21:32:54 <tumbleweed> #startmeeting DebConf Team Meeting 2019-07-01
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21:33:09 <tumbleweed> #topic roll call
21:33:11 <tumbleweed> o/
21:33:16 <nattie> olá
21:33:25 <tumbleweed> #link https://deb.li/dc19meet Agenda
21:34:40 <terceiro> o/
21:35:22 <tumbleweed> #topic content team status
21:35:27 <tumbleweed> terceiro?
21:35:42 <terceiro> "final" schedule is up
21:35:53 <tumbleweed> \o/
21:35:54 <terceiro> I need a few bits in wafer-debconf before sending out notifications
21:35:55 <tumbleweed> it looks good, too
21:36:02 <tumbleweed> #link https://debconf19.debconf.org/schedule/
21:36:44 <terceiro> I think we are mostly done there
21:36:59 <terceiro> now it's managing ad-hoc activities during the conference
21:37:15 <tumbleweed> #action tumbleweed has code-review to do
21:37:38 <tumbleweed> #action terceiro to send out notifications
21:37:42 <tumbleweed> #topic SPonsors team status
21:37:49 <tumbleweed> #undo
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21:37:52 <tumbleweed> #topic Sponsors team status
21:38:02 <terceiro> ok
21:38:21 <tumbleweed> DLange left some questions
21:38:27 <terceiro> sponsors got the email with the job fair infos today, thank to zumbi
21:38:34 <tumbleweed> 19:05 < DLange> I'll be too tired to wait for the team meeting tonight. From my side we have the following issues worth discussing if relevant team members are present:
21:38:37 <tumbleweed> 19:06 < DLange> 1) T-shirt ordering tomorrow conflicts with feedback from sponsors by end of the week
21:38:40 <tumbleweed> 19:06 < DLange>    This can be solved by ordering later or providing good guesses for sponsor T-shirts.
21:38:43 <tumbleweed> 19:07 < DLange> 2) Quantity and size distribution for staff and video (team?) T-shirts
21:38:46 <tumbleweed> 19:07 < DLange> 3) Some comments on design (e.g. logo sizes, emojis) as per mailing list and salsa issue
21:38:49 <tumbleweed> 19:09 < DLange> 4) Day trips: Morretes tour should probably be extended (27 out of 20 slots taken)
21:38:52 <tumbleweed> 19:11 < DLange> 5) Job fair invitation has been sent now thanks to zumbi
21:39:07 <terceiro> to keep on the current topic (sponsors):
21:39:49 <terceiro> 1) T-shirt ordering tomorrow conflicts with feedback from sponsors by end of the week => talked to lenharo, and it's ok. we will order the (silk?) screen tomorrow, but the actual shirts can be ordered by the end of the week
21:40:12 <terceiro> we are missing mailing some of the sponsors about t-shirts
21:40:13 <tumbleweed> #info shirts can be ordered by the end of the week, so a few more days to figure out qty
21:40:14 <nattie> terceiro: i think the issue is more making sure of the sponsors for the back of the shirt
21:40:28 <terceiro> nattie: ok. I checked it and it's ok
21:40:39 <terceiro> 3 platinum, 2 gold, 12 silver
21:42:45 <tumbleweed> anything more here?
21:42:50 <tumbleweed> I guess it went quiet
21:43:03 <terceiro> not really I think
21:43:06 <tumbleweed> #subtopic T-shirt quantities
21:43:19 <tumbleweed> err that's not a thing
21:43:23 <tumbleweed> #topic T-shirt quantities
21:43:40 <tumbleweed> does somebody have this?
21:43:47 <tumbleweed> from what I've seen, this feels like something that nobody is taking on
21:44:06 * nattie can inquire of medicalwei[m] about last year's quantities, and we can adjust from there
21:44:43 * terceiro checking
21:46:01 <terceiro> yeah I don't think we have a number
21:46:30 <nattie> i'll take on the task of asking mwei
21:46:35 <terceiro> tumbleweed: do we have a number for the video team?
21:46:46 <nattie> terceiro: i'll deal with that one as well
21:46:47 <tumbleweed> #action nattie to get last year's numbers from mwei
21:46:52 <terceiro> ah
21:46:52 <terceiro> ok
21:46:54 <terceiro> wfm
21:47:38 <tumbleweed> FWIW Rattus took an action in the video meeting last week to get numbers
21:47:45 <tumbleweed> but I haven't seen any result from that yet
21:47:52 <tumbleweed> #action nattie to follow up on video shirts, too
21:48:29 <nattie> while i'm at it, i'll check staff shirt numbers as well
21:48:38 <tumbleweed> WFM
21:48:47 <tumbleweed> #action nattie to do *all* the shirt numbers
21:49:00 <tumbleweed> nattie: they're due this week, so we should probably get some initial numbers together tomorrow?
21:49:07 <nattie> yeah
21:49:15 <tumbleweed> #topic Day Trip Status
21:49:37 <tumbleweed> seems the day trips are all there
21:49:40 <tumbleweed> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/19/DayTrip
21:49:58 <tumbleweed> Are we sending an announcement signup?
21:50:21 <terceiro> we did already
21:50:28 <terceiro> maybe just to -discuss?
21:50:31 <nattie> one of them's already "sold out"
21:50:32 <tumbleweed> hrm, where?
21:50:40 <tumbleweed> ah, there
21:50:52 <tumbleweed> that should probably go to -announce
21:50:57 <terceiro> yeah I will do that
21:51:06 <tumbleweed> #action terceiro to announce daytrip signup to -announce
21:51:29 <tumbleweed> #topic network status
21:51:35 <taowa> Bit late, but I'm here
21:53:17 <tumbleweed> I don't know if we have anything to discuss here
21:53:22 <Rhonda> Oh, my bad, just stumbled by. :)
21:53:30 <terceiro> is there a specific issue that needs clarification wrt network?
21:54:34 <tumbleweed> I'm still not sure about what part of the network we need to provide
21:56:00 <tumbleweed> but I don't think we have the answers, now
21:56:07 <tumbleweed> #topic insurance
21:56:15 <tumbleweed> terceiro: any progress here?
21:56:35 <terceiro> yes, I'm waiting for quotes from 3 companies
21:56:45 <tumbleweed> #info waiting for insurance quotes
21:56:56 <tumbleweed> I assume nothing else to discuss there
21:57:02 <tumbleweed> #topic AoB
21:57:15 <tumbleweed> actually
21:57:16 <tumbleweed> #undo
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21:57:22 <tumbleweed> #topic T-shirt for welcome and diversity
21:57:35 <terceiro> we need numbers
21:57:40 <tumbleweed> I assume that is https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/data/dc19/issues/151 ?
21:58:59 <terceiro> yes
22:00:06 <tumbleweed> Rhonda: what's the proposal here?
22:00:21 <tumbleweed> that we print these to give away? to sell? in limited quantities? for everyone?
22:00:38 <tumbleweed> ah, there was a mail thread
22:01:31 <tumbleweed> so, somebody needs to pick a number and sell them?
22:01:45 <terceiro> I don't think so
22:02:28 <terceiro> AIUI:proposal 01 is "neutral enough" and we (DC) should make some of those, but it's still unclear how many
22:02:40 <tumbleweed> #link http://lists.debian.org/b8c67581-14ff-7b02-5840-92a73706d9dc@deb.at
22:03:27 <tumbleweed> well, if we're going to sell them, then a debian entity should pick a number, and take the risk/profit
22:03:56 <tumbleweed> if we want to distribute them as gifts, we probably need some budget space
22:06:49 <tumbleweed> OK, doesn't seem like we're getting anywhere in this discussion
22:06:53 <tumbleweed> #topic AoB
22:06:58 <tumbleweed> again next week?
22:07:03 <nattie> sure
22:08:43 <terceiro> I can probably do it, not sure about the others
22:09:02 <nattie> they can relay messages if necessary
22:09:09 <tumbleweed> a repeat of this week then :)
22:09:24 <tumbleweed> OK
22:09:27 <tumbleweed> #endmeeting