17:59:16 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:24 <nattie> tumbleweed: did i tell you to say hi yet?
17:59:36 <nattie> #link agenda, as ever, at https://deb.li/dc20meet
17:59:39 <highvoltage> hi if you are here
17:59:42 <tumbleweed> no :(
17:59:47 <nattie> #topic roll call
17:59:48 <nattie> do the holler
17:59:55 <lenharo> hi!! \o/
17:59:56 <tumbleweed> ahoy
17:59:59 <DLange> do the shuffle
18:00:08 <terceiro> \o\
18:00:34 <nattie> #topic schedule
18:00:39 <nattie> it's been released!
18:01:04 <DLange> yeah!
18:01:14 <nattie> #info the schedule is released!
18:01:14 <DLange> awesome work terceiro and the content team
18:01:17 <lenharo> Great work from content team!
18:01:23 <terceiro> schedule is up, announced went out as well
18:01:29 <nattie> three cheers for content!
18:01:31 <gwolf> o/
18:01:34 <terceiro> the spanish track is supposed to be ready RSN
18:01:35 <tumbleweed> on that topic, terceiro a small MR for you: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/websites/dc20/-/merge_requests/79
18:01:43 <gwolf> nattie: modulo some bits we Spanish-speakers still owe...
18:01:45 <terceiro> tumbleweed: yes, I will go over that ASAP
18:01:54 <gwolf> (highlighting nattie because of the #info)
18:02:08 <nattie> #info the spanish track is nearly ready
18:02:11 <terceiro> there are also a few empty slots, and we got 2 requests for late submissions so far, and I told them to go ahead and submit
18:02:20 <terceiro> (both good stuff)
18:03:06 <nattie> sounds good!
18:03:16 <nattie> #topic process for AH and CoC
18:03:24 <nattie> this sounds like a big topic
18:03:34 <DLange> terceiro: MySQL ponders sending another speaker for European timings. Just FYI.
18:03:43 <DLange> (they told me today)
18:03:56 <terceiro> DLange: that's probably one of the late submissions
18:04:05 <terceiro> that we already know about
18:04:09 <DLange> aah, that would be awesome
18:04:10 <anisa> o/ sorry I am late
18:04:11 <nattie> #undo
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18:04:15 <gwolf> terceiro: IIRC it was not (I have two others on my mind)
18:04:32 <gwolf> but anyway, you are much more over the issue than me!
18:04:37 <terceiro> gwolf: yeah? anyway, we've got space, so let them come
18:04:43 <nattie> anisa: no worries, you just missed the dance party
18:04:43 <gwolf> good
18:05:14 <nattie> ready for the next topic?
18:05:38 <DLange> we should say yes and cause you to #undo regardless :)
18:05:41 <terceiro> let's move forward
18:05:55 <nattie> #link https://debconf20.debconf.org/schedule/
18:05:58 <nattie> just for good measure
18:06:03 <terceiro> ah
18:06:07 <nattie> #topic process for AH and CoC
18:06:32 <nattie> thoughts?
18:07:21 <DLange> we should have oneā„¢ :)
18:07:45 <nattie> well, yes
18:07:46 <DLange> do we know who from the community team plans to attend?
18:08:08 <DLange> do they have a "on call" schedule or so? Should we ask for one?
18:08:28 <nattie> i can see at least one person on the list who's attending
18:08:34 <srud__> I'm there
18:08:56 <gwolf> FWIW one of the late submissions we are accepting is mollydb's
18:09:02 <gwolf> and of course, srud__ is here :-]
18:09:21 <DLange> I hope sledge will attend too, he's really a DC regular
18:09:23 <srud__> And others are also willing to be there..
18:09:50 <terceiro> will we have people with the right IRC permissions?
18:09:55 <srud__> We first need to have a proper procedure set up for incidents
18:10:10 <tumbleweed> terceiro: so, all of the debconf committee members have IRC ops powers in debconf channels
18:10:15 <terceiro> ah
18:10:16 <tumbleweed> and the usual debian IRC ops do too
18:10:17 <terceiro> cool
18:10:20 <gwolf> srud__: does that procedure fall in the hands of Community Team or in DebConf Orga?
