19:00:39 <tzafrir> #startmeeting
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19:00:55 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
19:01:06 <shachar> Gift
19:01:07 <anisa> o/
19:01:09 <azeem> hi
19:01:12 <shachar> Sorry, present
19:01:34 <nattie> yo
19:02:13 <DLange> Say hello if you are here for the meeting
19:02:44 <anisa> hello if you are here for the meeting
19:02:46 <anisa> :P
19:03:06 <shachar> anisa, I was holding myself not to do that
19:03:24 <shachar> ;-)
19:03:36 <nattie> oh y'all
19:03:44 <anisa> haha as you can see, I couldn't!
19:04:07 <shachar> Consider that for both of us
19:04:24 <tzafrir> OK, time to move to the next item,
19:04:49 <tzafrir> #topic Todos from last meetings
19:05:13 <nattie> yeah, so shachar and i managed to talk about the job of the fulfillment team, such as it is
19:05:51 <shachar> The main takeaway was that once we decide the conference is moving forward, there will be lots of stuff to do
19:06:07 <DLange> do you have a list and a place to track it?
19:06:29 <tzafrir> #info nattie and shachar will handle the fulfillments team, once we see the conference moving forward
19:06:32 <nattie> in the fullness of time
19:06:47 <DLange> hehe
19:07:06 <tzafrir> Anything more on that?
19:07:15 <shachar> We did go over specific items, but no action items right now
19:07:53 <nattie> kommt zeit, kommt tat
19:07:55 <nattie> and all that
19:07:56 <taowa> a bit late, but hello everyone!
19:08:08 <tzafrir> #topic Coronavirus update
19:08:31 <shachar> Essentially, number of new infections in ISrael is way down
19:09:05 <shachar> we're down from around 450 new infections a day to 23 yesterday and 38 today
19:09:21 <shachar> And the country is starting to open up (internally)
19:09:36 <shachar> Of course, this means that, two weeks from now, a new wave might come in
19:10:27 <shachar> My personal perspective is that even if it doesn't, I am highly doubtful that isolation of people coming from abroad will be lifted by August
19:10:51 <shachar> And even if it does, if other countries are still fighting this pandemic off, people won't be _able_ to come
19:11:12 <shachar> and said above, it is highly likely that even if all is well, people will self- isolate and not want to travel
19:11:16 <paddatrapper> sorry I'm late
19:11:25 <shachar> With that said, August is still a while away
19:11:45 <_rene_> that's their personal problem if they are still in panic-mode by then
19:12:40 <DLange> well, some will be be, some won't. Some governments will be more relaxed and some more anxious.
19:12:53 <DLange> It's like VISAs. Not everybody that wants to come will be able to.
19:13:03 <tzafrir> #info It is very likely there will very likely be gradual reopening, maybe even by June.
19:13:04 <DLange> And not everybody that can come will want to.
19:13:25 * h01ger waves
19:14:09 <DLange> are will still o.k. with deciding this on June 8 as we said in our March 23 meeting?
19:14:19 <shachar> Fine by me
19:14:19 <DLange> by then we should know quite clearly
19:15:12 <anisa> +1 for deciding on June
19:15:13 <nattie> it'll be a bit of a rush to throw everything together in june if we decide to go ahead
19:15:17 <nattie> but fine
19:15:39 <shachar> We're not postponing to June just yet
19:15:45 <shachar> we are postponing with a _deadline_ in June
19:16:08 <h01ger> it will also be a big rush for the attendees.
19:16:23 <shachar> h01ger, that, I think, is the real issue
19:16:54 <shachar> Even if we can bring a conference up from June 8th, can people make the relevant plans so quickly?
19:17:02 <DLange> people can book now, cancelations at all major airlines are free
19:17:10 <azeem> is there any deadlines to cancel contracts with the venue or accomodation or so?
19:17:14 <DLange> some people have booked already and some will
19:17:24 <h01ger> noone who cannot leave their house will book today
19:17:32 <shachar> h01ger, +1
19:17:33 <DLange> azeem: that's where the June 8 deadline comes from
19:17:38 <azeem> ack
19:18:10 <shachar> I say let's have this discussion again in two weeks
19:18:25 <DLange> yup. The more we know the better we can decide.
19:18:30 <shachar> By then we'll have some idea if a second wave of infections is coming in
19:19:23 <tzafrir> #agreed check on the Coronavirus issue again in two weeks
19:19:53 <DLange> just FTR: today we have had the German health minister visiting a Roche plant (antibody tests) and today Roche confirmed sponsoring DebConf20
19:20:08 <DLange> anisa has already sent them a thank you note
19:20:44 <shachar> Next item?
19:21:03 <h01ger> will roche sponsor tests for us?
