14:29:11 <czchen> #startmeeting
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14:29:23 <czchen> #topic roll call
14:29:34 <czchen> Please say hi if you are in this meeting
14:29:35 <nattie> hola!
14:29:41 <medicalwei[m]> wen: you're not the first timer :)
14:29:43 <medicalwei[m]> owo/
14:29:50 <jidanni> Hi
14:29:51 <czchen> hi
14:29:55 <wen> XD
14:30:08 <wen> ya. Precisely, you are right.
14:30:44 * lenharo just watching
14:31:02 <czchen> szlin: are you in the meeting?
14:31:38 * larjona waves. Two stops and she'll loose connection, though.
14:31:43 <cate> hello
14:32:21 <czchen> #topic Critical team roles
14:32:44 <czchen> For all local team members, please help to fill team roles listed in https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/debconf_fosdem2018
14:33:06 <medicalwei> There's no "tresurer" role in that
14:33:14 <medicalwei> But I filled that in in wiki team roles
14:33:23 <medicalwei> *trasurer
14:33:35 * highvoltage lurks
14:33:39 <nattie> #info medicalwei has agreed to be local treasurer
14:34:27 <czchen> network, servers, Open Day, Family coordinator, Accessibility Team,Chief organiser still need some help.
14:34:54 <nattie> isn't gavin the family coordinator?
14:35:04 <medicalwei> nattie, I believe so (child care)
14:35:21 <czchen> Not listed in wiki.
14:35:23 * medicalwei pokes gavin if he's lurking or not...
14:35:39 <zumbi> o/
14:36:11 <czchen> I will take care of network, maybe we can leverage NCTU network infra.
14:36:34 <zumbi> I can help on the open day scheduling and finding talks
14:36:49 <czchen> #action czchen will take care of network
14:37:10 <czchen> #action zumbi will help on the open day scheduling and finding talks
14:37:10 <Wen_> I can help about travel and free time part.
14:37:23 <zumbi> for networking, I got a couple interested people, one being luca, the other georg, which sent email to mailing list
14:37:32 <bremner> I see bursaries and sponsors are not there
14:37:45 <bremner> or maybe I just missed.
14:37:46 <czchen> #action Wen will help about travel and free time part.
14:37:58 <medicalwei> On the matter of contacting with OCF.tw, currently szlin is for fundraising, czchen is for visa and i (medicalwei) is for trasurer. for the other issues szlin should be the contact.
14:38:05 <zumbi> bremner: bursaries and sponsors are already given (already have leaders)
14:38:11 <shirish[m]> hi
14:38:20 <highvoltage> I think olasd accepted my offer to help with bursaries since he added me to the salsa team
14:38:29 <highvoltage> (but we haven't spoken much beyond that yet)
14:38:30 <medicalwei> *treasurer
14:38:32 * gwolf raises hand for coordinating content again
14:38:50 <czchen> #info On the matter of contacting with OCF.tw, currently szlin is for fundraising, czchen is for visa and i (medicalwei) is for trasurer. for the other issues szlin should be the contact.
14:38:51 <gwolf> (sorry for breaking an ordered meeting, but we are being slowly shepherded into a plane)
14:39:07 <zumbi> I also added myself to bursaries support
14:39:22 <medicalwei> gwolf, we are still on topic 0.5
14:39:27 <czchen> #action zumbi will do bursaries support
14:40:22 <zumbi> #info luca and georg might want to help networking setup; czchen offers himself to lead networking setup
14:40:36 <czchen> gwolf: Any topic you want to do first before going to plane?
14:40:57 <gwolf> cate: no, just go on - I mentioned because this is "critical team roles"
14:41:15 <gwolf> I don't know how critical Content is right now, but I'm on it (and it won't depend so much on meeting times, so....
14:41:17 <jidanni> :=== FOSDEM 2018 meeting = should say ==Debconf meeting== no?
14:41:28 <olasd> jidanni: no.
14:41:29 <nattie> no.  the meeting was at fosdem.
14:41:42 <medicalwei> jidanni, that was a local meeting about debconf18 in fosdem
14:41:45 <zumbi> jidanni: no the meeting happened at fosdem 2018
14:41:50 <czchen> any else for this topic?
14:41:59 <medicalwei> go ahead
14:42:05 <czchen> #topic DebConf Website hard to maintain
14:42:17 <czchen> Anything about this topic?
