17:00:35 <tzafrir> #startmeeting Debconf23 Team meeting https://deb.li/dc23meet
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17:00:51 <tzafrir> #topic Roll Call
17:00:55 <pwaring> o/
17:00:58 <DLange> \o
17:01:02 <sahilister> o/
17:01:02 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi o/
17:01:02 <bhe[m]> Hello.
17:01:07 <gwolf> o_/
17:01:29 <srud> Hi
17:01:33 <EnkelenaH[m]> hi
17:02:29 <abrahamr> o_/
17:03:12 <tzafrir> #topic Outstanding DC22 items
17:03:35 <tzafrir> #info from Enkelena: Books are final at FlossK, confirmed by Stefano. Final payment was issued from Debian France to FlossK.
17:03:58 <[pirate]praveen> hi
17:04:34 <tzafrir> Anything else on the subject of DC22?
17:05:32 <DLange> No, DC22 is done, also accounting-wise.
17:05:41 <tumbleweed> o/ (sorry, I'm late)
17:05:53 <tzafrir> Right on topic, though!
17:05:55 <DLange> Many thanks to FlossK, EnkelenaH[m] and tumbleweed (who's late, o/ :D)
17:07:05 <tzafrir> #topic DC23 budget
17:07:51 <bhe[m]> So dc23/budget repo is fixed. ./wrapper can now run.
17:08:30 <DLange> We have discussed the budget in the DebConf committee
17:09:02 <DLange> in general it is fine, we have some small adjustment requests that - I think - tumbleweed will share with you
17:09:22 <bhe[m]> As suggested by tumbleweed , I've pinged teams (dc24, video etc) to look at budget to check whether they are ok with allotted amount.
17:09:40 <bhe[m]> DLange: Ok
17:10:21 <bhe[m]> And I am waiting for ACK from those teams.
17:10:44 <DLange> cool, thank you bhe[m]
17:10:56 <tumbleweed> bhe[m]: don't wait forever, this is just your first budget
17:11:08 <tumbleweed> give them a week or two to respond, then file the budget request
17:12:22 <DLange> it is important to stay flexible with the hotel as much as possible
17:13:18 <DLange> i.e. allow us to adjust the count of attendees when we know it vs. us taking too much risk for empty beds while still having to pay for the included venue rent and food
17:13:29 <DLange> (it's all one lump sum)
17:13:54 <bhe[m]> DLange: The hotel want us to go to sign agreement asap. You will hear from venue people more about this, i guess.
17:14:09 <gwolf> bhe[m]: How "final" is the agreement we are to sign?
17:14:30 <gwolf> That is... I think we could be happy to sign a base agreement, but we have no basis upon which to estimate how many people will come
17:14:56 <gwolf> We can commit to having 100 people (grabbing a number out of my hat)... but I don't know if that's enough to them
17:15:04 <DLange> bhe[m]: you need to make sure we can adjust numbers a month before the conference. There is no way to know how many people will attend with enough certainty until the registrations and re-confirmations are in.
17:15:19 <gwolf> And if we go over the number we give them... Do we still get a preferential price? For how long?
17:15:58 <tumbleweed> we did discuss this by email in the early days of reviewing the contract
17:16:36 <bhe[m]> gwolf: Not final, final. But they some confirmation from our side.
17:16:36 <srud> The hotel is giving the venue for free under the assumption that a certain number of rooms will be booked
17:17:10 <gwolf> Right. How much assurance is needed for them to be satisfied?
17:18:11 <srud> They have agreed on some 1000+ room nights (not exact, from what I remember)
17:18:33 <srud> This is across debcamp and debconf
17:18:56 <gwolf> sounds quite reasonable.
17:19:32 <srud> *1000+ is the number I remember.. May be a some what higher number
17:20:19 <tumbleweed> 1000/14 = 71
17:20:42 <tumbleweed> seems like a reasonable baseline
17:20:47 <tumbleweed> hard to imagine a debconf smaller than that
17:21:09 <gwolf> tumbleweed: Right, although having 71 people for the first days of DebCamp would be overshooting ;-) but as a global number, I'm sure we will be over 1000 room nights.
17:21:12 <DLange> ack. And that is what we can commit to. But not 200 or 300 that we have to pay "regardless".
17:21:39 <DLange> Make sure you have good, late, deadlines for "final" numbers and reasonable cancellation policies.
