14:29:02 <paulliu> #startmeeting
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14:29:08 <paulliu> #chair paulliu
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14:29:13 <paulliu> #topic 0 - Roll call
14:29:18 <paulliu> Please say hi and check the meeting agenda at: https://deb.li/3OYuV
14:29:20 <paulliu> hi
14:29:23 <szlin> hi
14:29:24 <jidanni> Hi.
14:29:34 <bremner> 0/
14:29:39 <lenharo> hi, i'm just looking :)
14:29:50 <czchen> jo
14:29:52 <czchen> hi
14:30:04 <paulliu> ok..
14:30:06 <paulliu> #topic 1 - Local meeting initiated
14:30:16 <paulliu> So we have local meetings already in this week on Tuesday.
14:30:27 <paulliu> The meeting logs will be in https://deb.li/1veA (hackmd, in Chinese)
14:30:58 <taowa> hi
14:31:15 <paulliu> Anything else need to discuss?
14:31:37 <paulliu> ok. next.
14:31:43 <paulliu> #topic 2 - Team Roles
14:31:57 <medicalwei> (Sorry, my IRC bouncer delayed)
14:32:02 <paulliu> There are still some vanacies there needs to be filled.
14:32:47 <paulliu> ok. I'll try slow down a bit but we have many topics here.. :)
14:33:10 <paulliu> So if you want to take a role just take it. I'll be backed at all roles.. :)
14:33:39 <nicoo> Hi
14:33:41 <paulliu> #topic 3 - Open Day Speakers
14:34:17 <jidanni> Put the times on.
14:34:23 <szlin> I had sent invitation email to the chairman of openchain project
14:34:25 <czchen> Plan to invite Franklin Weng, and Bobby Tung
14:34:46 <jidanni> OK I will put the Tang time on.
14:34:52 <medicalwei> We should invite some global people to give us a talk.
14:35:12 <czchen> #action czchen will invite Franklin Weng, and Bobby Tung for open day
14:35:25 <czchen> I think open day is more a local thing?
14:35:32 <medicalwei> As I believe it will become too local.
14:35:46 <nicoo> Also, there are some invited speakers who were nominated (and that content@ might pick) who would be good Open Day speakers too
14:35:53 <medicalwei> And not attractive to the locals (we have COSCUP etc.)
14:36:00 <bremner> czchen: it's also good if some non-local DDs are motivated to show up
14:36:11 <bremner> s/DDs/contributors/
14:36:57 <czchen> Any speaker list we can follow up?
14:37:09 <nicoo> (Thinking of Naomi Wu and Aurynn Shaw here)
14:37:17 <paulliu> yeah. is it possible to contact Linus Torvalds or RMS?
14:37:17 <medicalwei> #link https://hackmd.io/c/SJNqV3wqf/https%3A%2F%2Fhackmd.io%2Fs%2FHJdhCWK9G
14:37:38 <nicoo> paulliu: Do we actively want that?
14:37:50 <bremner> only as a panel ;)
14:37:59 <czchen> #link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naomi_Wu
14:38:15 * medicalwei would like to leave Panel to Audrey Tang.
14:38:17 <nicoo> bremner: Seconded, if they have foam swords and mallets on hand
14:38:27 <bremner> I would support people from the region more generally for open day
14:38:32 * nicoo nods
14:38:39 <paulliu> got it.
14:38:42 <jidanni> Some famous speakers will want $$$.
14:38:44 <nicoo> Naomi and Aurynn are both local
14:39:04 <nicoo> (Or local-ish, Aurynn being in .nz)
14:39:16 <bremner> sounds good
14:40:07 <medicalwei> Listed in hackmd.
14:40:17 <paulliu> ok. Seems we have some good lists here. Need an action. Who will try to contact Naomi Wu?
14:40:27 <jidanni> I'll ask some transgenders if they want to have a session...
14:40:29 * nicoo waves
14:40:32 <medicalwei> I have no further topics. and, we can list the activities on hackmd page above..
14:40:52 <czchen> go to next topic?
14:40:53 <nicoo> paulliu: I can contact her, since I would need to do that for content@ anyhow
14:41:02 <paulliu> ok. Let's listed them first. And actions later.
14:41:03 <nicoo> (assuming we want a DebConf talk from her too)
14:41:15 <paulliu> #topic 4 - Fundraising
14:41:56 <medicalwei> szlin is starting another round of fundraising campaign targeted to Taiwanese companies.
14:42:12 <szlin> Seeking for contact window - TSMC, Delta networks, etc...
14:43:15 <paulliu> #action szlin seeks for contact window for fundraising.
14:43:16 <czchen> Don't forget to ask if sponsor want to participate job fair.
14:43:23 <paulliu> I'll also try to ask some contacts.
14:43:30 <jidanni> TSMC Foundation said they don't fund conferences.
14:43:44 <szlin> oops
14:43:47 <jidanni> But you should still mention Job Fair to them.
14:43:55 <nicoo> And TSMC not-fundation ?
14:44:28 <jidanni> But still try TSMC again, because I am a bad salesman.
14:45:30 <szlin> nothing else.
14:45:32 <czchen> anything else on this topic?
14:45:43 <paulliu> ok seems done.
14:45:51 <paulliu> #topic 5 - Visas
14:46:04 <czchen> No update from Visas part.
14:46:40 <paulliu> Yeah. No updates here. Any questions or problems?
14:46:54 <paulliu> 3...2...1...0
14:46:56 <medicalwei> No problems from here.
14:47:01 <paulliu> #topic 6 - Websites
14:47:51 <paulliu> Jidanni is having problems reading the backlogs of main website changes
14:48:04 <jidanni> OK I use that link.
14:48:18 <paulliu> jidanni: yeah. thanks. solved.
14:48:28 <medicalwei> :3
14:48:28 <jidanni> Anyway, wiki has lots of info but there is no link to it from the website.
14:48:51 <paulliu> yeah. we also get similar requests from social media.
14:48:53 <medicalwei> Also https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/Timeline
14:49:04 <paulliu> So, who will take actions to fix this?
14:49:18 <medicalwei> We are having people gathered from TOSSUG and we are going to fix them
14:49:52 <medicalwei> The website stuffs should be PR'd or bug requested on Salsa...
14:50:02 <medicalwei> ...sorry, merge request, not pull request
14:50:13 <paulliu> ok. So it is waiting for reviewing?
14:50:30 <medicalwei> Probably not...
14:51:20 <medicalwei> I think I can file an merge request after the meeting
14:51:21 <paulliu> OK. So the merge request is already send out?
14:51:33 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei to add wiki link to the main website
14:51:43 <paulliu> medicalweithanks. :)
14:51:54 <jidanni> Thanks.
14:52:02 <paulliu> #topic 7 - Venue
14:52:18 <czchen> The latest booking status is in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/venue/NCTU.md
14:52:22 <czchen> Please help to review it.
14:52:43 <czchen> Main conference rooms are 8:00 ~ 20:00
14:52:56 <czchen> 5 meeting rooms are 24h
14:53:07 <medicalwei> Rooms are lockable so we can keep cameras inside and lock the conference rooms.
14:53:17 <czchen> 5  meeting rooms are 8:00 ~ 17:00
14:53:42 <medicalwei> We may have to help them clean up after the "conference dinner - taiwanese style"
14:53:43 <taowa> Will we have keys or will the doors be unlocked for us?
14:54:02 <czchen> taowa: Not sure about the detail right now, will check with NCTU.
14:54:28 <medicalwei> Childcare room (ES510) needs not to be 24h
14:54:36 <czchen> #action czchen will check with NCTU about room keys.
14:54:46 <jidanni> Maybe when giving the badge also give the dorm and conference key cards...
14:54:56 <medicalwei> jidanni: that's done on front desk
14:55:29 <czchen> Do we have the purpose of each rooms right now?
14:55:41 <medicalwei> ES510 is for childcare AFAIK
14:55:55 <czchen> We need 5 ~ 6 24h rooms, I just select the biggest 5 rooms for 24h
14:55:57 <medicalwei> (though the wall outside the room might be too short)
14:56:42 <taowa> Minor detail: are keycards labeled?
14:56:54 <czchen> How can I get the purpose of each rooms?
14:56:57 <medicalwei> taowa: i think we are using keys, not key cards...
14:57:29 <medicalwei> czchen: (actually i don't know why they are asking me to use ES510, at least szlin and gavin asked me to take pictures of it)
14:57:30 <czchen> Or can we change Childcare room to another non-24h room?
14:57:48 <czchen> szlin gavin Any idea?
14:57:51 <medicalwei> czchen: we can consult that later with gavin
14:58:17 <czchen> #action czchen check the purpose of each rooms and update to https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/venue/NCTU.md
14:58:23 <czchen> nothing from me
14:58:42 <medicalwei> We should have someone working on the venue WiFi
14:58:43 <szlin> gavin: are you here?
14:58:54 <medicalwei> Or we have to use the venue infrastructure which goes through captive portal
14:58:59 <czchen> medicalwei: I will check network part
14:59:02 <szlin> Ok, gavin will update later.
14:59:03 <bremner> boo captive portal
14:59:04 <medicalwei> OK
14:59:05 <gavin> Is there other rooms apropriate for childcare?
14:59:12 <czchen> #action czchen will check with NCTU about wifi
14:59:35 <taowa> will there be a workstation available for FD?
14:59:51 <taowa> (and video team, etc?)
14:59:57 <medicalwei> czchen: contact Derix (I have his email, and I am going to PM it soon)
15:00:04 <czchen> taowa: I guess all rooms are empty.
15:00:11 <medicalwei> taowa: computers you mean?
15:00:24 <taowa> medicalwei: yes
15:00:35 <czchen> medicalwei: Contact Derix for what? wifi?
15:00:38 <medicalwei> FD just need laptops but video team could be an issue now
15:00:41 <medicalwei> czchen: yes
15:00:59 <jidanni> 10% of attendeed laptops might be broken, so a few terminals would be good.
15:01:13 <jidanni> 10% of attendees...
15:01:32 <medicalwei> jidanni: well i've heard it non-issue in DC17
15:01:40 <medicalwei> Also another update
15:01:42 <paulliu> They can fix or buy one nearby.
15:01:45 <medicalwei> NCTU is trying to cover its expenses renting our venue by applying another fund from MOST (科技部) (this can be unrelated to our fundraising).
15:01:51 <taowa> medicalwei: yes, but a computer is quite convenient, if available
15:02:14 <medicalwei> They are asking us about the preliminary list of foreign invited speakers.
15:02:29 <taowa> medicalwei: but laptops will do, if need be
15:02:36 <medicalwei> If any from content team is here, please send me a list for it...
15:03:34 <paulliu> ping content team... ?
15:03:47 <medicalwei> #action content team to send medicalwei a list of foreign invited speakers, for NCTU to apply fund for themselves.
15:04:01 <paulliu> ok.
15:04:04 <bremner> medicalwei: someone needs to send them mail
15:04:13 <bremner> send content@debconf.org
15:04:34 <paulliu> #action medicalwei to send content@debconf.org for asking a speakers list
15:04:54 <paulliu> #topic 8 - Video team
15:05:40 <paulliu> Computers/servers required for video team. Does that mean we should provide a empty desktop computer?
15:05:40 <medicalwei> We still need some servers and computers for video team to capture/record/transcode/stream
15:06:24 <medicalwei> Desktop computers that's powerful enough... listed in the FOSDEM meeting note
15:07:03 <medicalwei> Nothing else from me during this week
15:07:24 <paulliu> ok. No actions here?
15:07:41 <medicalwei> Someone to rent the servers and computers
15:07:43 <paulliu> I mean it sounds like we need to borrow some empty computers, right?
15:07:47 <medicalwei> yes
15:08:19 <paulliu> ok. I'll try to see if that's possible.
15:08:43 <paulliu> #action paulliu looking into how to rent some desktop computers to NCTU.
15:09:06 <paulliu> Another new topic added. We also want to borrow a printer?
15:09:09 <bremner> can some dept. at NCTU lend us computers? at my uni that would be possible
15:09:09 <paulliu> ok.
15:09:19 <medicalwei> paulliu: I bought a inkjet printer
15:09:24 <medicalwei> That's swags part
15:09:39 <nicoo> medicalwei: I will send you that
15:09:51 * nicoo was planning to do the content-teamy stuff after the meeting
15:09:55 <paulliu> bremner: Not sure. I know all those computers are windows.