18:11:46 <srud__> gwolf: we need to discuss.. I think mollydb sent a mail sometime back.. But was not followed up I think
18:12:01 <srud__> We can initiate a discussion..
18:12:11 <gwolf> srud__: Could we then... leave the #action on your side for this, and continue?
18:12:23 <gwolf> (or does people think I'm too pushy with this, as close to the conf as we are?)
18:12:48 <terceiro> I don't think we can come up with a plan during the meeting, #action is probably the best we can do atm
18:13:04 <srud__> gwolf: I will discuss there and send a mail to dc-committee may be?
18:13:06 <nattie> #action srud__ to investigate the procedure for incidents for the community team
18:13:08 <DLange> ack. May be as part of this, srud__, could you ask whether the community team would be willing to assign "on call / duty" days for yourselves?
18:13:29 <srud__> DLange: sure
18:13:37 <DLange> cool, thanks!
18:13:50 <nattie> ready for the next one?
18:14:02 <nattie> #topic bursary status
18:14:40 <DLange> I put the info into the agenda, shall I paste?
18:14:41 <nattie> #info out of 14 bursary requests, 11 recipients have done the necessary steps, and first payments are already going out
18:14:48 <DLange> thanks nattie :o)
18:15:02 <nattie> any more details, or is that good?
18:15:24 <nattie> #topic fundraising status
18:15:25 <DLange> if anybody has questions pls ask, otherwise I just wanted to give a status
18:15:33 <nattie> and you get to give another one!
18:15:47 <DLange> I sense a pattern :)
18:16:06 <DLange> nattie: please make my babble nice English again and #info it
18:16:21 <DLange> 'cause you add value even to pastes!
18:16:27 <nattie> oh, the pressure
18:17:04 <terceiro> commas
18:17:23 <nattie> #info two contracts are pending, most invoices are paid (except two for Debian Switzerland)
18:17:31 <nattie> that's the very short version
18:17:47 <DLange> thanks!
18:17:51 <nattie> never sure whether to include full details in the #info bits
18:17:58 <nattie> #topic AoB
18:18:04 <highvoltage> seems perfect
18:18:23 <nattie> anything we should know about?
18:18:33 <tumbleweed> shirt status?
18:18:48 <terceiro> it seems I'll be able to get mine this week ;-)
18:18:54 <nattie> all fine for the FreeWear order
18:18:54 <tumbleweed> :)
18:19:04 <tumbleweed> any idea when they start shipping?
18:19:09 <nattie> (despite some attendees not supplying a phone number, but that's been dealt with)
18:19:33 <nattie> i'll check with them!
18:19:36 <lenharo> I start to send today shirts.
18:20:05 <gwolf> nattie: Why does a T-shirt depend on a phone number?
18:20:12 <nattie> gwolf: shipping
18:20:16 <tumbleweed> lenharo: are you going to invoice debconf for the shirts you got printed?
18:20:20 * gwolf repeats question
18:20:36 <tumbleweed> gwolf: the shipping company demanded it apparently
18:20:48 <gwolf> nattie: I understand the S&H people might like to chat with me... But they never take the opportunity to do so
18:20:50 <highvoltage> gwolf: because delivery companies like to have the ability to phone a recipient when they need to deliver a package
18:20:52 <lenharo> tumbleweed, yes.
18:21:20 <tumbleweed> good, that was a reminder :)
18:21:25 <DLange> gwolf: it's just mandatory in some shipping companies and for customs
18:21:33 <nattie> anyway, that only applies to some of the recipients in this case
18:22:58 <nattie> anything else to do but set the date for the next one?
18:23:18 <terceiro> nothing from my side
18:23:20 <nattie> oh my, next week is the 17th already!
18:23:43 <tumbleweed> time sure flies
18:23:56 <nattie> everyone good for then?  same time, same channel, etc?
18:24:17 <lenharo> Ok
18:24:19 <nattie> #agreed next meeting 17 August, 18:00 UTC
18:24:25 <nattie> last orders...
18:24:34 <nattie> #endmeeting