14:42:17 <olasd> let's skip this topic please
14:42:28 <olasd> nothing happened on it for the last four meetings
14:42:29 <zumbi> larjona: ok to talk on website, or should we do it later?
14:42:54 <czchen> #topic Fundraising
14:43:16 * gwolf disappears from sight. Off to Boston! o/
14:43:20 <medicalwei> szlin is starting another round of fundraising targeted for taiwanese companies.
14:43:21 <czchen> Don't forget to fill jobfair for sponsor in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/sponsors/sponsors/blob/master/dc18/fulfillment/jobfair
14:43:40 <zumbi> #info got one more sponsor since last meeting, 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 2 Bronze, 3 Supporter: reached 90k USD
14:44:11 <medicalwei> #info szlin is starting another round of fundraising targeted for taiwanese companies.
14:44:16 <zumbi> we are still actively looking for more sponsors
14:44:43 <czchen> Anything else?
14:44:45 <medicalwei> When will we freeze the list of sponsorship for merchs?
14:44:52 <zumbi> and we got few pending in the pipeline, I think we'll be able to reach 100k, but over that might get more difficult or might need more effort
14:45:08 <olasd> what's the fundraising target?
14:45:13 <nattie> medicalwei: do you mean, at which point do we stop allowing sponsors to send swag?
14:45:22 <medicalwei> nattie, for t-shirts and bags
14:45:24 <zumbi> olasd: we have no target, as we have no budget
14:45:39 <zumbi> olasd: but we got a soft target of 100kUSD
14:45:56 <medicalwei> ...I think we should have first list of budgets at 100k USD, or 80k USD prilimarily.
14:46:15 <shirish[m]> I think he means a cut-off date.
14:46:45 <nattie> yes, i gathered that; thank you for the information
14:47:02 <AndrewLee> pollo: looks like the bigger size are available than what we have for dc17 t-shirts from https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17/TshirtSizes.
14:47:24 <olasd> medicalwei: I think a reasonable point is end of may; means one week to finalize the design then 6 weeks for fabrication and delivery?
14:47:26 <medicalwei> I put budget in another topic. Should we put them together?
14:47:30 <zumbi> medicalwei: instead fundraising setting the budget; we need to estimate the budget then that'd be our fundraising target, however we seem to be doing it the other way around
14:47:56 <zumbi> medicalwei: nah.. leave budget for later
14:48:13 <zumbi> let's try not to confuse budget and fundraising
14:48:17 <czchen> anything else?
14:48:26 <zumbi> nothing from my side
14:48:29 <medicalwei> go ahead.
14:48:33 <czchen> #topic Visa
14:48:50 <czchen> The attendee list for eCode for VISA shall be sent to government 1.5 months before the event. We shall set our deadline to May 31 for some buffer.
14:48:51 <medicalwei> >     The process to determine who can get the invitation? Is DD enough?
14:49:30 <czchen> Currently I only receive visa request from DD, but I am not sure whether being a DD is enough for us to help on visa part?
14:49:40 <medicalwei> I believe we should ask if people are doing anything related to Debian, or is doing FOSS stuffs.
14:49:50 <medicalwei> This is less strict than bursaries.
14:49:51 <olasd> it sure should be
14:50:14 <nattie> yeah, we generally aim to be helpful if they look like legitimate attendees
14:50:30 <medicalwei> (I mean, not only DD)
14:50:55 <czchen> I will ask if I cannot determine their contribution.
14:51:01 <czchen> for open source.
14:51:32 <czchen> Also, do we #agree that we set May 31 as deadline for eCode for VISA?
14:51:39 <nattie> yes
14:51:52 <olasd> sounds good
14:51:52 <zumbi> +1
14:51:52 <shirish[m]> that is fair
14:52:03 <medicalwei> Yes (dont use "hashtag" agree on that before agreement..)
14:52:22 <czchen> #agree The attendee list for eCode for VISA shall be sent to government 1.5 months before the event. We shall set our deadline to May 31.
14:52:30 <czchen> Opps, sorry.
14:52:41 <czchen> anything else about visa?
14:52:48 <nattie> i think it's meant to be #agreed, isn't it?
14:53:06 <olasd> #save
14:53:15 <czchen> #agreed The attendee list for eCode for VISA shall be sent to government 1.5 months before the event. We shall set our deadline to May 31.
14:53:34 <czchen> #topic Website update
14:53:56 <medicalwei> I think the task which claimed by me was done by larjona?