15:09:58 <medicalwei> nicoo: thanks!
15:10:05 <bremner> paulliu: ah, right.
15:10:13 <nicoo> medicalwei: Where should I send that?
15:10:13 <paulliu> bremner: And we don't want to clean the OS, might lose the copyright.
15:10:18 <bremner> re-imaging might make people upset
15:10:21 <medicalwei> *license
15:10:22 <bremner> ack
15:10:40 <paulliu> ok. Let me research that a bit.
15:10:49 <paulliu> #topic 9 - Swags
15:10:58 <medicalwei> The last resort is to buy computers right in NOVA
15:11:15 <medicalwei> Ok. I am working on the badge prototype
15:12:33 <medicalwei> I am sending the photos through Matrix but their IRC bridge seems wacky
15:13:43 <medicalwei> The size of the badge will be in JIS B5 folded into B7
15:13:59 <medicalwei> Also the price of each badge will be roughly 1.2 USD per person
15:14:27 <medicalwei> The badge will be also printed on site, with useful information like venue maps, translations, stuff.
15:15:14 <jidanni> Be sure to have Map Expert Jidanni approve any maps, so they look good.
15:15:20 <medicalwei> (I bought inkjet printer on my behalf btw, not to bother NCTU too much)
15:15:45 <medicalwei> That's my part (despite the photos doesn't deliver
15:16:38 <paulliu> ok. cool. Thanks medicalwei. :)
15:16:40 <medicalwei> Handing it over to paulliu
15:17:06 <paulliu> Just an info, for large printings like documentations. Using 7-11 laser printers seems to be cheaper than inkjet.
15:17:29 <paulliu> #topic 10 - Catering
15:17:36 <medicalwei> paulliu: well no. I am massive printing color badges...
15:17:51 <szlin> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jtZYOJtkz9o4pGB9_xDgrF92bKyW9fEWsVQE8DVtmLQ
15:18:09 <paulliu> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jtZYOJtkz9o4pGB9_xDgrF92bKyW9fEWsVQE8DVtmLQ
15:18:31 <szlin> Proposal for catering (which is written in tradition chinese)
15:19:12 <czchen> Can these vendors deal with gluten free ? As gluten free is not a common option in Taiwan.
15:19:26 <szlin> These info. will be confirmed and uploaded into wiki in English afterwards
15:19:49 <szlin> czchen: still in contact
15:20:12 <paulliu> ok.
15:20:13 <medicalwei> Also please make vegan into considerations... (there's none in the list)
15:20:32 <czchen> Also, put these information into git repository would be better
15:20:38 <jidanni> jidanni=super vegan
15:21:08 <paulliu> #action szlin will update the information into English. With Gluten-Free and Vegan options.
15:21:44 <paulliu> #topic 11 - Insurance
15:21:47 <szlin> czchen: some volunteers are not familiar with git, that's why we use google doc for draft version
15:22:28 <medicalwei> szlin: try hackmd or something easier and free XD
15:23:31 <paulliu> So for insurance. It is very clear. We have the plan in https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc18/blob/master/insurance/insurance.md
15:23:31 <szlin> got it
15:23:56 <czchen> estimate price is < 500 USD
15:24:08 <czchen> still wait for detail price
15:24:22 <czchen> nothing else
15:24:30 <paulliu> ok. thanks.
15:24:36 <paulliu> #topic 12 - Budgets
15:24:52 <medicalwei> I haven't touched the budget part this week
15:25:04 <medicalwei> But I told DPL that the list will be delayed for 2 weeks
15:25:15 <jidanni> I will start asking 新竹客運 bus co. about 訂金 deposit.
15:25:53 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei, zumbi to work on budget to deliver it before 2018-04-07
15:26:12 <medicalwei> Also we need consultances from DC committee
15:26:13 <jidanni> So do I include lunchboxes as separate item?
15:26:22 <medicalwei> (I need a list of committee member ><
15:26:28 <medicalwei> *members
15:26:33 <jidanni> Or is it part of your lunch budget?
15:26:38 <medicalwei> jidanni: that's part of the budget
15:26:48 <jidanni> Good!
