17:58:41 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:58:52 <nattie> #link https://deb.li/dc20meet - Agenda
17:59:00 <nattie> #topic roll call
17:59:08 <nattie> holler if you feel the need
17:59:16 <bittin^> :o
17:59:26 * anisa hollerssssssss
17:59:44 <lenharo> hi!!!
17:59:52 * DLange s/s+/s/g
18:00:05 * gwolf in RL meeting-phone
18:00:07 <terceiro> omg, already
18:00:10 <terceiro> ?
18:00:10 <terceiro> hehe
18:00:11 <terceiro> o/
18:00:18 <gwolf> so I 'll try to follow, but don't count on my presence :-\
18:00:26 <tumbleweed> hi
18:00:31 <nattie> terceiro: you'll have to do the talking for content today then
18:00:39 <nattie> #topic last meeting's actions
18:00:44 <nattie> we didn't have any, but we did a bunch of things
18:00:54 <nattie> #topic registration
18:01:00 <terceiro> nattie: hopefully today I won't hurt my finger again :)
18:01:20 <nattie> #link https://debconf20.debconf.org/register/statistics/
18:01:26 <nattie> #info 471 people are fully registered
18:01:50 <nattie> so i guess we continue to be reasonably popular
18:02:00 <nattie> #topic content team update
18:02:04 <nattie> terceiro: you're on!
18:02:11 <terceiro> yes
18:02:26 <terceiro> we have the schedule grid up, and are more then halfway done with scheduling
18:02:40 <terceiro> finishing details on the language-specific tracks
18:02:45 <nattie> #info the schedule is taking shape
18:03:08 <terceiro> I intend to get it "finished" in the next few days, to then mail speakers about it and announce publically
18:03:26 <nattie> *nods*
18:03:41 <nattie> should i stick up an action about mailing the speakers?
18:03:46 <terceiro> yes please
18:03:54 <nattie> #action terceiro to email speakers about the schedule
18:04:17 <nattie> anything else on content?
18:04:22 <tumbleweed> what about pre-recorded talks
18:04:38 <tumbleweed> have we spoken to speakers about recording, yet?
18:04:51 <nattie> no, i think that will also go in the mail to speakers
18:05:07 <nattie> though i guess it may be a concern to overwhelm them with a wall of text
18:05:27 <terceiro> It was explicitly mentioned in the initial email
18:05:34 <terceiro> (your talk has been accepted)
18:05:35 <nattie> fair enough!
18:05:44 <terceiro> but I think we can and should reinforce the message in this next one
18:06:01 <nattie> and we do have shiny documentation that tells them what to do about recording
18:06:07 <tumbleweed> we should probably get the URL for them to upload to, and share it with them
18:06:08 <terceiro> the language in the original mail was "the video team strongly recommends you pre-record"
18:06:20 <terceiro> yes, that is somewhat pending
18:06:31 <tumbleweed> the work is done, AFAIK
18:06:36 <tumbleweed> but not sure about the details there
18:07:04 <nattie> shall i put that it's nearly ready?
18:07:19 <tumbleweed> wouter: (I guess when you see this later): Is there anything we need to do before we can share those URLs with speakers?
18:08:55 <nattie> #info the submissions URLs for speaker videos will be ready soon
18:09:12 <nattie> any more for Content?
18:09:17 <terceiro> it would be nice to include it in this next speakes email though
18:09:22 <nattie> sure
18:10:43 <terceiro> otherwise I think we can move on
18:10:50 <nattie> #topic t-shirts
18:11:00 <nattie> #info the main order has been placed with FreeWear
18:11:06 <bittin^> yay
18:11:26 <nattie> #info local printing efforts are underway in Brazil, Israel, India and South Africa
18:11:36 <nattie> not much else to report there really
18:11:39 <lenharo> I have ordered latam t-shirts last tuesday. 49 for submissions and 10 extras requests.
