19:58:23 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting DebConf 2020 bid review
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19:58:40 <OdyX> Ohai
19:58:52 <tumbleweed> DLange: you want to introduce this?
19:58:59 <lucas[DC]> hi!
19:59:03 <DLange> yep, will do. Thank you tumbleweed.
19:59:17 <DLange> Thank you very much for joining the DC20 bid presentation meeting.
19:59:17 <DLange> We welcome the teams from Lisbon and Haifa to this meeting and everybody else who wants to listen in. Please feel free to ask questions at any time.
19:59:20 <DLange> We will discuss the bids roughly following
19:59:22 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/General/Handbook/Bids/PriorityList .
19:59:25 <DLange> After this meeting the DebConf committee will discuss the bids as documented, the lessons learned during the visits and the results from today's meeting.
19:59:28 <DLange> We plan to announce the winning bid in February 2019.
19:59:31 <DLange> We have the bid pages from Haifa at
19:59:31 <DLange> #link  https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa/
19:59:31 <DLange> and the bid page from Lisbon at
19:59:31 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Lisbon
19:59:42 <DLange> While nattie and tumbleweed were on a delegation visit, the teams filled
19:59:42 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa/CheckList
19:59:42 <DLange> and
19:59:42 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Lisbon/CheckList
19:59:43 <DLange> following the formal DebConf location checklist (https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/General/Handbook/Bids/LocationCheckList).
19:59:49 <DLange> . :)
20:00:00 <tumbleweed> #topic Roll Call
20:00:17 <tumbleweed> who is here from the bids? who else is here?
20:00:23 <OdyX[DC]> Didier Raboud, DebConf Committee
20:00:24 <tumbleweed> please say hi and state your affilication
20:00:31 <tumbleweed> Stefano Rivera, DebConf Committee
20:00:38 <DLange[DC]> Daniel Lange, DebConf Committee
20:00:41 <lucas[DC]> Lucas Nussbaum, DebConf Committee
20:01:02 <tzafrir_laptop> Tzafrir Cohen, Haifa team
20:01:19 <talatb> Talat Batheesh, Haifa team
20:01:26 <calhariz> Jose M Calhariz, Lisbon Team with more people
20:01:27 <kaplan> Lior Kaplan, Haifa team
20:01:44 <jdsm> jdsm, Lisbon Team
20:01:58 <calhariz> Marco and Simao with me
20:02:02 <highvoltage> Hi,  I'm Jonathan Carter, DebConf Committee
20:02:04 <Tamirski> Tamir Gadot, Haifa team
20:02:55 <tumbleweed> ok, Haifa, are you ready to go first?
20:03:19 <georgetski> George Kesaev, Haifa Team
20:03:33 <kaplan> Tzafrir - do you want the honors ?
20:03:37 <tzafrir_laptop> We just updated the bid. The introduction is there.
20:03:52 <tumbleweed> #topic Haifa introduction
20:04:00 <tumbleweed> Haifa team, could you please tell us about your bid in 5-10 lines. What are your bid's strength, what are the weaknesses?
20:04:02 <tzafrir_laptop> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa/
20:04:30 <kaplan> Bid's strong points are:
20:05:12 <tzafrir_laptop> good support from the university and the city,
20:05:43 <tzafrir_laptop> Everything near by, inluding the dorms
20:06:00 <tzafrir_laptop> reasonably priced
20:06:14 <tzafrir_laptop> good views and such
20:06:25 <tzafrir_laptop> Weaknesses:
20:06:39 <tzafrir_laptop> Not at a city center
20:06:51 <tzafrir_laptop> Anybody else wants to comment?
20:06:59 <kaplan> still on the strong  side - Both city / Uni already hosted WikiMania 2011 (720 attendees)
20:07:10 <highvoltage> "Haifa's population is heterogeneous - Israeli Jews comprise some 82% of the population, almost 14% are Christians (the majority of whom are Arab Christians) and some 4% are Muslims." <- that adds up to 100%, how welcome is non-religious people there?