14:54:10 <medicalwei> (to update the "about" page)
14:54:44 <medicalwei> well... not merged yet
14:54:56 <olasd> because we need local input on the right institution to merge
14:54:58 <olasd> to name*
14:55:13 <medicalwei> https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/websites/dc18/merge_requests/61
14:55:57 <czchen> I think we can check this PR after meeting
14:55:58 <medicalwei> The name of the venue is correct, but the website is http://www2.eic.nctu.edu.tw/
14:56:01 <medicalwei> OK
14:56:04 <larjona> Sorry I just recovered connection
14:56:06 <czchen> Anything else?
14:56:11 <olasd> I'm not on the registration alias (no I'm not asking) so I don't know if we need to fix things
14:56:21 <olasd> but there hasn't been new issues recently so I guess not
14:56:51 <zumbi> czchen: wait for larjona, just got back
14:56:55 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei to check out the about merge request.
14:57:01 <czchen> There is an issue about phone number, I will redirect it to salsa issue after meeting.
14:57:09 <czchen> phone number input
14:57:19 <czchen> go to next topic?
14:57:24 <medicalwei> go ahead
14:57:24 <nattie> yes
14:57:31 <czchen> #topic Venue
14:57:45 <czchen> Current booking status is in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/venue/NCTU.md
14:58:08 <czchen> All rooms right now we book 08:00 ~ 17:00, and we can lock stuff in unused time.
14:58:36 <medicalwei> OK to me, but to video team I am not pretty sure
14:58:43 <nattie> czchen: what about hacklabs/fd/etc?
14:59:13 <nattie> also, i would strongly suggest moving that entire booking at least an hour later
14:59:22 <czchen> nattie: The timeframe about hacklabs/fd ?
14:59:30 <tumblingweed> And NOC
14:59:31 <AndrewLee> 17:00 is kind of early to lock the rooms as we need to clear people before the lock.
14:59:42 <jidanni> Tell me all the buildings & dorms we will be in so I can put them on maps.
15:00:03 <medicalwei> jidanni, MIRC building, and Dorm 12 in NCTU
15:00:19 <jidanni> medicalwei: thanks!
15:00:20 <czchen> okay, so we need to change time to 18:00 ? Or maybe later?
15:00:26 <AndrewLee> jidanni++
15:01:05 <czchen> Some rooms we can book 24h, do we need 24h rooms?
15:01:08 <AndrewLee> czchen: it depends on when the last talk of the day ends.
15:01:37 <medicalwei> We need some (NOC and frontdesk) to be 24h?
15:01:56 <tumblingweed> Hacklabs too
15:02:04 <olasd> what happens to hacklabs during the night?
15:02:08 <medicalwei> For hacklabs, I would recommend using the public space on 1F
15:02:25 <zumbi> where do we play mao then?
15:02:40 <zumbi> I'd advise on at least having one night hacklab if possible
15:02:46 <medicalwei> mao?
15:02:53 <AndrewLee> medicalwei: Can we have a bar setup in the public space on 1F with hacklabs?
15:02:57 <zumbi> .. or drink beer
15:03:22 <medicalwei> The public space is wide enough, but I am not sure about selling beer.
15:03:28 <olasd> we need two hacklabs to be available 24/7 (one quiet and one not-quiet)
15:03:32 <zumbi> I mean public area might be used for other things rather than hacking
15:03:55 <olasd> whether they're actually rooms or not is another matter; but the quiet hacklab probably needs to be a room
15:04:11 <AndrewLee> Where the job fair booth would hosted?
15:04:21 <czchen> So the requirements is quiet hacklab, not-quiet hacklab need to be 24h, and?
15:04:58 <medicalwei> non-quiet one doesn't require a room, as long as 1F is large enough.
15:05:01 <czchen> job fair booth I think will be in 1F public space.
15:05:03 <zumbi> czchen: and NOC and FD might also need to have extended hours
15:05:06 <olasd> it's also better to avoid the hacklab needing to be used for something else (e.g. the upstairs hacklab being use for Cheese and Wine at DC16 was a little suboptimal, as we had to shoo people away to set up)
15:05:31 <jidanni> Maybe we need to make a map of what parts of MIRC we will be in too.
15:05:44 <tumblingweed> That would be nice
15:05:55 <czchen> So 4  24h rooms (quiet hacklab, not-quiet hacklab, NOC, FD) right?
