19:01:37 <tzafrir> #startmeeting
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19:01:46 <tzafrir> #topic Rool Call
19:01:56 <tzafrir> Hi
19:02:05 <DLange> Hi #2
19:02:12 <tumbleweed> hi
19:02:14 <phls> hi
19:02:15 * tumbleweed rools
19:02:34 <anisa> \o
19:03:40 <DLange> o/ kesaev_ Welcome
19:03:57 <kesaev_> Hello everyone, happy holidays!
19:04:27 <DLange> Happy holidays!
19:05:16 <tzafrir> Moving on, then
19:05:37 <tzafrir> #topic Last Meeting's Actions
19:06:24 <tzafrir> VAT: Neither of the two are here. I'll try to get a hold of them.
19:07:28 <tzafrir> Dorms: We said we can give a rough estimation on May-20 and a better answer by July.
19:08:05 <tzafrir> Tamir will be meeting with the dorms people next week. But the initial response he got suggests that they are OK with that.
19:09:10 <tzafrir> And then: the logo, with its own topic.
19:09:23 <tzafrir> Anything else on those topics?
19:10:04 * nattie is definitely here
19:10:25 * DLange testifies that nattie is here
19:10:52 <DLange> nope, tzafrir, all fine
19:11:25 <tzafrir> #topic Logo
19:11:48 <tzafrir> The results of the poll: https://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?num_winners=1&id=E_06b9ae4657ecab68&algorithm=beatpath
19:11:57 <tzafrir> The winner is: #12, shoreline
19:12:29 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Artwork/LogoProposals
19:12:37 <DLange> #link https://civs.cs.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/results.pl?num_winners=1&id=E_06b9ae4657ecab68&algorithm=beatpath
19:12:38 <tzafrir> https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Artwork/LogoProposals?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ofer_getz_shoreline.svg
19:12:49 <tzafrir> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Artwork/LogoProposals?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ofer_getz_shoreline.svg
19:13:23 <tzafrir> So, what's next? Derive a design from this logo?
19:14:07 <tzafrir> What do we need?
19:14:10 <DLange> yes, do we stay with the Debian color?
19:14:27 <tzafrir> I don't know how to answer that.
19:14:30 <DLange> (not easy for Web design and barely printable on T-Shirts)
19:15:01 <tzafrir> He originally suggested different colors: http://tzafrir.org.il/~tzafrir/debconf20/debconf-logo-designer1.pdf
19:15:14 <DLange> I like http://tzafrir.org.il/~tzafrir/debconf20/shoreline/1.svg both color and line-wise
19:15:35 <DLange> looks more integrated. But the subvariants were not on the tally sheet.
19:15:59 <DLange> I don't know how much you want to follow the vote 1:1 or make a decision just based on it. Both is possible.
19:16:58 <tumbleweed> but yes, the next steps are to try to build a website design around this
19:17:43 <tzafrir> Do we need to have the Debian logo in the debian  logo colors?
19:18:03 <tzafrir> And more importantly: what is the time line?
19:18:05 <tumbleweed> nope
19:18:20 <nattie> the sooner, the better, to get it on things
19:19:01 <tumbleweed> do we have anyone who would be interested in website design? should we do another call for proposals?
19:19:04 <tzafrir> So right now we need to work with designers to get a site and such up
19:19:05 <DLange> tzafrir: no, please not. The color is very difficult to use.
19:19:28 <tumbleweed> we should probably JFDI the logo in there, for now
19:19:40 <DLange> tumbleweed: do you need a designer .... yep, that's what I meant :)
19:20:05 <tzafrir> OK. This is something I ased here and was given the feedback that the Debian logo should be in the Deban colors. This is why he changes the color.
19:20:12 <DLange> we can have the CSS tweaked as we go if somebody has a feel for that
19:20:48 <tumbleweed> if it's the debian logo, it should be in debian colours. If it's part of another logo (e.g. debconf20, salsa, etc.) I think the colour really doesn't matter
19:21:15 <nattie> we've certainly had logos involving swirls in different colours
19:21:23 <nattie> see also edinburgh, heidelberg, etc
19:21:47 <tumbleweed> different style swirls even (dc16)
19:22:00 <tzafrir> OK. So we have a clear task.
19:22:03 <nattie> though that was a particular case
19:22:53 <tzafrir> #action tzafrir to work with designers on the site design
19:23:19 <tzafrir> Next topic?
19:23:37 <DLange> just a quick summary:
19:23:48 <DLange> we get the logo in which color onto the website?
