19:01:21 <nattie> #startmeeting
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19:01:35 <anisa> o/
19:01:36 <nattie> #topic roll call
19:01:40 <nattie> holler if you're here
19:01:45 <tzafrir> hi
19:01:48 <DLange> howl
19:01:50 <bremner> holl
19:01:52 <talatb> Hi
19:02:00 <shachar> hello
19:02:00 <taowa> h
19:02:04 <tumbleweed> o/
19:02:20 * anisa hollers
19:02:22 <nattie> ok, let's look at the actions from last meeting
19:02:23 <terceiro> hi
19:02:27 <nattie> #topic last meeting actions
19:02:35 <calhariz> o/
19:02:38 <Kannan[m]>19:02:38 <nattie> any progress on sponsor contacts?
19:02:52 <nattie> i'm presuming that, in this uncertain situation, there's not much
19:02:57 <nattie> but go ahead, surprise me :)
19:03:03 <shachar> I have a couple of companies I wanted to contact, but now is not the time
19:03:10 <shachar> I wouldn't know what to say to them
19:03:21 <nattie> shachar: totally understandable, no worries
19:03:34 <tzafrir> From what Lior told me: no progress in that front
19:03:51 <DLange> shachar: well, you could confirm contacts and make sure they know you're organizing a DebConf
19:04:08 <shachar> I will. They are both former employers, so contacts is not a problem
19:04:21 <DLange> cool, thanks
19:04:36 <DLange> can you add them to the sponsors' git please?
19:04:50 <shachar> Can I have a URL?
19:04:53 <DLange> Karina or tzafrir can do that for you in case you don't have access
19:05:02 <DLange> not public, shachar
19:05:31 <shachar> They are Weka.io (https://weka.io) and LiveU (https://liveu.tv)
19:05:49 <shachar> The later is in the same building I (supposedly) work at, so I was hoping to do this face 2 face
19:05:58 * nattie reminds people that potential sponsors shouldn't be discussed by name on this channel
19:06:11 * shachar hides in a corner
19:06:36 <DLange> PM Karina, tzafrir, anisa or myself the contact info, if you can. https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/sponsors-list-format-2.0 is the format
19:07:00 <nattie> There's also an item here about a local team member taking on responsibility for the fulfillment team
19:07:05 <shachar> DLange, np
19:07:14 <nattie> Any news on that
19:07:15 <nattie> ?
19:07:56 <tzafrir> nattie: I'm confused. I somehow recall that you took that responsibility.
19:08:29 <nattie> that's what i thought, so i'm unsure what that's doing on the agenda
19:08:48 <DLange> there's more to this than saving things for sponsors to send
19:09:03 <DLange> e.g. we need to fill a report form with pictures for one sponsors
19:09:23 <DLange> and we need somebody to take responsibility for that (needs to be local)
19:09:33 <nattie> i'm fine with working together with someone on that
19:09:53 <shachar> I'd like to know what's needed to see if I can pick it up
19:09:58 <nattie> so if anyone is interested in working on that, please contact me
19:10:36 <nattie> does that work for people?
19:10:53 <nattie> shachar: talk to me, and we'll divide the job between us?
19:11:00 <DLange> please make it an action item and report back in a month if nobody contacted you
19:11:00 <shachar> great
19:11:01 <kaplanlior[m]> I think that's not important at the moment... We don't know if/ when we have a conference.
19:11:26 <nattie> kaplanlior[m]: anticipating agenda items!
19:11:30 <DLange> it is because we are still doing contracts and there is legal obligations for fulfillment
19:11:48 <nattie> #action nattie and shachar to divide fulfillment team job between them
19:11:57 <shachar> DLange, all reasonable contracts have "force major" cancellation statements
19:12:15 <shachar> we really should make sure ours do
19:12:24 <nattie> should we consider this as "if the conference goes ahead physically, then..."
19:12:31 <DLange> yes, but that doesn't mean we forget to assign the responsibilities in the non-force-majeur situations
19:12:52 <shachar> next item?
