17:59:22 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:28 <nattie> #topic roll call
17:59:33 <bittin^> o/
17:59:36 <nattie> as ever, do the needful, give a holler
17:59:45 <DLange> o/ nattie \o
18:00:04 <tumbleweed> hi
18:00:04 <srud__> o/
18:00:22 * anisa holleeeers
18:00:31 <nattie> wow, we're popular today
18:00:40 <terceiro> o/
18:00:59 * pollo lurks
18:01:05 <bittin^> can i ask what AH is ?
18:01:16 <DLange> Anti Harassement (team)
18:01:18 <nattie> bittin^: antiharrassment, now known as the community team
18:01:24 <bittin^> nattie: DLange: ah thanks
18:01:45 <nattie> #topic procedure for Anti-Harrassment and Code of Conduct
18:01:59 <nattie> (i've put the full form for the sake of the minutes)
18:02:06 <nattie> srud__: throwing you in at the deep end here :)
18:02:11 <nattie> any news?
18:02:35 <srud__> We have a first draft ready.. we will be sending the final draft to debconf-team tomorrow
18:02:54 <srud__> https://pad.sfconservancy.org/p/dc20_coc_enforcement
18:03:38 <nattie> #info a procedure is being drafted, the final version will be sent to the -team mailing list tomorrow
18:03:43 <srud__> Meantime it would be great to have a few names who have ability to ban people from the event
18:03:47 <znoteer> o/ late
18:04:07 <srud__> I mean from the orga team
18:04:23 <tumbleweed> that sounds like a good plan
18:04:23 <nattie> srud__: do we want people to put hands up now, or should they contact you after the meeting?
18:04:33 <tumbleweed> and some contact details (for the team)
18:04:39 <srud__> nattie: either works for me
18:05:13 <nattie> #info those interested in helping with CoC enforcement should contact srud__
18:05:30 <tumbleweed> so, IRC: The unual Debian IRC Ops (see https://wiki.debian.org/IRC/Operators )
18:05:30 <nattie> (for those reading the minutes afterwards)
18:05:47 <tumbleweed> for jitsi: everyone in the room is an admin
18:06:18 <tumbleweed> for etherpad: if we need to lock it down, it'll probably be by creating a team in salsa, and needing people to be in it
18:06:22 <tumbleweed> haven't implemented that yet
18:06:25 <tumbleweed> but the contact there is probably me
18:06:28 <bittin^> tumbleweed: and hopefully some of the irc admins will be active during Debconf, in case anyone does something stupid aka harassing someone
18:06:32 <srud__> tumbleweed: is having everyone as admin a good idea?
18:06:55 <tumbleweed> srud__: that's a bigger discussion that we can realistically have now
18:07:04 <terceiro> can or can't?
18:07:11 <tumbleweed> that's jitsi's model, and we'd have to do some work to replace it with a different model
18:07:15 <nattie> terceiro: "than"
18:07:22 <highvoltage> it probably isn't a good thing, but it's the only way to work around some of jitsi's current limitations for now
18:07:23 <terceiro> ah
18:07:36 <terceiro> but also jitsi is speakers only
18:07:37 <tumbleweed> yeah, I meant *than* we can have now
18:07:38 <srud__> tumbleweed: we can have other models in jitsi also
18:07:49 <tumbleweed> srud__: not without breaking the rest of the stack
18:07:56 <tumbleweed> and, doing lots of work
18:08:00 <tumbleweed> that we're runnin gout of time for
18:08:20 <bittin^> hopefully everyone behaves
18:08:33 <nattie> that is indeed always the hope
18:08:36 <srud__> tumbleweed: just wondered.. Because one of our jitsi instances have a different model..
18:08:38 <tumbleweed> terceiro: It's quite likely that some BoFs jitsi rooms will get published
18:08:56 <srud__> It is anyway call of the video-team.. I was just curious
18:09:18 <tumbleweed> I'd like to support better auth, but I don't think it's realistic
18:10:11 <srud__> Anyway I did not want to divert the discussions.. Let us continue the agenda items
18:10:41 <terceiro> in that case we need to have a plan on what to do if something happens during a BoF
18:11:27 <nattie> should we discuss the details of interventions after the meeting?
