18:02:48 <tzafrir> #startmeeting Debconf21
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18:02:51 <_rene_> s/so/do/, s/=/?/
18:03:30 <terceiro> <_rene_> tzafrir: so we have some roughly estimated dates except "somewhen in August or September"=
18:03:32 <tzafrir> #topic roll call
18:03:40 <terceiro> hi
18:03:43 <DLange> ho
18:03:44 <lenharo> hi
18:04:02 <gwolf> hu
18:04:08 <tzafrir> hy
18:04:41 <tzafrir> Moving on
18:04:52 <tzafrir> Not really much on the agenda, so simply:
18:04:59 <tzafrir> #topic Debconf21
18:06:21 <_rene_> (/me needs to start entering vacation plans for 2021 somehow soonish...)
18:06:29 <tzafrir> #info dates are expected to be Debconp: 15-21, Debconf: 22-28
18:06:36 <_rene_> august?
18:06:41 <DLange> #info August 2021
18:06:52 <_rene_> k
18:06:52 <tzafrir> #undo
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18:06:54 <tzafrir> #undo
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18:07:05 <_rene_> thanks :)
18:07:10 <DLange> aww :/ I found that cute ^
18:07:21 <tzafrir> #info dates for Debconf21 are expected to be Debconp: August 15-21, Debconf: August 22-28
18:07:56 <terceiro> can we agree on a go/no go date that is several months before that?
18:08:19 <DLange> yeah, how many should "several" be?
18:08:30 <tzafrir> We have dorms basically reserved but we'll only start seriously talking with them once we actually know we'll have an event.
18:09:55 <DLange> are the lecture halls reserved for us as well?
18:10:02 <tzafrir> Yes.
18:10:12 <DLange> cool, thanks
18:10:35 <DLange> terceiro: what's your take on when we should have go/nogo in 2021?
18:10:49 <terceiro> early April?
18:10:58 <terceiro> so 4 months before
18:11:13 <DLange> tzafrir: what's the local team's feeling? (if you have one, otherwise what is your personal best guess)
18:11:13 * gwolf is still at two simultaneous meetings :-|
18:11:28 <terceiro> we don't need to decide on this now BTW
18:11:57 <terceiro> i.e. I'm fine with waiting until the next meeting after the local team has discussed it between them
18:13:32 <tzafrir> I personally think that if there's no useful vaccine or the likes, I'm not really sure how it would work.
18:15:00 <DLange> I guess with 1.5m between people and face masks
18:15:38 <DLange> but hard to tell. The Venice film festival happened in person and the Emmys were virtual.
18:15:48 <tzafrir> Right now this is not really happening in Israel. And besides, I'm not really sure I want a real-life debcinf with such distancing.
18:16:02 <gwolf> ...And it depends a lot / too much on the level of the waves at the time
18:16:32 <DLange> yes and what regulation is in place at the time and for travel
18:16:34 <terceiro> right, but the topic is our deadline to decide, let's try to not digress
18:16:51 <gwolf> I agre April sounds feasible
18:17:08 <tzafrir> April sounds reasonable. I'll ask the others.
18:17:25 <DLange> sounds good to me as well
18:17:48 <terceiro> IMO ieally most public activity (cfp, registration) should only appear after a decision is made
18:17:58 <terceiro> to avoid all the confusion we had this year
18:18:23 <tzafrir> #action tzafrir to check if early April is a good date for the final go-nogo decision
18:19:09 <tzafrir> Although the web site should probably be updated to reflect that:
18:19:30 <tzafrir> The dates, and *We have not decided yet*
18:19:34 <DLange> yeah, we need the dates on it and the important-dates page updated etc
18:20:20 <tzafrir> Also: sponsors: do we want to show any?
18:20:31 <DLange> I hope they are on there already?
18:20:33 * DLange checks
18:20:42 <tzafrir> Currently we only see Lenovo as a Platinum sponsor.
18:21:02 <DLange> they are the only one that committed to Platinum so far
18:21:13 <DLange> Do you have another sponsor committed already?
18:21:17 <DLange> #link https://debconf21.debconf.org/sponsors/
18:21:57 <tzafrir> OK. My mistake
18:22:08 <DLange> no worries
18:23:15 <tzafrir> So for next time I would like to update the front page. Everything else can wait for now, right?
18:23:39 <DLange> yes
18:24:01 <DLange> Anisa may be able to do it as well, if she reads back log, dunno
18:24:08 <DLange> did you get the CC on the mail I sent to Karina last week?
18:24:12 <tzafrir> #action tzafrir to update homepage: dates, and  *We have not decided yet*
18:24:17 <tzafrir> I got it.
18:24:44 <DLange> o.k, I shall patiently wait for feedback then :-)
18:25:05 <DLange> we do have dates now, that was the most important piece
18:26:27 <tzafrir> Anything else?
18:27:25 <tzafrir> #topic AoB
18:27:29 <tzafrir> Anything else?
18:27:32 <DLange> could you get local folks to confirm the teams they participate in?
18:27:49 <tzafrir> OK
18:27:57 <DLange> fundraising and publicity would be important now
18:28:21 <DLange> one to get money and two to explain to people the physical vs. online status as we progress :)
18:28:59 <DLange> I *guess* reaching out to speakers early is also a good idea. Always.
18:29:12 <DLange> But may be not yet, but in January or so? terceiro?
18:29:25 <terceiro> yeah not it's too early
18:30:02 <terceiro> but as we saw this year, having the cfp before go/no-go might not be effective
18:30:31 <gwolf> yes, it leads to too much confusion
18:31:15 <tzafrir> Is it possible to have a CfP for "maybe online maybe onsite"?
18:31:36 <terceiro> it's possible but I wouldn't submit to such CfP myself TBH
18:31:46 <gwolf> tzafrir: Many submitters will not like that
18:32:12 <gwolf> But anyway, I'm sure that even if we have an onsite conf, many people will want to deliver a talk from the distance
18:32:18 <gwolf> so... We can use that as an argument :-]
18:32:31 <gwolf> We can launch an early CfP, with the possibility of an in-person meeting
18:32:47 <DLange> I guess the future will (need to) be more flexible
18:33:09 <DLange> may be we can also have remote attendance at a better experience then past debconfs
18:33:56 <DLange> I mean meeting in person is best but if the US or Brazil can't fly we should be able to do a DebConf and still have these folks participate as much as possible
18:34:40 <DLange> the development in Jitsi, BBB and the like should continue to be fast-paced. Lots of developer time flowing into this currently.
18:35:10 <tzafrir> I still would like to try of having "remote conferences" that let you take a vacation with a few people and only care about Debconf.
18:35:18 <tzafrir> Even if you are remote.
18:36:42 <DLange> The CCC folks are organizing the Congress this year to be a bit similar to this.
18:37:05 <nattie> (sorry i'm late...)
18:37:18 <DLange> Larger decentral meetups streaming at each other and a curated list of talks (and some other ideas) to bind it all.
18:39:14 <tzafrir> So, anything else (besides next meeting)?
18:41:00 <tzafrir> So: next meeting: Monday Oct-19th, same time?
18:41:06 <terceiro> wfm
18:41:19 <gwolf> good for me as well
18:41:22 <DLange> +1
18:41:36 <tzafrir> #agreed next meeting: Monday Oct-19th, same time?
18:41:40 <tzafrir> #undo
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18:41:48 <tzafrir> #agreed next meeting: Monday Oct-19th, 18:00 UTC
18:41:59 <tzafrir> #endmeeting