18:58:29 <nattie> #startmeeting
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18:58:44 <nattie> #link https://deb.li/dc21meet - agenda
18:58:48 <nattie> #topic roll call
18:58:55 <nattie> anyone here aside from DLange and me?
18:59:05 <urbec> no
18:59:13 * nattie marks urbec as absent
18:59:16 <DLange> lol
18:59:41 <nattie> i'll give it another moment before we go to scheduling
19:00:44 <nattie> #topic scheduling the next meeting
19:01:00 <nattie> how does four weeks from now sound?
19:01:31 <DLange> Mon 11.01.2021?
19:01:54 <nattie> i'm potentially busy that day
19:02:04 <nattie> (on reflection)
19:02:17 <nattie> but the 4th would work for me, if that doesn't bother others
19:02:37 <DLange> isn't that too close to NYE?
19:03:19 <nattie> if someone has a four-day hangover from NYE, i'd be very concerned
19:03:28 <DLange> I'd go for the 18th
19:03:39 <DLange> and you should come and join our NYE party ;-)
19:04:29 <nattie> maybe it's sensible to just keep the rhythm going, and stick with the 11th
19:04:45 <nattie> and if i can't make it that day, i do know at least one person who'd a very capable chair :)
19:05:15 <nattie> it would be nice at that point to hear from the organisers of the various minidebconfs, as well
19:05:23 <nattie> everyone fine with the 11th?
19:05:30 <DLange> I'm sure we need a reminder email anyways, so 18th will do if that is better for you
19:05:41 <DLange> may be we have Indian T-Shirts then?!?
19:06:11 <nattie> who can tell, who can tell
19:06:29 <nattie> we have a few weeks to discuss the scheduling anyway, when more people are around
19:06:42 <nattie> #info next meeting to take place 11th or 18th January 2021
19:07:00 <nattie> there are too few of us around to really reach a proper consensus among the full group
19:07:07 <nattie> #topic AOB
19:07:19 <nattie> anyone got a burning desire to announce or discuss anything?
19:08:15 <nattie> i think we can call it then - see you all in 4 or 5 weeks!
19:08:19 <nattie> #endmeeting