21:01:00 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting then
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21:01:10 <tumbleweed> #topic Roll Call
21:01:12 <tumbleweed> o/
21:01:17 <tumbleweed> nattie says o/
21:01:25 <DLange> \o
21:01:33 <tzafrir> hi
21:01:35 <larjona> Hello, happy new year. I'm around but a bit multitasking
21:01:39 <tumbleweed> #link agenda https://deb.li/dc19meet
21:01:48 <pollo> I'm in the middle of an iMac disassenbly at work, but I'm here!
21:01:50 <DLange> what's on for dinner, larjona?
21:02:15 <znoteer> hello
21:02:38 <valhalla> hello
21:03:17 <tumbleweed> #topic Review #action's from previous meeting
21:04:19 * tumbleweed nattie to inquire of tumbleweed about wiki migration (nattie,    22:03:38)
21:04:25 <tumbleweed> we did it
21:04:35 <tumbleweed> well, DLange and I did, at CCC
21:04:54 <tumbleweed> waiting on DSA to host the fully-staticified site
21:05:01 <jova2> hi
21:05:08 <Ganneff> the old one is down, can i turn off?
21:05:20 <Ganneff> or keep a while more?
21:05:26 <DLange> not yet, as the DNS has not been moved over yet either
21:05:30 <tumbleweed> Ganneff: I don't think the old one is down, yet
21:05:33 <Ganneff> ok
21:05:38 <Ganneff> (ping me when it is, thanks)
21:05:44 <tumbleweed> will do
21:06:05 <tumbleweed> #topic Budget for DC19
21:06:31 <tumbleweed> Does anyone know the progress on this?
21:07:10 <lenharo> hi, it's almost done.
21:07:17 <tumbleweed> \o/
21:07:31 <lenharo> just waiting catering to finish
21:07:42 <DLange> can we have a draft to review then, please?
21:07:49 <tumbleweed> is it in git?
21:07:54 <lenharo> As i know... phls should say better
21:08:02 <tumbleweed> OK
21:08:19 <lenharo> probably is in git, i can't afirm.
21:08:50 <tumbleweed> anything else to discuss here, without phls?
21:09:36 <tumbleweed> guess not
21:09:40 <tumbleweed> #topic registration
21:09:54 <tumbleweed> (sorry, this meeting topic of "then" is annoying, but I can't see any way to change it)
21:10:07 <DLange> is (our) wafer "ready" for registration opening or is there something bigger in progress (upstream for example)?
21:10:13 <tumbleweed> So, I was expecting that I'd do it over the holidays, and I didn't. Sorry
21:10:30 <tumbleweed> But re-using the same registration stuff for dc19 isn't a whole lot of work
21:10:34 <tumbleweed> probably get that done within a few days
21:10:47 <lenharo> nice
21:10:47 <tumbleweed> there are some thnigs that we're still waiting for, before we can open
21:10:53 <tumbleweed> like prices for food
21:11:24 <tumbleweed> and figuring out how we want to handle paid people in our block booking (for the cases where 1 half of a couple gets a bursary, and the other half is self-paying)
21:11:24 <DLange> and we need an estimate for income as we won't know about travel funding options otherwise
21:11:31 <tumbleweed> yeah
21:11:41 <tumbleweed> certainly can't start any bursary processes without a budget
21:12:14 <tumbleweed> the other thing with a price is the registration fee. I assume we're using the same 0, 200, and 500 USD prices?
21:12:22 <olasd> also, um, do we keep using paypal?
21:12:27 <tumbleweed> ooooh yes that
21:12:35 <tumbleweed> I really want to use stripe
21:12:39 <tumbleweed> or something
21:12:49 <tumbleweed> but that'll need some SPI action
21:12:52 <pollo> Afaik spi has been working hard on their PayPal ledger integration
21:13:03 <DLange> paypal worked well, not? (I know that all web devs like stripe more)
21:13:10 <DLange> or did we have issues with PP?
21:13:11 <tumbleweed> paypal is not great for EU users
21:13:14 <pollo> Waiting for stripe might cause long delays
21:13:16 <olasd> DLange: paypal now requires an account for EU citizens
21:13:17 <tumbleweed> because you need to have a paypal account
21:13:34 <DLange> aah, o.k.
21:13:35 <olasd> there weren't any technical issues
21:13:36 <tumbleweed> pollo: sure. If we have to wait, let's not
21:13:44 <tumbleweed> but we should push them to do it
21:13:50 <pollo> +1
21:14:03 <tumbleweed> there's never any motivation for action, except when we're trying to open registration
21:14:10 <zobel> olasd: beside: i don't want to see any BRL fees. only USD this year. please!
21:14:55 <olasd> zobel: sure
21:14:59 <tumbleweed> zobel: all the incoming payments should have been in USD last year, weren't they?
21:16:29 <zobel> need to check
21:17:12 <pollo> Dc17 was a currency snafu but that was my fault and I think we fixed that for dc18
21:18:10 <tumbleweed> OK
21:18:15 <larjona> sorry
21:19:38 <tumbleweed> anything more to cover here?
21:19:56 <DLange> I don't think so
21:20:05 <tumbleweed> #topic AOB
21:20:18 <zobel> pollo, olasd, tumbleweed: yes, DC18 was in USD.
21:20:18 <tumbleweed> Shall we talk about the DC20 bids?
21:20:27 <zobel> just checked the raw daa.
21:20:29 <zobel> data
21:20:31 <pollo> Maybe sponsors status?
21:20:45 <tumbleweed> should we stick these all into the agenda? :)
21:20:54 <zobel> and really of to bed now
21:21:03 <DLange> nn^2 zobel :)
21:21:07 <tumbleweed> added
21:21:14 <tumbleweed> #topic Sponsors Status
21:21:19 <tumbleweed> pollo?
21:21:39 <pollo> I've done a bunch and so has phls, but I'm afraid it wont be enough
21:22:07 <pollo> Someone else (preferably from the local team) needs to do international sponsors too
21:22:30 <tumbleweed> is the difficulty here in poking the sponsors or in getting replies?
21:22:39 <DLange> the poking
21:22:39 <pollo> Doing the work
21:22:44 <tumbleweed> lol
21:22:59 <pollo> It's not hard, it's just kinda boring and takes time
21:23:08 <larjona> I've committed an initial draft for blog post about DebConf19 and it's my plan to put some emphasis in the call of sponsors.
21:23:28 <larjona> it would go to bits.d.o and micronews.d.o (and social networks)
21:24:03 <DLange> any push helps
21:24:15 <DLange> but we'd really need active local team members
21:24:17 <tumbleweed> pollo: thanks for documenting the process
21:24:30 <tumbleweed> we probably need to do some more recruiting, there
21:24:37 <DLange> otherwise we'll (have to) cut the budget into what will be realistically achivable
21:24:55 * tumbleweed intends to try his hand at some. Got a few too many hats already though - me helping won't change a whole lot...
21:25:02 <pollo> #link https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebConf/Sponsors
21:27:34 <DLange> next?
21:28:03 <DLange> (DC20 bids)
21:28:09 <tumbleweed> #topic DC20 Bids
21:28:21 <tumbleweed> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/
21:28:34 <tumbleweed> I'm not aware of any activity in the Indian bid
21:28:43 <tumbleweed> but the Haifa and Lisbon bids are both active
21:29:05 <tumbleweed> nattie and I have just spent a couple of days with both of the bid teams
21:29:11 <tumbleweed> need to write a report on that...
21:29:33 <DLange> shall we poke for India or let it go for next year (I'd lean towards Europe / Israel again more than Asia in 2020)?
21:30:14 <tumbleweed> We probably should have poked a month ago, to remind people that the bid deadline was 2018-12-31
21:30:24 <tumbleweed> I guess we didn't define exactly what we were expecting for then
21:30:27 <lenharo> i think india is not active... but i think a poke is good
21:30:57 <tumbleweed> we should probably start discussing the bids soon
21:31:07 <tumbleweed> so if they want to still be in the running, they'd have to get a lot of work done, FAST
21:31:29 <DLange> which is unlikely as they did not agree on a location (city)
21:31:39 <pollo> Is there a decision meeting date?
21:31:44 <DLange> not yet
21:31:58 <DLange> we said end of Jan / beg of Feb
21:32:15 <DLange> what is your travel timing tumbleweed / nattie?
21:32:46 <tumbleweed> #link https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2018/10/msg00019.html
21:32:55 <tumbleweed> We will ask the teams that have updated their bid platforms to
21:32:55 <tumbleweed> participate in review meetings in January 2019 and announce the winner
21:32:55 <tumbleweed> for the DebConf20 bid in February 2019.
21:32:55 <tumbleweed> We plan to hold the review meetings in the week of 14-20 January 2019.
21:32:55 <tumbleweed> We'll put out a poll for dates and times, in early January, when we have
21:32:58 <tumbleweed> a final list of bids.
21:33:19 <tumbleweed> DLange: urgh. I'm just travelling all the time :(
21:33:26 <tumbleweed> nattie would prefer after FOSDEM
21:33:46 <DLange> we should make sure to honor that and make sure you're not in a plane :)
21:33:47 <tumbleweed> I imagine the debconf video sprint before FOSDEM will be quite a debconf planning sprint, too
21:33:55 <tumbleweed> :P
21:34:08 <pollo> Isn't it always?
21:34:33 <olasd> heh
21:34:34 <tumbleweed> indeed
21:35:02 <DLange> I don't fancy Fosdem but if you want to do something DebConf besides video, I could come around
21:35:27 <pollo> We are sprinting 1 week before fosdem in bruxelles
21:35:38 <tumbleweed> The point I was making is that there will be a bunch of us talking debconf, around then
21:35:43 <DLange> I know. But for video, I'm useless ;)
21:35:45 <tumbleweed> we could do this during that week
21:36:06 <DLange> make an agenda and if you want / need me, I can be around
21:36:25 <tumbleweed> nattie suggests Thursday 31st
21:36:39 <DLange> wfm
21:36:54 <DLange> but that's before Fosdem
21:37:05 <tumbleweed> which means the review meetings would have to happen in the 14-20, as announced
21:37:27 <tumbleweed> should we put some doodles out?
21:37:46 <DLange> which means we'd need to get your report rather soonish, too...
21:37:50 <tumbleweed> :P
21:38:26 <DLange> no doodles, please ask the teams for a date when they would want to present and we'll make that
21:38:42 <DLange> Lisboa / Haifa are all easy European TZ wise
21:38:51 <tumbleweed> I'll be in NZ :P
21:38:56 <DLange> pff!
21:39:24 <tumbleweed> but yeah, wfm
21:39:51 <tumbleweed> DLange: will you take an action for that?
21:40:00 <DLange> yep, can do
21:40:36 <tumbleweed> #action DLange to ask the bids to propose review meeting dates & times
21:41:03 <tumbleweed> AOB?
21:41:30 <DLange> you haz new DebConf audio gear?
21:41:43 <tumbleweed> not that I know of
21:41:48 <olasd> no, I need to handle that this week
21:42:01 <DLange> okis
21:42:43 <tumbleweed> #topic AOB
21:42:48 <tumbleweed> last call for AOB
21:43:07 <lenharo> not for me
21:43:12 <tumbleweed> I would suggest having more frequent team meetings, soon
21:43:27 <tumbleweed> but this really needs the brazilian team here
21:43:50 <DLange> ack
21:43:56 <olasd> +1
21:44:12 <larjona> If you (anybody) can send some paragraph for blog post or DPN explaining/summarising the debconf wiki migration, I appreciate it. I don't feel confident to write something myself (not sure about the details and future status)
21:44:13 <lenharo> ack. i think after feb, we should do more frequent.
21:44:27 <larjona> If you plan to inform debconf-team mailing list (or whatever other mailing list) about that, it's also ok, we (publicity team) can micronews linking there or write a summary for the DPN ourselves when we read the mail.
21:44:50 <tumbleweed> lenharo: only *after* feb?
21:44:59 <tumbleweed> there's an event in feb, right?
21:45:05 <DLange> larjona: yes, we'll should do that once the static site is up
21:45:07 <lenharo> yes.
21:45:21 <larjona> I think we didn't talk about the Call for proposals? (Is it ready? somebody preparing?)
21:45:33 <lenharo> it's my sugestion... if you think thay they need to be early, no problem for me.
21:45:36 <DLange> I can send you a paragraph "in preparation". Should be any time now DSA has spare cycles.
21:45:43 <tumbleweed> larjona: yeah, we should probably do that with registration
21:45:47 * tumbleweed wonders if we have a content team
21:46:00 <DLange> gwolf: ^?
21:46:07 <DLange> (courtesy hilight :))
21:46:40 <azeem> 03:39  * gwolf won't make it to the meeting, no matter what - We are travelling tomorrow back to Mexico, leaving Argentina at the shitty time of 04:20 GMT-3.
21:46:48 <DLange> I think he's flying from Argentine atm so feedback will be sometime after the meeting
21:47:13 <tumbleweed> OK, we can discuss that out of this meeting
21:47:55 <larjona> ok, no problem. I'll word the blog post about encouraging people to make their plans about submitting proposals and registering, since it will be open "soon" ;-)
21:48:29 <tumbleweed> shouldn't we hold that back unt il it is open?
21:49:27 <larjona> yes, no problem
21:49:35 <tumbleweed> #topic Next Meeting
21:49:49 <DLange> Jan 21?
21:50:27 <lenharo> works for me.
21:50:38 <tumbleweed> +1
21:51:01 <tumbleweed> there should have been some dc20 bid review, before then
21:51:03 <pollo> +1
21:51:43 <tumbleweed> endmeeting?
21:52:01 <tumbleweed> back to the regular meeting time?
21:52:04 <DLange> yes, thanks for chairing!
21:52:41 <tumbleweed> #agreed next meeting on Jan 21 22:00 UTC
21:52:48 * tumbleweed waits for objection
21:53:01 <lenharo> no objection
21:53:14 <tumbleweed> in that case
21:53:19 <DLange> it's too late anyways, doesn't matter how much :)
21:53:23 <DLange> TZ suck
21:53:25 <tumbleweed> :)
21:53:29 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting