18:59:53 <tzafrir> #startmeeting
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19:00:11 <talatb> Hi
19:00:24 <calhariz> Hi
19:00:25 <tzafrir> typo?
19:00:49 <tzafrir> (lag at my side)
19:00:54 <terceiro> hi
19:00:57 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
19:00:57 <anisa> Hello
19:01:07 <nattie> i'm totally here
19:01:29 <tumbleweed> o/
19:01:32 <DLange> \o/
19:01:42 <terceiro> o/
19:02:02 <azeem> here
19:02:21 <tzafrir> here as well
19:04:23 <tzafrir> #topic Last Meeting Actions
19:04:53 <tumbleweed> website bits are coming up in the next topic
19:05:29 <tzafrir> 2.1 and 2.2 are basically done, but have their own items (design and fundraising)
19:06:03 <tzafrir> Likeise 2.4. So nattie, what about LPI?
19:07:34 <nattie> oh, sorry, haven't checked on that yet, but will roll that over to the next meeting
19:07:46 <nattie> worst case, i'll find out by FOSDEM-time at the latest
19:08:18 <tzafrir> #action nattie to ask FOSDEM orga how they handle LPI exams
19:08:30 <tzafrir> So, website?
19:09:05 <tumbleweed> https://wafertest.debconf.org/ is sporting the new logo and a matching colour scheme
19:09:08 <tumbleweed> release it?
19:09:14 <tzafrir> #topic Design
19:09:37 <DLange> do we have a color scale from Ofer?
19:09:42 <tzafrir> Not yet.
19:09:50 <DLange> any ETA?
19:10:02 <tzafrir> I guess it's a good start. I talked with him today.
19:10:33 <tzafrir> No real time frame. I guess someone who knows about website design a bit more than me should ste in.
19:10:46 <tzafrir> He basically asked what we need.
19:11:16 <DLange> so let's use anisa's color scale until somebody convices of a better set?
19:11:23 <DLange> tumbleweed ^?
19:11:29 <tumbleweed> +1
19:11:32 <tzafrir> Yes. He was explicitly fine with that.
19:11:35 <DLange> cool
19:12:05 <DLange> so, tumbleweed: press the big red -eh- turquoise button :)
19:12:45 <tumbleweed> will do
19:12:56 <DLange> anisa: please use the color scale for flyer and brochure then as well
19:13:28 <anisa> okay
19:14:12 <tzafrir> #action let's use anisa's color scale for website and brochure (until somebody convices of a better set)
19:15:41 <tumbleweed> https://debconf20.debconf.org/ updated
19:15:51 <DLange> awesome, thank you!
19:15:54 <DLange> next subitem? Logo nitty-gritty?
19:16:09 <tzafrir> Favicon: Ofer agreed to do it. Suggested a colored Debian logo.
19:17:01 <tzafrir> He should send examples of those tommorow or in the coming days.
19:17:12 <nattie> cool!
19:17:50 <tzafrir> So I guess we wait for his examples.
19:18:41 <tzafrir> The next small one: he did agree to help with small technical issues, so we'll see what he can do about the Haifa font issue.
19:19:00 <tzafrir> I'll mail him after the meeting.
19:19:13 <tzafrir> Anybody else wants to be involved?
19:19:51 <DLange> CC Karina, tumbleweed, anisa and myself please
19:19:57 <tzafrir> Fine.
19:20:55 <tzafrir> #action tzafrir to contact Ofer about faviconf and "Haifa" font issue
19:21:56 <tzafrir> Content?
19:22:44 <tzafrir> #topic Website Content
19:24:02 <nattie> do you mean things like "about Haifa" etc?
19:24:13 <tzafrir> There are some pages we need to add / fix. I tried to get some other people involved, as it's a nice introductiory task.
19:24:24 <tzafrir> But if this won't help, we'll do that.
19:24:30 <tzafrir> yes, those pages.
19:24:56 <tzafrir> What's the time frame?
19:25:08 <azeem> I think all those subpages with FIXMEs should be hidden for now
19:25:33 <azeem> probably most important to flesh out the important dates page
19:25:51 <tzafrir> So what are the important dates?
19:26:27 <nattie> tzafrir: we can take 5 minutes after the meeting to determine those
19:26:42 <DLange> #link https://debconf20.debconf.org/schedule/important-dates/
19:26:48 <DLange> lots of ?? in there still
19:26:59 <azeem> tzafrir: start/end of CfP; start/end of (sponsored) registration
19:27:21 <azeem> probably "speakers get informed" and "bursary recipients" get informed, but we've been usually bad at doing that
19:27:30 <tumbleweed> I expected those FIXMEs to be squashed within a week or two of the site going live :P My mistake
19:27:47 <nattie> we have previous sites' dates pages we can tweak with the correct dates
19:28:01 <nattie> no need to reinvent the wheel
19:28:17 <tumbleweed> well, we did speak about an earlier registration timeframe this year
19:28:19 <terceiro> I can get back to you at the next meeting with the content-related dates
19:28:21 <tzafrir> Except we're a month or so off.
19:28:22 <anisa> I can also help with the important dates page, or other pages as well, If someone gives me the info needed
19:28:49 <tzafrir> Anyway, I think it's possible to have a presentabe website for next meeting.
19:29:09 <tzafrir> Assuming we decide on the dates after the meeting.
19:29:26 <DLange> well, we need a bursary team lead for that
19:29:46 <azeem> is registration and cfp possible website-wise?
19:29:57 <tzafrir> #addchair nattie
19:29:59 <tumbleweed> if we're happy with the existing questions
19:30:14 <nattie> #action terceiro to inform us of content-related dates at next meeting
19:30:15 <tumbleweed> I just pinged SPI again about stripe payments, would be nice to have that in place before we opened
19:30:19 <tumbleweed> (but it could happen later)
19:31:18 <tumbleweed> shall we talk about bursary team now? or wait for the staffing topic?
19:31:28 <tzafrir> topic
19:31:33 <DLange> +1
19:31:48 <tzafrir> Anything about fundraising?
19:32:13 <tzafrir> #topic Fundraising
19:32:58 <tzafrir> We did include some leads, as per the action (not exactly on time).
19:33:16 <tzafrir> I'm not exactly sure that this is the place to discuss them.
19:33:17 <DLange> yeah!
19:33:28 <tumbleweed> brb 5 mins
19:33:31 <DLange> Can we have contacts for the big tech companies as well please
19:33:57 <azeem> also it might be better if somebody from the local team approaches them in hebrew?
19:34:02 <DLange> even if it is generic ones, we should try to contact those with 5.000+ associates in Israel
19:34:36 <tzafrir> kaplanlior[m]: here?
19:34:55 <DLange> Just FTR: we decided to not do Hebrew flyer and brochure
19:35:07 <DLange> (quite some meetings ago)
19:35:17 <azeem> oh ok - the flyer might not be a huge task
19:35:28 <azeem> or was it because you decided to have all the communication in english anyway
19:35:37 <DLange> yes, so far
19:36:53 <tzafrir> Any actions here?
19:37:09 <tzafrir> Apart from "get more"?
19:37:09 <DLange> get us some more contacts?
19:37:21 <DLange> that is an important action
19:38:07 <tzafrir> #action Get us some more contacts. Specifically also local branches of past nd present sponsors
19:38:16 <tzafrir> #undo
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19:38:21 <tzafrir> #action Get us some more contacts. Specifically also local branches of past and present sponsors
19:38:30 <DLange> great. Thanks!
19:40:11 <tzafrir> #topic Team Staffing
19:40:37 <tzafrir> #url  https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/20/TeamRoles
19:40:45 <tzafrir> Needs updating, I guess
19:41:51 <tzafrir> Registration: there's "Registration and FD" there.
19:42:14 <nattie> yeah, we're fine with that
19:42:19 <tzafrir> That lists FD people. Is that the registration team?
19:42:34 <tzafrir> (I'm fine as I'm not there)
19:42:35 <nattie> Karina has agreed to join registration :)
19:42:42 <DLange> o/ yeah
19:42:55 <DLange> kesaev: can we haz you, too?
19:43:01 <tumbleweed> more like 10 mins, oops
19:43:38 <nattie> DLange: it's OK, i think George has a few other jobs and Karina is very capable :)
19:43:51 <DLange> okis
19:43:52 <kesaev> Hey, I not sure about the dates
19:44:01 <kesaev> just started a new job, sorry
19:44:15 <DLange> 1) congrats and
19:44:28 <DLange> 2) don't let it get in the way of the important stuff :)
19:44:55 <talatb> i can assist
19:45:01 <kesaev> 1)thank you 2) you are right
19:45:16 <DLange> :o)
19:46:25 <nattie> talatb: i think you probably have your plate full with catering etc :)
19:46:30 <azeem> can we have a sponsor liasion team/person?
