21:58:50 <terceiro> #startmeeting
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21:58:59 <terceiro> #topic roll call
21:59:03 <terceiro> hello everyone
21:59:08 <nattie> olá!
21:59:09 <DLange> o/
21:59:10 <tumbleweed> o/
21:59:10 <terceiro> say hello if you are in the meetings
21:59:17 <lenharo> Olá!!!
21:59:22 <lenharo> Hello!
21:59:25 <siqueira> hello
21:59:26 <samueloph> E aí
21:59:43 <jova2> Hello!
21:59:57 <nattie> someone remind us of the agenda link, please?  for those who didn't open it before the meeting started
22:00:05 <tumbleweed> #info https://deb.li/dc19meet
22:00:08 <nattie> cheers
22:01:12 <terceiro> let's go ahead then
22:01:25 <terceiro> #topic Review #action's from previous metting
22:01:38 <terceiro> I will paste each action here for comment
22:01:50 * terceiro hotel contract: terceiro to figure out cost for children, and how old a child need to be to pay full
22:02:15 <terceiro> this was done; children up to 7 don't pay. older children pay full.
22:02:28 <terceiro> #info in contract: children up to 7 don't pay. older children pay full.
22:02:41 <terceiro> next is me again
22:02:44 * terceiro terceiro: drop one-room-person price from contract since we won't use it
22:03:09 <terceiro> it turns out *I* misunderstood the terms, so this didn't really apply
22:03:23 <terceiro> #info "drop one-room-person price from contract since we won't use it"
22:03:26 <nattie> could you give us -v on that?
22:03:26 <terceiro> #undo
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22:03:51 <terceiro> nattie: so I though that "single room" meant room with 1 bed, but it means room with 1 person
22:04:06 <nattie> i see!
22:04:12 <terceiro> we though this didn't apply to us, because we were not reserving any rooms with just 1 bed
22:04:20 * nattie sort of remembers this discussion from somewhere
22:05:09 <terceiro> #info "drop one-room-person price from contract since we won't use" didn't really apply to us
22:05:25 <terceiro> next
22:05:27 * terceiro terceiro: clarify hotel contract wrt exactly how the pricing works
22:06:20 <terceiro> this was more or less a reiteration of the previous one. but we are done there
22:06:28 <terceiro> contract signed and all that
22:07:10 <terceiro> next
22:07:14 * terceiro samueloph will lead the review of the timeline in the wiki
22:08:04 <terceiro> samueloph: ^
22:08:17 <samueloph> sorry I missed that, can you keep this one for me? It's not the I didn't had time, I Just forgot
22:08:33 <terceiro> ok
22:08:41 <terceiro> #action samueloph will lead the review of the timeline in the wiki
22:08:43 <samueloph> will do it very very soon (tomorrow max)
22:08:59 <samueloph> s/the/that
22:09:15 <terceiro> ok; next
22:09:29 * terceiro larjona will add the publicity tasks to the timeline
22:09:57 <terceiro> larjona did create several issues in the salsa repo to keep track of the publicity tasks
22:10:15 <terceiro> I would consider that as done
22:10:18 <lenharo> https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues?label_name%5B%5D=Publicity
22:10:45 <lenharo> larjona send this link to debian-publicity
22:11:04 <terceiro> maybe the timeline should be a query on the salsa issues, after all
22:12:52 <lenharo> could be
22:12:53 <terceiro> I think we can move on
22:12:58 <DLange> if you put everything relevant into salsa issues that can work
22:13:11 <terceiro> yeah, that's the idea
22:13:46 <terceiro> last one
22:13:49 * terceiro terceiro will ellaborate a proposal for tools to be used in the DC19 organization and send it to the ML
22:13:51 <terceiro> me again
22:14:24 <terceiro> so I ended up not writing this; in the end we kind of have "rough consensus and working code", so it's not a big deal IMO
22:14:52 <terceiro> but I will get my act together and write the email
22:15:06 <terceiro> #action terceiro will ellaborate a proposal for tools to be used in the DC19 organization and send it to the ML
22:15:24 <DLange> well, we need something to get fundraising going. IRC sprints have been good for that in the past.
22:16:10 <terceiro> right. I can push that, if I know how to. do we have any record of the last one?
22:16:53 <terceiro> or maybe someone who did it before can push
22:17:58 <DLange> it's just calling for a sprint where everybody willing shows up works on sponsors
22:18:12 <DLange> the brochures need to be finished before that though
22:18:24 <terceiro> ok, there's a topic for that soon
22:18:29 <samueloph> brochures are finished
22:18:48 <DLange> incl. the new quote(s)?
