17:01:15 <tzafrir> #startmeeting DebConf23 team https://deb.li/dc23meet
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17:01:26 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
17:01:34 <srud> Hello
17:01:41 <praveen> hi
17:01:51 <PirateBady[m]> hi
17:01:58 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi o/
17:02:01 <pwaring> hi
17:02:01 <tumbleweed> o/
17:02:58 <gwolf> hi (mostly looking 'round ;-) )
17:03:13 <libregeekingkid> o/
17:03:13 <libregeekingkid> Hi
17:03:57 <tzafrir> #topic Debconf 22 Sponsorship & Finances
17:04:25 <tumbleweed> there was some negotiation with a sponsor that completed, I think?
17:04:38 <sahilister> hello o/
17:07:53 <tzafrir> Is there?
17:07:59 <tumbleweed> I guess we don't have any DC22 team here?
17:08:07 <tumbleweed> valmirio[m], EnkelenaHaxhiu[m], DLange?
17:08:36 <libregeekingkid> sahilister:  ^
17:10:04 <libregeekingkid> sorry, my bad
17:10:12 <tumbleweed> shall we continue?
17:10:16 <tzafrir> I guess we don't. Hopefully they'll wakr up later in the weeting. If not: next week.
17:10:24 <tzafrir> Move on to DC23.
17:10:47 <tzafrir> #topic DebConf23 budget
17:12:01 <tumbleweed> bhe[m]?
17:12:02 <sahilister> bhe[m] seems not around for the budget update
17:12:18 <srud> Budget is in final refinement phase I assume..
17:12:37 <tumbleweed> last meeting he was going to ask around teams for numbers
17:12:44 <tumbleweed> I haven't seen anything yet
17:12:53 <tumbleweed> but if there's urgency, don't wait, just submit it
17:12:59 <sgk> we have to get approval from few teams, venue and others are almost sorted
17:13:19 <tumbleweed> what we do need to do before we submit is get it to run with our ledger wrapper
17:13:29 <tumbleweed> (which mostly means listing accounts used in the budget in accounts.inc)
17:14:17 <srud> Will ask bhe[m] to contact you outside of the meeting
17:15:51 <tzafrir> Anything more on this?
17:16:03 <srud> No.. tzafrir we can move on
17:16:08 <tzafrir> #topic DebConf23 Website
17:16:37 <PirateBady[m]> two MRs with text improvements got merged. and with latest inputs from terceiro, MRs for logo and footer are getting ready to be merged.
17:16:49 <tumbleweed> it's looking nice
17:18:34 <srud> tzafrir: I think we can move on
17:19:41 <tzafrir> #topic DebConf23 Sponsors Team
17:20:27 <sahilister> For sponsorship team, 11 orgs were approached till now
17:20:55 <sahilister> We got two sponsors - lenovo (had earlier confirmed for platinum) and new BigBinary as bronze
17:21:30 <sahilister> We're trying to find more contacts
17:21:35 <sahilister> <eom>
17:21:58 <[pirate]praveen> Started contacting potential sponsors
17:23:28 <[pirate]praveen> that is it from sponsorship team for now
17:24:25 <tzafrir> Any comments on that?
17:25:37 <tzafrir> #topic Next Meeting
17:26:51 <tzafrir> Monday Oct 31st 17:00 UTC?
17:27:29 <sahilister> works
17:27:51 <tzafrir> #topc AoB
17:27:54 <pwaring> clocks go back in some areas before that date (just as a reminder)
17:28:08 <tzafrir> Anything else to discuss?
17:30:05 <tzafrir> #endmeeting