18:12:28 <nattie> think that's it for shirts for now :)
18:12:32 <nattie> #topic budget
18:12:49 <nattie> any news here?
18:12:57 <tumbleweed> nope
18:13:04 <tumbleweed> I mean, we have more money now
18:13:07 <tumbleweed> (more sponsors)
18:13:08 <DLange> approved, what else would you like to know? :)
18:13:18 <nattie> tudo bem
18:13:23 <nattie> #topic videoteam status
18:14:05 <nattie> speak to me, o videoteam
18:15:13 <tumbleweed> all the parts of the stack are in place, finally
18:15:17 <terceiro> video team is working a lot from what I see in the in the channel
18:15:20 <tumbleweed> well, I guess, except recording and transcoding
18:15:30 <DLange> smirk
18:15:44 <DLange> that seems ... important ;-)
18:15:54 <bittin^> they will have a meeting on Thursday evening this week
18:16:13 <tumbleweed> yeah, but that bit is also fairly straightforward
18:16:28 <tumbleweed> the only difference this year is having to process the pre-recorded talks ahead of time
18:16:35 <tumbleweed> otherwise, it's disconnected from the event production itself
18:17:52 <nattie> any other news?
18:18:01 <tumbleweed> now, we need to do some dry runs, and then train volunteers
18:18:12 <tumbleweed> that's it
18:18:16 <highvoltage> since we're on video, how will prerecorded talks be submitted?
18:18:26 <tumbleweed> highvoltage: sreview has a form
18:18:51 <highvoltage> cool, can that be used to upload lightning talks too?
18:19:02 <tumbleweed> probably not without some hackery
18:19:11 <tumbleweed> talk to wouter
18:19:20 <highvoltage> kk
18:19:34 <bittin^> if not maybe a Nextcloud instance people can upload too? just a suggestion
18:19:47 <nattie> #info videoteam will do dry runs and then train volunteers
18:20:13 <nattie> #undo
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18:20:14 <highvoltage> bittin^: *nod* I was also thinking about that, although we don't yet have an instance
18:20:16 <gwolf> Oof. Finally, out of my (other) meeting
18:20:22 <nattie> #info videoteam will do practice runs and then train volunteers
18:20:50 <nattie> does it need more commas?
18:20:55 <nattie> #undo
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18:21:01 <nattie> #info videoteam will do practice runs, and then train volunteers
18:21:12 <tumbleweed> thanks :)
18:21:22 <DLange> ... info videoteam will do practice runs, and then train, volunteers :D
18:21:54 <nattie> videoteam will do, practice, run(s), and then, train, volunteers!
18:22:04 <nattie> which sounds like some sort of party slogan
18:22:12 <nattie> anyway, is that all for video?
18:22:14 <tumbleweed> AOB?
18:22:16 <bittin^> :p
18:22:37 <nattie> #topic AOB
18:22:43 <bittin^> don't have any, same time next week?
18:22:46 <lenharo> i have.
18:22:47 <nattie> same bat time, same bat channel, next week?
18:22:52 <lenharo> how about Latam t-shirts reimbursement. I'll request reimbursement for SPI? Using normal process?
18:22:53 <highvoltage> I'm just about to take a batch of muffins out the oven so if someone wants one they are welcome to drop by
18:22:59 <DLange> +1 from me nattie
18:23:05 <nattie> lenharo: yeah, that sounds sensible
18:23:14 <bittin^> highvoltage: i am a bit far away but thanks for the offer, maybe at a real life Debconf sometime :p
18:23:17 <tumbleweed> lenharo: point to the debconf budget line for t-shirts and shipping
18:23:21 <nattie> #agreed next meeting: 10 August, 18:00 UTC
18:23:38 <lenharo> thanks! nattie and tumbleweed !
18:23:59 <nattie> any more for any more?
18:24:12 <tumbleweed> lenharo: also, into the git repo ledger, please
18:24:32 <nattie> this concludes this evening's orga meeting speedrun
18:24:34 <nattie> #endmeeting