20:07:40 <kaplan> strong - Foreign ministry is expected to help with visas (if needed, and process starts early)
20:08:26 <tzafrir_laptop> That is under the assumption that anybody has a listed religion. I'm personally listed as Jewish, though I don't hold any such faith. I expect no such problems
20:08:53 <kaplan> Very... but secular / non-relgious here are still mostly jewish.  Both Tzafrir and me are secular (:
20:09:04 <highvoltage> I also think it's great that you have someone from the university on the team
20:09:07 <valhalla_> tzafrir_laptop: is the assumption about anybody from Israel, or does it include visitors?
20:09:19 <formorer> in my experience israel is a great place to visit with incredibly friendly and welcoming people (just from my personal experience as an outsider)
20:09:44 <tzafrir_laptop> valhalla_: from Israel (or from the city. That statistics applies to city residents
20:10:30 <tumbleweed> I'm going to give Haifa 3 more minutes, and then we move to Lisbon's introduction
20:10:42 <tumbleweed> we can cover more qestions later
20:11:47 <tumbleweed> from what I saw the compact venue is a strong point. Also, the support from university and city (although we have yet to see what costs will look like)
20:11:51 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: should I hold back questions for now?
20:12:10 <DLange[DC]> yeah, let's do the intros first
20:12:10 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: yeah, let's handle questions later
20:12:16 <highvoltage> righto
20:12:39 <tumbleweed> It looks like Haifa is finished, let's move to Lisbon
20:12:44 <tumbleweed> #topic Lisbon introduction
20:12:51 <tumbleweed> Lisbon team, could you please tell us about your bid in 5-10 lines. What are your bid's strength, what are the weaknesses?
20:13:09 <kaplan> Strong - we have quite a lot of high tech comanies, which might suit for sponsors. A few big ones are Open Source companies
20:13:33 <calhariz> Our proposal is for DebConf20 to take place in Instituto Superior
20:13:33 <calhariz> Técnico, Lisbon because:
20:14:12 <calhariz> * Lisbon is the most affordable European capital
20:14:12 <calhariz> * The organizing team has experience in the organization of
20:14:12 <calhariz> international events and has attended previous DebConf.
20:14:12 <calhariz> * Main members of local team work in the IT Department of venue.
20:14:12 <calhariz> * Good working spaces and alternatives inside campus.
20:14:12 <calhariz> * The campus is connected to the national Internet Exchange by a
20:14:12 <calhariz> low latency 10Gbit/s link.
20:14:14 <calhariz> * The campus offers wide network coverage with wired and WiFi connectivity.
20:14:14 <calhariz> * There is a wide variety of food options inside and around campus
20:14:16 <calhariz> including international gastronomy.
20:14:16 <calhariz> * There are many options in accommodations around the campus with
20:14:18 <calhariz> different levels of service and price.
20:14:18 <calhariz> * All rooms are equipped with a video projector and the main hall (300
20:14:20 <calhariz> seats) also has a sound system.
20:14:20 <calhariz> * Lisbon is served by an International airport with connections to all
20:14:22 <calhariz> continents.
20:14:22 <calhariz> * The venue is centrally located in Lisbon, 15 minutes away from
20:14:24 <calhariz> the airport by subway (10 stations away).
20:14:24 <calhariz> * Rooms are accessible as required by Portuguese Law.
20:15:08 <DLange[DC]> What's your weak points?
20:16:57 <calhariz> Accommodation can be an issue because Lisbon is a very touristic place these days. However, there are plenty of hostels and hotels to meet any budget.
20:17:08 <calhariz> And also plenty of AirBNB.
20:18:33 <DLange[DC]> There is no larger option (student accom, large hotel nearby) or so?
20:19:07 <calhariz> Yes, there are many hotels 3* and 4* near the venue.
20:19:32 <DLange[DC]> ones that can do 200, 300 people?
20:19:43 <OdyX[DC]> could you expect to get room for, say, 140 persons in a single hotel around your planned dates?
20:20:17 <calhariz> We have 2 hotels of 3* very near.
20:20:33 <tumbleweed> let's give this 3 more mins and then move on to priority list evaluation
20:20:48 <calhariz> Near = across the street
20:20:50 <DLange[DC]> calhariz: do you know how many rooms they have?
20:21:02 <calhariz> 100 to 150
20:21:12 <DLange[DC]> each?
