16:59:14 <pwaring> #startmeeting DebConf 23 team meeting
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16:59:30 <pwaring> #topic Roll call
16:59:34 <pwaring> Call forth your rolls!
16:59:34 <tumbleweed> Hi
16:59:39 <nattie> tiny bread!  come here!
16:59:48 <pwaring> (and apologies for the lack of reminder, literally just got back after public transport chaos)
16:59:56 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi o/
17:00:07 <tzafrir> Hi
17:00:30 <DLange> \o/
17:01:24 <PirateBady[m]> hi
17:02:00 <pwaring> #topic Outstanding DC22 items: Sponsorship & Finances
17:02:03 <j4v4m4n> hi
17:02:15 <pwaring> is there any word on the dc22 windup? if not we can skip over this
17:02:20 <srud> Hi
17:02:26 <tumbleweed> we just made some progress
17:02:33 <pwaring> \o/
17:02:43 <tumbleweed> we're waiting to finalize one of the sponsors' contracts
17:03:11 <tumbleweed> but aside from that, our books align with FLOSSKs, so as soon as we've figured that out, we can reimburse them for the last outstanding bits
17:03:16 <EnkelenaHaxhiu[m]> Hi
17:03:32 <pwaring> okay we'll leave it there then, thanks for the efforts so far :)
17:03:38 <pwaring> #topic DC22: Budget
17:03:41 <pwaring> #undo
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17:03:44 <pwaring> #topic DC23: Budget
17:04:16 <tumbleweed> The DC23 team has proposed a budget, and I've given about as much feedback as I can on it
17:04:44 <tumbleweed> nobody else in the committee has weighed in, yet. It's probably time for that to happen, and then take it to the DPL
17:04:56 <DLange> what's the total in EUR or USD with how much travel budget planned?
17:05:37 <tumbleweed> welll. I can't run ledger on it, because it's missing accounts :P
17:06:26 <DLange> I am reasonably sure one of you can fix that.
17:06:48 <tumbleweed> I mean I can't give you numbers right now
17:07:14 <pwaring> do you think the budget will be in a place to share figures / send to DPL in 2 weeks?
17:07:19 <pwaring> if so we can carry that forward
17:07:44 <tumbleweed> yeah, let's try and get this done ASAP
17:08:09 <pwaring> okay cool
17:08:11 * DLange is happy to receive info in PM, DebConf-Committee channel or mail
17:08:27 <pwaring> #topic DC23: Website
17:08:51 <pwaring> #link https://debconf23.debconf.org/
17:09:11 <pwaring> it looks like the website is coming along, is there anything specific we need to decide/discuss?
17:09:16 <srud> Work in progress
17:09:19 <PirateBady[m]> MR for adding footer is under review. Also waiting for a patch from wafer upstream. No other significant updates.
17:09:55 <pwaring> great
17:09:58 <srud> Logo MR is also under review
17:10:14 <PirateBady[m]> yes
17:10:26 <pwaring> #topic DC23: Sponsors' team
17:10:36 <pwaring> #link https://media.debconf.org/dc23/fundraising/debconf23_sponsorship_brochure_en.pdf
17:10:41 <pwaring> #link https://media.debconf.org/dc23/fundraising/debconf23_sponsorship_flyer_en.pdf
17:11:18 <DLange> Q: Logo is only the elephant now or both?
17:11:30 <abrahamr> Only the elephant.
17:11:41 <DLange> ok, thank you
17:11:44 <j4v4m4n> brochure and flyer finalized
17:11:45 <j4v4m4n> sponsors page on the site is final too (small formatting fix pending)
17:11:52 <j4v4m4n> started talking to local sponsors
17:11:57 <pwaring> both look really good (flyer + brochure)
17:12:20 <j4v4m4n> thanks to anupaannjoseph for the design
17:13:08 <j4v4m4n> one potential sponsor was asking about participation statistics of previous events and job fair
17:13:47 <DLange> we have some of that, ask in -sponsors
17:14:19 <j4v4m4n> DLange I will follow up there
17:14:55 <pwaring> sounds like this is all in hand and nothing specific needs to be discussed at this point (in this meeting0?
17:16:16 <j4v4m4n> we will start contacting all potential sponsors now, so nothing more to add at this point
17:16:39 <pwaring> #topic Meeting schedule
17:16:57 <pwaring> next meetings will be 17th October and 31st October at 17:00 UTC
17:17:16 <pwaring> clocks change in some countries during October so that may be a different local time
17:17:37 <pwaring> #topic AOB
17:17:40 <pwaring> anything else we need to discuss?
17:17:52 <bhe[m]> hello, dc23 budget person here, sorry I was late
17:18:21 <tumbleweed> bhe[m]: we're missing account entries for the accounts in the budget, so ledger throws an error and refuses to run
17:19:25 <bhe[m]> tumbleweed: Ok I will look int to that. ( I pinged you today to know for what entries goes to accounts.inc)
17:20:38 <tumbleweed> oh, I missed that bit. I stopped reading after the top-post
17:21:33 <tumbleweed> basically, you should be able to: "./wrapper -X EUR -f budget.ledger bal"
17:21:41 <tumbleweed> but we can take the rest of this out of the meeting
17:22:02 <pwaring> if there's nothing else, thank you all for coming and see you in two weeks!
17:22:05 <pwaring> #endmeeting