17:22:54 <srud> Cancelation due to covid situation/lockdown etc is unconditional
17:23:03 <DLange> that's good
17:23:21 <DLange> so we "just" need to make sure we have reasonable flexibility on attendee numbers
17:23:44 <srud> I have sent the copy of draft agreement to tumbleweed for review..
17:23:59 <srud> Should I forward to DCC?
17:24:30 <gwolf> srud: I'd appreciate :-]
17:24:30 <DLange> sure
17:24:52 <DLange> due to the venue being so - relatively - expensive there is no large bursary budget and individual flights will be expensive compared to Kosovo
17:25:11 <DLange> so we should aim at enabling people to book early
17:25:18 <srud> Sure, will send across today
17:25:25 <DLange> this early budget is a very good step in that direction
17:27:22 <tzafrir> Move on to website?
17:27:39 <tzafrir> #topic Website
17:28:33 <sahilister> I don't think so any update from website team
17:28:46 <tumbleweed> anything you need there?
17:29:07 <sahilister> Not at the moment
17:29:46 <tzafrir> THere's something about an issue with the icon font on the schedule page. Still a problem?
17:30:32 <srud> I think that is fixed.. Atleast that was from from fixed in the mini debconf site
17:30:41 <tzafrir> #topic Sponsors team
17:30:45 <tumbleweed> I'm expecting similar problems in the registration system, with the way it has been done this year
17:30:57 <tumbleweed> so I hope you've tested registration on wafertest
17:31:59 <srud> tumbleweed: not sure about that.. Will update you on that after I check..
17:32:40 <tumbleweed> (in particular the date pickers)
17:34:27 <[pirate]praveen> we are still contacting sponsors
17:35:51 * gwolf disappears momentarily (sorry, am at work!)
17:36:25 <tzafrir> #topic Visa team
17:37:00 <EnkelenaH[m]> I think we have one, as far as I remember. Is their work postponed to a closer time?
17:37:39 <srud> We are now in the enquiry stage
17:37:48 <tumbleweed> The early work is to document processes on the website, and form contacts with the relevant goverment departments
17:38:30 <tumbleweed> get the email alias updated to the new team
17:38:53 <srud> tumbleweed: ack
17:39:49 <DLange> did you address the Kosovo visa issue with the Indian foreign ministry already?
17:40:16 <srud> BTW EnkelenaH[m] there is a good news.. Kosovo is listed among countries for offline visa applications
17:40:31 <srud> DLange: ^
17:40:40 <EnkelenaH[m]> oh awesome \o/ Maybe when you have time share a link here
17:40:47 <EnkelenaH[m]> so I get the correct source
17:41:14 <srud> EnkelenaH[m]: sure.. will do once I dig it up
17:41:21 <EnkelenaH[m]> thanks a lot!
17:43:47 <tzafrir> Anything else on visas?
17:44:19 <tzafrir> #topic Next meeting
17:44:44 <DLange> 28th November, 12th December acc. to the meeting pad
17:45:10 <tumbleweed> let's talk DC24
17:45:25 <tzafrir> #topc AoB
17:45:30 <tumbleweed> tzafrir: when do you guys want to decide if you're in or out?
17:45:46 <tumbleweed> because if we want to open bids, now's the time
17:46:18 <tzafrir> We meet with the HaifaU people later this week.
17:47:47 <tzafrir> I mostly think we're in. After that meeting I can give a definite answer.
17:48:39 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Hi. We had MiniDebConf Palakkad in last two days. Was a great event with more than 100 attendees and 24 events across two days.
17:48:55 <tumbleweed> tzafrir: ack
17:49:04 <tumbleweed> anupaannjoseph[m]: \o/
17:49:09 * anupaannjoseph[m] uploaded an image: (223KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/RLbyKxqnblJxieQAsofZGZxe/DSCF1585_20221114223747.jpg >
17:49:13 <tumbleweed> we're sad there wasn't video :(
17:49:22 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Our group photo.
17:49:51 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Thanks to all the volunteers and debconf-team members who helped to pull this out.
17:50:18 <anupaannjoseph[m]> tumbleweed: we recorded few, but need some quality check before releasing it.
17:50:44 <anupaannjoseph[m]> Need your help, will ping you later. :)
17:51:40 <tumbleweed> anupaannjoseph[m]: ack. The video team is there to help
17:51:59 <tzafrir> So, I guess we're done?
17:52:23 <anupaannjoseph[m]> tumbleweed: Thanks!
17:52:39 <tzafrir> #endmeeting