20:31:46 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting DebConf19 Meeting #7
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20:31:52 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: and/or scary :)
20:31:59 <tumbleweed> #topic roll call
20:32:01 <highvoltage> nah everything will be just fine :)
20:32:04 <tumbleweed> o/
20:32:05 <highvoltage> o/
20:32:06 <terceiro> o/
20:32:09 <lenharo> o/
20:32:10 <h01ger> o/
20:32:32 <tumbleweed> #topic content team update
20:32:36 <utkarsh2102[m]> o/
20:32:45 <terceiro> ok, let's go
20:32:48 <tumbleweed> terceiro: I see you have MRs for me. I'll try to get to them today
20:32:53 <tumbleweed> but it seems like we're getting a schedule soon?
20:32:53 <terceiro> tumbleweed: ack, thanks
20:32:58 <terceiro> yes
20:33:05 <terceiro> so we have ~100 talks accepted
20:33:24 <terceiro> we are very close to having a schedule grid up
20:33:51 <terceiro> Guido Trotter and I will start scheduling talks in it this week if all goes well
20:34:14 <terceiro> let me see what else ...
20:35:01 <terceiro> we will also reopen submission for ad-hoc sessions soon as well
20:35:34 <terceiro> that is pretty much it
20:35:43 <terceiro> do people have questions about content?
20:35:48 <DLange> o/ late, sorry
20:36:16 <tumbleweed> it seems no, let's move on?
20:37:01 <tumbleweed> #topic Sponsors team update
20:37:31 <terceiro> on that, we are starting to procure some printed materials
20:37:50 <terceiro> the first of which (the bags) will be this wed (19th)
20:38:16 <terceiro> so it means any new silver+ sponsors at this point risk not being in the bags
20:38:25 <terceiro> and other materials will follow
20:38:27 <tumbleweed> fair enough
20:38:55 <terceiro> we had one new supporter sponsor confirmed today
20:39:26 <terceiro> (digitalocean)
20:39:37 <terceiro> we are waiting for a decision from another one, we don't know which tier yet
20:39:50 <DLange> yes and a great one. We've been working on them for long. Thanks for nudging people there that you know.
20:40:00 <DLange> What about the job fair? You'd need to send the sponsors the info what you provide and what you expect them to bring. And some confirmed timing when it takes place and where.
20:40:52 <DLange> Usually they are also happy if you give them an address where they can send their booth materials, swags etc and don't have to carry them.
20:41:06 <DLange> But that may be different for Brazil.
20:42:33 <terceiro> added to my list here
20:42:50 <DLange> thanks
20:42:53 <lenharo> We could send this information, some sponsors have asked some information...
20:43:03 <terceiro> will try to get Someoneā„¢ to do it
20:43:12 <lenharo> but it's important to send to all sponsors.
20:44:36 <terceiro> TBH don't remember ever having attended the job fair, so I will have to do some digging
20:45:04 <terceiro> I have an idea about it based on common sense
20:45:18 <tumbleweed> DLange: can you give terceiro past versions of that kind of email?
20:45:35 <highvoltage> job fair is at least fairly autonomous
20:46:07 <DLange> tumbleweed: sure, should be in git, I guess (fulfillment dir) but I'll double-check
20:46:37 <terceiro> I guess it's enough to point me to it
20:46:46 <tumbleweed> presumably
20:46:53 <tumbleweed> and ideally find someone to own this :)
20:46:57 <tumbleweed> anything else here?
20:47:31 <DLange> sponsors-git:dc18/fulfillment/jobfair_confirm_template.txt
20:48:43 <tumbleweed> I guess we are moing on
20:48:51 <tumbleweed> #topic Day Trip Status
20:49:32 <tumbleweed> Who knows anything about daytrips?
20:49:39 <terceiro> we have started collecing info about them in the wiki
20:49:46 <terceiro> https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/19/DayTrip
20:51:15 <tumbleweed> so, ideally we should recurit some more options, and then announce them for signup
20:51:23 <lenharo> Maybe will have 1 ou 2 more options. We are trying to fill this week.
20:51:27 <tumbleweed> or that can wait until closer to arrival
20:51:54 <DLange> nah, have people know early
20:52:16 <DLange> e.g. for the hiking trip they need to bring a jacket and proper shoes
20:52:33 <tumbleweed> yeah
20:52:34 <DLange> and may be we get skydiving or something :)
20:52:51 <tumbleweed> I'd assume they provide the equipment you need for that...
20:53:12 <tumbleweed> anyway, this sounds on track
20:53:17 <tumbleweed> anything else needed her?
20:53:18 <tumbleweed> here
20:53:51 <terceiro> I don't think so
20:54:20 <tumbleweed> #topic contracts
20:54:40 <terceiro> hotel contract is ok
20:54:50 <terceiro> uplink too
20:55:15 <terceiro> the hotel has backup second uplink which they upgraded to the maximum available
20:55:29 <terceiro> and we will use that
20:55:32 <tumbleweed> that sounds nice and easy for us
20:55:39 <tumbleweed> I assume no equipment is required, then?
20:55:52 <terceiro> sorry I'm not very into the details on that
20:56:07 <terceiro> AFAICT it's on track though
20:56:12 <tumbleweed> I tried to drive some discussion about that in the past, but then fell off the wagon
20:56:43 <DLange> make it a task?