19:23:51 <tumbleweed> you can action me to stick the logo in there, and maybe tweak some colours, too
19:23:56 <DLange> the 1.svg one?
19:24:04 <karina> i vote blue
19:24:15 * DLange seconds karina's vote
19:24:20 <tumbleweed> sure
19:24:25 <DLange> can we get quorum? :)
19:24:57 <DLange> so #action: Karina and tumbleweed to pick a color, send to DLange and anisa for inclusion in the sponsors' material
19:25:00 <phls> ins't bad choose another logo that was not the most voted?
19:25:11 <DLange> nah, that's fine, phls
19:25:24 <tzafrir> Does this action syntax work?
19:25:34 <phls> well, i think it's not good :-)
19:25:39 <DLange> it is random people expressing preferences and nobody likes to print the Debian red, that's hell
19:25:39 <karina> can be the same logo with other plate of colors
19:25:59 <DLange> tzafrir: yes, without the text before #action (and you can drop the :)
19:26:21 <DLange> we can even do Warhol and do multiple colors
19:26:42 <karina> hhh
19:27:14 <karina> ok i will be in touch with tumbleweed
19:27:21 <DLange> awesome, thank you!
19:27:23 <karina> and anisa
19:27:43 <karina> (anisa i need your help)
19:27:43 <anisa> Thank you
19:27:50 <tzafrir> #action: Karina and tumbleweed to pick a color, send to DLange and anisa for inclusion in the sponsors' material
19:27:57 <tzafrir> (right? or undo?)
19:28:09 <DLange> right
19:28:42 <tzafrir> Anyway, the next topic is:
19:28:51 <tzafrir> #topic Fundraising
19:29:39 <tzafrir> Will there be sponsors' booths outside the job fair? (questions from sponsors)
19:30:39 <DLange> yes, to explain: a sponsor is asking for a booth / stand for more days than just the job fair
19:30:47 <nattie> is that really on?
19:30:52 <nattie> are they a massive sponsor?
19:30:55 <DLange> no
19:31:07 <DLange> my gut feeling is that is not a good idea as we probably don't have enough sponsors wanting that
19:31:12 <DLange> (for Israel)
19:31:16 <phls> tzafrir, in DC19 we left the booths available if some sponsor wanted to use for more days
19:31:23 <DLange> remember Montreal, that worked okish
19:31:30 <DLange> but elsewhere, not so
19:32:19 <nattie> i think it would be a bridge too far, really
19:33:02 <DLange> o.k. so do we have a concensus on "booths only during job fair"?
19:33:21 <phls> I have seen every year we have this question
19:34:02 <phls> here we said: "officialy is only 1 day, but we will leave the tables there if you want stay more"
19:34:33 <phls> they used 1 ou 2 more days
19:34:50 <nattie> we need to be consistent
19:35:01 <nattie> so let's stick with just during the job fair
19:35:08 <nattie> it's not fair to other sponsors otherwise
19:35:12 <DLange> yeah, I like that better, too
19:35:21 <DLange> for fairness and "empty tables" reasons
19:36:00 <karina> what happens if they decide to do it on their own?
19:36:03 <phls> s/ou/or :-)
19:36:17 <DLange> karina: they cannot. It is our event, not theirs.
19:36:46 <karina> even if they do it "just near by"...?
19:36:49 <DLange> if we let sponsors' make the rules, everything will be free and all talks will be on their products
19:37:18 <DLange> well, they could. But DebConf has not yet made it to "VIP room at $hotel next door" status
19:38:01 <karina> hhh ok
19:39:15 <tzafrir> ok. Next item was somwhat similar.
19:39:45 <tzafrir> LPI want to have a lab for an LPI exam.
19:40:19 <tzafrir> Technically we could find an extra classroom, I guess. I suppose that this is what they need.
19:40:24 <nattie> i think the thing to do there is for them to write to content@
19:40:25 <DLange> LPI - for those who don't know - offer trainings and certifications in Linux related courses.
19:40:37 <nattie> and register it as a BoF session
19:40:42 <tzafrir> There are some 30-40 seats classes around.
19:40:47 <DLange> tzafrir: can we rent it out to them at a cost?
19:41:03 <nattie> i guess we could inquire how it's handled at FOSDEM
19:41:17 <DLange> that would be interesting to know, nattie
19:41:24 <DLange> can you bug somebody who would know?
19:41:27 <nattie> shall i take that as an action?