19:12:57 <nattie> yeah
19:13:07 <nattie> #topic Coronavirus
19:13:14 <nattie> since we're already spilling over into this topic anyway
19:13:33 <DLange> Suchergebnisse
19:13:33 <DLange> Webergebnisse
19:13:40 <DLange> opps, sorry mispaste
19:13:43 <nattie> #info Currently, the decision whether the conference will go ahead is set for the beginning of June
19:14:34 <nattie> Are we setting a date in stone on this?
19:14:35 <shachar> So far, plotting new infections on a logarithmic scale produces a linear graph
19:15:00 <kaplanlior[m]> Looks reasonable for the time being. Probably reevaluate in a month, depending on actual conditions
19:15:00 <kaplanlior[m]> > #info Currently, the decision whether the conference will go ahead is set for the beginning of June
19:15:14 <shachar> "Social distancing" has been in effect for a little over a week now, with no visible break
19:15:17 <DLange> #link https://govextra.gov.il/ministry-of-health/corona/corona-virus-en/
19:15:42 <shachar> So I doubt a lockdown will be lifted in less than a couple of months
19:16:19 <nattie> also, it's very hard to socially-distance during an in-person conference, especially one like debconf
19:16:44 <DLange> <tzafrir> Currently the plan in Israel is to start lifting restrictions in mid April.
19:16:50 <DLange> <tzafrir> Specifically Apr-16 (after the last day of Passover)
19:16:58 <shachar> so the question is no only how bad Israel is expected to have it, but also how bad the countries where most attendees are expected to come from
19:17:03 <nattie> were the kinds of restrictions specified that might be lifted?
19:17:05 <DLange> from earlier discussions, just to counter the pessimism a bit
19:17:18 <shachar> DLange, I'd bet against that
19:17:31 * DLange does not take bets on people's health
19:17:34 <nattie> because it's all very well to be able to go to .il, it still doesn't mean large events will be allowed
19:17:35 <shachar> even if it does happen, this doesn't mean okaying large scale conferences
19:17:39 <tzafrir> shachar: why bet?
19:17:45 <tzafrir> What do we actually commit?
19:17:51 <shachar> and definitely not allowing people to fly in
19:18:41 <shachar> The question is this: suppose the restrictions are lifted by April 16th
19:19:03 <tzafrir> Certainly not *the* restrictions.
19:19:05 <shachar> will we be able to get the conference up and running?
19:19:18 <tzafrir> Start removing (some) restrictions.
19:19:19 <shachar> The home isolation
19:19:23 <kaplanlior[m]> Guys, we only need to know the go/no go dates. Condition might vary drastically...
19:19:36 <tumbleweed> would we be confident that they wouldn't be re-imposed?
19:19:38 <nattie> shall we perhaps revisit this topic when there's a bit more information available?
19:19:49 <tumbleweed> kaplanlior[m]: yeah
19:19:49 <DLange> #link https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-travel-restrictions.html
19:20:10 <tumbleweed> so, go/no go dates for suppliers and bursaries I guess
19:20:16 <nattie> if someone would like to update us after 16 April, that would be great
19:20:16 <DLange> nattie: ++
19:20:29 <shachar> lead time for Visas
19:20:59 <nattie> the agenda that's 2 months + 2 weeks
19:20:59 <tumbleweed> non-paywall version of that: http://archive.is/q3VyA
19:21:10 <nattie> *says
19:21:11 <DLange> shall we fix the 08.06.2020 go/nogo date in the meeting minutes?
19:21:27 <DLange> #link http://archive.is/q3VyA
19:21:29 <tzafrir> Is it OK visa-wise?
19:21:31 <shachar> DLange, no objection
19:21:36 <nattie> are we willing to commit to the 8th of June?
19:21:53 <nattie> #agreed 8th of June 2020 to decide whether the conference goes ahead physically
19:21:54 <kaplanlior[m]> Counting from debconf backwards, I estimate we need a GO meeting late May or early June. Before that, it's speculations ATM. We'll update on every major change here.