20:57:58 <tumbleweed> network is generally phls's area, I think
20:58:17 <tumbleweed> the last I spoke to him, I don't think we'd got into the details of exactly what was and wasn't going to be needed
20:58:53 <tumbleweed> we have some tasks: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&search=network
20:59:42 <terceiro> that would be https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues/34
20:59:57 <highvoltage> what's happening at the hotel for wifi? (sorry if I missed that part)
20:59:58 <terceiro> half in pt_BR though :-/
21:00:16 <highvoltage> we'll be using their APs?
21:01:05 <lenharo> to be used at Hotel, we'll rent computer to link balance and cache.
21:01:19 <terceiro> and APs?
21:01:42 <gregoa> (I think phls bought APs in Hamburg)
21:01:45 <lenharo> highvoltage: APs we will use Ubiqui APs that Paulo bring from German.
21:01:46 <tumbleweed> and switches for hacklabs? https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues/95 got into a discussion about links between buildings
21:02:31 <lenharo> i have to check about switches..
21:03:59 <DLange> what about venue, caterer, insurance contracts? Do we need to sign security people or does the venue cover that?
21:04:27 <terceiro> the venue has security
21:04:47 <terceiro> the venue contract is being finalized. they are slow but ]we are pushing them
21:05:15 <terceiro> catering (university restaurant) is more or less tied to that
21:05:54 <terceiro> we will give them estimates for each meal really soon
21:06:07 <terceiro> it's all set, except the formalities
21:07:12 <DLange> try to get these done as soon as you can. There will be enough other work for you the next weeks so you should get that out of the way.
21:08:10 <tumbleweed> anything else for contracts?
21:08:20 <DLange> insurance?
21:08:27 <terceiro> TBD
21:08:40 <tumbleweed> video has some quotes, will be discussed in tomorrow's video meeting
21:08:49 <DLange> will we cover attendee's gear, too?
21:09:25 <DLange> because I remember the issue with the stolen laptops in previous years
21:09:40 <terceiro> let me see the quote for insurance that I have
21:10:40 <DLange> this time we share the venue with the public during DebConf and we lug around our stuff hotel <-> venue twice a day
21:11:05 <DLange> so if we could cover laptops at a reasonable price, that would be a good idea
21:11:26 <highvoltage> for the previous incident no insurance would've paid that out
21:11:33 <terceiro> it mentions "personal accidents", not sure if that includes stolen gear
21:11:36 <terceiro> I will check
21:11:47 <pollo> and getting money back from the insurer and to the attendee will be a PITA
21:11:50 <DLange> probably not, that sounds more like injuries or so
21:12:34 <DLange> well, we had an insurance at DC15. And then it didn't pay for one of the organizers because ... not an attendee :/
21:12:45 <DLange> (he broke a car window loading stuff)
21:14:05 <DLange> anyways, find out what you have and what we can get. Then we can discuss based on factual information. Always better.
21:14:14 <tumbleweed> I see there's a stalled issue :( https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues/36
21:14:36 <terceiro> I didn't update it
21:14:44 <terceiro> but I got a quote
21:15:51 <tumbleweed> OK
21:16:04 <tumbleweed> #topic AOB
21:16:12 <tumbleweed> I haven't given any #actions in this meeting
21:16:17 <tumbleweed> should I have?
21:16:31 <tumbleweed> Next meeting time? 1 week? 2?
21:16:49 <terceiro> I took notes on paper here for the stuff I need to do
21:17:29 <DLange> I'd say next week. We're getting close.
21:17:36 <terceiro> sure
21:17:43 <highvoltage> btw, do you know if those visa papers reached the applicants in india yet?
21:18:03 <lenharo> I have send all the visa invitations
21:18:14 <terceiro> yes, but did they arrive there?
21:18:15 <lenharo> they should have received today or tomorrow.
21:18:32 <highvoltage> ah great, that still leaves enough time for the visas
21:18:46 <lenharo> today i send another one to Sri Lanka.
21:19:15 <lenharo> I hope we have all issue about visa solved now :-)
21:19:32 <highvoltage> yeah from what I heared so far I think they'll be fine
21:19:45 <lenharo> thanks highvoltage to ask DPL money for this!
21:19:53 <utkarsh2102[m]> Some people got their invitations today in India. Thank you, lenharo.
21:20:10 <highvoltage> haha that seems to be turning into one of my regular jobs
21:20:21 <terceiro> tell me about it
21:20:28 <utkarsh2102[m]> And highvoltage, samueloph.
21:21:13 <lenharo> great utkarsh2102[m]...
21:21:24 <utkarsh2102[m]> But I think the embassy still needs an email from the hotel's side :(
21:21:49 <DLange> let's hope this stays at "email" ...
21:22:53 <utkarsh2102[m]> That's the hope, yes.
21:22:58 <DLange> next meeting 06/24 same time?
21:23:13 <terceiro> wfm
21:23:30 <lenharo> DLange: ok for me.
21:23:59 <tumbleweed> #agreed next meeting, same time + 1 week (2019-06-24 20:30:00 UTC)
21:24:15 <terceiro> can someone please take care of the meeting arrangements?
21:24:44 <terceiro> i.e. sending mails to the ML, pinging people etc
21:26:50 <terceiro> *crickets*
21:29:21 <tumbleweed> anybody?
21:31:02 <tumbleweed> screw it, I'll do it
21:31:09 <tumbleweed> I'm worried I'll forget to pingall, because it's right after lunch
21:31:22 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting