17:59:02 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:02 <tumbleweed> I see what you did there
17:59:09 <nattie> #topic roll call
17:59:14 <nattie> do the needful!
17:59:22 <tumbleweed> hello
17:59:26 <olasd> hi
17:59:27 <highvoltage> bonjour
17:59:30 <bittin^> hey
17:59:51 <DLange> \o/ ~~~~ \o/
17:59:58 <lenharo> hi
17:59:59 <nattie> DLange: that is some choreography!
18:00:12 <nattie> ok, so
18:00:13 <gwolf> o/
18:00:19 <highvoltage> kind of unbelievable that there's only one full day left before DebConf
18:00:25 <nattie> #topic AH/CoC
18:00:28 <terceiro> hey
18:00:41 * gwolf is currently at a DAM-Keyring-FD meeting in jitsi, so I won't pay much attention to IRC
18:00:50 <nattie> i think there's been an update on CoC enforcement
18:00:56 <nattie> srud__: any news from the community team?
18:01:42 <nattie> we can save that for the end
18:01:49 <nattie> #topic t-shirts
18:01:55 <nattie> they're arriving in droves!
18:02:03 <highvoltage> eep I'm supposed to be on that call too brb
18:02:06 <nattie> #info people are receiving their t-shirts
18:02:44 <bittin^> i got mine today o/
18:03:09 <nattie> #topic opening video
18:03:14 <nattie> terceiro: any update on the video?
18:03:27 <tumbleweed> sorry, I probably held this up by saying I wanted to hack on the script
18:03:29 <terceiro> nattie: tumbleweed is done with his updates
18:03:40 <terceiro> and I will try to kick things off today
18:03:45 <nattie> cool
18:03:54 <terceiro> I will count on volunteers to record their parts FAST
18:03:58 <terceiro> so that I have time to edit
18:04:08 <terceiro> I will ping the volunteers later today
18:04:09 <DLange> famous last .. hope
18:04:14 <lenharo> i have recorded mine a few minutes ago.
18:04:21 <nattie> #info if you're participating in the opening video, please get your contributions to terceiro ASAP
18:04:28 <nattie> #topic bursaries
18:04:32 <nattie> any news there?
18:04:36 <bittin^> would it be okay to record a short snippit with Cheese or just Audio with audacity? Re: Opening Video?
18:05:00 <nattie> i think it's supposed to be audio
18:05:09 <terceiro> video too
18:05:09 <nattie> #undo
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18:05:16 <nattie> #topic bursaries
18:05:21 <nattie> DLange: any news?
18:05:29 <bittin^> alright if you need someone to record a line for the Opening video still i can take one
18:05:40 <DLange> two payments outstanding, all others that requested got money
18:05:42 <bittin^> @ tumbleweed terceiro
18:05:54 <nattie> #info all but two bursary payments are now complete
18:05:54 <DLange> three people requested but did not come back to us on three emails to nudge them
18:06:15 <DLange> they are out of luck unless they come up with good excuses :)
18:06:16 <nattie> #info three recipients have not responded to repeated pings
18:06:37 <nattie> #topic fundraising
18:06:46 <nattie> DLange: while you're there - any news on that?
18:07:06 <DLange> we have enough money unless your T-Shirt team went totally crazy :)
18:07:29 <tumbleweed> we definitely have enough money :)
18:08:06 <nattie> good, good
18:08:41 <nattie> i'll just return to the Community Team topic
18:08:49 <nattie> #topic Community Team update
18:08:56 <nattie> anyone?
18:09:09 <tumbleweed> https://debconf20.debconf.org/about/coc/ got updated
18:09:41 <bittin^> #info https://debconf20.debconf.org/about/coc/ got updated
18:10:05 <nattie> i guess that's all on that subject for now
18:10:08 <nattie> #topic AOB
18:10:25 <nattie> how shall we handle subsequent meetings?
18:10:50 <nattie> i guess we can attempt quick catchup sessions during debconf proper
18:10:51 <nattie> (ha ha)
18:11:00 <tumbleweed> so, as I was saying before the meeting
18:11:14 <tumbleweed> there's a break at 16:45-18:00 in the schedule
18:11:21 <tumbleweed> which is close to this slot
18:11:50 <tumbleweed> we could say that if anyone has something to discuss, they should raise it here on IRC, at that time, and we can call a meeting
18:12:06 <terceiro> that's useful to escalate issues
18:12:09 <tumbleweed> i.e. decide every day if we need one or not
18:12:13 <nattie> yeah
18:12:14 <terceiro> but otherwise I think we will have to fix stuff on the fly
18:12:14 <DLange> I'd say, the planned slot would be 16:45-17:00
18:12:32 <DLange> because we should still plan for people to eat, pee and fix things :)
18:12:34 <tumbleweed> DLange: yeah
18:12:53 <terceiro> maybe we should leave the beginning of the break for that?
18:13:05 <terceiro> doesn't matter, really
18:13:28 <DLange> I think at the beginning of the break is best
18:13:50 <tumbleweed> that way you can waste as little of the break on meetings as possible
18:13:53 <DLange> because then people know we don't need the meeting (which hopefully is the default) and can happily eat, relax or code
18:14:02 <DLange> (or code relaxed while eating :))
18:14:06 <bittin^> DLange: sounds like a plan
18:14:06 <tumbleweed> but it does mean we need to decide whether it's happening or not ASAP at 16:45
18:14:09 <tumbleweed> I guess decide before 17:00
18:14:17 <terceiro> fair enough
18:14:18 <gwolf> WHAT??!
18:14:24 <gwolf> 15min and I'm only here for AOB?!
18:14:35 <olasd> gwolf: you're slacking off
18:14:56 * larjona raises hand (AOB)
18:15:01 <DLange> all nattie's fault as usually, she's too good at driving the agenda forward
18:15:03 <nattie> larjona: go ahead
18:15:14 <DLange> go to a CTTE meeting if you want it to be long ;-)
18:15:30 <larjona> Nobody stepped ahead this year for DebConf publicity coverage
18:15:33 <gwolf> FWIW, I expect us all to be more-or-less always connected to the channel
18:15:43 <gwolf> so we will have a Continuous Meeting mode...?
18:15:54 <tumbleweed> give or take timezones
18:16:10 <gwolf> DLange: Oh, I'm part of _two_ Debian Committees ;-)
18:16:20 <larjona> We would need a volunteer to help cnote (I won't be available all the time, nor him)
18:16:20 <DLange> I know :-)
18:17:05 <larjona> It's easy task, basically to put the day's schedule in form of 3 or 4 micronews and publish them from time to time
18:17:28 <larjona> (That is the bare minimum of course)
18:17:51 <larjona> If anybody is interested, ping us in #debian-publicity
18:18:22 <DLange> larjona: can you put that on the debconf-team mailing list please?
18:18:26 <DLange> (more people)
18:18:28 <terceiro> larjona: do you want to include that in the next DebConf announcement mail?
18:18:47 <terceiro> or maybe mailling debconf-team right now is better
18:19:11 <larjona> yes, I'll mail debconf-team@ (later)
18:19:47 <DLange> thank you (and cnote)!
18:19:53 <nattie> shall i just put the bit about meeting being decided on a daily basis in an #agreed?
18:20:09 <bittin^> sounds fine to me atleast
18:20:23 <terceiro> yeah
18:20:25 <nattie> #agreed The necessity of a team meeting to be decided on a daily basis by 17:00 UTC, based on issues being raised throughout the day
18:20:31 <nattie> (ugh, sorry for the phrasing)
18:20:36 <nattie> anything else before i close?
18:21:29 <DLange> ~~~ Have a great DebConf, even if it has to be online this year! ~~~
18:21:33 <nattie> judging from the crickets, i'll call that time to...
18:21:36 <nattie> #endmeeting