17:59:16 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:35 <nattie> how ready are we feeling to do a full postmortem today?
17:59:51 <highvoltage> 71% here
17:59:58 <nattie> there are no agenda items AFAICS
18:00:03 <DLange> totally, what else to do on a lovely monday evening
18:00:10 <highvoltage> I thought I added minidebconfs to it... hmmm
18:00:45 <nattie> should we just do a very quick thing this week, and do the full postmortem next week?
18:00:52 <nattie> #topic rollcall
18:01:02 <nattie> hola, estoy aquí
18:01:04 <highvoltage> o/
18:01:05 <srud> o/
18:01:08 * pollo is lurking
18:01:21 * DLange calls roll
18:01:34 * nattie wonders why the Brötchen is ringing
18:01:52 <nattie> it's very suspicious, i'm not picking that up
18:01:59 <nattie> #topic all other business
18:02:11 <highvoltage> what's the Brötchen?
18:02:12 <nattie> #info DebConf20 happened online!
18:02:20 <nattie> highvoltage: german for bread roll
18:02:22 * olasd belatedly waves
18:02:32 * larjona too
18:02:35 <shachar> hi
18:02:40 <larjona> I have a question
18:02:43 <nattie> go for it
18:02:48 <nattie> larjona: ^^
18:03:22 <larjona> When is it expeced to destroy the online pads? And if.we should move content somewhere or "it will be done by..."
18:03:46 <nattie> i think that may be a video-related question?
18:03:49 <DLange> tumbleweed would know
18:03:50 <nattie> pollo, olasd?
18:03:51 <nattie> ah
18:04:08 <olasd> all I know is that we'll archive the pads before destroying them
18:04:08 <pollo> we'll be backing up the pads
18:04:28 <olasd> (and make the archived copy available as a link from the talks page)
18:04:37 <larjona> Ok, thanks
18:04:50 <olasd> I do not know who will do it or when that will happen, but it's a concern that we'll be handling
18:04:51 <olasd> :)
18:05:05 <nattie> #info etherpads will be archived before being destroyed
18:05:48 <nattie> any other bits to discuss that can't wait until next week?
18:06:21 <jathan> Hi everybody! :)
18:06:43 <nattie> hi jathan!
18:07:26 <DLange> is there anything that we need to discuss on a broader basis?
18:07:30 <nattie> shall we agree to adjourn until next week, to allow for rest and prep?
18:07:55 <nattie> this meeting clearly surprised us a bit
18:07:58 <jathan> nattie: How was your Sunday? How was the first post DebConf day? :)
18:08:25 <shachar> CAre to hear a talker's perspective?
18:08:37 <nattie> shachar: go for it
18:08:54 <shachar> First of all, I did not pre-record. My experience might be a part of it
18:09:22 <shachar> Luckily, I had one eye on IRC, or I wouldn't have noticed that the video was stuck, and later that I was talking with a mic muted
18:09:37 <gwolf> o/ late but here
18:09:39 <shachar> IT seems some of the streaming channels didn't work as well as others
18:10:07 <shachar> Otherwise, however, the IRC was a good feedback channel. I had a very good rough idea how well what I was saying was coming across
18:10:18 <shachar> I also liked some of the questions on the pad
18:10:39 <shachar> That would, however, require a shorter delay that 1 minute.
18:10:49 <shachar> And that's all I had to say about that
18:10:57 <DLange> thank you very much shachar!
18:10:58 <highvoltage> shachar: maybe you know about it but if you'd like, there's also an official feedback address to feedback@debconf.org
18:11:12 <nattie> #info send feedback to feedback@debconf.org
18:11:45 <shachar> I had a horrible load at work up until Tuesday, so I was really out of it for most of the conference
18:11:47 <gwolf> FWIW, we got a mail also in feedback@
18:11:50 <nattie> anything else before we adjourn?
18:12:01 <gwolf> if somebody is interested and is not getting it, please ask to be added
18:12:08 <DLange> I can confirm the stream delay was a major issue. Some people were clever and said in their intro "watch on rtmp if you want to discuss with us"
18:12:14 <shachar> I was planning of sending an intermission video playing the sax :-)
18:12:28 <DLange> you should have done that!
18:12:30 <olasd> DLange: that was also the video team's advice, written on the even pages
18:12:36 <olasd> even*t*
18:12:48 <shachar> DLange, as it was, I never even got around to sending a group photo
18:12:50 <highvoltage> shachar: sure, there will likely be another loopy in November
18:12:53 <DLange> olasd: yes and good advice!
18:13:12 <shachar> highvoltage, cool! By then I might actually know how to play :-D
18:13:34 <DLange> olasd: is there a technical issue why the HLS segments could not be (significantly) shorter?
18:13:42 <highvoltage> shachar: good luck
18:13:44 <DLange> Does that add too much load or so?
18:13:59 <olasd> DLange: not really, no; I think nginx-rtmp supports going down to 2 seconds / segment
18:14:10 <highvoltage> oh wow
18:14:24 * shachar develops at work video streaming at 150ms round-trip latency
18:14:25 <gwolf> DLange: HLS ?
18:14:31 <highvoltage> http live streaming
18:14:37 <gwolf> oh!
18:14:38 <shachar> not FOSS, unfortunately
18:14:51 <highvoltage> what isn't shachar?
18:14:53 <olasd> what we use to display a live video player in the event website
18:15:02 <shachar> out low latency solution
18:15:02 <DLange> gwolf: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Live_Streaming
18:15:18 <DLange> shachar: make it FLOSS please :D
18:15:46 <shachar> DLange, Not my call, I'm afraid. I will probably be able to open source the micro-threading library, though
18:15:47 <olasd> anyway, shachar, thanks for the feedback!
18:16:04 <highvoltage> I'm not sure what you mean, hls, nginx-rtmp and our low latency streams were done with free software *shrugs*
18:16:44 <DLange> highvoltage: shachar develops one in his day job that is not FLOSS
18:16:49 <highvoltage> aah
18:17:09 <highvoltage> nattie: what's next?
18:17:18 <olasd> is there any other business for this meeting?
18:17:19 <olasd> hah
18:17:28 <shachar> Okay, my work product is a: not relevant, and b: confusing to this conversation. I apologize for bringing it up.
18:17:29 <nattie> there isn't anything on the agenda - i was going to suggest adjourning for now and having a more detailed meeting next week
18:17:41 <highvoltage> oh I thought I added the minidebconfs to the agenda
18:17:55 <nattie> i legitimately don't see them there, but we can have a quick mention
18:17:58 <highvoltage> but I supposed that can wait
18:18:13 <nattie> #info there are several minidebconfs in the offing!
18:18:48 <nattie> details to follow, as we try to coordinate between the different teams what happens when
18:18:57 <DLange> I heard the video team plans to "keep the lights on" for some time so Mini-DCs can use the current stack?
18:19:16 <nattie> DLange: i think that's also yet to be discussed in detail
18:19:34 <DLange> aah, o.k., thanks!
18:19:55 <nattie> shall we call it for today?
18:20:30 <nattie> (someone please +1 so i can put an #agreed in good conscience?)
18:20:32 <highvoltage> DLange: nah
18:20:32 * gwolf +1s calling it for today.
18:20:38 <nattie> gwolf: gracias!
18:20:41 <highvoltage> DLange: it's going down after everything is removed
18:20:50 <nattie> #agreed a more detailed meeting to follow next week
18:20:54 <nattie> same time, same channel?
18:21:04 <highvoltage> DLange: video team hasn't committed to anything yet for the minidebconfs, but it will come up in the next videoteam meating
18:21:05 <gwolf> same reasons, same people...
18:21:26 <nattie> everyone good with 1800 UTC next Monday?
18:21:33 <highvoltage> sure
18:21:43 <DLange> o.k., cool thanks for the clarification, highvoltage
18:21:50 <nattie> #agreed next meeting 7 September, 18:00 UTC
18:21:58 <nattie> and on that note, i bid you all...
18:22:01 <nattie> #endmeeting