19:21:55 <shachar> assuming venue and other local contracts can be cancelled by then, sure
19:22:10 <DLange> tzafrir: yes, most people cannot apply more than three month before the conference
19:22:11 <nattie> #undo
19:22:11 <MeetBot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Agreed object at 0x14efdd0>
19:22:33 <nattie> (i can redo the item if people agree on a date)
19:22:48 <DLange> I think we agree, kaplanlior[m]'s comment was just adding info
19:22:49 <shachar> I think have this discussion again nex
19:22:55 <nattie> #agreed 8th of June 2020 to decide whether the conference goes ahead physically
19:22:55 <shachar> Strike that
19:23:07 <shachar> I think we can see where we are at the next meeting
19:23:11 <nattie> indeed
19:23:23 <nattie> i guess that's the really big item looming
19:23:27 <DLange> we'll monitor the situation and should continue to have updates in the team meetings
19:23:41 <shachar> Currently, January seems like a lifetime ago
19:23:42 <DLange> may be #agree that as well
19:23:55 <nattie> There's the question whether we should issue a statement via the press team
19:24:06 <nattie> and I suppose, if so, when
19:24:14 <nattie> Thoughts, anyone?
19:24:18 <shachar> NOW
19:24:22 <tumbleweed> +1
19:24:27 <terceiro> yeah
19:24:28 <tumbleweed> say where we are
19:24:36 <shachar> Make that, a month ago
19:24:38 <anisa> +1
19:24:43 <DLange> nattie: I'd say yes, around April 20th
19:24:49 <nattie> ok, we should get together right after the meeting, and start drafting
19:24:54 <shachar> Even if the statement says "we don't know yet, we are aware and monitoring the situation"
19:25:00 <tumbleweed> nattie: start with the FAQ statement
19:25:00 <DLange> because the sponsors that asked are informed and we have the FAQ entry
19:25:14 <tumbleweed> the attendees are not informed
19:25:22 <shachar> People happening on the web site need to be informed
19:25:23 <tumbleweed> and you need to know where to find that FAQ entry
19:25:29 <shachar> right now it looks like we abandoned the project
19:25:31 <tumbleweed> it shouldn't be buried in an FAQ
19:25:40 <tumbleweed> it's probably the most important thing we can show on our site right now
19:25:48 <kaplanlior[m]> I would ping sponsors before PR, they should get a direct update first.
19:25:48 <DLange> o.k. so make it a news item on dc20.dc.o?
19:25:56 <nattie> ok, so let's start drafting stuff after the meeting
19:25:58 <DLange> kaplanlior[m]: ack
19:26:07 <tumbleweed> DLange: that'd be good. Usually those have been press team announcements
19:26:16 <tumbleweed> but they don't have to be, at all
19:26:22 <DLange> I would not use press for now
19:26:29 <DLange> only in April, we know to little now
19:26:33 <DLange> too, too
19:26:36 <nattie> ok, i think we're addressing several separate issues here
19:26:58 <nattie> sponsors need to be informed, and the public needs to be informed
19:27:10 <nattie> those can be two separate items of communication
19:27:11 <shachar> I think the fact we have _not_ cancelled the conference yet is news worthy of announcement.
19:27:28 <kesaev> +1
19:27:36 <shachar> I know that the fact they have not cancelled the olympics made the daily papers
19:27:51 <DLange> yet, shachar, yet. That one will go.
19:27:56 <DLange> Ours will not.
19:27:59 <shachar> Yet. Indeed.
19:28:00 <tzafrir> So let's not make headlines
19:28:03 <DLange> If you want to know my estimate :)
19:28:44 <shachar> DLange, I hope you're right. I'm not as optimistic, even if the Virus is contained. That's a discussion for another time, however.
19:28:51 <kesaev> btw what are the other oprions? posponing? online? cancelling?
19:29:03 <DLange> yes, yes and yes
19:29:26 <shachar> With the uncertainty, "postponing" and "cancelling" are not that different. I see how other conferences are dealing with it
19:29:27 <nattie> there is work happening on online conferencing
19:29:45 <nattie> could we please come to a clear decision on what needs to go out to whom when?