20:21:20 <calhariz> yes
20:21:24 <DLange[DC]> o.k., thank you
20:21:49 <calhariz> There are plenty of hotels 10+ minutes walking distance from the campus
20:22:05 <calhariz> The campus is located in the center of Lisbon in an area with plenty of hotels
20:23:16 <tumbleweed> should we do general questions before priority list?
20:23:39 <highvoltage> sure
20:23:47 <tumbleweed> #topic Questions for the bids
20:24:01 <highvoltage> For Lisbon: "Rooms are accessible as required by Portuguese Law." - I heared that the venue is really hilly, will an attendee in a wheelchair be able to travel between buildings used by DebConf without assistance?
20:25:15 <calhariz> The venue on the top of a hill.
20:25:39 <calhariz> They can easily move between the main building and the others.
20:26:05 <lucas[DC]> For Lisbon: usually accommodation arrangements are dealt with by the debconf organization (except for people who prefer to handle their own accommodation). "plenty of hotels" kind-of assumes that attendees will have to pick their own hotel, which doesn't work well for e.g. accommodation sponsorship. How do you plan to handle accommodation for sponsored attendees?
20:26:07 <tumbleweed> the buildings at the top of the hill aren't at significantly different levels
20:26:19 <highvoltage> For both teams: From DC17 a main theme was feedback regarding front desk problems. Most of the front desk problems stemmed from FD not having a dedicated closable space to work from. Do you have a good space for front desk to work from, somewhere easy to find from main entrance that can be locked up?
20:26:24 <tumbleweed> but the cafeteria is a little way down
20:26:45 <tumbleweed> let's start with lucas[DC]'s question
20:28:29 <calhariz> We will try to book in advance 2 hotels to accomodate the sponsored attendees.
20:29:21 <lucas[DC]> do you already have specific hotels in mind?
20:29:54 <calhariz> If we are unable to book one of the Hotels across the street, we will most certainly be able to book an hotel at ~10 minutes walking distance from the campus.
20:30:33 <calhariz> Yes, AS Hotel and Hotel Dom Afonso Henriques
20:31:16 <tumbleweed> and get discount codes for attendees booking their own rooms
20:31:23 <tumbleweed> on to highvoltage's question
20:31:38 <tzafrir_laptop> (Haifa) The Front Desk was allocated a room that can be locked. So I see no problem here.
20:32:09 <calhariz> We have been talking in getting lockable rooms for the organization.
20:32:17 <highvoltage> tzafrir_laptop: is it the room that they can operate from, or a room elsewhere that can be locked?
20:32:45 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: the entire FD would be in a lockable room
20:33:00 <highvoltage> tumbleweed: you're answering for lisbon or haifa there?
20:33:02 <tumbleweed> with more lockable rooms next door - as many as we want, really (and can afford)
20:33:10 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: haifa, sorry
20:33:18 <tzafrir_laptop> Currently we allocated one room to Front Desk because this is what Nattie asked for. There are plenty of spare rooms near-by if needed.
20:33:32 <calhariz> In late july or august we won't have classes any more, therefore it should be fairly easy to have available lockable rooms
20:33:47 <highvoltage> ok thanks, I suggest adding a note (and photo if possible) to the big pages as well
20:33:54 <highvoltage> *bid
20:34:16 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: in the case of haifa, there's a spreadsheet in the team git, with proposed room allocations
20:34:52 <tzafrir_laptop> highvoltage: See https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa/Rooms as well
20:35:09 <tumbleweed> Both teams: How close are we to knowing roughly what the venue will cost us?
20:35:54 <OdyX[DC]> Both teams: what do you wish you had from the other teams' bid?
20:36:28 <calhariz> The venue will be Paid by Instituto Superior
20:36:28 <calhariz> Técnico
20:36:42 <DLange[DC]> so zero cost for us?
20:36:45 <tzafrir_laptop> Haifa: rooms: none. We may need to pay for a security guard (overtime) and such.
20:37:59 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: as mentioned: having it at a city center. We tried doing it ourselves, and the logistics were too complicated.
20:38:27 <calhariz> Maybe some costs for security, but should be residual.
20:39:12 <highvoltage> For both teams: How many social spaces will there be? Will there be a quiet hacklab? A social space where people can talk loudly? Will the smokers have a space not too far away that's not basically a parking lot? Are there any curfues on drinking times or spaces where it won't be allowed?