19:46:37 <azeem> liason* I guess
19:47:11 <karina> I asked a few of my friends and some of them showed an intrest in helping during the confrence
19:47:44 <karina> no hard "yes"es yet
19:47:50 <azeem> great!
19:48:01 <karina> (talking about the registration)
19:48:59 <nattie> karina: we can use some help on FD, but will keep the registration team itself relatively small
19:51:56 <tzafrir> So, registration team is nattie, taowa and karina?
19:52:46 <nattie> tzafrir: there are a few longer-standing members also
19:53:37 <tzafrir> OK. Bursary team lead?
19:54:41 <DLange> highvoltage stepped down from that
19:55:02 <DLange> so we need a new, trusted, person to run it. Preferably with experience in the field.
19:55:34 <tzafrir> Is that an action?
19:55:46 <DLange> well, it is call
19:55:57 <nattie> it's getting somewhat urgent, i guess
19:56:07 <tumbleweed> put out a call to the busary@ alias?
19:56:12 <azeem> tumbleweed and bremner are marked as being on that team, is that still accurate?
19:56:15 <DLange> yeah, would be good to find somebody in the next month or so
19:56:21 <DLange> azeem: yes
19:56:28 <tumbleweed> azeem: I'm only really there as a support member, not wanting to lead it
19:56:36 <tumbleweed> E_HATS
19:56:53 <tumbleweed> well and coordination between reg, website, and bursary
19:57:00 <DLange> s/_/_TOOMANY/
19:57:46 <tzafrir> #action put out a call to the busary@ alias
19:57:55 <tzafrir> Assuming that's what you meant
19:58:00 <tumbleweed> who will take the action?
19:58:05 <DLange> yeah, sounds good
19:58:15 <azeem> tumbleweed: can you do it?
19:58:16 <DLange> how about you tumbleweed? :)
19:58:21 <DLange> azeem: ^5
19:58:49 <tumbleweed> OK
19:58:53 <tzafrir> #undo
19:58:53 <MeetBot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x108bdd0>
19:59:02 <tzafrir> #action tumbleweed to put out a call to the busary@ alias
19:59:29 <tzafrir> topic?
19:59:56 <DLange> AOB, I guess
19:59:59 <tzafrir> #topic #AoB
20:00:41 <tzafrir> Anything? Next meeting?
20:01:09 <nattie> please remember to hold it on a Monday ;)
20:01:24 <DLange> smirk
20:01:34 <tumbleweed> :P
20:01:37 <DLange> 27th?
20:02:00 <tzafrir> In three weeks?
20:02:01 <nattie> can do.  anything preventing it being on the 20th?
20:02:12 <DLange> 20th?
20:02:21 <DLange> fine, too. Just can't attend :)
20:02:58 <DLange> 20th is fine. I will read back-log.
20:03:07 <nattie> 27th is fine, too
20:03:22 <nattie> it's a compromise between fortnightly and monthly :)
20:03:29 <nattie> anyone else got strong views either way?
20:03:36 <DLange> let's keep the 20th
20:03:49 <DLange> it seems too little work is done between the meetings
20:03:57 <DLange> so make them frequent enough :D
20:04:05 <tumbleweed> +1 to that
20:04:10 <tumbleweed> I'd want to increase frequency, not reduce
20:04:21 <tumbleweed> but it seems a bit early to go weekly
20:05:04 <nattie> yeah, let's go with the 20th then, and DLange can read backlog and participate more in the following one
20:05:11 <tzafrir> #agree Next meeting is Monday, 2020-1-20, 19:00 UTC
20:05:12 <DLange> +1
20:05:30 <nattie> (which would then be 3 February or thereabouts, which could be a little awkward for people returning from FOSDEM)
20:05:41 <nattie> hold that thought
20:05:58 <tzafrir> I guess I may be on my way
20:06:15 <DLange> we can move to Wed or so that week then
20:06:26 <DLange> Mon are not the only days in a week
20:06:29 <DLange> as we see today :D
20:06:32 <nattie> we'll have had a chance to talk at FOSDEM as well, i should hope
20:07:41 <tzafrir> Anything else?
20:07:48 <nattie> nothing from my side at the moment
20:08:42 <nattie> shall we call it good?
20:08:45 <tzafrir> #endmeeting