17:59:34 <nattie> #startmeeting
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17:59:48 <nattie> #link https://deb.li/dc22meet agenda
17:59:51 <nattie> #topic roll call
17:59:59 <nattie> say, as traditional, hi if you're here
18:00:06 <zleap> hi so what are we planning then ?
18:00:08 <tumbleweed> Hi
18:00:16 <DLange> traditional Hi \o/
18:00:21 <nattie> zleap: there's an agenda, perhaps you'd like to read it
18:00:42 <terceiro> hi
18:00:48 <pwaring> salutations
18:01:14 <arianit2[m]1> hi
18:01:18 <nattie> anyone around from Team K...  aha, yes
18:01:24 <DLange> zleap: we are planning conferences, or taking over the world. Depending on mood swings by nattie mostly :D
18:01:46 <nattie> i'll give a little more time for the roll call
18:01:52 <zleap> :)
18:02:21 <nattie> though it looks like this is the assembled company for now
18:02:48 <arianit2[m]1> time change here so a misunderstanding
18:03:13 <nattie> arianit2[m]1: *nods* we are keeping it at the same UTC time, anyway.  glad you're here :)
18:03:23 <nattie> #topic DC21 additional shirt printing
18:03:52 <nattie> the main news to report is that the Indian branch of the shirts team can do that segment of additional shirts
18:04:05 <nattie> and FreeWear are also equipped and ready to proceed with the rest of the order
18:04:42 <nattie> not much else on that front, just need to prod people for addresses, and can proceed
18:05:05 <nattie> #info t-shirt suppliers are ready go to, we just need to prod recipients for addresses
18:05:12 <nattie> #topic logo design
18:05:16 <nattie> any news?
18:06:00 <nattie> arianit2[m]1: you might be the speaker for Team Kosovo today
18:06:02 <arianit2[m]1> we've asked for proposals in the community, we're waiting for ideas. we believe they will be more authentic.
18:06:12 <arianit2[m]1> apparently, yes.
18:06:22 <nattie> might as well enjoy it :)
18:06:34 <arianit2[m]1> we'll update you when we have something, need a bit more time.
18:06:38 <nattie> #info Team Kosovo have asked for proposals locally and are awaiting responses
18:06:41 <nattie> *nods*
18:06:57 <nattie> #topic fundraising brochure/flyer
18:07:09 <nattie> do i address this to Team Kosovo or to DLange?
18:07:24 <nattie> (since i think that kind of overlaps both of your departments)
18:07:43 <arianit2[m]1> my impression was that only the logo was missing, correct?
18:08:11 <DLange> I have not seen any brochure contents yet.
18:08:35 <tumbleweed> DLange: there was this draft: https://salsa.debian.org/Enkelena-guest/dc22-kosovo-sponsorship/-/blob/master/brochure.en.pdf
18:09:03 <pwaring> we agreed to use a generic logo for now
18:09:04 <tumbleweed> but nothing in the team git repo, yet
18:09:17 <pwaring> or no logo
18:09:35 <nattie> the swirl could stand in for a logo temporarily, i guess?
18:10:20 <nattie> it already is, it seems :)
18:10:34 <DLange> tell Enkelena, we'll use the Albanian Eagle if they can't come up with a logo :-)
18:10:43 <DLange> it is all a matter of motivation :D
18:10:49 <nattie> #info a draft sponsorship brochure exists, awaiting logo
18:10:53 <arianit2[m]1> 🙂
18:11:22 <arianit2[m]1> any other comments on the content, otherwise?
18:11:33 <nattie> i'm just giving it a quick glance, looks good so far
18:11:42 <DLange> I'll give it a read in the next days.
18:12:05 <nattie> i can give it a closer read in a bit, if desired
18:12:18 <nattie> #topic website
18:12:29 <arianit2[m]1> ok Enkelena tells me she has made changes, we will push tonight
18:12:41 <arianit2[m]1> the brochure that is
18:12:54 <nattie> the website is still pretty minimal, but hey, it exists!
18:13:18 <tumbleweed> again, it needs content and design
18:13:31 * nattie senses a recurring theme here ;)
18:13:43 <tumbleweed> some of it can probably be copied straight from the brochure
18:13:50 <nattie> *nods*
18:13:51 <tumbleweed> or bid or wiki
18:14:02 <tumbleweed> e.g. information about Kosovo and the venue
18:14:10 <terceiro> did anyone from the local team volunteer to work on the website?
18:14:28 <tumbleweed> not that I recall
18:14:39 <tumbleweed> it would be good to start a teamroles wiki page so we know who is doing what
18:14:52 <arianit2[m]1> ok so that's work for Era Hamiti. can you give her access?
18:15:00 <zleap> hmm I can't git clonethe repo for the brochure
18:15:02 <nattie> there was some role distribution in the handover meeting, iirc
18:15:24 <nattie> zleap: you should be able to just see it on the web view
18:15:30 <zleap> i can
18:15:32 <zleap> thanks
18:15:40 <arianit2[m]1> which team is the website?
18:16:02 <nattie> i think there's meant to be an actual website team
18:16:10 <terceiro> arianit2[m]1: for now she can already send merge requests
18:16:12 <zleap> first glance, looks nice :)
18:16:19 <DLange> #link https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebConf/WebTeam
18:16:36 <terceiro> if she needs help running it locally, me or tumbleweed are here to help
18:17:28 <arianit2[m]1> ok she's not very technical, but good with words, so let's make it easy on her
18:17:51 <nattie> yay for involving less-technical people!
18:18:08 <terceiro> yay
18:18:09 <tumbleweed> if she can write content and give feedback we can get it published
18:18:15 <terceiro> yeah
18:18:34 <nattie> anything else on the website before i move on?
18:18:39 <arianit2[m]1> sounds good!
18:18:50 <nattie> #topic meeting schedule
18:19:06 <nattie> are we still on for every-two-weeks for now?
18:19:50 <pwaring> I think we should, to keep momentum going
18:20:13 <nattie> it can then ease off a little later if things are humming along
18:20:22 <nattie> and then pick back up closer to the time
18:20:31 <nattie> so next two meetings the 15th and the 29th?
18:20:55 <nattie> those will once again be chaired by our favourite intrepid Briton!
18:20:59 * Hodgestar catches up.
18:21:01 <nattie> (i.e., not me)
18:21:26 <nattie> #agreed next two meetings 15 and 29 November
18:21:32 <nattie> #topic AOB
18:21:40 <nattie> you got business?  state it now!
18:21:49 <zleap> 29th is the monday after emacsconf
18:21:51 <nattie> or forever hold your peas (and/or carrots)
18:22:41 <nattie> anything?
18:22:56 <DLange> ~~~ snip ~~~
18:23:24 <nattie> just remains for me to thank you all for attending, and to thank pwaring specifically for doing a sterling job chairing in my absence
18:23:47 <nattie> see you all notionally in a fortnight, sneakily from my phone in class, probably :)
18:23:53 <nattie> #endmeeting