19:21:25 <azeem> heh
19:21:32 <tzafrir> #topic Remote participation development
19:21:35 <anisa> well they did mention swag but didnt give more details
19:21:37 <azeem> actually I wonder whether those tests run on their Debian thingy
19:22:15 <nattie> so we're working on the online minidebconf, still, and have dates set for that
19:22:30 <nattie> and that should give an indication of how well remote participation might work
19:22:30 <azeem> is there going to be CfP for that?
19:22:36 <nattie> yes, we're working on it
19:22:38 * h01ger is not sure corona tests are considered swag yet. corona beer might count though ;)
19:23:17 <shachar> h01ger, not a great beer drinker, but I understood Corona isn't considered particularly good
19:24:09 <anisa> people who have dark humor find Corona beer particularly good this period :P
19:24:42 <DLange> actually the Corona beer people complained about all the people writing in and assigning them blame
19:25:15 <tzafrir> Anything else about remote participation? What we can / should have?
19:25:17 <shachar> I developed my dark humor considerably, but not to the point where I'd drink beer just for the joke
19:25:46 <DLange> I think tumbleweed or anybody else from the video folks is not around are they?
19:25:59 <paddatrapper> I am busy building a platform to use
19:26:06 <DLange> aah, we have a paddatrapper
19:26:08 <azeem> was just saying, paddatrapper is
19:26:40 <paddatrapper> currently has is working for streaming recorded content to people
19:26:45 * _rene_ buys it regularily nowadays
19:26:56 <_rene_> black humour indeed
19:27:13 <paddatrapper> Busy working on moderation/presenter features that will allow live presentations and question/answer interaction over video and/or audio
19:27:18 <paddatrapper> IRC is already integrated
19:27:37 <paddatrapper> plan on testing it in the online minidebconf
19:28:13 <paddatrapper> we also plan on testing things like Jitsi and BigBlueButton (potentially)
19:28:52 <DLange> what's the reason to build a different platform and then test existing solutions?
19:29:10 <DLange> Sounds a bit unusual sequence-wise.
19:29:47 <paddatrapper> Jitsi, et al are lacking in moderation and 1-to-many streaming features
19:30:38 <azeem> the FSF used jitsi inbound, but something else outbound I think
19:30:48 <paddatrapper> I'm building billowconf for State of the Map (open street maps), where they've already decided not to use Jitsi
19:31:02 <paddatrapper> azeem: Jitsi inboud, RTMP streaming outbound IIRC
19:31:44 <shachar> Any chance we can have next meeting start at 18:00UTC?
19:32:13 <nattie> it would be fine by me, does it work for the others?
19:32:37 <shachar> Israel switched to daylight saving, and I'm nodding off here :-(
19:33:43 * DLange tugs shachar in. Good night! :9
19:33:58 * shachar waves goodbye
19:34:24 <DLange> I'm fine to start meetings at 18:00 UTC
19:34:46 <DLange> should be fine for the US folks, too, right?
19:34:58 <nattie> depends on if they have work calls, i guess
19:35:36 <nattie> that's 11 on the west coast, right?
19:36:15 <DLange> yep
19:36:18 <DLange> next topic and revisit meeting time at the end of the meeting?
19:36:26 <nattie> sure
19:36:36 <tzafrir> That was next topic
19:36:52 <tzafrir> #topic AoB
19:37:24 <tzafrir> Any?
19:37:43 <anisa> Roche said they would like to send swag, i didnt gave them a deadline yet
19:38:38 <DLange> do we have a cutoff date by when we need to receive swag?
19:38:50 <DLange> like beginning of DebCamp or so?
19:39:06 <tzafrir> Debcamp or Debconf?
19:39:24 <DLange> DebCamp I was guessing to have the stuff for packing bags
19:39:32 <DLange> nattie ^?
19:39:56 <nattie> we tend to try to pack the bags early on during debcamp
19:40:19 <DLange> so sounds reasonable to want to have the things at its start?
19:40:22 <nattie> it's nice to have it in place a little beforehand, just so we're not waiting on items that get held up
19:40:48 <nattie> maybe give a slightly earlier deadline in case of delays
19:41:12 <anisa> nattie: can you propose a date?
19:42:28 <nattie> 10th of August?
19:42:52 <DLange> +1
19:43:22 <anisa> okay great thank you
19:43:35 <DLange> so next meeting time?
19:43:45 <tzafrir> #topic Next Meeting
19:44:06 <tzafrir> (for those reading: see just before the topic AoB)
19:44:24 <DLange> proposal from shachar was to move to 18:00 UTC
19:44:31 <tzafrir> Agreed on May 18th 18:00 UTC?
19:44:35 <DLange> +1
19:45:13 <tzafrir> #agreed Next meeting is on May 18th at 18:00 UTC
19:45:24 <DLange> agreed by lack of countervotes :D
19:45:47 <nattie> ain't got nothin' better to do...
19:46:04 <tzafrir> #endmeeting