22:00:19 <nattie> #startmeeting
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22:00:27 <nattie> #topic roll call
22:00:32 <nattie> once more, with feeling: who's here?
22:00:37 <jova2> hi!
22:00:37 <lenharo> o/
22:00:59 <nattie> anyone else?  it'll be a very short meeting if there's only three of us
22:01:55 <nattie> #topic Review action items from last meeting
22:02:10 <nattie> samueloph: are you around to report on your items?
22:02:31 <nattie> it looks like most of the items are done, according to the agenda
22:02:33 <lenharo> probably he is not here
22:02:56 <kanashiro> o/
22:02:57 <nattie> #topic wiki migration
22:03:27 <nattie> I'll find out about the wiki migration
22:03:38 <nattie> #action nattie to inquire of tumbleweed about wiki migration
22:03:44 <nattie> (hey, an action item for me!)
22:03:49 * pollo is doing hard maths, but ping me if you need me for something
22:03:52 <nattie> #topic fundraising
22:04:21 <nattie> just reading the short report on the agenda
22:04:52 <nattie> not very much to act on during this meeting there - does anyone else have anything to say about fundraising at the moment?
22:05:12 <olasd> maybe c/p the status update from terceiro so the logs have some meat?
22:05:19 <nattie> fair enough
22:05:27 <nattie> """
22:05:27 <lenharo> as i know, phls and terceiro are afraid about contact sponsors
22:05:39 <nattie> <terceiro> I won't be able to attend, but here is a report:
22:05:39 <nattie> only pollo and DLange replied to the poll for the sprint time
22:05:39 <nattie> I proposed that each one contacts sponsors on their own time, and we will follow the git repo updates on IRC
22:05:42 <nattie> pollo and phls contacted a bunch of sponsors already, some closed the deal
22:05:45 <nattie> a lot more sponsors still need to be contacted
22:05:47 <nattie> I (terceiro) will try to contact as many as possible, but more hands are necessary
22:05:50 <nattie> """
22:06:21 <nattie> lenharo: i guess that's something to discuss outside the meeting
22:06:42 <nattie> pollo: do you have anything to add about fundraising at the moment?
22:06:47 <lenharo> nattie: yes, it's what i know about it
22:06:58 <pollo> nope
22:07:01 <olasd> the first few sponsors have been added to the website
22:07:12 <nattie> lenharo: i guess the thing to figure out is what they're worried about, and work on that
22:07:23 <nattie> that's about it for fundraising, i think
22:07:27 <nattie> #topic AOB
22:07:33 <nattie> anybody, anything?
22:07:40 <olasd> yes
22:07:43 <nattie> speak!
22:07:54 <olasd> if we want to open registration in january, we need a registration form ready in january
22:08:14 <olasd> which means we need to work on it before january (i.e., in the next month)
22:08:41 <nattie> yes. i'm intermittently available to talk about the registration form
22:08:56 <olasd> cool
22:09:33 <nattie> yay!
22:09:36 <nattie> anything else?
22:09:45 <olasd> not from me
22:09:52 <lenharo> not from me
22:09:53 <nattie> we should figure out the date of the next one, i guess
22:10:17 <nattie> the first monday of january would be the 7th
22:10:27 <olasd> clearly we should have it in three weeks, that sounds appropriate (:P)
22:10:28 <lenharo> i think it's OK.
22:10:59 <nattie> i will be in a timezone that's further east, so would prefer to have the meeting very slightly earlier, if possible
22:11:20 <nattie> as will at least one other person
22:11:28 <lenharo> 21hrs UTC?
22:12:04 <nattie> let me just check how late that will be
22:12:15 <olasd> 11pm or midnight
22:12:38 <olasd> I never remember how far east further east is :P
22:13:08 <nattie> 11pm, which is a bit late
22:13:13 <nattie> but doable if necessary
22:13:29 <nattie> would 20:30 UTC be too early for the .br folks?
22:13:35 <jova2> after 20:30UTC is OK for me
22:13:38 <lenharo> but i was looking importants dates, shouldn't it be done before january 7?
22:14:06 <lenharo> it will 18h30 for us... for me it works, adrianacc should have some problem
22:14:50 <nattie> i guess we can live with 21:00 UTC, but we should try to have stuff sorted in the interim and only use the meeting for reporting progress
22:15:22 <lenharo> i think it is the better way to use meeting time.
22:15:51 <nattie> indeed
22:16:05 <olasd> yeah, I'd hope the registration stuff can be sorted through a combination of CCC and other RL encounters
22:16:07 <nattie> the work should get done outside the meeting, and we tell each other what happened inside the meeting
22:17:06 <nattie> anyway, shall we agree on 21:00 UTC on january 7th?
22:17:23 <lenharo> it's OK for me
22:17:24 <nattie> #agreed next meeting 7 January 2019, 21:00 UTC
22:17:51 <nattie> right!  this concludes the last meeting of 2018 - see you all officially in 2019!
22:17:55 <nattie> #endmeeting