19:29:52 <nattie> so, to sponsors:
19:30:00 <nattie> that needs to go out soon, IMO
19:30:06 <DLange> yeah, the video team and the .social team are trying to get something together for more online participation
19:30:15 <DLange> this will be good in any case
19:30:20 <nattie> just to let them know we're aware of the situation and are monitoring it
19:30:41 <DLange> nattie: as I said above, all sponsors that asked are updated
19:30:49 <nattie> DLange: OK, fair enough
19:30:57 <DLange> we seem to want to inform potential attendees
19:31:03 <nattie> how about the website?  something really needs to go on the front page
19:31:05 <shachar> DLange, yes.
19:31:14 <nattie> (which we can write in a moment, after the meeting)
19:31:17 <DLange> I'd use dc20.dc.o (and possibly the debconf-announce ML) for that
19:31:25 <nattie> yes
19:31:34 <DLange> so let's agree to do that?
19:31:45 <shachar> right now, people going to the web site see the CFP. The lack of references to the virus makes it look like we all abandoned the project
19:31:53 <nattie> i'm happy to help draft that, those who want to join me in writing this, please stay after the meeting
19:32:19 <nattie> #action nattie and others to draft message about conference status to go on dc20.dc.o and relevant mailing list(s)
19:32:24 <nattie> sound good?
19:32:40 <DLange> +1
19:32:40 <nattie> shall we move on to the next topic?
19:32:47 <nattie> #topic winding down DC19 books
19:33:36 <nattie> Who's up for communicating with the new SPI treasurer about this?
19:33:53 <nattie> (that being zumbi)
19:35:13 <DLange> tumbleweed: ^ did you add the topic?
19:35:51 <DLange> (istr this is about consolidating SPI payments with our records?)
19:37:07 <tumbleweed> DLange: yes, I did
19:37:17 <tumbleweed> and not much to say, other than that I pinged him :)
19:37:48 <nattie> fair enough :)
19:38:34 <nattie> #info tumbleweed has pinged the new SPI treasurer
19:40:20 <tumbleweed> urgh, zobel not zumbi
19:40:32 <nattie> correction noted
19:40:37 <tumbleweed> z<tab>
19:40:42 <terceiro> z*
19:40:43 <nattie> with apologies to both zobel and zumbi
19:41:06 <nattie> is there actually much else to say on the topic?
19:41:38 <shachar> We finished all of our bikeshedding on the Coronavirus
19:41:41 <nattie> #topic AOB
19:41:59 <nattie> anyone got a burning desire to tell us anything else (relevant to debconf)?
19:42:39 <DLange> go help the .social team test their stuff, lots of bugs to be ironed out
19:42:51 <nattie> let's settle on a date for the next meeting
19:43:01 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianSocial
19:43:07 <nattie> i think it's 6 April, by my reckoning?
19:43:22 <tzafrir> Do we need that?
19:43:37 <tzafrir> Or should we skip to April 20th?
19:43:42 <nattie> not desperately.  we could go for the 20th and ruin kaplanlior[m]'s birthday, i guess...
19:43:51 <DLange> I'd probably skip and do the 20th
19:44:00 <shachar> Mine's in two days, and already ruined without your help
19:44:16 <DLange> that's when we need to decide whether to communicate something beyond dc20.dc.o and debconf-announce
19:44:20 <tumbleweed> erm, shall we update important-dates?
19:44:28 <nattie> yes, let's
19:44:35 * DLange gets shachar a nice new face mask
19:44:38 <tumbleweed> I guess we can just link to the news page from it and say take this with a pinch of salt
19:44:58 <nattie> right, so the 20th it is.  19:00 UTC good for everyone?
19:45:33 <nattie> #agreed next meeting Monday 20 April, 19:00 UTC
19:45:34 <shachar> 👍
19:45:43 <nattie> that's all, folks!
19:45:45 <nattie> #endmeeting