20:40:33 <calhariz> For smoking, in the main building, there are two internal gardens that can be used
20:40:35 <tzafrir_laptop> highvoltage: We will use some spare nearby rooms as hacklabs. Potentially also use the near-by library as a quiet hacklab.
20:41:30 <calhariz> 2 Hacklabs at least, probably 3 or 4 during second week.
20:41:51 <highvoltage> tzafrir_laptop: will hackers be alowed to eat/drink in the library?
20:42:22 <tzafrir_laptop> highvoltage: There is a wide corridor between the two that host our rooms. People can sit there. Or go outside. Smoking is only possible outside.
20:42:49 <DLange[DC]> for both teams (#2 from the prio list): Both of your teams are rather small. Do you think you can pull off DebConf20 with your current set of people?
20:42:51 <tzafrir_laptop> Tamirski: ==^
20:43:38 <Tamirski> Hi
20:43:47 <highvoltage> Hi Tamirski :)
20:43:49 <calhariz> I am considering inviting DDs and DMs from Portugal.
20:43:59 <calhariz> And local students.
20:44:06 <Tamirski> We are pretty big team
20:44:13 <calhariz> And faculty.
20:44:49 <tzafrir_laptop> Tamirski: well, they aim for 10+ people.
20:45:01 <Tamirski> We will have all the administrative and tech support from our RBDlab and the CRI institute within the university
20:45:20 <Tamirski> There are at keast 5 more person with us from the campus
20:45:34 <highvoltage> great, be sure to add that to the bid page if it isn't there already
20:45:36 <tzafrir_laptop> Anyway, we hope to add a few more people. There are a few people we had in mind to add to the team once we can secure the bid.
20:45:40 <calhariz> We have the support of IT department.
20:45:41 <Tamirski> and we have 3-4 IT person as well
20:45:51 <DLange[DC]> o.k., could you add them to the team on https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa and [/CheckList]
20:45:53 <Tamirski> for all the time we need
20:46:04 <DLange[DC]> because we need to know they know they are committed :)
20:46:15 <Tamirski> No problem
20:46:15 <georgetski> and <Tamirski> is very experienced in organizing other events on campus as a part of his day job
20:47:26 <kaplan> I'm also willing to put resources from my company to help (that's one more person). She just organized August Penguin conference (130 attendees if I remember).
20:49:01 <DLange[DC]> nice, thank you
20:49:16 <DLange[DC]> Another one for both teams:
20:49:49 <DLange[DC]> You know we value diversity at Debian and are bad at it. You don't seem to have women on your teams. Why not? Would you have women from the local community be interested in helping with organizing your DebConf?
20:50:30 * highvoltage notes that we don't have any women on the debconf committee either
20:51:09 <DLange[DC]> that is part of the "bad at it" piece :/
20:51:12 <calhariz> We have two women on our team.  Rita and Ana.
20:51:41 <talatb> @kaplan's company resource is women
20:51:48 <DLange[DC]> ah, yeah, that's a todo for you Lisbon:
20:52:05 <DLange[DC]> please make the team lists on https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Lisbon and https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Lisbon/CheckList macth
20:52:17 <calhariz> OK
20:52:17 <highvoltage> For both teams: There were lots of concern at DC18 about kids playing around and not being sufficiently supervised by adults, do you have any plans for kids who might be coming along? Will there be any form of childcare and a safe space for them during DebConf?
20:53:31 <calhariz> There are a Kindgarden inside the venue, and others near the venue.
20:53:44 <tzafrir_laptop> highvoltage: probably just hire someone and make a playground for the time of the talks, like in Taiwan
20:54:14 <DLange[DC]> calhariz: is it open during semester breaks?
20:54:17 <highvoltage> ok, I might have missed it when looking at the bid pages, so if it's not there, please try to add that information too
20:54:54 <calhariz> Maybe it can be closed in August.
20:55:09 <tzafrir_laptop> It's on the checklist with plenty of vague TBDs
20:55:35 <OdyX[DC]> A question for the Haifa bid: what leverage could your team have over Visa problems for attendees from countries reuqiring a visa to enter Israel?
20:55:51 <kaplan> And the benefit of it's being a university campus and not in the middle of the city - more safe for kids (although they still need supervision)
20:56:23 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: well, contacts with the Ministry of Foriegn(sp?) afailars
20:56:55 <kaplan> They helped for the wikimedia conference. Last one was a month ago.