19:41:42 <nattie> #action nattie to ask FOSDEM orga how they handle LPI exams
19:43:41 <tzafrir> Which brings us to the next item:
19:43:46 <tzafrir> #topic Rooms
19:44:01 <phls> usually the attendess pay a little less to do the tests
19:44:13 <DLange> you skipped some, tzafrir
19:44:18 <phls> i saw this happen in events here in Brasil
19:44:29 <tzafrir> Sorry.
19:44:37 <DLange> 4.2 and 4.3
19:44:40 <tzafrir> A similar topic
19:44:42 <nattie> tzafrir: you can #undo
19:44:47 <tzafrir> #undo
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19:45:27 <tzafrir> Status report from anisa
19:45:30 <phls> LPI gives some discount for attendees, i mean
19:45:49 * nattie waves at anisa
19:46:03 * anisa waves back
19:46:59 <anisa> All sponsors are contacted, I will follow up with them and need to send the flyer and the btrochure on the next round of emails.
19:47:15 <nattie> sounds good!
19:47:28 <anisa> will definitely be very helpful to have some local leads
19:47:29 <DLange> thank you very much anisa, great work on the initial batch of contacts!
19:48:04 <anisa> Thank you
19:48:16 <DLange> local leads is 4.3, tzafrir: can you change #topic?
19:48:28 <tzafrir> #topic Local leads
19:49:00 <tzafrir> Lior started working on a list. I refered him to the list in Salsa (in the sponsors repo)
19:49:15 <tzafrir> But I didn't see any update there.
19:49:19 <DLange> everybody of you should work on that, please
19:49:26 <DLange> you know people that he doesn't
19:49:54 <DLange> we need local leads because currently we have zero and that is very odd for the technology hub of Israel
19:49:57 <tzafrir> I tried. But don't have good leads so far.
19:50:16 <DLange> well, get together and discuss whom you know or whom you could contact
19:51:01 <DLange> if we need support, the sponsors' team will happily help you. But we don't know people in Israeli companies and subsidaries.
19:51:20 <DLange> And those are likely to sponsor, 'cause we do a DebConf close to them.
19:52:52 <DLange> Can I have some deadline for when you'll meet to get us some leads? Because without deadlines it seems there is very little activity ;-).
19:53:30 <tzafrir> I'll talk with Lior to get his initial leads this week.
19:53:30 <karina> i can try  a few people who work in the "big" conpanies, but they're not in the correct positions
19:54:38 <DLange> karina: that doesn't matter. They can usually forward internally or get us better names. Both is fine for us.
19:55:44 <tzafrir> #action tzafrir to get Lior to commit his initial list by the end of this week
19:55:53 <DLange> thank you
19:56:27 <tzafrir> So, next topic?
19:56:34 <DLange> yes please
19:56:46 <tzafrir> #topic Rooms
19:57:20 <tzafrir> Tamir will meet the person in chanrge of assignment of rooms this week.
19:57:42 <tzafrir> What rooms do we need for Debconf? For Debcamp?
19:58:03 <tzafrir> We have a list at https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Rooms
19:58:10 * DLange needs to leave this team meeting for a 9 p.m. appointment (8 UTC). o/ I'll read backlog later.
19:58:27 <tzafrir> #link https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/Rooms
19:59:34 <tumbleweed> that's a retty reasonable list (well, I think I was involved in early stages of drafting what became that, so no wonderI think that)
19:59:53 <tumbleweed> (urgh, sorry, on a high latency connection here. Lots of typos)
20:01:11 <tzafrir> So for Debcamp we only need some 3 or so hacklabs and no BoF rooms, but otherwise the list is the same, right?
20:01:56 <tzafrir> How any "other hacklabs" do we need?
20:02:35 <tumbleweed> debcamp would need hacklabs, orga, video team, server rooms, FD
20:02:50 <tumbleweed> and the video team would need access to talk rooms, towards the end of debcamp
20:03:17 <tumbleweed> it would be useful to book the talk rooms exclusively for debconf for the last couple of days of debcamp, at least
20:04:40 <tzafrir> Move on?
20:05:19 <tumbleweed> ove on
20:05:22 <tzafrir> #AoB
20:05:26 <tzafrir> #topic AoB
20:06:47 <tzafrir> Regarding the VAT issue: shachar just told me that he talked with kaplan and there's no workaround: we should just pay.
20:06:58 <tzafrir> Any other business?
20:07:53 <tzafrir> Next meeting is Jan-7 . Is that OK?
20:09:00 <tumbleweed> sure
20:09:06 <tzafrir> #endmeeting