15:26:58 <medicalwei> (I don't know what's otherwise)
15:27:23 <jidanni> So daytrip budget only needs bus money.
15:27:34 <medicalwei> szlin please tell catcatcatcat that we don't need to order lunch on day trip
15:28:17 <paulliu> Really? I thought we just want to order the lunch and take out.
15:28:19 <jidanni> But my daytrip can only handle half of the 400 attendees...
15:28:24 <medicalwei> (or switch to lunchboxes, stuffs)
15:28:31 <nicoo> Did I miss a thing, or is there no line item for content@ to actually invite speakers (as in, cover flights & housing)
15:28:33 <nicoo> ?
15:28:56 <szlin> ok
15:30:04 <szlin> medicalwei: only lunch? how about dinner
15:30:15 <czchen> nicoo: Looks like there is no line item for content@, add one now.
15:30:19 <medicalwei> szlin: i think we will be back to the venue during dinner time
15:30:53 <jidanni> Yes daytrip will be back at 5PM mostly.
15:31:47 <szlin> Let's move on
15:31:59 <paulliu> ok.
15:32:02 <nicoo> czchen: Added one now, will prod people who took care of it for DC17 for an estimate
15:32:20 <nicoo> #action nicoo will update budget items for content@
15:32:21 <paulliu> #action czchen add a line for budget for content@
15:32:43 <medicalwei> :D
15:32:57 <paulliu> #topic 13 - Day Trips
15:33:49 <jidanni> If there is a thunderstorm the attendees can wait in the science park building
15:33:57 <medicalwei> Is the trip to National Space Organization free?
15:34:06 <jidanni> Yes free.
15:34:16 <medicalwei> (I gave them VAT number and they said that's private info)
15:34:28 <medicalwei> :/
15:35:08 <paulliu> jidanni: You mentioned that if there are PRC citizens they need to be noticed to you prior? But I didn't see such information on public?
15:35:10 <medicalwei> So we have 2 day trip plans
15:35:17 <jidanni> The bus will be for long trips to TSMC.
15:35:28 <medicalwei> Neither of these trips accept PRC residents
15:35:48 <jidanni> Yes I mention PRC on https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/DayTrip
15:35:48 <paulliu> Got it.
15:36:04 <bremner> so we need a PRC friendly alternative?
15:36:16 <jidanni> PRC **CAN** go to Science Park
15:36:31 <medicalwei> Not TSMC buildings though
15:36:32 <jidanni> just need to register earlier.
15:36:37 <medicalwei> Oh...
15:36:50 <jidanni> PRC **CAN** go to TSMC!!!
15:37:11 <nicoo> jidanni: People will fail to register early, and we should have a forgetful-PRC-citizen option
15:37:20 <jidanni> Only Space Organizaion is not allowed.
15:37:53 <paulliu> Why earlier? Does that mean they are in different route?
15:38:17 <medicalwei> paulliu: they probably need to hide stuffs from spies
15:38:24 <jidanni> Science Park just needs a little extra procedure.
15:38:26 <medicalwei> (yeah the tension is high)
15:39:10 <paulliu> jidanni: ok. Got it anyway. Might need to make the wiki more clear. Like me still think PRC is not allowed anywhere.
15:40:34 <paulliu> ok. seems no further questions.
15:40:46 <jidanni> Also only two of my six itinieraries contain Space Organizaion and I am always on the lookout for PRC sounding names. And we did say "register early".
15:41:10 <paulliu> Got it.
15:41:42 <jidanni> We will be walking to the Science Park. "Healthy exercise".
15:41:42 <paulliu> #topic 14 - Accommodations
15:42:07 <medicalwei> About the badge: https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/klSSinMXgZpRPXvvixTCgXyR
15:42:28 <nicoo> jidanni: Does the wiki have info on which trips/routes include significant walking, and whether it can be avoided?  Asking because some attendees cannot walk very far.
15:42:31 <medicalwei> https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/vMOjaWhDUTpOeNdUdBQIxOjP
15:42:52 <jidanni> OK I will put walking warnings on it.
15:42:59 <nicoo> Thanks  <3
15:43:19 <medicalwei> paulliu: We can rent sleeping bags or mats, since we have charged people fee that can cover them
15:43:29 <paulliu> #action jidanni to put walking  warnings on wiki for daytrip.
15:44:06 <paulliu> medicalwei, ok. that's done already, right?
15:44:12 <medicalwei> Does anyone reject the idea of renting these using the accommodation fee on registration?
15:44:35 <medicalwei> (the fees for the rooms are covered by NCTU)
15:44:38 <paulliu> medicalwei, how much is it? Maybe need to be listed.
15:44:57 <medicalwei> #action medicalwei to list the budgets renting the sleeping bags/mats
15:45:10 <medicalwei> It is about 800 NTD per person at most
15:45:31 <jidanni> Tatami?
15:45:35 <paulliu> medicalwei, ok. got it.
15:45:43 <medicalwei> jidanni: no. the ones used for camping
15:46:16 <medicalwei> That's all from me
15:46:39 <paulliu> medicalwei, thanks.
15:46:51 <paulliu> #topic 15 - Miscellaneous
15:47:23 <paulliu> Any more topics that needs to be covered?
15:47:49 <jidanni> So on 2018-04-12 11:30 UTC = 19:30 UTC+8 I connect here again?
15:48:08 <czchen> We have wiki page (https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/OpenDay) and hackmd.io (https://hackmd.io/c/SJNqV3wqf/https%3A%2F%2Fhackmd.io%2Fs%2FHJdhCWK9G) for open day. I think we shall merge them into one.
15:48:14 <jidanni> so we can speak 中文。
15:49:08 <jidanni> merge into the wiki?
15:50:54 <paulliu> yeah. merge into wiki seems good. hackmd could be used for beginning. But when the docs are more stable, moving to wiki seems better because it is more central and can be archived for history.
15:51:18 <medicalwei> The problem is the DebConf wiki is semi-public
15:52:08 <medicalwei> We were unable to let other people to register and work on right away, thus using hackmd
15:52:20 <tumbleweed> I think you want to get talks into the schedule on the website
15:52:34 <medicalwei> tumbleweed: we need planning page
15:52:50 <medicalwei> and yes these will be eventually into the website
15:52:53 <tumbleweed> +1
15:53:47 <medicalwei> I am ok with the meeting time
15:53:56 <czchen> next meeting time is?
15:54:10 <medicalwei> jidanni: ...no
15:54:14 <medicalwei> jidanni: (meeting time)
15:54:28 <medicalwei> jidanni: that's for local team meeting, happening on jit.si/dc18
15:54:42 <paulliu> Next meeting in local team will be in       2018-04-12 11:30 UTC = 19:30 UTC+8
15:54:42 <paulliu> Next meeting in global team could be in 2018-04-12 14:00 UTC = 22:00 UTC+8
15:55:05 <medicalwei> meet.jit.si/dc18
15:55:17 <paulliu> But the local team meeting time might not be good for me. Sometimes I'm still in a meeting in that time.
15:55:49 <paulliu> But I'll try my best to particiate.
15:55:51 <medicalwei> ouch...
15:56:35 <czchen> Maybe local team meeting time can be changed to later?
15:56:39 <paulliu> ok. any other topics?
15:57:06 <czchen> Put an agreed on next meeting time?
15:57:07 <jidanni> hope my 2M ADSL is ok for meet.jit.si/dc18
15:57:26 <medicalwei> jidanni: we can just use voice chat most of the time so you can join...
15:57:32 <paulliu> 2M should be enough..:P The problem is UP speed. 64k?
15:57:43 <jidanni> Yes, 64!
15:58:01 <jidanni> I am on a mountain.
15:58:18 <paulliu> That's not working I think. It is because when 64k is all occupied, that 2M DOWN disappear.
15:58:43 <jidanni> 慘。
15:58:48 <paulliu> I also use 2M/64k. I know that problem.
15:58:52 <medicalwei> but text based chat is... a little bit not involving
15:58:57 <medicalwei> paulliu: O.O?
15:59:15 <paulliu> medicalwei, yeah, I pretend I'm on a mountain.
15:59:16 <medicalwei> paulliu: i think we can agree on the meeting time and call it a day :3
15:59:23 <paulliu> Yeah.
15:59:25 <medicalwei> (and then we can continue)
15:59:30 <paulliu> #endmeeting