22:18:59 <terceiro> let's wait a bit for that topic please to keep the minutes organized
22:19:05 <samueloph> ack
22:19:18 <terceiro> #topic Brief report from the local team sprint Oct 23-26
22:19:45 <terceiro> so this was a very productive sprint, and we brainstormed several logistics topics
22:19:53 <terceiro> let me find the link to the ML archives
22:20:21 <jova2> https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/19/Meetings/Sprint201810English
22:20:40 <terceiro> yeah that one, thanks jova2
22:21:23 <terceiro> I just want to reaffirm how useful it is to have people physically together
22:21:38 <samueloph> yes, we have made a lot of progress there
22:21:44 <terceiro> we usually meet on Saturdays, but it's just us from curitiba. this was a way larger group
22:23:34 <terceiro> let's go ahead
22:23:51 <terceiro> #topic Sponsorship
22:24:01 <terceiro> the agenda says: "Tasks fundraising: Finish brochures & flyers (en, pt_br). Send initial sponsoring request to leads"
22:24:11 <terceiro> DLange: I assume that was you?
22:24:16 <DLange> yes
22:24:41 <terceiro> it would be nice if we had a list of things that are missing
22:25:01 <DLange> afaik only the quote(s) updated and a final proof-read
22:25:02 <terceiro> e.g. IIRC the website is not updated with links to the brochure
22:25:10 <phls> hi, I am here now
22:26:56 <DLange> so what's the status for the brochure and flyer?
22:27:20 <DLange> (i.e. has the tbm quote been replaced?)
22:28:02 <DLange> has anybody else sent in new testimonials beyond the one from Taylor?
22:28:53 <samueloph> I´m confirming the BRL prices on the brochure
22:29:24 <phls> the prices are ok
22:29:46 <phls> I have testemonial just from Taylor
22:30:09 <DLange> and you updates the brochures with it?
22:30:18 <phls> no
22:31:15 <DLange> so we can copy the tasks from the agenda to whereever you would like to track these
22:31:44 <DLange> (fundraising topics can be confidential, so not everything can go into the DC19 salsa issues)
22:32:02 <DLange> but the two mentioned in the agenda item can
22:32:48 <terceiro> #info pending: Finish brochures & flyers (en, pt_br)
22:32:59 <terceiro> #info pending: Send initial sponsoring request to leads
22:33:08 <DLange> I'd like to remind you that we are very late for 2018 and 2019 budget planning already. So fundraising will need to get more priority or you'll run on very low budgets.
22:33:20 <terceiro> #info pending: fix https://debconf19.debconf.org/sponsors/become-a-sponsor/
22:33:21 <phls> to me, brochures & flyers are finished
22:33:39 <phls> on my opinion
22:33:42 <DLange> the tbm quote needs to be removed and we wanted to replace it with Taylor's
22:33:57 <DLange> so how can the brochure be finished if that's not done?
22:34:18 <phls> DLange, take it easy, I did not undestand that
22:35:18 <samueloph> were are you seeing the tbm values? I can't find them
22:35:25 <terceiro> values?
22:35:30 <tumbleweed> they're currently commented out in the website
22:35:42 <DLange> tbm is a person and has had a quote in the brochure for a few years
22:35:57 <tumbleweed> and the website
22:36:02 <samueloph> ohh, sorry, confused with tbd
22:36:03 <DLange> yep and that's because he left his previous employer
22:36:14 <samueloph> ok, so the website also needs to be updated
22:36:19 <DLange> so we need a new quote and Taylor graciously provided that
22:36:20 <phls> maybe it is easier if you say his name insteand use nicknames
22:36:37 <nattie> phls: that's considerably longer and harder to spell
22:36:40 <DLange> tbm is his name on IRC
22:36:41 <nattie> but it's Martin Michlmayr
22:36:53 <phls> nattie, thanks!
22:36:54 <terceiro> let's try not enter into a metadiscussion
22:36:58 <samueloph> terceiro: can you put these two actions? update website with the brochure and update quotes on the brochure
22:37:06 <samueloph> s/put/add
22:37:11 <terceiro> for whom?
