19:00:22 <tzafrir> #startmeeting
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19:00:40 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
19:01:37 * tzafrir is present
19:02:00 <stefanor> o/
19:03:03 * nattie waves hi
19:03:28 * joostvb lurks
19:04:32 <tzafrir> Not many people, but not much on the agenda
19:04:44 <tzafrir> #topic Last Meeting Actions
19:05:10 <tzafrir> nattie to ask FOSDEM orga how they handle LPI exams
19:05:43 <terceiro> sorry, I'm here
19:05:48 <nattie> yes - i investigated that and told you a bit about it.  do you need me to inquire further?
19:06:08 <tzafrir> no, looks good. To be discussed in FOSDEM anyway.
19:06:12 <nattie> *nods*
19:06:14 <georgetski> hey everyone
19:06:44 <tzafrir> Next one: et's use anisa's color scale for website and brochure
19:06:51 <tzafrir> Done. Right?
19:07:32 <terceiro> so far it's using just the blue/acqua
19:07:42 <terceiro> and the "Debian" red for some titles
19:07:49 <cate> hello
19:08:12 <tzafrir> Are there any changes needed?
19:08:30 <terceiro> I don't see any TBH
19:09:05 <terceiro> I mean, could it be made better looking? yes. is that a priority? I don't think so
19:09:25 <tzafrir> Next action: tzafrir to contact Ofer about favicon and "Haifa" font issue
19:10:01 <tzafrir> It was mostly DLange anisa and karina in otuch with him.
19:11:07 <tzafrir> So were those issues fixed? IIRC they were, but I wasn't following closely enough.
19:11:42 <anisa> Hello, o/   I am sorry I am late.
19:11:47 <stefanor> I recall an email thread
19:12:29 <tzafrir> Anyone currently in touch with Ofer, BTW?
19:13:40 <tzafrir> So there are no pending issues here, I see.
19:14:11 <tzafrir> Next action: terceiro to inform us of content-related dates at next meeting
19:14:20 <terceiro> yes
19:14:23 <terceiro> I'll paste
19:14:39 <terceiro> - Publish CFP: Jan 31st
19:14:40 <terceiro> - Official submission deadline: March 31st
19:14:40 <terceiro> - Submission results: April 19th
19:15:01 <terceiro> #info content-related deadlines: Publish CFP: Jan 31st; Official submission deadline: March 31st; Submission results: April 19th
19:15:37 <terceiro> the idea is to make this as early as possible so approved speakers can have that info available for bursaries
19:16:15 <terceiro> maybe the submission period could be even shorter? now that I think about it, 2 months is a long time
19:16:32 <stefanor> We always extend, as every conference does
19:16:52 <terceiro> yeah sure, this year the plan is to just continue receiving submissions after the deadline
19:16:55 <stefanor> The schedule won't fill up, usually
19:17:22 <tzafrir> Question for later: what's blocking us from publishing a CfP
19:17:36 <terceiro> the problem is allowing people who need early confirmation to have it, for bursaries and other purposes
19:17:45 <gwolf> o/
19:18:35 <tzafrir> Next action: Get us some more contacts. Specifically also local branches of past and present sponsors
19:18:52 <tzafrir> I can't say we made much progress here.
19:19:48 <stefanor> What do we need to do to make progress there?
19:23:05 <karina> speak to people who know other people. a few people showed interest, but most of them wanted the brochure as well.
19:23:06 <tzafrir> I tried my best, but not so far no leads.
19:24:29 <tzafrir> Any problem with using the current brochure?
19:24:38 <karina> yes
19:24:47 <karina> =)
19:25:04 <nattie> we edited the living daylights out of that brochure, so *someone* should use it anyway
19:25:07 <karina> hopefully it will be done by the end of the week
19:26:30 <karina> you did a great job (thank you!!) but there was only so much that you could have done... there is still some content missing. I am on it
19:27:30 <nattie> ah, fair enough :)
19:27:48 <nattie> let me know if you want me to cast an eye on the content you add
19:28:16 <karina> fur sure. I wont dare release this without your aproval.
19:28:52 <nattie> :)
19:28:53 <karina> (i still remember, in horror, the time you helped me with the presentation)
19:29:32 <tzafrir> So, we have an action for preparing the brochure by next meeting?
19:29:52 <karina> yes. and a quick question
19:30:09 <tzafrir> Ask ahead
19:31:22 <tzafrir> #action karina to finish the brochure by next meeting
19:31:36 <tzafrir> And carry on from last meeting:
19:32:04 <tzafrir> #action Get us some more contacts. Specifically also local branches of past and present sponsors
19:33:13 <tzafrir> gamba22: was there any question you wanted to ask?
19:33:58 <tzafrir> Next action: tumbleweed to put out a call to the busary@ alias
19:34:23 <tumbleweed> I did. Several bites for staying on the team, but no lead
19:36:31 <karina> (sorry i got disconnected)
19:37:10 <tzafrir> There are no other items on the agenda right now
19:37:28 <tzafrir> #topic Any other Business?
19:38:24 <tzafrir> One thing: if we are to publish a CfP on Jan-31, what do we need for that?
19:38:35 <tzafrir> Anything blocking us?
19:39:08 <nattie> not really, just the usual amount of proofreading i guess
19:39:11 <terceiro> no. content@ is preparing the cfp at http://deb.li/dc20cfp
19:39:49 <terceiro> and there is some discussion by email that is not reflected there yet
19:40:05 <tzafrir> (I wondered about the site and other stuff. That's good)
19:40:13 <tzafrir> Anything else?
19:43:30 <tzafrir> Next meeting: Monday is Feb-3, right after FOSDEM. Is that OK?
19:43:58 <tzafrir> (I'll probably be on my way back or just ariving)
19:45:32 <nattie> should we have it on the monday or the tuesday?
19:45:45 <nattie> people may not have arrived yet, or be really tired from travelling
19:46:15 <terceiro> or maybe push it one week later, since today we barely had topics to cover
19:47:05 <terceiro> (I'm fine either way)
19:47:49 <tzafrir> I'm fine with pushing it a week.
19:47:53 <nattie> yeah, i think maybe we should push it a week out, and then have the following meeting a week after that, then return to the regular fortnightly schedule
19:48:08 <nattie> so next meeting 10 feb, meeting after that 17 feb, meeting after that (something) march
19:48:19 <nattie> 2 march
19:49:56 <tzafrir> One week after another is a bit odd. Why not just Feb-24 after Feb-10?
19:50:29 <nattie> i think possibly there will be more stuff to deal with in february
19:50:48 <tzafrir> So we go back to bi-weekly
19:50:56 <nattie> whatever suits you
19:51:08 <nattie> 10 feb, 24 feb, 9 march?
19:51:13 <tzafrir> yes
19:51:19 <nattie> we will need to start picking up to weekly at some point
19:52:17 <tzafrir> #agreed Next meeting in three weeks, on Feb-10 19:00 UTC.
19:53:06 <tzafrir> Anything else?
19:53:42 <tzafrir> #endmeeting