting time Jan 18, 2018 14:30 UTC
16:16:21 <czchen> anything else?
16:17:24 <czchen> #endmeeting