22:37:22 <samueloph> me
22:37:30 <terceiro> #action samueloph update website wrt sponsorship
22:38:04 <terceiro> #action samueloph update brochure (replace  Martin Michlmayr's quote with Taylor's)
22:38:16 <adrianacc> didn't know that tbm is a person oO but now, ok
22:39:06 <DLange> he's an awesome person, too, and if you're lucky you'll meet him at DC19
22:39:55 <terceiro> general suggestion: that's the kind of thing that only debconf or debian old timers will "just know", so maybe we want to be more explicit with people who are joining to organize debconf. this also happens sometimes in different topics
22:40:59 <terceiro> moving on
22:42:23 <terceiro> we need a volunteer to drive a sponsorship sprint (via IRC)
22:42:45 <nattie> probably best to have someone experienced in debconf fundraising to do that
22:42:49 <terceiro> I could do it, but maybe it would be better for someone who has actual dc sponsorship experience
22:43:30 <olasd> I'd suggest finding pollo
22:43:42 <olasd> the timezones would match
22:44:15 <DLange> https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/19/TeamRoles phls seems to be the team lead
22:44:57 <nattie> DLange: I think those got filled in from a local perspective
22:45:27 <nattie> it's worth getting someone experienced to at least have input
22:45:52 <DLange> I'd be there and I guess more people from previous years
22:46:05 <DLange> but DC19 folks need to own the budget. Expenses and income.
22:46:07 * pollo can't follow the meeting, but I don't really want to lead sponsorship
22:46:47 <terceiro> yep, phls is leading the budget as well
22:47:19 <terceiro> but now we are discussing specifically this concentrated effort to also talk to international sponsors
22:47:34 <phls> pollo has helped me with the ledger/budget files
22:48:44 <terceiro> if we can get away with just some to pester people into talking to their contacts, I could do it. But I would need support from someone who actually knows debconf fundraising
22:48:55 <terceiro> *someone* to pester ...
22:49:30 <DLange> let's go with this solution and see whether it works
22:49:37 <terceiro> k
22:49:54 <DLange> get the brochures and flyers ready and call for a sprint please
22:50:04 <terceiro> #action terceiro to organize a sponsorship sprint on IRC after materials are ready
22:50:22 <terceiro> I think we are done with this topic?
22:50:35 <samueloph> agreed
22:50:36 <DLange> ack
22:51:06 <terceiro> #topic wiki.debconf.org going static
22:51:10 <terceiro> #info "Reminder: wiki.debconf.org (hopefully) gets statified end of November, banner-style redirect to wiki.debian.org"
22:51:34 <DLange> this is just a reminder so people reading along here or reading minutes are less surprised when this happens
22:51:58 <DLange> I think most (all?) of DC19 content is on the wiki.debian.org already
22:52:05 <terceiro> pretty much
22:52:21 <DLange> but may be double check if you want to migrate something from the bid pages or so
22:52:22 <terceiro> I can't remember the last time I went to w.debconf.o
22:52:37 <DLange> the content will still be there after statification, just not editable etc.
22:53:08 <terceiro> IMO bid is history, leave it there :)
22:53:58 <DLange> all fine, no need to migrate what doesn't need to be maintained (anymore)
22:53:59 <phls> all content was migrated
22:54:09 <samueloph> well we can migrate anytime anyway, we can do it per demand
22:54:13 <phls> except the BID
22:54:22 <samueloph> (if there is anything that needs to be migrated)
22:54:33 <terceiro> the bid part will need to be bootstrapped for dc20
22:54:46 <terceiro> pretty soon I guess
22:54:56 <DLange> ack
22:55:03 * terceiro checks
22:55:22 <terceiro> I'm living in the past, there are 2 bids already there
22:55:49 <DLange> hopefully we'll see the others be moved and updated there as well
22:56:37 <terceiro> ok, let's move on as we are close to out cap
22:56:54 <terceiro> #topic Any other business
22:57:13 <terceiro> anyone?
22:57:24 <lenharo> i don't
22:57:26 <adrianacc> no
22:57:30 <siqueira> no
22:57:31 <samueloph> nope
22:57:38 <jova2> no
22:57:38 <nattie> let's just explicitly confirm the next meeting date
22:57:43 <terceiro> right
22:57:50 <nattie> cal suggests 3 December
22:58:02 <nattie> if we're keeping it on the first monday of the month for now
22:58:04 <terceiro> does anyone object to sticking to the first monday of every month in general?
22:58:08 <terceiro> yes that
22:58:18 * lenharo agree with December 3 - 22h UTC
22:58:20 <DLange> sounds good
22:58:21 <phls> ah, we are talking about to schedule our next local sprint on Campus Party on february
22:58:29 <samueloph> 1st monday is ok, i will probably won't be available for the next one
22:58:40 <samueloph> i probably wont*
22:58:41 <siqueira> ok for me
22:58:52 <terceiro> #agreed next meeting: Monday December 3rd, 22:00 UTC
22:59:39 <lenharo> phls: I agree with next local sprint on CPBR...
23:00:00 <terceiro> #agreed in general: meetings on 1st Monday of every month until monthly is not frequent enough
23:00:41 <terceiro> last call for any other business
23:01:47 <terceiro> ok, let's end here then
23:01:53 <terceiro> thanks everyone
23:01:57 <terceiro> #endmeeting