18:00:27 <nattie> #startmeeting
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18:00:32 <zleap> i was going to ask about a release party
18:00:32 <nattie> #link https://deb.li/dc21meet agenda
18:00:41 <nattie> #topic roll call
18:00:43 <nattie> you know what to do
18:00:44 <bittin_> zleap: https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyBullseye
18:00:47 <zleap> i thought deb 11 was released on the 14th has that been pushed back or is that still the plan ?
18:00:50 <bittin_> its on the Debcamp days i think or the day before
18:00:52 <bittin_> o/
18:01:01 <bittin_> zleap: 14th was the last i read
18:01:06 <zleap> ok cool
18:01:09 <DLange> \o/
18:01:18 <bittin_> but that was some weeks ago on Phoronix
18:01:23 <zleap> i see my presentation is on the website :),  thanks for that
18:01:35 * joostvb lurks
18:01:52 * bittin_ gives all the credit to phls
18:02:17 <pwaring> o/
18:02:20 <andi89gi> Hey
18:02:29 <EnkelenaH[m]> hi
18:02:37 <andi89gi> hmm hoped Debian 11 will be released on 14th August?
18:02:56 <zleap> andi89gi, that is still the plan
18:02:58 <nattie> can we continue release conversations after the meeting, please?
18:03:02 <zleap> sure
18:03:13 <nattie> #topic schedule update
18:03:18 <bittin_> yeah sure
18:03:19 <nattie> terceiro: around?
18:03:48 <nattie> in case he isn't:
18:03:51 <nattie> #link https://debconf21.debconf.org/schedule/
18:03:55 <terceiro> hi, sorry
18:04:01 <nattie> There's a schedule!  It's mostly up-to-date!
18:04:03 <terceiro> so the schedule is up
18:04:05 <nattie> oh, there you are!
18:04:27 <terceiro> yes, there are very changes that we will need
18:04:41 <terceiro> but it's mostly in place now
18:05:08 <nattie> #info Schedule is up and mostly in place, with only a few minor adjustments still to come
18:05:31 <nattie> #topic opening/closing videos
18:05:39 <nattie> volunteers required!
18:05:42 <terceiro> this one was me
18:05:46 <nattie> I know there were a few people interested
18:05:49 <nattie> terceiro: over to you :)
18:05:57 <andi89gi> yea I was interested :D
18:05:58 <terceiro> yes, as I said a couple of months ago, I won't be able to work on those
18:06:37 <bittin_> i haven't been feeling all that well lately so i think i will only have time to help up with some small tasks during the conference sorry
18:07:05 <nattie> that's fine
18:08:01 <nattie> terceiro: do you have someone in mind to drive this effort instead of you?
18:08:28 <terceiro> not anyone in particular, no
18:09:04 <DLange> put a call on the mailing list?
18:09:16 <terceiro> yeah I think we will need one of those
18:09:23 <DLange> worked for the Matanel report \o/
18:09:38 <andi89gi> Well, I can help out ;)
18:09:52 <nattie> andi89gi: that's a good start!
18:10:13 <andi89gi> nattie: yep!
18:10:48 <nattie> it should probably be driven by someone familiar with debconf, but that's just my opinion
18:10:55 <terceiro> yeah
18:11:10 <andi89gi> nattie: yea  I can help out and maybe can learn from him/her`?
18:11:23 <nattie> we have to find this person first!
18:11:37 <nattie> terceiro: shall i action you to write a call?
18:11:49 <terceiro> yeah sure
18:12:03 <nattie> #action terceiro to write a call to drive the opening and closing video efforts
18:12:14 <terceiro> andi89gi: I will try to write up what I think is needed, keep an eye out for that mail
18:12:19 <nattie> anything else on this for now?
18:12:36 <andi89gi> terceiro: ok I do ;)!
18:13:02 <terceiro> nothing from me
18:13:07 <DLange> nattie: the sponsors need to be mentioned during these pretty please
18:13:28 <DLange> (I guess somebody with DebConf experience will know, but ... better safe than sorry)
18:13:30 <nattie> DLange: I'll make sure the person leading this knows about it
18:13:34 <zleap> this will be my first debconf so I will be there to learn etc
18:13:35 <DLange> thanky!
18:13:46 <nattie> #topic publicity team support
18:13:59 <nattie> i'll just paste from the agenda:
18:14:08 <nattie> Press / publicity team could use some support for up-front announcements (Platinum sponsors, talks to note, ...) and coverage during the conference (micronews, Twitter)
18:14:29 <DLange> yeah, I added that
18:14:43 <DLange> anybody interested please talk to larjona, cnote, djpeg
18:14:46 <nattie> people who like announcing things could get in touch with the publicity team, to put their enthusiasm to good use
18:14:47 <andi89gi> nattie: I have my own blog and I can write a short blog post about the DebCon21 starting soon?
18:14:52 <zleap> i can help by posting talk info to Mastodon
18:14:59 <bittin_> not done that before, but might be able to help with that maybe
18:15:06 <zleap> or retooting (if that is the right term) items shared
18:15:27 <nattie> as mentioned, those interested can get in touch with publicity team members mentioned above
18:15:43 <DLange> you two (and anybody else) please ping the above people on IRC or join #debian-publicity and introduce yourselves there
18:16:00 <zleap> i am on #debian-publicity is that the same as the debconf publicity team?
18:16:10 <nattie> zleap: look one line up
18:16:23 <bittin_> DLange: can talk to larjona when i have some time or send her an email, talked a bit with her before, and could be able to help with micronews if its not too hard
18:16:26 <DLange> zleap: there is no debconf-publicity team (unfortunately?)
18:16:27 <zleap> ok cool
18:16:34 <DLange> so the Debian team does what it can for us
18:16:40 <DLange> but they do like us supporting them
18:16:47 <zleap> if all publicity people are in the same channel it helps co-ordinate efforts
18:17:03 <terceiro> they are
18:17:18 <nattie> zleap: what an astute observation
18:17:21 <andi89gi> ok will get in touch
18:17:26 * bittin_ sends larjona an email
18:17:39 <nattie> right, looks like we have some take-up for this
18:17:45 <nattie> #topic bursaries
18:17:49 <nattie> DLange: I think that's you?
18:18:56 <DLange> yes, the info is in the agenda
18:19:03 <nattie> #info Bursaries will be reviewed this week
18:19:06 <nattie> #topic t-shirts
18:19:16 <nattie> #info orders are underway
18:19:24 <nattie> #topic next meeting
18:19:29 <nattie> we're going weekly now, right?
18:19:36 <bittin_> i would guess so
18:19:38 <DLange> that was the idea last time
18:19:41 <terceiro> makes sense
18:19:47 <nattie> right, next week, same time, same channek
18:19:50 <nattie> *channel
18:19:51 <bittin_> so 9th August, same time, same place
18:19:56 <andi89gi> okay
18:20:04 <nattie> #agreed next meeting 9 August 2021, 18:00 UTC
18:20:12 <nattie> #topic AOB
18:20:21 <Noisytoot> zleap, I think it's called "boosting"
18:20:28 <zleap> thanks
18:20:38 <zleap> well i am happy to 'boost'
18:20:50 <Noisytoot> What does "AOB" mean?
18:20:57 <joostvb> Any Other Business
18:20:57 <nattie> since you're already on the relevant irc channel, i'm sure they can give you further information
18:21:33 <nattie> Doesn't look like there's anything today, so i will thank you all for attending, and let you get back to release date chat
18:21:37 <nattie> see you in a week
18:21:40 <nattie> #endmeeting