20:30:01 <nattie> #startmeeting
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20:30:28 <nattie> #topic roll call
20:30:30 <nattie> who's there?
20:30:44 <nattie> larjona: estás aqui?
20:30:52 <olasd> guess I am
20:31:21 <lenharo> the meeting is not 22hrs UTC?
20:31:34 <nattie> someone seems to think it's at 20h
20:31:48 <nattie> i can have another go in two hours' time, if people prefer?
20:31:54 <olasd> well that's what terceiro said, but the agenda says 22:00
20:32:21 <lenharo> 20hrs to Brazilian, here is now UTC-2
20:32:33 <nattie> if people are under the impression it's at 22:00, then let's have it then
20:32:43 <nattie> #info the meeting will actually be at 22:00 UTC
20:32:46 <nattie> #endmeeting