20:57:15 <highvoltage> it looks like haifa might be the debconf that might require the least amount of visas looking on the list of countries that need to apply from the bid page
20:57:19 <kaplan> They had people from Egypt and Indonesia who got visas.
20:57:20 <OdyX[DC]> are you aware of attendees barred from attending due to visa problems?
20:57:22 <tzafrir_laptop> Apart from Wikimania there was a Wikimedia hackathon in Jerusalem in 2016 and a GLAM conference in Tel-Aviv in 2018, so the local Wikimedia branch has experince with those
20:57:27 <Tamirski> <OdyX[DC]>: we have department dealing with the visa issues in the campus I talked with them 2 days ago they will help
20:57:52 <Tamirski> and we can provide letters from the CRI head as well we do it whenever needed
20:58:15 <kaplan> Perfect (I wasn't aware of this (: )
20:58:36 <Tamirski> Kaplan : (:
20:59:19 <highvoltage> For Lisbon: How much cheese / food / alcohol is a traveler allowed to bring into the country?
20:59:31 <tumbleweed> from europe, I'd guess unlimited cheese:P
21:00:15 <highvoltage> even if that's the case, please state it on the bid page
21:00:24 <valhalla_> what about the rest of the world?
21:00:35 <calhariz> It shouldn't be allowed to bring any, since Portugal has a wide range of cheeses from many regions of the country and is a renowed producer of wine
21:00:52 <calhariz> :)
21:01:03 <highvoltage> I think you meant s/allowed/necessary/g
21:01:07 <OdyX[DC]> for the sake of the exercise (I genuinely don't know if that's a realistic case, nor can I pretend to know or understand the Israeli-Palestine geo-political situation well enough); How realistic would attendance by a resident of Palestine/West Bank be?
21:01:19 <calhariz> I think it shouldn't be a problem in PT, maybe at the departure airport
21:02:21 <calhariz> (for the cheese & wine, my last comment)
21:03:13 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: it may take some pre-arrangements, but other than that: realistic (for the West Bank)
21:03:24 <kaplan> @OdyX[DC] It's possible. Some of the students in the university are from such locations. Many just need a security check but not a permit (most of the west bank). It's someone from Palestinian authority cities - they need a permit.
21:04:01 <georgetski> OdyX[DC]: Yep there are people who commute daily to work in Israel
21:05:11 <OdyX[DC]> I assume Gaza Strip is simultaneously a tougher question as well as much more unlikely, right?
21:05:23 <tzafrir_laptop> Right.
21:06:37 <OdyX[DC]> (I am not trying to corner you, I'm aware it's a complicated and sensitive topic. I feel these questions will get asked if the DebConf Committee doesn't ask them)
21:07:00 <kaplan> I wouldn't count on them to attend. Although a few Israeli high tech companies employ them remotely.
21:07:44 <kaplan> I would hope to have FOSS member from Jordan to attend...
21:08:28 <kaplan> And don't be shy with the questions, we prefer the direct approach.
21:08:28 <OdyX[DC]> I hear that it's not straightforward, but possible for most "usual cases"; thanks.
21:09:50 <kaplan> I think another good reason is the location (flight wise) we would be good for both east and west. Similar travel time from the US and Japan.
21:11:13 <DLange[DC]> how long is the train ride from TLV to Haifa?
21:11:27 <DLange[DC]> How long from the train station in Haifa to the venue?
21:11:28 <kaplan> 1 hour... maybe few minutes more.
21:11:50 <tumbleweed> Both bids: What part of your bid do you think will be more complex or expensive than the average DebConf?
21:11:53 <kaplan> From train to the  venue is about 30 min by bus
21:12:04 <DLange[DC]> kaplan: Please add to https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Bids/Haifa/#Getting_There . Thanks.
21:12:12 <OdyX[DC]> Q to both teams: how well is english spoken in the streets/local restaurants ?
21:12:21 <georgetski> DLange[DC]:kaplan: actually nowadays its less than an hour
21:12:43 <calhariz> Accommodation
21:13:12 <georgetski> OdyX[DC]: Haifa: well spoken by all the service industry, and good enough by the majority of population.