15:06:31 <zumbi> works for me
15:06:33 <czchen> #action czchen will book 4 24h rooms for quiet hacklab, not-quiet hacklab, NOC, FD.
15:06:37 <AndrewLee> We need a place at evening for Cheese and Wine party. and maybe other parties.
15:06:48 <czchen> #action czchen will check if we can sell beer in 1F public space.
15:06:51 <nattie> video team room?
15:06:58 <medicalwei> Is that NOC?
15:07:08 <nattie> no, it should be separate
15:07:30 <czchen> So 5  24h rooms ?
15:07:40 <nattie> also, an orga room which is not FD would be good, but we can probably live without that if necessary
15:08:00 <zumbi> I think we can share NOC with orga and/or video team if needed
15:08:02 <medicalwei> Well I am confused but in DC17 it is kinda mixed?...
15:08:13 <nattie> zumbi: it's not really good
15:08:40 <nattie> but if necessary, possibly something can be arranged
15:08:40 <jidanni> orga room which is not FD would be good, but we can
15:08:41 <zumbi> in germany NOC was a table in a corridor, no need for a room there
15:08:41 <jidanni> probably live without that if necessary
15:08:41 <jidanni> <zumbi> I think we can share NOC with orga and/or video team if needed
15:08:41 <jidanni> <medicalwei> Well I am confused but in DC17 it is kinda mixed?...
15:08:42 <jidanni> Orgy Room?! NOC room! OK I'll google them.
15:08:50 <czchen> So at least 5 24h rooms, 6 24h rooms is better.
15:09:10 <zumbi> jidanni: Orga = organization team ; NOC = Network
15:09:21 <jidanni> Phew!
15:09:27 <tumblingweed> Video = video team
15:09:35 <medicalwei> FD = Frontdesk
15:10:00 <czchen> #action czchen will book 6 24h rooms for quiet hacklab, not-quiet hacklab, NOC, FD, video team, orga.
15:10:07 <tumblingweed> Sometimes we all colocate. But that gets painful when it's busy / noisy
15:10:28 <medicalwei> Thanks. Sorry if that sounds hard to face with NCTU people ;_;
15:11:21 <jidanni> Anyway, do we know what floors we will be on?
15:11:42 <medicalwei> jidanni: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/venue/NCTU.md
15:11:42 <jidanni> I want to make sure attendees can find us always.
15:11:53 <czchen> Also, can someone provide the rough idea about the rooms size after meeting so that we can plan the room.
15:12:05 <czchen> Anything else?
15:12:23 * medicalwei found that childcare on 5F is a bit dangerous since the wall is short.
15:12:32 <jidanni> Please add floor numbers...
15:12:50 <czchen> jidanni: will do that after meeting.
15:12:57 <jidanni> to the NCTU.md.
15:12:59 <jidanni> OK
15:13:03 <czchen> #topic Videoteam
15:13:20 <czchen> medicalwei: Your turn.
15:13:40 <medicalwei> I again went to NCTU for surveying their audio and video equipments. The resolution projecting 1280x720 screen to 1024x768 is acceptable
15:14:04 <medicalwei> I mean, 1280x720 screen to projectors capable of 1024x768
15:14:24 <medicalwei> And I am not good with audio stuffs, I can't really test out the mixer
15:15:17 <olasd> our resident audio gear expert was saying the mixers were equivalent to the ones we had at dc16 and should be fine for our usage
15:15:18 <medicalwei> I hear loss of bass when using my headphones when playing music on the podium... not sure if that's the configuration goes wrong
15:15:26 <olasd> (during the video team meeting yesterday)
15:15:52 <olasd> he's going to check manuals the week after next
15:15:59 <medicalwei> Also, I bought a label printer (which is capable of printing Chinese characters)
15:16:13 <nattie> good
15:16:25 <olasd> but can it do color emoji?
15:16:37 <olasd> (not a serious question, please move on :p)
15:16:45 <medicalwei> We can label the cables and remove cables, and restore them after using the equipments
15:16:51 <olasd> great
15:17:01 <medicalwei> olasd:
15:17:04 <medicalwei> 🙀
15:17:11 <olasd> :D
15:17:17 <czchen> #info We can label the cables and remove cables, and restore them after using the equipments
15:17:27 <czchen> Anything else about this?
15:17:43 <medicalwei> ...yes
15:17:45 <olasd> yeah
15:17:48 <czchen> #topic Swags
15:18:09 <olasd> #undo please
15:18:25 <czchen> #undo
15:18:25 <MeetBot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Topic object at 0x23c0190>
15:18:29 <medicalwei> NCTU has HDMI mutliplexer installed in Int'l room. So it has HDMI input (but not in the other rooms)
15:18:52 <medicalwei> We have to route HDMI cables to the projector.
15:19:05 <czchen> #topic Video team
15:19:28 <olasd> we should have an equipment for hire list in a week or two
15:19:45 <olasd> but we can probably draft a budget item before that
15:19:57 <czchen> sorry, a little bit tired now
15:20:03 <medicalwei> olasd, then I should start working on the hire list.
15:20:05 <olasd> that's all for me
15:20:22 <olasd> medicalwei: well, paddatrapper has said he'd work on it
15:20:40 <olasd> make sure you don't duplicate work
15:20:49 <medicalwei> olasd, renting them and shipping to Taiwan? that's awesome
15:20:57 <olasd> ... no
15:20:57 <nattie> yeah, please talk to paddatrapper to coordinate
15:21:11 <nattie> things that we rent, we rent locally in  Taiwan
15:21:13 <olasd> he'd work on listing the items we need to rent
15:21:14 <zumbi> I vaguely remember paddatrapper sending a list of equipment somewhere
15:21:44 <medicalwei> ok... my mistake
15:21:51 <medicalwei> i think we can go ahead.
15:21:55 <jidanni> The equipment is probably already "Made in Taiwan"
15:21:57 <olasd> yes please
15:22:05 <czchen> #topic Swags
15:22:06 <jidanni> (or China) anyway.
15:22:28 <olasd> let's please keep it on-topic
15:22:29 <paddatrapper> I will generate a list of stuff we need to hire for video team, but actual hire will need to be done by a local
15:22:44 <medicalwei> No updates here... I am still considering buying a color printer (in my budget) for badges.
15:22:58 <medicalwei> Some stuffs I think we can start purchasing like badge sleeves
15:23:14 <olasd> doesn't NCTU have a printer?
15:23:15 <medicalwei> But I am not sure if we need to make badge straps, or we have extra Debian ones?
15:23:32 <medicalwei> olasd, they have but those are... i am not sure... charged or not...
15:23:57 <czchen> What kind of printer we want, I can check with NCTU
15:24:13 <medicalwei> Printer that can do A4 (and hopefully A3)
15:24:17 <olasd> at this point I think we should just tell people to bring their own lanyard and buy a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors for the people who don't have one
15:25:04 <medicalwei> Anyone is certain about badge straps?
15:25:19 <olasd> I'm 99% sure we don't have any left
15:25:19 <czchen> #action czchen will check with NCTU about printer for A4/A3.
15:25:23 <olasd> Debian France sure doesn't
15:25:30 <olasd> and I don't know who else would have some
15:25:50 <zumbi> medicalwei: can we make/order them?
15:25:52 <medicalwei> OK I will make this into budget list.
15:26:23 <czchen> Anything else?
15:26:56 <zumbi> #action medicalwei to add badge straps to budget list; zumbi to ask around fossasia for a strap provider
15:27:05 <medicalwei> go ahead
15:27:12 <czchen> #topic Catering
15:27:48 <czchen> AndrewLee: szlin any update for this topic?
15:28:07 <AndrewLee> We noticed that the food cart like night market are not allowed in the campus.
15:28:23 <AndrewLee> s/cart/car/
15:29:16 <czchen> NCTU don't have food cart except special events, but we can still ask.
15:29:21 <AndrewLee> And for formal dinner. It's not allowed to make any fire to cook inside the campus. So that it would be diffuclt to make a traditional taiwanese dinner.
15:29:55 <czchen> I think we cannot make fire inside the building, not inside the campus.
15:30:00 <AndrewLee> czchen: We need to have the permit ASAP as we need time to find people to run the food cars.
15:30:26 <AndrewLee> czchen: oh, so outside the building, but inside the campus is ok?
15:30:40 <czchen> Yes
15:31:27 <czchen> They have this kind of event before.
15:31:38 <AndrewLee> ok. We need ask if they may allow us to run food car. We may discuss this on phone after the meeting.
15:31:54 <czchen> The detail about NCTU can be found in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/venue/NCTU.md#other-requirements.
15:32:25 <czchen> AndrewLee: Might need to sleep after meeting, tomorrow maybe?
15:32:38 <AndrewLee> czchen: sure.
15:32:46 <czchen> Anything else?
15:32:49 <zumbi> what's the estimate per person for food?
15:33:46 <zumbi> breakfast/lunch/dinner
15:33:57 <czchen> breakfast 90 NTD, lunch 150 NTD, dinner 150 NTD ?
15:34:04 <AndrewLee> I found it should be around 10k TWD pre table(for 10 people) in that area if we do it as traditional taiwan dinner.
15:34:32 <AndrewLee> It's for the formal dinner. For daily foods are already discussed and mentioned on the list.
15:34:57 <AndrewLee> But this really depends on if the food cars plan goes or not.
15:35:22 <medicalwei> AndrewLee, it doesn't go well
15:36:13 <AndrewLee> czchen: Do you remember where we mentioned breakfast 90 NTD, lunch 150 NTD, dinner 150 NTD before?on the list or somewhere else?
15:37:00 <czchen> AndrewLee: I think it is in the mailing list
15:37:06 <medicalwei> 3/5/5 USD in the FOSDEM meeting
15:38:06 <medicalwei> Sorry, not FOSDEM doc
15:38:18 <zumbi> #info  daily food estimates https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2018/02/msg00054.html
15:38:59 <czchen> anything else for this one?
15:39:04 <zumbi> #info nice dinner 1k NTD/person according to AndrewLee estimation
15:39:53 <czchen> #topic Insurance
15:40:13 <jidanni> Taiwan 健保 Heath Card holders also need insurance?
15:40:13 <medicalwei> Sorry that I forgot putting the accommodation question in the venue..
15:40:19 <czchen> What's our insurance requirements, I know we need 60k USD property insurance.
15:40:32 <medicalwei> I will open another topic later
15:41:35 <czchen> jidanni: It is event insurance for all attendees, so I think Taiwan people are also included.
15:42:03 <czchen> The insurance detail is in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/insurance/insurance.md, I sent the wrong number when doing currency exchange.
15:42:17 <czchen> Add one 0 to the property insurance.
15:43:06 <zumbi> jidanni: I think it deals with venue insurance rather than health
15:43:19 <jidanni> OK
15:43:37 <czchen> Anyway, the price of our insurance will rough between  304.77 USD ~ 492.26 USD, is that a reasonable price?
15:43:38 <medicalwei> Venue accident and property insurance (for video team)
15:43:55 <czchen> It also includes food poisoning.
15:44:03 <medicalwei> I don't know about it. pinging people in former DC for confirmation
15:44:41 <czchen> Anyway, we don't need this answer right now, so maybe go to next topic?
15:44:46 <medicalwei> go ahead
15:44:55 <czchen> #topic Announce Minister Media Highlight
15:45:15 <jidanni> The Minister will be the star media event for the conference. Media is 99% focused on ministers. So be sure to announce it on the website as the Minister has already agreed to the time 11:00 on OpenDay.
15:45:16 <czchen> Any update for this one?
15:45:52 <czchen> anything else?
15:45:54 <jidanni> Need to put it on the website.
15:47:07 <czchen> #action Update schedule for open day, put Minister Tang's session to schedule.
15:47:16 <jidanni> Thanks!
15:47:25 <czchen> #topic Budgets
15:47:53 <czchen> medicalwei: Any update for this?
15:47:54 <medicalwei> I promised to lamby that we will provide list of budgets for review
15:48:10 <medicalwei> Also, the mis-reimbursed receipts are approved by DPL
15:48:33 <czchen> #action medicalwei will provide list of budgets for lamby to review
15:48:48 <czchen> go to next one?
15:48:50 <medicalwei> The deadline is this weekend (we need the approval to get things running quicker)
15:49:11 <medicalwei> ...hold on
15:49:15 <olasd> deadline by whom to do what?
15:49:47 <olasd> one day to contact all the teams and get them to confirm their budget estimates sounds a bit short
15:49:52 <medicalwei> deadline of listing budget to dpl, by me
15:50:19 <czchen> medicalwei: What is our current budget estimate, is it in git repository?
15:50:44 <medicalwei> It's in etherpad, (but in another partition in my computer)
15:50:44 <czchen> I think I used to copy if from DC17, but I copied the wrong file.
15:50:49 <medicalwei> (the browser record i mean)
15:51:33 <czchen> Maybe put it in git, and send a mail to debconf-team so that others can help to review and update it?
15:51:34 <olasd> isn't the debconf committee supposed to take an active role in the budget process?
15:51:39 <medicalwei> 
15:51:55 <zumbi> medicalwei: I think deadline is too rushy, tell dpl you'll submit later
15:52:14 <medicalwei> zumbi, later to?
15:52:18 <tumbleweed> olasd: yes, we're here to help :)
15:52:20 <medicalwei> we still need a date
15:52:31 <zumbi> medicalwei: also dpl has delegated debconf to debconf comittee, so you should talk to them instead
15:52:38 <olasd> zumbi: no
15:52:46 <olasd> the budget is explicitly not delegated
15:52:48 <zumbi> olasd: care to explain
15:52:51 <tumbleweed> final budget approval is the dpl
15:52:56 <jidanni> Sure hope event day buses are part of the budget.
15:52:57 <tumbleweed> committee can help form the budget
15:53:00 <tumbleweed> we have some practice with it
15:53:19 <medicalwei> 2 weeks later I guess?
15:53:24 <jidanni> DayTrip day.
15:53:52 <zumbi> tumbleweed: we are drafting https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/debconf_taiwan18_budget
15:53:53 <olasd> please please please make sure to talk to teams before submitting the budget
15:54:03 <medicalwei> zumbi, thanks for the link
15:54:10 <medicalwei> #link https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/debconf_taiwan18_budget
15:54:15 <zumbi> it is of course very coarse estimations
15:54:21 <tumbleweed> DLange: ^^ (I assume you'll be on this too)
15:55:00 <czchen> Shall we move budget draft to git repository?
15:55:08 <zumbi> not yet
15:55:13 <czchen> okay
15:55:42 <zumbi> it is very initial draft, once it is more stable and makes better sense it makes sense to get it in git
15:55:54 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei to ask DPL that we will come up with list of budgets 2 weeks later
15:55:54 <tumbleweed> +1
15:55:57 <jidanni> Is that links in NTD or USD?
15:56:00 <czchen> #action committee will help to do budget estimation
15:56:07 <zumbi> jidanni: USD
15:56:25 <czchen> Anything else about this?
15:56:43 <jidanni> But 100 USD not enough for buses.
15:56:45 <tumbleweed> should we set a time to work through this?
15:56:55 <medicalwei> #action zumbi, medicalwei to form a list of budget, with consult from DC Committee
15:56:56 <tumbleweed> (we can do that after the meeting)
15:57:24 <zumbi> jidanni: please add an estimation on the pad
15:57:33 <medicalwei> #action jidanni to add bus budget into list of budgets
15:57:39 <jidanni> OK.
15:58:02 <czchen> go to next one?
15:58:06 <medicalwei> go ahead
15:58:11 <czchen> #topic DC17 Status Update
15:58:30 <czchen> Do we have DC17 people in meeting?
15:59:13 * tumbleweed -> AFK
15:59:39 <czchen> Maybe we shall merge this topic to misc in next meeting
15:59:52 <czchen> #topic DSA Migration
16:00:14 <czchen> Any update for this one?
16:00:18 <olasd> nope
16:00:33 <czchen> #topic Miscellaneous
16:00:51 <medicalwei> I inserted an accommodation topic
16:00:51 <AndrewLee> Does bar are in Miscellaneous?
16:00:56 <medicalwei> Do we want to change accommodations from 25/person/night to 5/person/night? How many people already paid for their accommodations? https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2018/03/msg00019.html
16:01:12 <medicalwei> This is somehow an emergency issue...
16:01:22 <czchen> AndrewLee: All topics can be in misc.
16:01:38 <jidanni> Best not to mention dollar amounts if not necessary.
16:01:51 <medicalwei> We are currently providing attendees 5x of the original price to what NCTU provided us
16:02:11 <medicalwei> *5x to the price what NCTU provided us
16:02:51 <czchen> I have no problem lower the price of accommodations.
16:03:21 <medicalwei> Neither am I, but we need procedures making sure no one was paying for that, and revoke any unpaid invoices.
16:03:51 <czchen> Any idea who can do this?
16:04:16 <medicalwei> tumbleweed is afk but I think he can do that...
16:05:02 <medicalwei> If I didnt mess up like tumblevoltage and highweed
16:05:20 <czchen> I think you can ping he later about this issue?
16:05:26 <olasd> let me check
16:05:47 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei to ping tumbleweed to change the price of accommodation to USD 5/person/night
16:05:48 <AndrewLee> My friend who is a local homebrew beer consultant asked "hardcore" local micro brewry for 1000L quote. He returned with three beers styles: American Pale Ale, American Brown Ale and Hefewiezen. The average price is around 218 TWD / liter.
16:06:11 <olasd> only two invoices have been paid, and only for lunches
16:06:26 <medicalwei> No on-site accommodations?
16:06:41 <jidanni> We are so nice to provide dorms. So off-site accommodation should be their own responsibilty if they want it. Tell them to look it up on Google.
16:07:20 <czchen> Can we just disable payment part for accommodations first?
16:07:44 <czchen> And enable it after the price is finalized.
16:08:01 <olasd> turning it off and on takes more time than just fixing the price
16:08:21 <czchen> #info AndrewLee's friend who is a local homebrew beer consultant asked "hardcore" local micro brewry for 1000L quote. He returned with three beers styles: American Pale Ale, American Brown Ale and Hefewiezen. The average price is around 218 TWD / liter.
16:08:45 <olasd> AndrewLee: that sounds reasonable
16:08:52 <olasd> (very reasonable)
16:09:37 <larjona> I think the pricr change needs to be announced to everybody despite they paid accommodation or not
16:09:45 <olasd> larjona: sure
16:09:46 <AndrewLee> olasd: we have beer/1CHF in dc13.
16:10:00 <olasd> AndrewLee: yeah, that beer was subsidized
16:10:24 <nattie> very heavily, in fact
16:10:25 <medicalwei> Finally, do we have to change our meeting from bi-weekly to weekly?
16:10:33 <AndrewLee> olasd: how can we find that for dc18?
16:10:46 <jidanni> What percentage of attendees don't drink Alcohol?
16:10:52 <jidanni> Like me.
16:10:54 * medicalwei is one of them
16:11:14 <olasd> jidanni: I'd say around 1/3? 1/4?
16:11:14 <czchen> okay, let us decide next meeting time first.
16:11:15 <medicalwei> 10% I think. and alcohols are paid stuffs
16:11:25 <olasd> I don't know really
16:12:01 <AndrewLee> We should also sell non-alcohols in the bar.
16:12:03 <olasd> AndrewLee: I don't know if we want to go down that slope (again) but, really, "find a sponsor who wants to drink cheap beer"
16:12:12 <jidanni> Hmmmmf.... might as well buy cigarettes for them too. Hrmf!
16:12:16 <czchen> The regular bi-week meeting time is holiday in Taiwan, so I think we shall avoid it.
16:12:16 <medicalwei> Do we have to start meeting weekly?
16:12:21 <AndrewLee> to be balanced the price.
16:12:45 <medicalwei> jidanni, basically no cigarettes in campus, but people can still smoke in the parking lot around MIRC building
16:12:46 <olasd> jidanni: if you're unhappy with what people choose to spend their free time on, feel free to ignore them
16:12:46 <nattie> let's have a meeting next week, then we can determine whether the following week should contain a meeting
16:13:10 <czchen> okay, next meeting time will be Mar 29, agree?
16:13:15 <jidanni> OK
16:13:17 <medicalwei> ok
16:13:22 <nattie> ok
16:13:23 <AndrewLee> ok
16:13:55 <czchen> #agreed  next meeting will be at Mar 29, 14:30 UTC
16:14:00 <czchen> Anything else?
16:14:15 <jidanni> no
16:14:23 <AndrewLee> something else for t-shirts?
16:14:42 <nattie> t-shirts can wait, i think
16:14:52 <AndrewLee> Debian towel? as Taiwan is very hot for most of the attenders.
16:15:15 <AndrewLee> People have idea on that for years, but never came true.
16:15:31 <jidanni> Debian underware.
16:15:33 <olasd> there's been debian towels at fosdem for four years in a row now
16:15:33 <czchen> AndrewLee: I think we can do some survey about it first?
16:15:54 <tzafrir> Debian fan for debian fanboys
16:16:04 <AndrewLee> And as the weather condition. We should provide container for people to load drinking wather most of the time.
16:16:08 <olasd> tzafrir: please no more e-waste
16:16:08 <shirish[m]> also what would it cost ?
16:16:39 <olasd> anyway can we end the meeting?
16:16:41 <jidanni> Building usually has drinking machine.
16:16:52 <czchen> #endmeeting