18:11:34 <highvoltage> +1
18:11:37 <nattie> *shall
18:11:47 <terceiro> yes
18:11:56 <bittin^> +1
18:12:01 <srud__> +1
18:12:07 <nattie> #info details of interventions (in case of untoward behaviour during BoFs) will be discussed after the meeting
18:12:13 <nattie> #undo
18:12:13 <MeetBot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x1140b50>
18:12:20 <nattie> #agreed details of interventions (in case of untoward behaviour during BoFs) will be discussed after the meeting
18:12:26 <nattie> haven't used that one in a while :)
18:12:37 <nattie> #topic opening video
18:12:41 <nattie> there's a script!
18:12:53 <nattie> it doesn't say "in a world..."
18:12:59 <highvoltage> awh
18:13:21 <nattie> terceiro: tell us things please
18:13:26 <DLange> nattie: It's a pad, it says whatever you want it to say... ;-)
18:13:26 <terceiro> I actually saw an interview with the "in a world ..." guy the other day :)
18:13:33 <terceiro> so
18:13:47 <terceiro> a few days ago I listed topics we need to be mentioned
18:13:54 <terceiro> tumbleweed complemented what I thought
18:14:03 <terceiro> then today I turned into a script of sorts
18:14:23 <highvoltage> does...
18:14:25 <terceiro> I need someone to record a reading of it, and I can make it into a video with screenshots and whatnot
18:14:26 <highvoltage> it have explosions?
18:14:34 * tumbleweed is happy to take a shot at it
18:14:36 <terceiro> it can have explosions
18:14:46 <highvoltage> :D
18:14:51 <srud__> terceiro: script looks good, but will be very short.. I think less than 5 mins is read
18:14:51 <tumbleweed> thanks for writing the script terceiro
18:14:57 <srud__> *when
18:14:58 <bittin^> "in a world where Debian developers sat at home"
18:14:59 <bittin^> :D
18:15:02 <nattie> i think we need to advise people to fasten their seatbelts
18:15:27 <srud__> nattie: sound good ;)
18:15:51 <tumbleweed> I'm sure we can expand the script a bit
18:15:54 <terceiro> srud__: well, the lines don't need to be one after the other
18:15:57 <terceiro> I can add explosions
18:16:05 <terceiro> and other shenanigans in between :)
18:16:05 <tumbleweed> and hopefully get some bits of video from more organisers?
18:16:06 <nattie> and seat-belt warnings!
18:16:31 <srud__> terceiro: ah.. That's fine then.. Thanks for the script
18:16:34 <terceiro> tumbleweed: maybe we can get several people to record a few lines
18:17:06 <nattie> this sounds like a plan
18:17:07 <terceiro> we could have several people record "welcome to debconf20"
18:17:13 <terceiro> we start with that
18:17:22 <DLange> may be in their native language?
18:17:22 <bittin^> sounds like a plan
18:17:33 <srud__> terceiro: a good idea.. Since this is a true global event, orga fr around the world would be interesting
18:17:42 <bittin^> DLange: if so i can record it in Swedish
18:18:35 <terceiro> ok, let's do the following. whoever would like to take part, put your name in the pad under "CAST"
18:18:57 <nattie> #info those interested in taking part should sign up on the script pad
18:19:09 <nattie> #link https://storm.debian.net/shared/Q4tvTL2nqqi6Gnkw_ziyXLuQw68R8livlwxLXoCpXfQ
18:19:17 <nattie> (apologies for the long link)
18:19:55 <terceiro> I will then split the lines in some way, so you can record. I need to get the recordings back by Tue
18:20:14 <nattie> shall we move on?
18:20:35 <terceiro> I think so
18:21:07 <nattie> #topic bursary status
18:21:30 <nattie> looks like almost everyone has their money
18:21:44 <highvoltage> easiest bursary cycle ever
18:21:56 <bittin^> all but 3 according to the pad
18:22:03 <nattie> #all but three recipients have been sent money; those who have not yet replied will receive one last ping around Wednesday
18:22:07 <bittin^> but they will also get an answer on Wednsday
18:22:11 <nattie> bittin^: i was summarising
18:22:30 <bittin^> #info all but three recipients have been sent money; those who have not yet replied will receive one last ping around Wednesday
18:22:41 <nattie> #topic t-shirts
18:22:59 <nattie> #info shirts have been shipping!
18:23:16 <nattie> those from Spain are going out today, as are those for LatAm from Brazil
18:23:25 <nattie> others have gone out recently or are going out imminently
18:23:26 <bittin^> got an email from USPS that mine has been moved around in Spain and will be here in Sweden on Thursday or Friday
18:23:36 <bittin^> UPS even
18:23:42 <bittin^> i always confuse USPS and UPS
18:23:48 <srud__> Indian ones are still pending shipping.. Hopefully in couple of days
18:23:52 <nattie> USPS is the one that's in danger
18:24:13 <nattie> #topic AoB
18:24:13 <bittin^> yeah i always confuse USPS and UPS for some reason
18:24:14 <highvoltage> I know that ginggs got the SA/Africa t-shirts today too
18:24:25 <nattie> anything else?
18:24:33 <DLange> awesome! ginggs o/
18:24:46 <DLange> (pics or it didn't happen :))
18:24:51 <bittin^> not from me won't have time to attend the last meeting tommorow becouse i am in another distros conference planning meeting at the same time
18:25:20 <nattie> so when shall we (several) meet again, in thunder, lightning or in rain?
18:25:24 <highvoltage> I don't have a pic, he was going to deliver but the rain was so heavy that he missed all three possible turn-offs from the highway to my place and then decided to just head home
18:25:34 <DLange> gosh
18:25:50 <terceiro> do we need another meeting this week?
18:26:15 <bittin^> terceiro: there was some suggestions to have a short one 17:00 UTC tommorow i read, but maybe thats not needed
18:26:20 <srud__> terceiro: I would say yes
18:26:22 <DLange> I'd like a budget update from the T-Shirt team but that can be outside a meeting
18:26:35 <tumbleweed> DLange: yeah, I haven't seen any invoices yet
18:26:43 <terceiro> if we need we could do it Thu or Fri?
18:26:44 <nattie> DLange: we'll supply that when we get invoiced
18:26:48 <nattie> Thu is videoteam
18:26:53 <terceiro> Fri then
18:26:57 <srud__> tumbleweed: I have invoice.. Where to /how to share?
18:27:02 <DLange> Fri sounds good
18:27:06 <tumbleweed> srud__: into the budget folder in git please
18:27:09 <DLange> as in "all systems go?"
18:27:10 <nattie> 1800 UTC?
18:27:12 <tumbleweed> or email me, and I'll sort it out
18:27:18 <srud__> tumbleweed: thanks
18:27:29 <tumbleweed> nattie: WFM
18:27:38 <terceiro> wfm as well
18:27:44 <srud__> Wfm too
18:27:45 <tumbleweed> do we need to establish any systems for team members on call?
18:27:51 <tumbleweed> I'd imagine most people will be around when they're awake
18:27:52 <nattie> #agreed next meeting Friday 21 August, 1800 UTC
18:27:53 <tumbleweed> so probably not
18:27:59 <bittin^> nattie: Friday 18:00 UTC WFM :) too
18:28:03 <tumbleweed> unless there are specific things to be on call for
18:28:09 <nattie> tumbleweed: sort that out after the meeting?
18:28:13 <tumbleweed> (video team has some of those, AH too, I'd guess)
18:28:15 <tumbleweed> nattie: sure
18:28:16 <highvoltage> of course, if something pops up,
18:28:17 <bittin^> then it does not collide with the Arch Plannign Meeting and guess not much happening at Debcamp Online :P
18:28:20 <nattie> but i also think we'd generally be around
18:28:22 <highvoltage> shout on IRC don't wait for a meeting
18:28:34 <nattie> that too
18:28:38 <nattie> we good to close?
18:28:46 <nattie> #endmeeting