21:13:30 <kaplan> OdyX - English is very common in Israel. Almost everyone has basic+ knowledge, with most having good knowledge.
21:13:34 <calhariz> Same in Lisbon
21:14:09 <kaplan> Train stations , street signs and roads have signs in English as well.
21:15:05 <OdyX[DC]> is there a way to get OpenStreetmap with english names? :-)
21:15:09 <tzafrir_laptop> tumbleweed: not sure right now
21:15:43 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: Wikipedia seem to be working on that for their maps
21:17:19 <DLange[DC]> OdyX[DC]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=haifa#map=13/32.7994/34.9933&layers=C
21:17:52 <OdyX[DC]> lovely :-)
21:18:00 <DLange[DC]> (doesn't help for street names where these are not in the database in anything but native coding yet though)
21:18:22 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: see e.g. map in https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Haifa
21:19:21 <valhalla_> both teams: how safe are the areas where attendees are likely to go? during the day/night? for women? for people of unusual appareance?
21:19:43 <valhalla_> (including non-violent harassment in the "non safe" part)
21:21:18 <tzafrir_laptop> valhalla_: The campus itself should be very safe (including the dorms, I guess). I figure that the city is basically safe (Tamirski / georgetski?)
21:21:24 <tumbleweed> Any more questions coming? Otherwise I plan to move on after valhalla_'s question
21:22:04 <georgetski> valhalla_: I would define it as very safe, was walking about in Haifa at 4am, never had problems(I am a male)
21:22:35 <calhariz> Lisbon is a very safe city. There shouldn't be any problems.
21:22:37 <georgetski> my girlfriend confirms that she would describe Haifa as very safe
21:23:09 <kaplan> DLange - getting there part of the bid updated.
21:23:11 <Tamirski> valhalla: the campus is safe and the city is safe
21:23:29 <DLange[DC]> calhariz: except pickpocketing for Lisbon, that is a issue in the city (I've been there a few weeks and seen many).
21:24:35 <calhariz> In the more touristy areas you can have pickpocketing, but only in such places. No violent assaults.
21:25:10 <highvoltage> I just accept that pickpocketing is a problem in any tourist area of any major city
21:25:26 <valhalla_> yeah, and it applies to everybody (men, women, etc)
21:25:47 <tumbleweed> OK, seems like that was our last question
21:26:02 <tumbleweed> #topic Haifa conclusion
21:26:07 <tumbleweed> Haifa team, do you feel able to host DebConf20 in your city?
21:26:08 <tumbleweed> If you were not winning for DC20, would you be willing to run for DC21?
21:27:17 <tzafrir_laptop> yes
21:27:19 * gwolf sits down and waves "hi!" ;-) Backlog.... Interesting backlog...
21:27:24 <kaplan> From what Tzafrir has planned so far - it look we can have a suceesful conference here.
21:28:01 <Tamirski> tumbleweed:sure!
21:28:12 <talatb> yes we can
21:28:25 <kaplan> I wanted to say we can't apply for DC21, but that's because I think of us as Europe, not Asia (:
21:28:52 <kaplan> oops :P
21:29:26 <OdyX[DC]> As in the European Union as Switzerland (and UK) I guess :-)
21:29:37 <tumbleweed> we're at the mercy of the bids we receive. We only get to select between the options we get
21:29:58 * gwolf would add (sorry for lateness!) as a good point in Israel, that most of the population have a decent grasp of English
21:30:45 <tumbleweed> and, same questions coming for Lisbon
21:30:49 <tumbleweed> #topic Lisbon conclusion
21:30:53 <tumbleweed> Lisbon team, do you feel able to host DebConf20 in your city?
21:30:54 <tumbleweed> If you were not winning for DC20, would you be willing to run for DC21?
21:31:17 <calhariz> Yes, we can host DebConf20.
21:31:49 <calhariz> We have to talk between ourselves for DC21.
21:32:57 <tumbleweed> OK
21:33:07 <tumbleweed> #topic Wrap-Up
21:33:57 <tumbleweed> oh, sorry, I had a question I was supposed to ask
21:34:28 <DLange[DC]> do it, you have the meetbot power :)
21:34:36 <tumbleweed> #topic More Questions
21:34:50 <tumbleweed> Both Teams: Have you made contact with on-campus experts in accessibility yet?
21:35:07 <tumbleweed> e.g. the student organisations that have some experience with on-campus accessibility
21:35:19 <tzafrir_laptop> tumbleweed: Tamirski has
21:35:36 <Tamirski> Yes sure we are good
21:35:59 <calhariz> I have contacted NAPE (Students assisting Students) and still waiting for a reply.
21:36:06 <OdyX[DC]> Both teams: What amount of money do you expect to raise from _local_ sponsors (region, country)?
21:36:12 <Tamirski> I got great answers Nattie will be happy (:
21:36:48 <tumbleweed> Both Teams: if our accessibility plans involve any outside help, will it be available on weekends? This is something we forgot to check in Cape Town
21:37:30 <Tamirski> Please explain more
21:38:17 <tumbleweed> the way to get between the dorms and the venue was via ashuttle. But it only operated on weekdays
21:38:33 <tumbleweed> (for people in wheelchairs)
21:39:16 <calhariz> The local bus company can help.
21:39:35 <Tamirski> In Haifa you can arrive from the room at the dorms to the other side of the campus with wheelchair no problems with that as I informed
21:39:39 <tzafrir_laptop> OdyX[DC]: I don't have any estimate of that. There are quite a few candidates (the companies we work for, to name a few), but we figured we'd only start this after we have a bid
21:40:08 <lucas[DC]> Both teams: do you think that,  in a few days, you would be able to provide a rough budget, or better estimates for the main costs for at least one specific scenario in terms of total attendees/sponsored attendees? I must admit that the unclear accommodation situation for Lisbon worries me a bit.
21:40:38 <calhariz> There specialized bus, and the trains stations have ramps.
21:42:01 <kaplan> For sponsors - my personal challenge is getting both SUSE and REDHAT to sponsor the event.
21:42:21 <tzafrir_laptop> We have some rough numbers. I think we can do that.
21:42:25 <OdyX[DC]> whoo, that'd be quite a badge :-)
21:42:36 <tzafrir_laptop> (that: costs. Not referring to RH and SUSE)
21:42:44 <kaplan> (:
21:43:05 <highvoltage> Maybe IBM will want to do a combined thing for IBM/RedHat
21:43:32 <tzafrir_laptop> IBM has a development center right next to the university.
21:43:39 <DLange[DC]> calhariz: can you take a task for our evaluation to get us a figure from each of the hotels for 100 and 150 rooms booked each?
21:43:54 <DLange[DC]> (you'd have to complete that by end of next week)
21:43:58 <calhariz> Yes.
21:44:02 <DLange[DC]> thank oyu
21:44:04 <DLange[DC]> you, too
21:45:18 <tumbleweed> OK, i tlooks like things are quieting down again
21:45:26 <tumbleweed> let's wrap up, within 2 hours
21:45:34 <tumbleweed> #topic Wrap-Up
21:45:41 <tumbleweed> Thank you very much for attending the meeting.
21:45:41 <tumbleweed> Please complete the tasks that we have identified during the meeting within the next week.
21:45:44 <tumbleweed> If you have any questions, please reach out to the team here in #debconf-team, on the mailing lists or by approaching individual members of the DebConf committee or team members you have met at DebConfs before.
21:46:03 <highvoltage> Thanks to both teams for bidding, it's great to have yet another year with more than one strong bid, your contributions to the overall good health of DebConf is very much appreciated!
21:46:09 <tumbleweed> have we set a time for the next meeting?
21:46:39 <DLange[DC]> nope, we'll communicate a result in Feb
21:46:41 <OdyX[DC]> Influencing me with wine bottles' delivery doesn't work, but thanks to [redacted] who tried. :-P
21:47:28 <OdyX[DC]> Seriously though; we know what it takes to pull off a bid, it's a lot of work, in an ocean of uncertainties.
21:47:36 <OdyX[DC]> Thanks for putting in the work
21:47:37 <DLange[DC]> next normal team meeting is 2019-01-21
21:47:56 <tumbleweed> And this is just the beginning. A lot of work has to happen for the bid. But a lot more, to pull off the DebConf
21:48:09 <tumbleweed> Thanks, everyone!
21:48:16 <highvoltage> yeah that's for sure :)
21:48:37 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting